Builderall Review: The Version 3.0 True Story

Hi, I guess you heard about the new Builderall update, Builderall 3.0 i.e.

And you are here to find out what the racket is all about.

If that’s the case, then welcome to my Builderall review.

With so many online marketing software out there, the question of which exactly to go with, has been asked by so many people, including myself, at one point or the other in my online marketing career.

When trying to decide on the best one to go with, two factors are typically what helps me decide.

The first is how much it cost.

The second factor, is if it checks all the other boxes for me, in regards to my online marketing needs.

Like I have reviewed a bunch of other online marketing tools in the past, today is the day to iron another one out which is the latest version of the very popular Builderall.

Before we really get into it, and talk about the features of this latest version of Builderall in this Builderall review, let us touch on the overview of the Builderall tool, for the benefit of those who have never heard of it, or used it before.

What is Builderall?

Builderall Review: The Version 3.0 True Story | Best Builderall Review

Builderall is an online marketing software that helps you work out all your online marketing needs all in one place.

Like its name implies, it is excellent for the building of different kinds of landing pages and sales pages.

It serves as an eCommerce online store creator, pixel-perfect builder, site bot, canvas funnel builder, video editor, studio editor, design studio, Builderall image spinner, floating videos, heat to map analytics, click-map autoresponders, etc.

With the highlights above, it shows that with using Builderall, you get multiple tools in one mega software, and for most people, this is quite the bargain.

Now that you have an idea of what exactly you can do with Builderall in regards to your online marketing endeavors, let us get into the pros and cons aspect of this Builderall review.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Builderall?

Builderall Review – Pros

  • With Builderall, you are offered 26 different online marketing tools within it. With these 26 tools, you are able to work your entire marketing campaigns from start to finish, without reaching out to other tools to do this or that. It would typically make your work process easier.
  • It has an all in one website building feature. It lets you easily build the ideal website for your business, and also provides hosting, and all the top built-in plugins you need to work/run your website effectively.
  • It lets you save some more money. With Builderall, you don’t need to pay any more money for stuff like plugins or external themes.
  • It comes with a built-in SSL certificate for any kind of website you might want to go with for your business.
  • It gives you an opportunity to make some added income with their affiliate program. This way, you could make back the money you spend on using the software and more. Also, you stand a chance to win a new car in this affiliate program.

Builderall Review – Cons

  • You might have some hitches using the drag and drop feature, as it has been known to be accompanied by glitches now and then.
  • When compared to other brands of online marketing software, Builderall lacks a particular polish, and some might even say that its overall look seemed a tad crude in comparison to others.
  • In regards to its customization options, there are limits, and you might not be able to tweak your online marketing endeavors to your heart’s content.

 Who is Builderall for?

In this section of the Builderall review, we will be discussing briefly about those that need this software. Builderall is a software that is ideal for just about any line of online business, and its marketing.

It is excellent for business owners, product creators, website services, affiliate marketers, and many more.

If you are into product marketing that requires websites or landing pages, then this is also a good choice for you.

This software lets you build websites and landing pages in no time.

Whatever online marketing tool you have ever needed in your online marketing endeavors, you are sure to find it within the Builderall platform, hence it is excellent for any business.

It is a powerful tool for upping your online sales, snagging more leads, and also great for cultivating ideal relationships with your customers/clients and prospective customers and clients.

If you fall into any of the categories of needs highlighted above, then Builderall is definitely for you.

Now that we have touched on the basic stuff let us get in the  Builderall review proper.

The Builderall Review Proper – Why Use It?

We will be highlighting the 3.0 Builderall features in this Builderall review, to better help you understand if it is for you and your business or not.

The rave in this version is the drag and drop site builder feature.

It is designed to be excellent for the working and running of membership sites, blog site builders, html5 websites, sales funnels etc.

It is also designed in such a way that it gives you a direct connection with your targeted and ideal audience (that is definitely the money maker).

