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Reselling Fiverr Gigs To Make Huge Profit With Less Effort

Today, we’ll talk about reselling Fiverr gigs. If you’ve come across this page, you’re probably looking for a simple way to make money from freelancing. You may even have prior freelancing experience. You can make a fortune reselling services without ever having to do the work.

It may surprise you to learn that some of those who earn enough money from Fiverr to support themselves make a significant portion of their income from Flipping Fiverr gigs.

In this guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know to get started and make profits from this Fiverr gig reselling business, whether you’re a freelancer or not.

What Is Reselling Fiverr Gigs?

Reselling Fiverr gigs is also known as “Fiverr arbitrage,”. Drop servicing is a fancy name for reselling services in general.

That is, you sell services done by freelancers from Fiverr to a buyer on another platform, then pay the freelancers who provided the services their share while keeping the remainder as your profit.

This is similar to retail arbitrage, in which people take items they did not create, advertise them, and sell them. Then they pay the item maker and keep the difference as profit.

Is Reselling Allowed on Fiverr?

There are no rules prohibiting you from reselling Fiverr gigs after purchasing them.

According to Fiverr’s Terms of Service, you have complete ownership of any service you purchase on Fiverr and can do whatever you want with it.

Now that you understand what flipping Fiverr gigs entails and that you are permitted to do so, let’s get right into how to do it.

How to Resell Fiverr Gigs

Before you begin offering your flipped services to the general public, you must first complete a few steps.

Step 1: Open a Fiverr account.

This is the first and most basic step. If you don’t already have a account, it only takes a few minutes to create one. You don’t have to be overly cautious when creating your profile because you’re registering as a buyer.

Step 2: Select a Niche

It’s mind-boggling how many freelance jobs you can offer. On Fiverr alone, there are dozens of subcategories spread across eight categories.

However, when it comes to reselling, some jobs perform better than others. Jobs that can be easily resold must meet certain criteria.

  • There must be a reasonable amount of demand.
  • The supply must not be oversaturated.
  • It should be possible to buy it for a lower price and sell it for a slightly higher price.
  • There must be some sellers who have over a thousand reviews.
  • It is preferable if an order does not take too long to complete.

While these criteria may appear to be extremely difficult to meet, some categories and subcategories of services fit in perfectly. Videos with whiteboard animation, for example.

These videos, when done professionally, can look great and help explain things in place of long, winding articles.

They are, however, fairly simple to make, and someone who is used to doing them can complete an order in a couple of hours.

However, training for this job takes more time than most people are willing to invest, so supply remains relatively low.

Some of the best Fiverr gigs to resell includes:

  • eBook formatting
  • eBook writing
  • eBook cover design
  • Article writing
  • Voice over acting
  • Producing explainer videos
  • Translation
  • Design of advertisements
  • Writing sales copy
  • Logo design
  • Subtitling

These are the best services to resell on Fiverr that I am aware of, but there are undoubtedly many more. Some of these jobs are easy Fiverr gigs that anyone can do.

After you’ve decided on a job, you should learn a little bit about it. At the very least, enough to appear professional to your customers.

You might not be able to make sales if you sound like a complete noob.

Step 3: Select a Platform

Following that, you need to make arrangements for a platform you will use in delivering your reselling services. You’ll need a website on which customers can place orders. There, you can offer a variety of services with numerous variations, as well as get the offers you want to sell.

I. WordPress

Creating a website for the reselling of Fiverr gigs on WordPress will cost you a few bucks but this is the best way to make the most profit from flipping services. With a WordPress service website, you have complete control over the monetization of your business. is the best website hosting platform. You will need to pay for a domain name and web hosting. Bluehost is an excellent choice for this.

It’s an affordable and reliable hosting company that seamlessly connects you with the WordPress platform. Plus you get a domain name for free for the first year.

After downloading WordPress from your Bluehost account, you need to create a few essential pages for your website, such as your offers, contact page, privacy policy, portfolio page, blog, terms of service, and so on. You can do this yourself or get a full professional drop servicing website built for you for cheap on Fiverr.

Here’s a more in-depth explanation of how to create a Drop servicing website on WordPress.

