The Best, Unique and Must Read Affiliate Marketing Books

Affiliate marketing books are a great source of knowledge and guidance when it comes to learning the ropes in affiliate marketing and we will be discussing six of the very best books for this purpose.

According to Google, the term affiliate means to get connected or attached to a particular group as a subsidiary of an organization.

Dated back to 1989, the concept of affiliate marketing was started by a person named William J. Tobin.

Being the founder and CEO of PC Flowers and Jewellers, this man was the first person to visualize the idea and make it work on real grounds by launching a program commonly known as the Prodigy Network.

His conceptualized idea has now become a fantastic way of earning money just by sitting at the comfort of home.

Since ages from then affiliate marketing is a source of direct and passive income for many.

Affiliate marketing can be said as a very big and very fast-moving target.

All you need is a computer and a fast-uncut internet supply with which you can earn thousands of dollars as commission, by just getting hold of a targeted audience and by sharing the affiliate links of various products and different services.

affiliate marketing books

In simple words, affiliate marketing just involves the reference of an item on different types of social platforms, blogs, or websites, YouTube channels with the help of an affiliate link.

The writer of the blog or the affiliate earns each and every time a purchase is made by clicking on the unique link which is suggested by them.

Affiliate marketing on the web can be a very important and crucial part of anyone’s business by providing a healthy source of income.

With the affiliate marketing industry always evolving and changing its course with time, it can be a fact that you are either a novice or an expert to the affiliate programs but there is always a huge chance that you might not know all the stuff about it.

So, if you want to master and make a career in affiliate marketing, what we always suggest is to read the basics and learn all the perspectives.

Doing this can surely help you in honing your skill set while you take your baby footsteps in the world of affiliates.

As mentioned earlier, we will surely help you with this by suggesting some of the best books on affiliate marketing that you must put on your shelves.

All the affiliate marketing books referred down below is an updated copy of 2020, and has all the latest techniques and tools that will surely help you to become a pro in this domain.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Books You Should Have In Your Corner.

1. Affiliate Marketing: Launch a Six-Figure Business With Click bank Products, Affiliate Links, Amazon Affiliate Program, and Internet Marketing

Level- Beginner.

This is the best book for a novice entering into the field of affiliate marketing.

Being a beginner-friendly book, it has everything a novice needs to know to get his/her concept clear on affiliate marketing.

The author left no stones unturned by easily describing the functionality of how affiliate marketing works especially when you are in the beginning stage.

Reading this book thoroughly will give you all the basic knowledge and concept of how the system works in general.

It also refers to the history of this industry by giving a short brief of how it all started.

It is so well written that the reader hardly feels the sense of boredom while going through the pages of this particular book.

This book, in particular, give details about very important topics such as how you can start your own affiliate marketing business, or what is analysis or selection.

What should be the length of your content, what are the different affiliate networks you should work with, how the commission system works and many more.

Some other topics described here which are of equal importance are strategical content, SEO, promotions of affiliate sites to gain traffic, affiliate marketing on the web, conversion optimization, etc.

If you have already started your career as an affiliate marketer or you are still thinking to start out, this one can be the best affiliate marketing book for your shelf contents.

Author: Michael Fox and Noah Gray.

Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Number of pages: 266.

 2. Quick Start Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Level- Beginner.

Affiliate marketing books

Written by an expert in this field and the founder and CEO of the Affiliate Marketing Days Conference, Mr. Evgenni Prussakov (Twitter handle: @ePrussakov).

Being a veteran in this field Mr. Prussakov generally works for different merchants who set up these affiliate programs.

Each and every page of this book does forecast his experience and detail-oriented nature.

Mr. Prussakov always had a very realistic expectation without any single hype.

Talking about the book, as the name suggests that it is a quick start guide but it isn’t that so.

It isn’t meant to make you rich just overnight but it really helps to educate you so that you can keep going towards your first earned money from day one.

The author did reach great lengths and described each and every aspect of affiliate marketing very neatly and profoundly.