Builderall is also great for ensuring a perfect user experience, and ultimately, your audience is able to access and view your website from whatever device they have.

This includes their tablets, mobile devices, and desktop, etc.

By means of their integrated application, paired with the technology of the tools within the software, the resulting websites built with the builders found within the Builderall software, takes on a highly professional and aesthetically pleasing overall look.

With mailing boss, you have an excellent and very professional email marketing tool that works on the creation, and the automation of all your customer contacts.

This always comes in very handy, especially as your business grows, expands, and takes on a more significant number of customers. You can send out high converting email drips and sequences without breaking a sweat.

This way, you have more extensive control over your leads by employing and pairing tags and triggers within your autoresponder campaigns, allowing you to send out an unlimited number of emails whenever you need to.

To get high conversions from your email marketing endeavors, you need to do a lot of email follow-ups and an autoresponder is mighty important.

Builderall Pricing: How Much Does Builderall Cost?

The Builderall 2.0 version came with three packages which were; Web presence, Digital marketing, and Builderall business.

The first update of the Builderall 3.0 version pricing comes in two packages tagged the essential and premium packages.

The essential package costs 29.9 dollars, while the premium package costs 69.9 dollars a month.

Let us take each of the new package separately, and oh, I know you are wondering which package I went with.

I have been using Builderall long before the 3.0 update and I went with the Builderall business package which was 49.90 dollars a month.

I decided to go with the Builderall business package back then because it had all my online needs and the price appeared to me as a complete steal.

Choosing that package gave me access to all the tools I needed in regards to building a website from top to bottom.

I also had access to all their design tools, and ultimately their affiliate program.

It turned out to be a very smart decision and I was automatically upgraded to the Premium package of the 3.0 version after the update.

The essential package

Like the name of the package goes, you get all the essentials you need for all your online marketing endeavors within this package……..and more. Yes, you get quite a lot for your buck here, even though this is just the basic package.

You are also able to access the transfer and website funnels; you are allowed to connect up to fifteen different domains, get unlimited bandwidth with your website visitors, you are able to link any third-party application of your choice, ticket support system, stand by daily backups, DDOS attack prevention and a system that ensures that your pages load very fast. (this last part has always been super important to me in my online marketing business)

In my opinion, the essential package has a lot of offerings, which you can do so much more with.

That being said, I bet that you are wondering why anyone would even bother with the more expensive premium package when they have access to all of this here?

Well, let us get into it and find out what is up with the premium package to answer that question, shall we?

The premium package

With the premium package, you get everything included in the essential package in addition to email marketing, webinars, and a streaming platform.

Evergreen webinar with ghost audience, e-commerce Magento installation, iOS/android app builder, CRM, dictionary builder, Facebook messenger chatbot, and way more than I can count on both hands and legs, phew!

The highlights I made up there, is literally just the tip of the iceberg as the premium members get so much more.

Still, when you are looking to get people to fork over another 40 dollars of their hard-earned money, you sure have to bring it on (no relations to the movie…..or maybe, it should) hence, the crazy number of additional tools in the premium package.

All the above being said, I have good news.

The latest Builderall update of the 3.0 version comes with new additions to their pricing plans.

Everything has been restructured, and their pricing and packages now fall under five categories.

These categories are free, builder, marketer, essential, and premium.

To a lot of people, this is more than a welcome change.

The new packages are very streamlined, ensuring that now, you only pay for exactly the bundle of tools you need for your online marketing endeavors.

Let us go ahead and touch on some of the features of the five packages below.

The 5 New Buiderall Packages


Builderall free plan | Builderall Review: The Version 3.0 True Story | Best Builderall Review

In the free package, you have access to 100 subscribers, ticketing support, 1gb disk space, cheetah drag and drop website builder, super check out, unlimited subdomains, unlimited member area, page loading accelerator, email scarcity timers, smart pop up, website sharing, etc.

Like the name says, it is absolutely free to use.