II. Upwork

You can also use Upwork as your gig reselling platform. That is, you can sign up for Upwork and offer your services. When you get a client, you can delegate the work to your freelancer on Fiverr.

This entails profitably flipping Fiverr gigs without creating a website for your business.

Reselling Fiverr gigs on Upwork is a great way to make huge profits because gigs that are only worth a few dollars on Fiverr can be resold for much more on Upwork.

Here’s how to resell Fiverr gigs for profit on Upwork.

Upwork is just an example of platforms through which you can flip Fiverr gigs without building a website. There are lots of other popular freelancing websites you can make use of for this business.

Making use of a couple of them gives you a better chance of getting lots of orders through which you can make profits after flipping the service to freelancers on Fiverr.

Step 4: Find Freelancers and Put Their Work to the Test

On the internet, there are millions of freelancers.

What you want, however, is a freelancer who can accept work for a low wage. Fiverr has a plethora of talented freelancers who are willing to accept work at reasonable rates.

You should look for ranked freelancers, i.e. level one or two sellers. It’s best to avoid approaching Pro sellers because their asking prices are typically much higher.

An example is this level 2 freelancer on Fiverr that provides awesome eBook cover designs for me for just $5.

When you’ve found a few freelancers who appear to be suitable, you should order test services. Select a group of freelancers who have received positive feedback and have quick turnaround times. Purchase their gigs.

If you will like to resell eBook cover designs, getting a couple of designs from the above-mentioned seller in order to use as your portfolio and hiring him for your jobs would be a smart move.

Once your order is completed, thoroughly examine it and determine whether it is appropriate for your customers (this is where having that background knowledge comes in handy).

If it is, negotiate with the seller and come to an agreement with them. You get a price reduction in exchange for consistent, large jobs. The majority of sellers will agree.

As a result, the following are the seller’s criteria:

  • Work of high quality
  • Time of delivery
  • Attitude
  • Discounts

Once you’ve found at least two sellers who agree to your terms, you can order a few more times to create a portfolio for your WordPress service website or Upwork account profile, depending on which platform you use.

After that, you can proceed to the final step.

5. Promotion

You need customers now that you have people ready and willing to handle your orders. The more the merrier. As a result, you must market your services.

If you will like to resell Fiverr gigs without a website, the best way to get customers for your business is to join multiple freelancing websites, advertise your services and apply for jobs.

But getting jobs through this process can be quite taxing and time-consuming. You can save yourself stress by using this freelance job finder software.

This software helps you to automatically find and apply for high-paying jobs on popular freelancing websites as soon as buyers post them.

It applies for these jobs with high converting templates for the respective freelancing platforms which give you a better chance of landing big jobs frequently.

If you choose WordPress as your platform, you can get customers for free by setting up an affiliate program in which affiliate marketers promote your offer in exchange for a commission on each purchase.

This drop servicing WordPress course will show you how to do it quickly and easily.

Advertisements can also be run on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Google. You may also promote on forums that are relevant to your niche. Paid advertisements will require some investment, but you can begin slowly and gradually increase your promotions.

I will answer a few more questions about the Fiverr reselling business before rounding up this article.

Can You Resell Fiverr Gigs on Fiverr?

Yes, you can purchase a gig on Fiverr and resell the purchased service to another buyer on Fiverr. Doing the Fiverr reselling business this way is popularly known as drop servicing on Fiverr.

Can You Resell Art From Fiverr?

You can resell the art work you have purchased from a freelancer on Fiverr just like you can resell every other services purchased on the platfrom.


Flipping Fiverr gigs is a simple way to make money doing almost nothing. You’re only there to act as a go-between for the customer and the freelancer.

The most important aspect of reselling Fiverr gigs is keeping track of who is doing what, for whom, and how much you are charging. If you can do that, you’ll be fine.

The 8 Best Ecommerce Funnel Builder Software for Online Business

I’m sure you’re here because you are serious about your online business and want to know how an eCommerce funnel builder convert leads into sales.

I’ll provide you a crash course on eCommerce funnel builders in this article. First, I’ll explain what they are, what they’re intended to accomplish, and why your business requires one.

