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How to Make Money as a 14-year Old (Works for Kids of All Ages Too)

how to make money as a 14 year old

Although the minimum age for employment is 14, many kids know that there are loads of rules attached to it. Kids that decide to get jobs in their early teens stand a good chance of not getting hired, especially when school is in session.

No employer wants an employee that can only work 18 hours a week.

This is why it might be time for you as a kid to start learning the wonders (and struggles) of entrepreneurship.

There are several ways you can make money as a 14-year-old or simply as a kid without being limited by governmental regulations. Some of them can even be done from the comfort of your bedroom.

Nowadays, genuinely profitable businesses are easy to come by, especially if you’re a teen.

In the list below, we’ve meshed some old-fashioned ways of making money that your grandma probably knows about, with some new-age jobs that have only appeared in the past two decades.

Here are 44 ideas you can start creating your wealth as a 14-year-old kid. We’ll begin with ten ideas that can work for any teen or kid.

How to Make Money as a Kid (for kids aged 14 and younger)

1. Open a drinks stand

Your grandparents may remember selling lemonade on the sidewalk or in parking spaces in the olden days. It’s an old-fashioned way to make money but still works pretty well in 2022.

Adults mostly buy from lemonade stands because they want to support the cute kid selling lemonade.

However, you can jazz up your stand by selling soda or mixing some non-alcoholic flavors and creating a new drink entirely. These can sell for maybe $2 to $4 a pop.

Don’t know how to mix drinks? Here are a few recipes.

2. Open a kids club

If you have experience handling several younger kids at a time, you can channel your inner kindergarten teacher and start a kids club in your neighborhood.

When parents need their privacy or space or have to go somewhere where they can’t bring their kids, i.e., work or date night, they drop their babies off at the kids club.

As the kids club owner, it’ll be your responsibility to look after the kids and make sure they’re taken care of and don’t get into trouble.

A kids club is profitable because you can watch many kids at a time, thereby earning more money. However, little kids can be super frustrating. If you don’t have a lot of patience, we don’t recommend this job.

3. Rent your stuff out

Now, this is a risky but profitable hustle. If you have some stuff that other kids want, you can loan it to them for a price. Things you can rent include your skateboard, bicycle, scooter, gadgets, toys, etc.

Set a price and then tell your friends. You can rent out your stuff for a specific period.

However, you’re going to have to develop a contingency plan if something happens to your stuff or the person that loaned it.

And since you’re allowing someone to own your stuff for some time, we suggest only trying this method with those you’re familiar with.

4. Sell fruits

Got somewhere you can get fruits for cheap? Or maybe, even for free? If you do, then this idea is for you.

You can collect fruits for free or buy them at meager prices, then resell them for a dollar or 50 cents each. Since you purchased the fruits for little or nothing, you’re guaranteed to make a profit.

You can even sell eggs or some vegetables and create a small farmers’ market of your own. This idea will work great for kids living in areas that can be considered rural but are close to cities.  It’s a great way to make money as a 12-year-old fast.

5. Babysit

Babysitting isn’t all that different from that kid’s club we talked about earlier. However, it’s a better way to make money as a 14-year-old.

Not many kids have the patience to deal with hordes of babies at once, so becoming a babysitter is much more comfortable—fewer kids in a more controlled environment.

6. Mow lawns

Everyone likes a good, clean, even lawn.  Your neighbors might like it, too, but not have the capability or time to do it themselves.

You can offer your services maybe once a week to help them even out the lawn and collect a bit of change for your efforts. If you do this for four or five neighbors for $15 a yard, you could be earning $50 to $75 per week.

7. Do odd jobs

Some websites have a place where people can list jobs. There’s even a place for this on Craigslist. Older kids can do these jobs and earn some cash quickly.

However, every precaution should be taken before answering these ads. You can still make money from answering these kinds of advertisements at 18.

8. Run errands for moms

Moms are always really busy, especially new mothers or working mothers with several children. You can offer your services to them and help them run their errands.