Builderall builder plan

In the builder package, you have access to 3 domains, 100 subscribers, ticketing live support chat, 2gb disk space, super check out, unlimited subdomains, unlimited member area, page loading accelerator, email scarcity timers, smart pop up, website sharing, fast CND servers, website daily backup, etc.

You are required to make a payment of 19.90 dollars a month to use.


Builderall marketer plan

In the marketer package, you have access to 5 domains, 5000 subscribers, ticketing live support chat and 5gb disk space, super check out, unlimited subdomains, unlimited member area, page loading accelerator, email scarcity timers, smart pop up, website sharing, fast CND servers, website daily backup, CRM, Builderall telegram automation tool, SMS messaging, etc.

You are required to pay 29.90 dollars a month to use.


Builderall essential plan

The new essential packages give you access to 10 domains, 15,000 subscribers, ticketing live chat support, 10gb disk space, super check out, unlimited subdomains, unlimited member area, page loading accelerator, email scarcity timers, smart pop up, website sharing, fast CND servers, website daily backup, CRM, Builderall telegram automation tool, SMS messaging, professional messenger chatbot, professional website bot, WordPress 3-click integration, etc.

You are required to pay 49.90 dollars a month to use, over 10 dollars more than the price of the former essential package.


Builderall premium plan

The new premium package gives you access to high converting “done for you” sales funnels with lead magnets in a number of niches and one funnel is added to your back office every week.

This I think is simply awesome and literally a moneymaker!.

You also have access to 15 domains, unlimited subscribers.

Ticketing and live chat support, 10gb disk space, list import, template club super check out, unlimited subdomains, unlimited member area, page loading accelerator, email scarcity timers, smart pop up, website sharing, fast CND servers, website daily backup, CRM. Builderall telegram automation tool, SMS messaging, professional messenger chatbot, professional website bot, WordPress 3-click integration, and every single tool that is available on the Builderall platform.

You are required to pay the same 69.90 dollars a month to use, the same price as with the former premium package.

With the new pricing and packages, it is quite obvious that Builderall was hell-bent on getting more people to join their platform by offering lower-priced packages, you can be sure that they have achieved this feat.

Like I mentioned earlier, I began using Builderall way before this update, hence the way I wrote the first part of this pricing section.

I needed to give you a feel of how things worked before this new update and pricing.

Is Builderall a Scam?

In this part of the Buiderall review, we will be looking at whether Builderall is a scam or not.

This is a question that you and I have asked on so many other occasions, and about different things we have considered investing in.

I am mighty pleased to help you answer that important question this time.

If you’re wondering if Builderall is a scam, then I am pleased to tell you that it isn’t.

There are some people who think that it is, and I bet that you are wondering why, as this software is a real one, offering real solutions to real problems.

For most people who believe Builderall to be a scam, that line of thought stems from the situation of the near scammy methods of promotion most people on social media used to promote the software.

Builderall was heavily marketed as a tool that makes you a ton of money in no time.

That idea of Builderall being some magic money-making machine is incorrect, and that’s why some people believe that it is a scam.

Yes, you can employ the numerous tools within Builderall to take your business endeavors to the next level, and make you a ton of money.

You can also make a reasonable sum from taking part in their affiliate program, but you won’t make the kind of money that the social media marketers claim you would.

All the above being said, once again, Builderall isn’t a scam, but it won’t make you the next bill gates overnight.

The Builderall Review of The 3.0 Update: What To Expect

If you have used the previous versions of the Builderall software, you would agree with me that this latest version looks a lot better overall.

You would also notice that the tools within, are also better grouped, letting you find what you are looking for quickly on the platform.

The part I love a lot about this new version, is the very easy to understand tutorials for the tools within the Builderall platform.

This way, you don’t have to run helter-skelter all over the place, wondering how or where to begin (I bet you all are pretty pleased with this part of the Builderall review).