Then I’ll get to the meat of the matter: discussing the finest builders for your eCommerce sales funnel.

I did a lot of research and came up with the top seven. Later on, I’ll go through their features and pricing.

Essentially, this short read will teach you all you need to know about leveraging funnels to grow your e-commerce business.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

What Is the Best eCommerce Funnel Builder?

I will let you in on the best eCommerce funnel builder now in case you don’t have the time to go through the entire crash course. is the best eCommerce funnel builder in my opinion. It is an easy-to-use and powerful funnel builder with all eCommerce functionalities in one place.

What Are Sales Funnels and How Do They Work?

A funnel builder software is a program that allows you to create sales funnels. These funnels lead prospective consumers through a series of steps until they complete a purchase.

This approach needs a significant amount of marketing, planning, and excellent content.

The target audiences for various items vary. As a result, sales funnels cannot be one-size-fits-all.

Your funnel builder software must be capable of creating a sales funnel that is appropriate for your target demographic.

How Do Sales Funnels Aid in the Conversion of Leads into Sales?

Sales funnels direct the actions of potential purchasers as soon as they arrive at your e-commerce site.

Landing pages, webinars, email marketing, automatic sales, payment processors and integrations, custom domains, and more features are available from the top e-commerce funnel builders.

They basically provide almost all of the features you’ll need to engage your clients and entice them to make a purchase from your site.

This makes it easy to nurture site visitors and gradually convert them into customers over time.

Why Are Sales Funnels Required?

According to Marketing Donut, 63% of clients who inquire about your services will not make a purchase within three months.

According to the same research, around 20% will not purchase during the next 12 months.

The likelihood of these prospective clients never purchasing is rather high. This is frequently due to them forgetting about your services, discovering a better option, or for other reasons.

However, if you do not contact and follow up with them, you may never obtain anything from them.

A sales funnel is a simple method to automate follow-up communications and deliver valuable information to leads.

These signals have a slow but steady effect. You nurture your leads and grow their faith in you and your goods in this way. You profit as a result.

You could even make more money since nurtured leads create 47 percent higher profit than non-nurtured leads, according to Annuitas.

A sales funnel is a business approach that integrates many important digital marketing tools into a single bundle. When done effectively, your business’s sales and lead generation will skyrocket.

However, in order to create sales funnels for your internet business, you need sales funnel software.

Here’s how I choose the finest.

Criteria for Choosing the Best E-commerce Funnel Builder

1. Features

There is no such thing as a perfect sales funnel builder; there will almost always be something that users would like to see enhanced. You can, however, discover a builder that has all of the features you require to manage your business.

The major variable in this element is your company’s requirements. You’ll be able to locate a builder to design your ideal sales funnel if you can define those demands.

To that end, I recommend making a list of the features you want in a funnel builder software and also make a list of features you’d want to have but can live without.

The builders on this list have the most features in this sector, so you should do this to make it easier to choose the appropriate one.

2. Usability

While some knowledge is recommended before starting a business, you shouldn’t require a Ph.D. in programming to utilize your funnel builder.

Everything about using your funnel builder should be simple and straightforward.

3. Editable Templates

This falls under the category of ease of use, yet it is worth emphasizing. Many customers seeking an e-commerce funnel builder are new entrepreneurs who are inexperienced with this sort of business software.

These entrepreneurs are unlikely to want to create a sales funnel from scratch. As a result, customized templates are definitely required.

4. Integrations and Compatibility

If you’ve been in business for a long time, you’ve undoubtedly invested in software to help you grow it. In this situation, you’ll need a funnel builder that works with a variety of websites and applications.

5. Automation

One of the most compelling reasons to invest in a funnel builder is the requirement for automation.

By allowing you to pre-set marketing procedures ahead of time, automation saves users time. If you can’t automate your marketing, a lot of other features are pointless.

6. Payment Options

Before deciding on a funnel builder, make sure that it accepts a variety of payment methods, including those that your consumers are most likely to use.

This will guarantee that payment processing is as simple as possible for the consumer, which is always a bonus when buying a product online. It is also a component that may increase your sales.