You’ll get the groceries, lunch, or help them when they’re in a tight spot. This job is an excellent way to make money as a 14-year-old.

9. Petsit

Pets need watching too, and loving owners are willing to pay you to look after their beloved babies in exchange for a few dollars every hour. You’ll usually be hired by pet owners going on trips to places where they can’t bring their animals.

Your duties will include feeding the pet, cleaning up their area, taking care of their excrement, and making sure they’re healthy.

10. Have a bake sale

This job can be super fun and a great way to earn some cash at the same time. If you’re above 14 and familiar with the oven, you can make your baked goods by yourself. But if you’re a bit younger, you’ll need an adult to help and supervise you.

You can sell cookies and cakes every month and make several hundred dollars with every sale. You can even take special orders from loyal customers.

How to Make Money as a 14-year-old (for older kids too)

These are ways kids aged 14 and up can make money. This is not to say that those aged 13 and below can’t try these ideas. But the following jobs might be easier to accomplish as an older kid.

11. Make money listening to music

Listening to music and earning money for doing so is something any 14-year-old can do and there are some legitimate apps and websites that are willing to pay you for listening to music on your phone in your spare time.

Some of them require you to write reviews on the songs you listen to while there are some apps that simply pay you for every song you listen to through them.

Current Rewards is an example of an app that pays you without you needing to review the songs you listen to. You get rewards for every song you play on your phone via the app even if you aren’t actively listening to it.

You can earn over $600 a year without doing much with this app and it’s available for download by android and apple phone users. Download via this link to get a $5 signup bonus. You can withdraw your earnings as cash to your PayPal account, in Bitcoin, or as gift cards.

12. Make money sharing unused internet data

This is a legit way to make passive income from your phone and computer by sharing excess monthly data that may end up being wasted to companies that are in need of it.

Honeygain is the only legitimate company I trust for this job. Once you signup for an account and download the Honeygain app on your phone or computer, it makes use of the internet data you have to spare and rewards you for it.

The more device you connect to your account, the higher your chances of earning. Depending on your location and device, you can make up to $1 per day entirely passively with this app. Signup via this link to get a $5 signup bonus.

13. Become a freelancer


Got a skill you can sell and a computer? You can then sign up to sites like Fiverr, Upwork, or some other sites for freelancers and start getting jobs.

Now, don’t get us wrong. It’s great if you can learn a skill, but it’s not a must to sign up for classes or learn a bunch of stuff to become a freelancer. If you can type fast, you can offer your services as a transcriptionist.

If you can sing or make funny voices, you can offer your services as well.  Just take a look at the sub-categories on each website and see if there’s one that matches up to what you’re good at.

I have compiled a list of the best 23 easy gigs on Fiverr, you can check it out and pick a couple of lucrative jobs to offer.

If you sell well, you can start earning hundreds of dollars each month. You could even develop it into a real, sustainable business. Most websites have a minimum age, though, so check that out before you sign up.

14. Create an app

If you’re more tech-savvy, you can create an app and sell it to a big company. Or just market it and charge an in-app fee for those that want to use it. This is not as easy as it sounds, but if you’ve created apps before, it might be a breeze.

However, just creating any random all won’t generate a source of income. Your app has to do something useful, fulfill a pressing need, or solve a problem.

If it does this, you can be assured that people who need to use it will look for it. In this way, the app markets itself, and all you have to do is perform routine maintenance and updates.

Oh, and watch your money roll in, of course.

15. Sell homemade goods

This can be done online and offline. By homemade goods, we mean baked goods, jewelry, or crafts that you can make from your home’s comfort.

These goods can be sold around the neighborhood, of course. But if you want a bigger market and more sales, you might want to advertise your products online.

You can offer your products on sites like Etsy, Foodzie, Zibbet, and Folksy. As long as you pay them a commission, your products will get seen and (hopefully) bought by thousands.

16. Surveys and make money online apps

Learning how to make money doing surveys & make money online apps is easy and it’s also one of the quickest ways to make money online as a teenager. If you are 13 and above, you can sign up to take surveys and earn rewards.