The new interface takes on an app store like layout and grouping, allowing you to select and download whatever tool you are in need of, exactly like you would do in an actual app store on your phone or any of your devices.

All the tools you download within the Builderall platform, you can find and use in your back-office.

To begin to use each tool or app you download, you have to click the enter option, which leads you to another tab.

After the launch of each app, you are met with a tutorial, which enlightens you on how to use any app of your choice.

Below is the section of this Builderall review, where we will touch on some of my favorite apps/tools within the Builderall platform.

My Favorite Tools on Builderall

1. Cheetah drag and drop website builder

Builderall cheetah builder

The cheetah drag and drop website builder, is the newest addition to the list of builders on the Builderall platform.

It comes with the highly coveted drag and drop feature, that lets you set up your websites and landing pages in no time.

The cheetah pixel perfect builder boasts of being able to automatically set up highly responsive, and fast websites and landing pages.

It is quite ideal for beginners or people whose strong points do not fall in the categories of the technicalities of website, or landing page building.

You require zero programming skills to work this builder, regardless of the type of website, landing page or sales page you intend to build.

In addition to the automation of its site-building abilities, this builder is also accompanied by tons of special features and effects, that ensures that your sites take on a more professional look.

You also have the option of building a fully optimized mobile version of your websites.

Finally, you are able to create membership websites, in which you can give access to your members for free, or for a fee.

The cheetah pixel perfect builder is available in all five packages of Builderall. Yep, including the free version.

2. The Builderall Canvas funnel builder

Builderall canvas

The canvas funnel builder is one excellent tool that is quite rare, and to my best knowledge, it is unavailable on other online marketing platforms.

It lets you map out, design, and structure your sales funnels or general funnels using a whiteboard style of working it.

It is pretty clear cut, to begin with, as you are required to click on the option, and the Builderall platform goes ahead to set up your funnel for you automatically.

Once your funnel is set up; you are now able to make your edits using the pixel perfect builder.

I am certain that at this point, we all understand that a funnel typically consists of a number of pages where your customers follow step by step through various pathways to access.

The high point of the canvas funnel builder, is that it can support a good number of funnel types, and can take on a ton of complexities that are typically known to come with funnels.

You also have access to things like premade templates, which you could use to make or set up your own webinars, eBooks, e-product launches, and even tripwires.

All these templates are clearly laid out for you as you kick off your funnel editing.

You do not have to use any of these templates laid out for you in regards to editing and structuring your funnel.

Some people have ideas of building funnels whose template does not exist, and hence would require for it to be built from scratch.

In regards to building a funnel from scratch, you can pull in all your different created pages, and then have them connected to the canvas to form your finished funnel.

If you decide to work with the templates the platform has laid out for you, you are able to remove or add pages as you go to build your finished desired funnel.

However, you would prefer your pathways to work; you can make that tweak.

With the canvas funnel builder, you get a detailed view in regards to your funnel, and how you can tweak and work it best.

You have the option of changing the order of your funnel pages, you can disconnect and reconnect any sections that are present in your funnel or even full-on add new bits.

You are also given the option to use a different theme for all or some of your pages, but don’t get too excited kids, as these theme selections aren’t anything mind-blowing.

Because the themes aren’t of an exceptional standard, you would have to work and tweak your funnel pages individually to ensure that the page designs are exactly as you need to be.

It might take more time and effort than you would appreciate, but it can’t be helped.

If like me, you can look passed this hitch, then you are well on your way to creating an excellent funnel.

At this point, you would be required to ensure that you are okay with how the layout and everything looks, and when you are okay with the state, you are required to click the “create the website” option at the bottom of the page, to officially set up your funnel.

At this point, Builderall works all your pages and links into their appropriate sections associated with the tool.

I can’t tell you enough about how excellent this part is.

It means finally saying goodbye to having to go the manual route to do this part.

Though there are hitches here and there, lots of people would definitely have an appreciation for the most part of this tool.

Anything that would save you a good amount of time, is hardly ever not appreciated.