7. Customer Service

While a sales funnel builder makes the process smoother, there may be bumps along the road.

This is especially true for new business owners who have never utilized software like this before.

As a result, a solid customer service unit is critical to getting your sales funnel up and running.

You require a location that is available to answer your questions quickly, thus phone, live chat, or email assistance is required.

8. Possibility of Growth

A sales funnel’s purpose is to help you raise your income and, perhaps, expand your business.

As your business expands, you’ll need to ensure that your funnel builder can keep up. I deliberately sought for an e-commerce funnel builder that can level up as you progress.

I selected the best funnel builders based on these criteria to guarantee that there is something for every business. These characteristics can also be used to identify a successful funnel builder.

Now, let’s look at my top recommendations for the best e-commerce funnel builder.

Best eCommerce Funnel Builder Software for 2021

1. is a complete digital marketing platform with all the necessary tools needed to start and grow an online business. is simply the best eCommerce funnel builder based on its ease of use and powerful features. It’s a free-to-use builder that has optional upgrade plans with affordable pricing which makes it one of the cheapest funnel builder software.

Key Features

  • Funnel Builder: It has an easy-to-use and effective funnel builder for the building of high-performance eCommerce sales funnels, affiliate marketing funnels, webinar funnels and membership funnels. There are lots of attractive and high converting templates you can use which saves you time for building your funnel from scratch.
  • Email Marketing: It comes with an inbuilt drag and drop email automation tool for the automation of an online business through email marketing. There are lots of email templates available, you can choose the one that matches your business perfectly.
  • Online Courses: The creation and selling of online courses are made easy with
  • Website Builder: The website builder inside is especially great at helping freelancers to build simple websites to display their services and portfolios in order to attract potential buyers.
  • Affiliate Program Management: Affiliate marketing is a great way to boost sales for an eCommerce business and the affiliate program management feature inside helps you create an affiliate program through which affiliates can help sell your products and get commissions for sales made.
  • Support: They have one of the best support teams in the industry. You get all the video training needed to help you build and grow your eCommerce business with They can help migrate your business from other platforms for free and when you have any issue or are in need of help, you can send them a message and they often respond within an hour.

Pricing and Plans has 4 pricing plans

  • Free plan: The free plan comes at no cost and it’s free to use for life. A funnel with a custom domain can’t be built with this plan.
  • Startup: The Startup plan is the first paid plan and it costs $27 per month.
  • Webinar: The webinar plan is the second paid plan and it costs $27 per month.
  • Webinar: The last and the largest paid plan is the enterprise plan and it costs $97 per month.

2. GetResponse

GetResponse is my second best funnel builder software for beginners since it allows you to create a profitable automated online business with no technical knowledge.

It is a well-known software that offers users everything they need to start and operate an online business, as well as actionable success guidelines.

GetResponse has been in business since 1998, beginning as an email marketing software and autoresponder.

However, GetResponse now has one of the most comprehensive sets of internet marketing tools in the industry. Let’s have a look at the features that set them apart.

Important features

  • Conversion Funnel: Previously known as Autofunnel, GetResponse has renamed and improved this tool. Conversion Funnel is a tool designed to assist business owners in creating funnels without having to set up all of the minor procedures manually. They have a large number of templates. All you have to do is select the funnel type you want and modify it.
  • Email Marketing: Because GetResponse was initially just an email marketing software, this function is unquestionably well-developed. GetResponse is a drag-and-drop email builder that allows you to create attractive emails regardless of the subject. You may also configure autoresponder emails to be sent in response to actions, time, or events. There are several customizable templates available, and you can build up a schedule to simply distribute your emails at certain intervals. After you’ve sent out all of your emails, you can track your success using GetResponse’s email analysis function. This way, you can discover out what works best for your leads and make adjustments as needed.
  • Landing Page Builder: Every online business needs a location to exhibit its items. While some individuals prefer websites, others realize that landing pages may be an effective tool when utilized correctly. Businesses with more than 30 landing pages, for example, receive seven times the number of leads as companies with one to five landing pages. GetResponse has a simple drag-and-drop editor, but if you don’t want to start from scratch, there are hundreds of mobile-responsive and customizable templates available. You may include pop-ups, forms, and countdown timers for events, as well as link your landing page to your conversion funnel.GetResponse allows you to manage your items and quickly import them from stores on platforms such as Etsy, Stripe, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop.
  • Marketing Automation: After a while, you’ll begin to collect data about your consumers that you may utilize to close sales. GetResponse has made this process much easier by adding a tool that lets you tag and segment clients indefinitely depending on the information you’ve gathered. You may use this to create a profile based on each customer’s activities or inactions and then send them tailored and relevant emails. You may also utilize behavioral data to create automatic events depending on the activities of users. Behavioral data may also be utilized to build tailored experiences for clients, increasing their likelihood of purchasing your items.
  • Webinars: A successful webinar may help various business areas generate more awareness around their goods. Setting up a webinar on GetResponse is simple thanks to the user-friendly interface and the ability to link your webinar with your landing page. You may also set up automated email notifications and reminders as the deadline approaches. Call-to-action buttons, live chat, recording, polls and testing, file sharing, and other interactive features are also accessible.