Idle-Empire is a platform where you can earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, and completing offers in your leisure time. You can withdraw your earned points as cash, cryptocurrencies, and gift cards.

There are a number of other apps that pay you to complete tasks, watch videos, and give reviews to earn some extra cash. However, this extra cash isn’t that much. You may only make about $100 or $200 a month.

But it’s a pretty good deal considering the tasks and surveys to be completed don’t take much time at all. You’re pretty much getting paid to use your phone. This job can serve as a small side hustle in addition to your other businesses.

17. Influence people

You might already be doing this, but you can monetize and start getting paid for what you usually do.

The sole condition in this line of work is that you have a large number of followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok e.t.c.

That’s not necessarily hard to achieve if you have good content, and you can advertise your page. You can even buy followers.

Once you have enough active followers, you can begin to offer your reach to businesses that want to advertise their brand. You offer them your audience (followers), and they pay you a certain amount.

All you have to do is take their image and advertise for them for a period. As your followers continue to grow, so will your reach. You can increase your rates to match, as well.

18. Photography

make money as a 14 year old

Not the easiest line of work, but if you have a camera and a passion for it, you can make a substantial amount from selling your pictures.

You can get invited to weddings and other events to record the scene and get paid after. You can sell nature shots to magazines or stock sites.

You can learn photography online on sites like Udemy, Skillshare, etc. If you do well at this job and learn to love it, you could make it your career.

19. Sell your designs

If you’ve got a flair for art or design, you can make enough off of your designs to help yourself to some new shoes, video games, or a shopping trip. You can create designs and sell them on Etsy.

People who want to buy the design will contact you, buy it and print it out on a shirt, a mug, or other surfaces. This is a skill you can use to make money as a 14-year-old, but you can develop it into a career in design later.

20. Start a YouTube channel.

You can do this without any capital at all. And while this is a great idea to make money as a 14-year-old, it’s open to kids of all ages. Ryan Kaji is one example of a YouTuber who makes millions every year, and he’s not yet 10.

Yuya, one of the highest-paid beauty vloggers in the world, started learning how to make money on YouTube as a 16-year-old.

As long as your content is good, you can get a ton of subscribers and monetize your YouTube channel. You can even get sponsorships and ad deals from large companies in your niche. The sky is the limit.

21. Start a blog

Starting a blog can be a therapeutic thing to do. It can also serve as a way to bring in the cash, especially for those with a flair for writing. There are several ways you can make money with a blog.

You can become an affiliate marketer and earn commissions when someone buys a product through your unique link. You can get paid to create sponsored posts for companies. You can also get paid to run ads for various businesses in your niche.

Starting a blog is easy. You can begin on WordPress and create your domain name. However, it will cost you a small amount of money every month. You can start a money blog with less than $3 a month.

Running a free blog is not a great idea, but if you don’t have any cash, you can post for free on and get your own domain name and hosting when you can afford it.

Having a properly monetized blog is a good investment for monthly income and this option is great for kids that wish to make $1000 a month or more.

22. Flip goods or services

If you intend to start a service flipping business, the best way is to do it online and this may not require any capital. An easy way to go about it is by flipping gigs on Fiverr for profit.

If you would like to flip goods, you will need a little bit of starting capital. $30 ought to do it.

Then, you need your local thrift shop, some cleaning equipment, a camera (any phone with a good camera will do), and a pretty blanket. It sounds like a lot, but it’s not.

Thrift shops are known for selling used products at low prices. These products are usually not in bad shape and can be resold at high prices.

All you have to do is look for some nearly new items, buy them, and then spruce them up till they look new.

Then, you can sell them for much higher prices on websites like eBay. Flipping goods is easy to make money fast as a kid at home.

23. Start a cleaning business

You can start a small cleaning business in your neighborhood or town. You can charge a fee for washing windows, cleaning out gutters, and just cleaning up all those hard-to-reach places.

This could start as a way to make money as a 16-year-old but could expand into a legitimate company.