This particular affiliate marketing book is written in a question format and a very detailed answer is provided at the end, which seems to be the perfect solution for a novice who wants to join this industry or someone who is new to the affiliate marketing industry.

The questions that are printed are really soothing and comforting and it seems like you are asking yourself something and getting the answers such that it is laid out only for you.

The book provides you with an inside idea of how this industry works and makes you learn a lot more about super affiliate, success and monetization strategies.

This book is in three parts, the first part of the narrative starts with the basic concepts of working in the affiliate marketing sector.

The second part gives the reader a piece of detailed information about how to begin a website and how to maintain the same.

The third and the final part takes those vivid ideas and does implement them with tenets of the affiliate industry and its working site, thereby helping a new affiliate to make the next move.

Most of the book reviewers reviewed it as a quick reading guide and also did give it some special points for bringing clarity to the subject idea, as we all know that overall concept of affiliate marketing is something that is quite hard to digest.

This book can be an ideal reference for different web publishers who have some knowledge about affiliate links and how the system works.

It is a great hand on reference tool if you are in the process of building your business.

This affiliate marketing book pdf download is available on Amazon kindle.

Author: Geno Prussakov.

Published by: – CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Number of pages: – 84

 3. Affiliate Programme Management: An Hour A Day

Level- Intermediate.

Affiliate marketing books

This is one of the most comprehensive books written by the veteran of the industry Mr. Evgenni Prussakov.

As the name suggests this is a detailed step by step guide briefly and precisely discussing topics such as how to launch, research, grow and manage a successful online affiliate system.

The book really does have a very bold introduction that is surely going to help anyone who wants to have a clear idea and understanding of the concept of affiliate marketing and how it works.

There are some bullet points noted below that might help the reader get a bit idea about the book’s introduction.

  • The origin and history of affiliate marketing.
  • The basic differences between Multilevel Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.
  • Various structures of affiliate marketing such as sub-affiliates, super-affiliates, etc.
  • Different ways of marketing affiliate links such as data feed, couponing, content publishing, paid searching, email marketing, content and article writing, etc.

The next part of the book deals with the idea to get going with affiliate marketing.

It gives a detailed idea about when you would need an investment to start rolling, what is an affiliate network and what is the use of it, how to get hold of program management options i.e. Proactive management vs Autopilot.

The last section takes you further into the world of affiliates by helping you take your baby steps and become a professional affiliate.

This section of the book gives knowledge about developing and creating a creative inventory, making program policies, details on affiliate marketing on the web, and provides knowledge about data feeds and their plugins.

This affiliate marketing book pdf is meant to be read daily to be a master of the whole system.

If you are somebody who is not interested in the process of learning the system then this particular affiliate marketing book isn’t for you.

It’s a DIY approach to make affiliate marketing work and make money from it.

Author: Evgenii “Geno” Prussakov.

Published by: Sybex.

Number of pages: 464.

 4. Performance Partnership: The Checkered Past, Changing Present And Exciting Future Of Affiliate Marketing.

Level: Intermediate to professional.

This affiliate marketing book gives a brief history and the right direction towards Affiliate marketing.

The author is a veteran of this field and the founder and current CEO of Acceleration Partners.

Glazer through his book beautifully portrays the various generations of affiliate marketing and described in detail how each and every generation did deliver correctly on the successful evolution of B2B (business to business) relationships.

Being a little more specific about the book, the veteran author dives very deep with his thoughts, the problems and the lessons that were learned and made enough understanding about how the generation did evolve.

The lessons seem to be very useful not only in the context of affiliate marketing but also portrays about how an organization can maintain its relationship management regardless of any technology or tactic.

This book profoundly reminds us how important trust can be when someone is trying to build a mutually beneficial relationship through the affiliate marketing programs.

Some of the insights of this book are as follows:

  • Being transparent is the only option.
  • Try learning from different peers and marketplaces.
  • Always try investing in different short-term changes to gain more in the longer term.