Aside from these five essential features, GetResponse also allows customers to construct sign-up forms and embed them in emails or landing sites, as well as buy Facebook and Instagram advertising directly from your GetResponse website.
GetResponse also provides tailored marketing bundles based on what you do and your objectives. If you don’t understand something, there’s a blog, live chat, and email assistance to assist you.

Plans and Pricing

GetResponse offers a 30-day free trial. Following that, customers will be charged fees based on their needs and list size. This is a low-cost funnel builder, and the basic plan is sufficient to get most small enterprises up and running.

The rates stated below are for a 1000-subscriber list.

The Basic plan costs $15 per month when paid monthly, $12.30 per month when paid annually, and $10 per month when invoiced biannually. It only provides an infinite number of lead funnels and one sales funnel.

The Plus plan costs $45 per month. When invoiced yearly or biannually, it is reduced to $40.18 and $34.30 a month, respectively. Here, you may have up to five sales funnels and five webinar funnels.

If you pay monthly, Professional costs $99 per month. If paid yearly or biannually, the monthly cost is $81.18 and $69.30, respectively. You have an infinite number of sales and webinar funnels here.

3. Builderall

Builderall’s founder, Erick Salgado, designed this software to ensure that business owners never have an all-in-one array of marketing tools in a single inexpensive price.

Builderall has now grown to include tools for building or improving email marketing, websites, landing pages, video editing, webinars, blogging, and more.
In addition, you receive an easy-to-use funnel builder with dozens of designs.

Each template is adaptable to a variety of enterprises. Builderall offers over a dozen features, but I’ll go through the most important ones.

Builderall is the sales funnel builder I use for my online business, and the only reason it isn’t my top suggestion is that it isn’t as inexpensive as GetResponse.

However, it is not an expensive tool, and I strongly advise you to use it if, like me, you like to have your job considerably reduced and simplified.

Important features

  • Funnel Builder: You may use this to create an automated funnel from scratch or to work with pre-made funnel templates. You may also choose from over 300 ready-made professionally constructed funnels. Furthermore, some of these funnels have been adjusted to suit individuals in various niches, so you may be able to discover one that is ideally matched to your business.
  • Website Builder: Cheetah Website Builder is the name of Builderall’s website builder. It is so named because it is quick, easy to use, and includes a huge variety of templates for creating an online store or business page. It is also useful for creating landing pages.
  • Email Marketing: To improve your email marketing approach, Builderall offers a drag-and-drop email builder, automation, and scarcity timer. Upsells, Downsells, and Bump Sells: You may customize your settings to make upsell, downsell, and bump sell offers to your customers based on their activities.
  • Live Webinar: Hold a live webinar with the possibility of broadcasting guests via other software such as Facebook and YouTube.
  • Affiliate System Flexibility: You can operate whatever sort of affiliate system you desire. It can be either single-tiered or multi-tiered.