You can advertise your services on your community’s forum and create posters advertising your services. Word of mouth is also a compelling advertisement, so over-deliver on your jobs and watch your client list expand.

24. Help the elderly

Offer to run errands or help out the elderly around your neighborhood. Chances are you’ll have a couple of older folks around your community that need help doing some things around their homes or getting around.

You can offer to help one of them out for a fee every day. In this way, you can make money fast even as a 15-year-old.  Set your rates reasonably, be pleasant, and you’ll have good reviews.

25. Groom pets

You might need to undergo a bit of training for this job. However, it’s still a viable way to make money as a 14-year-old. You can still learn how to make money doing this job at 18.

You’ll also need some capital to buy products that are needed for pet grooming. However, depending on the area, you can charge a substantial amount of money to groom one small animal.

It’s safe to say that you’ll make back your capital. However, this job isn’t really suitable for kids living in rural areas. Nobody will pay you to groom a farm dog.

26. Groom people

Can you paint nails or style hair? You can offer your services at a reduced rate to neighbors or on your community forum. We say, reduced rate because these services are offered in salons as well, and you need to have the edge over the competition.

That edge can be your lowered prices or better service. For your business to grow, you have to pick an edge and stick with it until you’ve got a group of loyal customers.

27. Paint homes

You don’t have to be a professional painter to try this job out. You just have to be able to paint evenly, have a steady hand, and be familiar with ladders. Once you’ve got that, you can offer your services to neighbors, friends, and family for a fee.

You can paint walls, rooms or entire houses. This is a good way to make money as a 14-year-old because you can do this job on summer vacations and save up for the new school year.

28. Dog walker

dog walker

The average compensation for an entry-level dog walker is nearly $15 an hour. To calculate, if you walk two dogs at $15 each for two hours daily, you’ll make $60 a day.

Pretty fair, right. Dog walking isn’t as easy as it looks, but if you love dogs and have a couple of hours free every day, then you can make at least a hundred dollars every week just taking a stroll with some dogs.

If you have a dog yourself, you can walk your dogs and your clients’ dogs at the same time—a win-win for everyone and a perfect way to make money as a 14-year-old.

29. Become a Tutor

This is an ideal way to make money at school as a kid. You can offer your services as a tutor to students whose grades aren’t up to par.

You can broaden your horizons even further on the internet. Some websites allow you to offer your services as a tutor to students that are in need all across the world.

You can help them with their homework and studies according to the website’s rules, and they pay to the platform. Then you get your cash when the site has taken its cut.

30. Crowdsourcing

You may have tons of business ideas but no way of executing them. That doesn’t mean that those ideas should go to waste. You can still make money online as a kid.

You can share your business idea on crowdsourcing websites, and if people like your idea, they might buy it from you.

 31. Make a Course

There’s a course for everything. And everyone’s an expert in something. You can easily create a course to teach people how to do something.

It could even be how to take care of a guinea pig or pass a level in Call of Duty. You can create and sell online courses on websites like Udemy and Skillshare.

32. Collect and sell scrap metal

This job may sound easy, but it’s not that easy. You have to hunt for metals in machines and other pieces, strip it to collect the raw metal, and when you’ve gathered enough, take it to the scrapyard to be sold.

This job does require quite a bit of studying as you’ll need to know the types and prices of valuable metals and where they can be found.

Here are some cool places you can find valuable scrap metals to sell.

You’ll also need to invest in basic tools like gloves, a toolkit, and some cleaning solution in case the meatal you unearth is dirty. If you want to go the full hog, you can invest in a metal detector.

You get paid for as much as you find, so you really have to get busy if you want a big payday.

33. Car Wash

Car washes aren’t just for cheerleaders’ fundraisers, you know. You can offer to wash your neighbor’s car for a fee. You can even make it an event of your own, with signs and decorations and everything.

34. Car Detailing

Do even more for your community by helping to deep clean their cars. This will involve cleaning both the interior and exterior of the car. Basically, you’ll clean everywhere except the engine.

35. Fix bikes

If your neighborhood has got a large number of kids your age and younger, there will probably be an abundance of bicycles.