The author Robert Glazer did a remarkable job by becoming an eye-opener to the affiliate marketing portfolio, serving as a great paint primer to all of those who are already in this industry and those that are readily willing to join the sector.

This Amazon affiliate marketing pdf shows how the author has been optimistic throughout his career cycle.

This affiliate marketing book won’t be teaching you the basics of the marketplace rather it might help you in growing an analytical mind.

This affiliate marketing book pdf download is available on Amazon kindle.

Author: Robert Glazer.

Published by: Linocrest Publishing.

Number of pages: 288.

 5. Affiliate Marketing: The Beginner’s Step By Step Guide to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Level- Beginner.

This book can be best termed as a very detailed and yet short beginners level affiliate marketing book.

If you as a reader are looking for something like the above mentioned, then this book by Kevin Ulaner can be a very good option.

Within just sixty pages the author has tried to cover every minute detail of the things that you ought to know about affiliate marketing.

The book has everything from tips and tricks to start over a new business on affiliate marketing to all the basics that you need while entering into the space of internet marketing.

Though a bit short, this is an ideal reference for how you can become an ideal affiliate entrepreneur and how you can make your business successful.

Its preface starts with a detailed introduction to the world of affiliates followed by its benefits and the common mistakes that one makes when they are a novice in this system.

The author, Kevin Ulaner did explain all the fundamentals and basics of the topic and even showcased with step by step guide, how to get going with this model of marketing.

A short preview of the above affiliate marketing book is listed down below:

  • Definition of affiliate marketing.
  • Benefits and the strategy to start the model of business.
  • Mistakes that are generally made in the beginning.
  • Basic fundamentals of this marketing strategy.

The book also gives the right strategy to choose affiliate programs and how to deal with them.

It gives a brief idea about setting up an affiliate site and how to generate enormous traffic to it.

Last but not least, the book even gives details about strategically promoting different affiliate offers and make a good amount of dollars from it.

As the name suggests, this Amazon affiliate marketing pdf is specifically made for only the beginners who are on their way to start affiliate marketing.

Some experienced persons or affiliates might find this book too lame and basic for their liking.

Author: Kevin Ulaner.

Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Number of Pages: 60.

6. SEO & Affiliate Marketing Playbook

Affiliate marketing book

Are you into the process of learning some sort of secret SEO and Affiliate Marketing systems?.

Are you having some sort of problems in the process of driving traffic to your website?

Are you unable to use your social media handle and web analytics to multiply your leads?

Do you want to optimize your website for getting a high up ranking?

If yes, then this affiliate marketing book is a must-read for you and is the best suggestion that we can provide from our end.

The author Graham Fisher having more than ten years of experience in this field has portrayed all the answers to the above questions.

There are some short insights and facts on SEO & Affiliate Marketing Playbook:

  • Tips and tricks to get great traffic and leads to your website.
  • The best possible way to find “Money” SEO keywords that might end up landing some more happy customers on your website.
  • The one and only method that you must follow to get high sales copy.
  • Learn what pay per click is and why it is the best cost- saver to get the best from your website.
  • Understand the failures that most people make while dealing with affiliate marketing and SEO.

The book has all the proven methods and the source of knowledge that seems very easy to follow. Following everything written in the book might land you with high success rates.

Author: Graham Fisher.

Published By: AC Publishing.

Number of pages: 264.


We can say that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn a handsome income by sitting at the comfort of your home.

However, it is important that you know the concepts well before you plan to go for affiliate marketing in order to get the best results.

These six affiliate marketing books mentioned above can be your best reference guide and can help you a lot in taking your affiliate marketing skills to the next level.

Reading these affiliate marketing books can be valuable, and will definitely provide you some actionable insights on keywords, SEO metrics, backlinks creation, and competitor SEO marketing.

To take things further, you can check my compilation of awesome blogging books which can help you get the best out of affiliate marketing through blogging.