Among the other features are:

CRM and automation software
Booking Calendar for Chatbot and SiteBot
Superb checkout system that integrates with dozens of payment gateways.
Online eCommerce Check out the Auction Checkout Magazine builder.
Image editor and mockup
Browser Notifications in Video Wrapper
Blog Builder, Chat Builder, Membership Websites, and an E-Learning System are all available.

Plans and Pricing

To test things out, you can obtain a 30-day almost-free trial on Builderall for $1. There are just two plans other than that.

Builderall’s Premium plan is $69.90 per month, however, it does not contain the ready-made funnel alternatives.
Its Funnel Club plan has a one-time fee of $199 and a monthly fee of $69.90.

However, the Builderall Funnel Club membership grants customers access to hundreds of ready-made eCommerce funnels in a variety of sectors, in addition to the over 30 features accessible to Premium plan users.

Please keep in mind that each plan includes 15 domains and an unlimited number of subscribers. Among e-commerce funnel builders, this is one of the more generous offerings.

4. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an older piece of software on this list. Randy Parker founded Roving Software in 1995, but it was sold to Endurance International Group in 2015 as Constant Contact.

It has gradually grown from being only an email marketing software to include everything an entrepreneur requires to run a successful eCommerce business.

Important features

  • Email marketing: Constant Contact originated as an email marketing software, and its dedication to this sort of marketing hasn’t wavered. Its drag-and-drop editor makes creating and editing emails simple. There are additional automated systems that can send emails in response to certain actions, resend emails to non-openers, and employ strong list-building tools to generate new lists and segment contacts. You may even get email templates and advertising tactics tailored to your business.
  • Marketing: While email marketing frequently yields a high return on investment, you should not put all of your eggs in one basket. Constant Contact provides its customers with marketing tools such as a logo builder, landing sites, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, an image library, connectivity with other applications, event management and marketing, and more. By the way, webinars are included in event management and marketing.
  • Website: One of the first stages in beginning an internet business is to own and operate a website. Constant Contact provides a website builder with a plethora of simple, mobile-responsive designs, hosting, an SSL certificate, a blog, the ability to link to a custom domain, website analytics, and limitless storage.
  • eCommerce: Constant Contact assists in the development of your eCommerce store, the integration and automation of Shopify stores, shipping administration, order, inventory, and tax management, coupons and discounts, transactional emails, and so on. Furthermore, all product categories, including digital items and downloads, are allowed. However, a 1.5 percent transaction charge will be taken from each purchase.
  • Support: Users get access to instructional materials, such as how-to articles, webinars, and an active community, as well as support. There is also phone and chat assistance.

Plans and Pricing

Constant Contact offers two options. To test out this platform, new users are given a 60-day free trial (no credit card necessary).

Email: This plan is $20 per month. Except for a few advanced features such as automatic email welcome and behavioral series, configurable pop-up forms, surveys, polls, discounts, RSVP, dynamic content, and new customer consultation, it contains everything.

Email Plus: Everything is included in this $45/month package.

Please keep in mind that all rates are depending on the number of contacts. As a result, if you have more subscribers than the standard pricing allows for, you’ll have to pay extra. Despite this, Constant Contact website builder remains one of the most affordable funnel builders accessible.

5. Thrive Architect

The Thrive Architect WordPress funnel builder is designed for building online businesses on WordPress. The builder, created by Thrive Themes, is built for speed and requires no design or coding expertise.

And, in my view, this is the best WordPress funnel builder available.
As a WordPress visual editor, Thrive Architect provides page-building advice and features. The software, for example, offers adjustable column layouts, full-width layouts, and complete font modification.

To construct sales funnels, business owners and entrepreneurs utilize Thrive Architect and Thrive Cart, an online shopping cart platform. You may use this tool to create checkout pages, handle orders, and accept payments.

It is, however, not created by Thrive Themes. Thrive Architect is only compatible with self-hosted websites, not blogs. So, in order to utilize it, you must have hosting.