If you can learn how to fix bicycle problems, you might be able to save you and your neighbors some money. This is because they don’t have to go all the way to a repair shop to fix it.

36. Fix electronics

Are you a whiz with electronics? Then, you can create a business out of it. If you can fix people’s faulty devices for a fee, not only will you have a steady flow of business, your customers will help market you.

You can even add other services such as computer maintenance and repair or turn the movies on DVDs and Blue-Ray into shareable videos so they can be watched on any device.

 37. Create a digital scrapbook

Many people have photos of albums they’ve gathered over the years. These pictures are precious memories, but they lose their color and quality over time. They’re fragile and can easily be damaged.

You can create a digital scrapbook for these memories by scanning the pictures and then arranging them in whatever order the client specifies.

38. Teach kids to swim

Like we said before, everyone has something they’re good at. If that’s swimming for you, you can rent out the local pool and teach swimming lessons once a week. Swimming is a very necessary skill in some households, so advertise your skill around your neighborhood.

Set a date and a time once or twice a week and invite kids to learn. You can charge per lesson or for a specific timeframe.

39. Become a personal assistant

While the requirements for this position vary widely depending on the person offering the role, the job of a personal assistant is to help the person they’re assigned to.

There is no way to know what tasks you’ll be asked to perform until you begin work, as your employer mostly defines this.

However, we recommend that you ask for more details about your position and the employer’s expectations before accepting it. Nevertheless, this job does pay rather well. You might be earning more than a thousand dollars a month.

40. Make T-shirts

make money as a 14 year old

This could go well with the skill of design making. You can buy plain T-shirts, make a design, and then print it on the shirt, giving it a whole new feel.

You can even choose to dye the shirt in different ways to fit your aesthetic, and then sell it on sites like Etsy or other websites for handmade goods.

You can also choose to market your T-shirt-making skills to your community and let them come to you with their T-shirt request. In this way, you can make T-shirts for your local teams and groups and advertise your business to your customers.

41. Perform in public

If you need money fast, you could choose to perform in public. If you have a skill like singing, playing a musical instrument, dancing, etc., you can choose to perform in public and entertain people—Ready an act to perform and get on the street.

42. Raise and sell animals

If you have a lot of space in your house or backyard, you could buy an animal to raise and breed it. This animal can be a cat, a dog, a rabbit, a dove, a lizard, a mouse, etc.

When the animal gives birth, you can then put a price tag on the babies and then sell them through the internet.

But be warned, breeding an animal requires lots of patience, time, dedication, and capital. You may eventually reap your rewards, or you may not. Make sure you calculate your expenses properly, or you may suffer a loss.

43. Become a camp counselor

Well, actually, you probably won’t get to become a full-fledged camp counselor till you turn 16. However, you can still be a junior camp counselor.

Junior counselors get a lot of free time to enjoy camp while still carrying out their duties and activities, and getting paid after camp is over. There are no losses.

44. Papers

This used to be a go-to job for teens looking to earn some extra cash on weekends and holidays. It is much harder to find a genuine paperboy or girl nowadays because most newspapers have digitalized their content.

However, if you can find a local paper route around your area, you can work mornings. Older people still like to receive their papers from young ‘uns, and they tend to tip


While you can always start a business, the real challenge is making it flourish. You have to make use of all the resources at your disposal to ensure you make the most of your hustle.

Knowing how to make money as a 14-year-old or a kid of any age isn’t easy, but once you start, you’ve already taken the most significant step forward.

Scrap Metal Near Me: 8 Unknown Places to Collect Metals

scrap metals near me

So, you want to start collecting scrap metal.

Or maybe you’ve already started collecting scrap metal, but your scrap joints haven’t given you much lately.

You’re probably reading this article thinking, “how can I get more scrap metal near me?” Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In 2016, the value of recycled scrap materials was worth approximately $6.35 billion.

Metal production has increased since then, so you should be able to make at least a couple hundred dollars a month from selling scraps alone. But you can’t if you’re not going to the places with the biggest hauls.