3. The Builderall Pixel perfect builder

Builderall pixel perfect builder

The pixel-perfect builder is one of the high point tools included in the Builderall platform. With this tool, you are able to build a good number of landing pages or even whole websites.

In the last version of the Builderall software, the differences between the various builders available on the platform wasn’t clearly highlighted.

The builders, as with every other application available, wasn’t paired with its individual app description.

To a lot of people, these descriptions that distinguish these different builders might not seem like a big deal, but trust me, lots of people had lots of issues with this.

Within the pixel perfect builder, the template variety is still the same as with the previous version, though there are new additions in this 3.0 version.

In regards to the template design in both the old and 3.0 versions of Builderall, they all look identical, if you exclude the minor color and layout tweaks in this new version.

You can also review and, or install your desired templates in the editor section in this version of Builderall, just like with the old version.

You aren’t required to make any changes to this template, but you do have to load it in the editor to move onto the next page.

There have also been some tweaks made to the editor section in this version of Builderall.

There is a certain brightness to it. It has also been further simplified by the removal of certain unnecessary options that sat at the top bar in the previous version.

Amongst the other bits that stayed the same in this new version of Builderall, includes the drag and drop elements that let you move stuff around, and situate them in any position of your choice, and the rest of the editing and moving aspects of the section.

Despite the upgrades, there are people who are okay with still using the block-approach in regards to building pages.

Apparently, it is easier to work and manage the spacing of the elements.

I would say to go with whichever options are best and most convenient for you.

You are able to access lots of functions you can experiment with to your heart’s content in the sidebar.

Some of these functions include being able to tweak and fine-tune your SEO, adding blogs to your website, applying new design elements to this page, adding the check-out sequence/steps, etc.

A very responsive-editor being added to the pixel-perfect builder, is the high point of the change in it, in this new version of Builderall.

In the previous Builderall version, there was a separate responsive builder.

The way it worked in the previous version, was that users had to create two versions of the page.

The new Builderall templates are now optimized to support mobile devices, and this gives you access to all the page building tools you require in a better responsive mode.

Overall, the new pixel-perfect builder offers so much more than in the older version.

4. The Builderall E-commerce online builder

Builderall ecommerce

With the e-commerce online store builder, you have a more advanced way to structure your online stores.

In this version, you’re able to list all the physical products that you would like to add to your website.

This version of the e-commerce online store builder was designed in affiliation with magneto.

Magneto is a well-known open-source cart platform, that has worked the e-commerce store building scene for ages.

So, in a sense, the e-commerce online builder is kind of like the Magento e-commerce builder tool, but is made available to you in this new version of Builderall.

Before you can use this e-commerce online builder tool, you need to launch it.

Like with every e-commerce store, you need a domain, and with the Builderall software, you either use your own domain, i.e. the one you purchase or, if you aren’t looking to spend any more money, you can use the Builderall’s free subdomain (yep, its free)

After the domain aspect is sorted out, your e-commerce store would be set up by Magento, paired with sample-data, if you choose that option, i.e.

From your back office/administration page, you are given the options of tweaking the general look of your store, and its operation to suit your needs.

It is true that the use of the Builderall’s subdomain reads Builderall, but it is, in fact, the subdomain of Magento you are using.

It kind of makes sense, don’t you think? Since they’re the platform creating the store for you.

When you use the Builderall’s free subdomain, it would work exactly like how the free and manual installation of the Magento platform would work and look like.

Since Magento is a well-known and long-standing e-commerce store platform, you have no worries if you choose to use the Builderall sub-domain.

Yeah, some people might feel like the apps/tools offered by the Builderall platform might be all over the place, in regards to the platform working with various third-party apps, tools, and platforms.

The fact remains that it really doesn’t get in the way of the quality of your work or takes away from the quality of the platform.

5. The Builderall site bot

Builderall chat bot

With the Builderall site bot, you are given the opportunity to create automated chat-like sequences just like with Facebook chatbots.