Important features

  • Website and landing page creation: Thrive Architect gives experts the power to quickly construct landing pages and one-page websites. If you don’t want to start from scratch, the software has a variety of pre-built templates. Thrive Architect’s templates are designed to fulfill a variety of business needs, from announcements to offers, promotions, and webinar hosting.
  • Built-in conversion features: Thrive Architect allows businesses to include buttons, countdown clocks, testimonials, and lead-generation forms on their sites. These aspects, when done effectively, can attract more clients to the business. You can also use these built-in features to increase your mailing list by integrating them with email marketing solutions.
  • Advanced personalization: The software also includes features that allow firms to build personal pages to their pages. In addition to the over 700 unique fonts accessible on the WordPress builder, there are interesting texts and graphics. You can also use the page builder to add colored overlays and other customizing options.
  • Mobile responsiveness: Thrive Architect provides tools for making websites, landing pages, and opt-in pages mobile-responsive. This tool allows business owners to configure screen size elements, content to display, and other layout modifications. You may test the final page you create using Thrive Architect on various devices. Learn more about the features of Thrive Architect.

Plans and Pricing

Thrive Architect is a low-cost WordPress page builder with three membership levels. Five licenses are available for a one-time charge of $97 or one for $67. The third alternative is to become a member of Thrive.

For $19 per month, Thrive members receive 25 licenses of Thrive Architect and numerous other Thrive Themes products.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all Thrive Architect price levels. The software also includes one year of free technical support from Thrive Themes. After this time, you can pay to renew your support coverage.

6. GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels is one of my list’s newest e-commerce funnel builders. That doesn’t mean it can’t compete with some of the more well-known software.

Apart from being excellent for creating eCommerce sales funnels, it is also one of the finest landing page builders for affiliate marketing.

Mike Filsaime, who established a reputation for himself by inventing software such as Kartra (more on this later), co-founded it.

GrooveFunnels was created to include virtually everything you could possibly need as an internet business owner.
They provide a collection of over 20 tools for creating everything from landing pages to webinars to video editing.

Some of these products are still in beta testing, however, new users have a significant edge because Groovefunnels offers a free funnel building software (no credit card required).

And it’s now providing a premium lifetime membership at a fraction of the price of competing funnel builders.

I’m not sure how the cost will alter when it formally launches fully later in 2021 or 2022. Here are its essential features/software to ensure you don’t miss out.

Important features

  • GroovePages: One of the most well-known tools in the Groove industry is GroovePages. This software is used to create customized landing pages, websites, and sales funnels. It features an easy-to-use software that is equal to, if not easier than, ClickFunnels and Leadpages.
  • GrooveSell: GrooveSell is the payment platform of Groove Digital. It enables users to list their items and services as well as enable a payment channel so that buyers may purchase them. You are permitted to list an infinite number of items and construct an unlimited number of product funnels.
  • GrooveAffiliate: Affiliates are an excellent method to generate leads and close sales. If you want to build your own affiliate team, GrooveAffiliate can help by connecting with GrooveSell and GrooveFunnels. From a single dashboard, you can recruit, manage, and reward affiliates.
  • GrooveMail: This innovative email marketing solution includes sequence automation, text and voice SMS broadcasting, and analytics to guarantee that your emails reach their intended recipients and have the desired effect. You may also import your contact list and connect GrooveMail to more than 15 email marketing solution providers. So you may continue to utilize your normal service while making use of the benefits of GrooveMail.
  • GrooveMember: Do you want to offer your expertise? GrooveMember makes it simple for individuals to sign up for your program and for you to sell your courses. You can provide tiered memberships, free or paid material, and certificates. GrooveMember has not yet been officially published, but it will have much more features when it is.
  • GrooveBlog: Creating content is critical for establishing an internet business. GrooveBlog, an extension of GroovePages, making it easy to create material that will rank well on Google. You may also utilize a popular site like WordPress to publish if you like. GrooveBlog is well-integrated with WordPress.
  • GrooveKart: GrooveKart is an e-commerce platform that is similar to Shopify but has a few distinctions. To begin, the only expenses you’ll have to pay are your yearly subscription price and the fees connected with the payment provider you select, such as PayPal or Stripe. They do not levy transaction fees. You will also receive high-converting check-out templates, funnels, statistics, upsells, reviews, social proof, and so on. GrooveKart may be the software for you if you’re searching for a funnel builder software to replace Shopify as your e-commerce platform.