You might already know some of the places, but our list will probably shock you.

More than googling “scrap metal places near me,” or “best scrap metal near me,” the places we’re going to reveal are probably places you pass by every day, but they can become treasure troves for you.

Scrap business is all about finding scraps, knowing the worth of your scraps, and selling them at the best prices.

Ready to start collecting loads of scrap? Let’s begin.

Scrap Metal Near Me: Best Places to Find Scrap Metal

1. Construction sites

places to find scrap metal near me

Construction sites or renovation areas are like goldmines for scrap sellers. The workers will most likely be removing old metal and reshaping new metal to install in the building. As such, old metals and materials, as well as new metal leftovers, may be discarded as trash.

However, before you start picking up metals from the closest construction site, you need to get the necessary permissions from the site owner. If you don’t, you could be accused of scrap theft, which can cause you some trouble.

2. Local repair shops and businesses

places to find scrap metals

Many businesses work with metals, such as machine shops and auto repair shops.

However, don’t just go to any business.

The larger businesses will probably already have a way of dealing with their leftover scrap, and you probably won’t get much business from them. The small businesses, on the other hand, will be glad to let you take their “garbage” off their hands.

You can make them your regular scrap stops by handing over your business card to them and letting them know you can take any metal they don’t need off their hands.

3. Farms and ranches

Farmers and ranchers usually have to cultivate a large amount of land and take care of cattle.

To do this, they’ll need equipment. Most farms and ranches don’t throw their big machines away.

They usually leave them in a shed or ravine just in case they’re needed one day.

These machines usually pick up a lot of rust over time, but they’re still huge sources of metal, so they’re still valuable.

If you live around farms or ranches, you need to seek the permission of the owners before you can take them. But reactions vary. Some people may be happy to get rid of “all that stuff,” but others may choose to reject your request for various reasons.

4. Dumpsters

Scraps from dumpers

But not just any dumpsters.

Dumpsters behind big businesses, apartment complexes, and factories are the best for scrap sourcing. These businesses use large amounts of iron for their daily work, and they might throw it out without giving it a second thought.

You may not bring in a large haul, but you may find plenty of smaller metal bits.

Most people don’t care who goes through their dumpsters, so there’s no punishment for not informing someone.

5. Craigslist

The internet is still a great place to advertise and promote your scrap business.

And by simply searching a phrase like “scrap metal buyers near me,” you can find people to buy your metal stash.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to buy scrap metal, you can input something like “buy scrap metal near me,” or “sell scrap metal near me.”

You can also create your own Craigslist ad, advertising that you’re willing to collect scrap metal from people and that you’ll do it at a time that’s convenient for them. You might want to categorize it under Labor, though so your ad doesn’t get removed.

6. Shooting ranges

shooting ranges

Shooting ranges are a seriously underrated metal resource. You can get all spurts of stuff from ranges.

Destroyed metal targets, shells from used ammunition, destroyed parts of old guns, etc. But before being allowed to pick this stuff up, you’ll need permission from the range owner.

Most of them will be happy to have you regularly pick up their used metal.

With every range, you visit, give them your business card with the mentality that “this place could become a regular scrap metal joint near me.”

7. Property management companies

property management site

This may seem like an odd place to go looking for scrap metal, but, if handled correctly, you could collect uncountable heaps of scrap metal.

Property management companies help property owners buy or sell properties.

As such, they deal with many different buildings.

There’s another function of theirs that’s overlooked a lot – property managers are sometimes left in charge of renovations before selling. Many homeowners plan to renovate at some point, and property managers will probably take the lead during such projects.

Building a rapport with property managers and letting them know of your services regularly might make them assign you to some renovation sites to pick up scrap metal.

This is a more efficient way than driving around and looking for construction sites or dumpsters.

8. Garages and sheds

scrap metal near me

Looking into garages and sheds might not seem like a good place for scrap metal at first.

But, don’t forget that garages are places where most of the items related to cars and other heavy home appliances are kept. Sheds are mostly used for storing things that have no place in the house.