Just like you are able to gain more leads and make more sales with this form of added engagement on Facebook, you can achieve the same desired effects with the site bot chatbots.

There is quite a difference with this version of the site bot. It is nicer looking and more aesthetically pleasing.

If you put this version’s site bot side by side with the older versions, the difference is very apparent.

With the site bot, you can create chat/message sequences called flows. You can easily view the previous flows you must have created, and tweak them when need be.

When you need to add a new message to your existing flows, you have to click a corresponding item in the search bar to get that going.

In the case of adding new messages to your flows, you would have to click on the text message icon, and then you are asked to type in your new message.

When this is done, you can connect your typed message or messages into your desired sequence.

6. The Builderall design studio

Studio mock-up

With the design studio, you can design or edit all your product pictures and videos effortlessly and flawlessly.

The quality of video and picture editing here, is excellent for a wide range of professional products and platforms.

7. The Builderall video editor

Video editor

This tool is excellent for content creators. You can edit and create high-quality videos with this app, and it also lets you publish said videos you edit to whatever platform you prefer.

Even if you are just a business owner, you can employ this app to create video content for the marketing of your products online.

Video has been known to convert better than picture and text, and bring in more leads and sales.

It doesn’t even have to be a complicated video, just make something simple, and after it is well-edited with the right effects, it is enough to do the trick.

8. The Builderall photo studio

Photo studio

With the photo studio just like with the video editor, you can edit great quality photos with this app. It is also a great tool for editing your product or general business product pictures.

High-quality pictures are also great for reeling in more leads and sales.

It also can be used like photoshop, allowing you to tweak the integrity of the photos to suit your needs. It comes with a lot of features that let you tweak the background, colors, and stuff like that.

9. The Builderall image spinner

The Builderall image spinner lets you create really incredible 3d graphics, and images for your promotions to really help you connect with your customers who are aesthetic lovers.

10. The Builderall floating videos

floating video

The floating video options allow you to add a video floating on a website page of your choice. It typically requires you to have a pixel installed to it.

This lets your video to float when you place it on your website.

It is nothing special if you ask me, but it is cool that this option is open to those who like more over the top attractions for their businesses.

This floating video option can be great when you want to tell or remind your customers about your coupons, discounts, deals, giveaways or stuff like that.

You can also include a direct check out option with this feature (the possibilities are endless).

It also goes to show the variety of design and website tools the Builderall software offers you for your online marketing endeavors.

It is true that they may not have every single marketing tool out there.

Still, you have to admit that they do have a lot, which is way more than most software and platforms can boast of.

Also, with the Builderall affiliate program, you can make decent commissions promoting the software with or without being a paid subscriber.

Builderall Review – Comparison with other online marketing platforms

Now that all the features of the new Builderall version have been touched on, next on this Builderall review is to play a little game of comparisons between the new Builderall version, and other similar online marketing platforms.

Let us kick off with lead pages

1. Leadpages vs. Builderall

Leadpages is an online marketing tool that lets you create landing pages and sales funnels. It is known to work like click funnels and thrive architect. It employs the drag and drop feature in its funnel and page creation processes.


  • They are both excellent platforms for building great landing pages and sales funnels.
  • They are beginner user-friendly, as neither platforms require coding.


  • The Builderall platform gives its users access to way more tools; it is the ultimate all in one platform to some people.
  • The Leadpages features are very limited in other aspects. In regards to their drag and drop function for building pages and funnels; it offers a more seamless user experience. There are little to no glitches, unlike with Builderall.

 2. Builderall vs. Squarespace

Squarespace is a very popular website development/marketing program, and does have some similarities to Builderall in terms of functionality.

Literally, every YouTuber and influencer has had a partnership with them.

They’re very popular on social media.

When it comes beginners or just people who aren’t keen on doing the heavy lifting in regards to building and, or managing a website, this is the ideal platform to run with.