There is more Groove software available, such as:
Groove webinars
Video Groove

Plans and Pricing

GrooveFunnel offers four different plans.
The first is a free basic plan that only provides you access to a few features.

The second option is the Silver plan, which costs $99 a month and includes all of the software in the Basic plan as well as a few extras.

Except for GrooveSurvey, GrooveQuiz, GrooveWebinar, and GrooveKart, the Gold subscription includes nearly everything at $199/month.

For a one-time payment of $1397, you may also choose the fourth option, which provides lifelong access to all Groove software.

Please keep in mind that this funnel builder has not yet been completely published, so anticipate some features and secrets if you decide to try it out.

7. Leadpages

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, this software is a popular e-commerce builder. This is due to the fact that the builder is conversion-optimized and contains real-time assistance and expertise.

Leadpages works on both mobile and desktop platforms, and it is simple to use even if you don’t know how to code. Almost all of the tools and services needed in a sales funnel are integrated into the simple platform.

Important features

  • Website and landing page builder: Leadpages allows you to create a website by dragging and dropping design pieces and then snapping them together. The software also allows developers to insert HTML codes to fine-tune the appearance of the page or website.
  • Website hosting and publishing: The software allows business owners to quickly publish their websites on a domain name. Leadpages may also host your site for you.
  • Conversion Analytics: Using the software’s Leadmeter, you may determine which design arrangement has a higher conversion rate. This function offers real-time updates and advice. Leadpages employs a staff of IT specialists to ensure that business owners have a smooth experience.
  • Conversion tools: The e-commerce builder gives you access to its conversion toolkit, which includes pop-ups, alert messages, opt-in text, and trigger links.

Plans and Pricing

Leadpages offers a variety of options, and you can request a free 14-day trial for any of them. The pro plan, which costs $59 per month, is the most popular among small business owners.

There is also a basic plan for $27 per month. You may also choose for the advanced plan, which costs $239 per month.

The features that differentiate Leadpages plans include A/B split testing, email trigger links, opt-in text marketing, and so on.

8. Kartra

Kartra is another popular e-commerce funnel builder among business owners. Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins founded the software in 2017 as an all-in-one solution for marketing e-commerce or digital items.

Marketers utilize Kartra’s user-friendly interface to create lists, websites, and emails. While the e-commerce builder has several features, the following are the most important.

Important features

  • Affiliate management system: This method enables you to benefit from your business by using the persuasive power of others. You may list goods, appoint affiliates to promote them, and manage their payments or commissions using Kartra’s affiliate administration platform.
  • Email marketing: You may set up manual email broadcasts or totally automate the process using Kartra. The software also includes visually appealing templates. When generating action-initiating emails from scratch, you can choose to drag & drop design components.
  • Video hosting: You may use Kartra to host mobile-ready videos for your users before or after your call-to-action (CTA). The software also has unique features such as embedded forms.
  • Help desk: In Kartra, there is a customer management solution that makes it simple and quick to assist your customers. Billing support and technical difficulties can be resolved with the software.
  • Webpage builder: Kartra also allows you to construct your own web pages. The software may also be used to create landing pages.

Among the other features are:
Third-party software integration
Product carts and live chat systems

Plans and Pricing

To use Kartra’s features, you must first select one of its four plans.

The basic plan is $99 per month and includes restricted features such as one unique domain. It only enables you to sell a maximum of 20 goods.

Kartra’s Silver package costs $199 per month, while the Gold plan costs $299 per month. Both plans include more leads and custom domains than the Starter plan.

Finally, the Platinum plan is $499 per month and offers the most features available in the e-commerce builder.

Please keep in mind that if you pick yearly billing, you will receive a discount on all plans.


Online shopping is here to stay, according to statistics, research, and predicting studies. Retail e-commerce accounted for 14.1 percent of total retail sales in 2019. And by 2023, this percentage may have risen to 22%.

Understanding sales funnels and how to use an e-commerce builder has become increasingly important as more firms go digital.

I’ve covered all you need to know about e-commerce funnel builders and identified the best seven.
Make use of the knowledge I’ve provided in this post to remain ahead of the curve!