Many people abandon scraps of metal in these two places, so it’s worth asking your friends and family to check these areas out and see if they can find any scrap metals for you.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Eight places to gather scrap metal. Visiting the places listed above can almost certainly guarantee that you’ll collect a heap of scrap metal.

If you don’t have a truck to take your gatherings away at once, you might need to Google something like “scrap metal pickup near me free,” or “scrap metal recycling yard near me,” to get your stash taken to the closest yard to you.

How to Determine the Price of Your Scrap Metal

prices of scrap metals

Knowing what your scrap metal is worth can earn you a higher profit when negotiating with buyers, but finding out scrap metal prices isn’t as easy as it sounds.

You can Google phrases like “scrap metal price near me,” “scrap metal price today,” or “scrap metal price car,” and still be wrong about the true worth of your metal.

One thing you should know is that several factors affect your final scrap metal price.

We’ll divide them into four points.

1. Identification.

2. Economic factors.

3. Expenses of the seller (you).

4. Expenses of the buyer (scrap dealers).

Let’s take a look at how these factors affect scrap metal prices and what you can do to keep up with them and get the most out of your wares.


Before learning about anything else, you need to learn to identify your metals.

Not only does it help you accurately calculate your scrap metal’s price, but it also helps you to identify metals where others might see nothing of value. To know how to identify metals, you’ll need to:

1. Learn all about metals:

You’ll need to learn how metals look, how they feel, and what components make them what they are.

You can start by reading up descriptions of them and then actively identifying them when you go on your next scrap hunt.

2. Learn a few metal identification techniques:

No matter how much you study, you might come across some alloy that might stump you.

If that happens, you’ll need to have a backup plan, and learning a few metal identification tricks might be it.

3. Buy a tool:

To make things a bit easier on yourself, you can buy a tool to help you with metal identification.

Yes, there are handheld tools to help you identify metals, and they can even detect the components of an alloy and trace impurities.

Economic Factors

In learning how to determine scrap metal prices, you cannot underestimate the economic forces.

Metal is a commodity just like any other, and it is subject to the same effects.

This is why scrap metal prices are not constant. They rise and fall like any other commodity.

Here are a few ways you can keep up with the economy of scrap.

1. Keep an eye out:

The internet might not be the most reliable source of information on metal prices because of other factors. But, it can give you a general baseline to decide what your metal is worth.

You could also subscribe to a publication that’ll give you updated news on scrap metal prices at constant intervals.

2. Learn what affects scrap metal prices:

You might need to undergo a bit of an education here.

But it’s absolutely necessary if you want to learn how to calculate scrap metal prices.

Read up on what kind of happenings and situations affect metal prices.

You’ll learn stuff like why some metals are demanded more in the summer, and some are required in the winter, why oil price changes also affect scrap metal prices, market demand, industry demand, etc.

3. Economies of scale:

Economies of scale are the reason why it’s better to bring a massive haul to your scrap dealers rather than a few bits.

By selling in bulk, you make more money, and the dealer can then sell your haul piece by piece to make his own profit.

Expenses of the seller

The dealer might not care about the expenses incurred in procuring and transporting your metal, but I bet you do. Here are a few processes that you’ll have to take care of:

1. Transportation:

You’ll have to journey to a lot of places to get the amount of scrap metal that’ll bring you a sizeable profit. Transporting your heap to the scrap yard for inspection and sale is also your responsibility.

2. Sorting:

Sorting the metal by type (ferrous and non-ferrous) and specification is also your job.

3. Cleaning:

Prices of scrap metals are affected by how clean they are.

This means that you should have a method of cleaning off dirty metal before taking to the dealer.

You should calculate the prices of your metals while also factoring in the overhead expenses.

Expenses of the dealer

However, dealers have their own circumstances as well.

Not all dealers can pay the same rate, and there are reasons for that.

Here are some of the factors that might change the dealer’s pricing:

1. Location:

If the dealer’s yard is far from the closest recycling plant, he will have to bear the transportation costs. Location is also essential because a metal that’s scarce in one area might be plentiful in another.