Its tools and features are very simplified, and everything is practically done for you.

Anyone can use this platform to create their perfect website without pulling their hair out like I know have done in the past (trust me, you don’t want to know).

Its oversimplification is one of the significant factors why it is so popular with the kids (hehe) its reign doesn’t seem to be letting up also.

Another great thing about Squarespace is that though it is effortless to use, and that it is just as effective as any other platform, it is not expensive to use. It is quite affordable when you compare it to other platforms like it.


  • Like the Squarespace platform, the Builderall software is just as easy to use.
  • You are able to create your online store with a snap of the finger with both platforms


  • With Squarespace, you have your typical website building platform, that you can easily and quickly use to set up your websites or online stores. You do not have access to any other online marketing tools.
  • With the Builderall software, you have a website building platform that you can easily and quickly use to set up your websites or online store, in addition to multiple online marketing tools that aren’t only highly advanced, but also super useful. You are able to build sales funnels, do email marketing, and have sales automation tools, etc.

 3. Convertkit vs. Builderall

With both Convertkit and Builderall, you have access to an email service provider on both platforms.


  • Both the Builderall and Convertkit platforms are excellent in regards to helping you collect subscribers’ emails, and also a powerful tool for your email marketing endeavors. They both serve the purpose well.

 4. Builderall vs. Wix

With Wix, you have another very popular website building platform.

On social media, its marketing is also as intense as with Squarespace.

Like Squarespace also, it is also ideal for people who couldn’t be bothered with getting down to the nuts and bolts of building a website.

Its layout is mighty streamlined, and just about anyone can easily use it to create remarkable websites and also maintain them.


  • Both the Builderall and Wix platform, offers very affordable price points, which really helps them both standout amongst the multitude as well as stay a popular favorite.
  • Both platforms offer good template options you can choose from, for a multitude of uses.
  • Both platforms work with the drag and drop features for building your pages and funnels
  • Both platforms are excellent for building e-commerce sites.


  • The Wix platform is strictly a website building platform. It lacks in everything else in regards to online marketing, it makes up for being a super-advanced website builder. Its drag and drop interface is quite unmatched.
  • In terms of cost, the Wix platform requires a payment of four dollars a month. It does come with Wix banner ads. You also have the option of paying sixteen dollars a month for their e-commerce package.

You can also opt for two more packages that fall right after the four-dollar package, and just before the sixteen-dollar package.

The sixteen-dollar package is the most expensive. (that is quite affordable if you ask me)

5. Thrive Themes vs. Builderall

With thrive themes, you have an online marketing platform/tool that is all about creating and bringing online plugins and WordPress themes that are focused on conversion.

They are in the same vein with Builderall in regards to creating conversion-focused, and optimized websites.

The only difference is, they use a different platform.


  • Both the thrive themes and Builderall platforms have a focus on the conversion abilities of a website, paired with its design.
  • The drag and drop feature can be found on both the thrive themes and Builderall platforms. It is placed in the builder page of the platforms.
  • Page building is possible with both platforms. With the thrive themes platform; the page builder available is called the thrive architect.


  • Unlike with the Builderall platform, the thrive themes isn’t an actual stand-alone website building platform. Thrive themes, in a nutshell, is a software company that creates great WordPress plugins and themes.
  • The Builderall platform is a stand-alone platform and is responsible for its own hosting, with no need for a third-party host website.


Now that we have come to the end of this Builderall review, its time for me to feed my two cents into the mix.

Builderall is a good platform that comes with its pros and cons, as with any other platform.

The choice of opting for it over other platforms depends on the quality of your online marketing needs, and your budget.

Make a list of your online marketing needs, and if the Builderall platform features tick off all the boxes or most of them, then you should give it a try.

The new Builderall pricing makes it even better.

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I hope that this Builderall review has been able to answer your pressing questions regarding the platform and its new updates.

If you do try the Builderall platform out, kindly leave a comment and let me know your experience.