2. Cleanliness and organization:

The cleaner and more organized your metals are, the more the dealer is likely to pay. This is because you’ve saved him the time and effort of performing those tasks.

3. Demand and supply:

If you find some scrap metal that has a heavy demand, the dealer will be willing to pay you more when negotiating. If you bring common metal, he might offer lower prices.

In conclusion

Scrap metal prices are always changing. But if you manage to keep up with the current market trends, add your expenses and consider that of your buyer, you’ll be able to determine what you should be getting per haul accurately.

This allows you to focus on getting the best quality scrap metal you can.

Scrap Yard Near Me: All You Need to Know About Selling Scrap Metal

Scrap yard near me

If you’ve been throwing away all your old machinery, we’re sorry to inform you that you’ve been missing out on a fair bit of money.

Nothing’s completely worthless, and taking your scrap metal to the nearest scrap yard can bring in more bank than you think.

There’s also the added advantage of improving the environment by participating in recycling.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term “metal scrap yard,” it’s a place where various metals are bought and sold.

You can take all your old metals there to sell, for example, your old car, your microwave, the old freezer, etc.

You can easily find the one closest to you by googling something like “scrap yard near me,” “scrap yard near me open today,” “scrap metal for cash near me,” “metal scrap yard near me,” “automobile scrap yards near me,” “scrap metal recycling yards near me,” or “car scrap yard near me.”

If your browser can access your device’s location, you’ll definitely find a few.

However, not all scrap yards take in just any sort of metal. So, what do scrap yards collect?

Scrap Yard Near Me: What do Scrap Dealers Collect?

Some metals are especially popular with scrap dealers. Metals like copper, brass, zinc, iron, steel, lead, stainless steel, aluminum, and nickel are worth certain amounts, but non-ferrous metals like copper are more valuable than ferrous metals like steel.

Ferrous materials are less valuable because they’re more common and easier to come across.

Ferrous metals have iron in them and are used in making durable things and engines because of their magnetic quality. Some examples are steel, nickel, and cast iron.

On the other hand, non-ferrous metals are harder to come across and are known for their conductive ability and resistance to corrosion.

They can easily be distinguished by their properties.

They’re not magnetic and are more malleable and lightweight. Examples include aluminum, lead, zinc, and copper.

Scrap yards collect other things, too, like machines and appliances such as old cars, trucks, household electronics, boats, planes, stainless steel sinks, etc.

Like we said before, you can make a fair bit of cash selling your old items, but, like any industry, scrap dealers will want to cut costs and make a bargain.

You can search “best scrap yards near me” and check out all the yards to find out who’ll give you the best prices, but that’d take a lot of time and effort.

To save you some stress and energy, here are some ways to make sure that you get the best deal for your metal.

Scrap Yard Near Me: How to Make Sure You Get the Best Deal

1. Know What Your Merchandise is Worth

The price of metals rises and falls just like any other commodity.

Even if you knew what the price was yesterday, you can’t be sure that the price holds the same today.

You can Google something like “scrap yards near me prices,” but that won’t guarantee you’ll get the real prices.

You have to look through many websites to ensure that the information is accurate.

Bear in mind that you may not be able to find the exact price for every single unit of metal that you have.

But if you can arm yourself with the general baseline price of each material, you’ll be better prepared to negotiate.

2. More is more! Gather as much metal as you can

When dealing with scrap metal, selling in bulk is much better than selling in pieces.

This is because scrap dealers make more money by selling in bulk, as well.

Most scrap yards have no limits on how much you can bring in at one time, so haul in as much as possible.

To do this more effectively, here are a few places  where you can find scrap metal:

  • Wiring
  • Bolts, screws, and nuts
  • Old pipes, drains, and faucets
  • Old appliances like refrigerators, toasters, washers, dryers, dishwashers, heaters, etc. It’s best if these appliances have motors.
  • Old cars, buses, airplanes, boats, even your scooter!
  • Yard sales
  • Doorknobs, frames, handles or hinges
  • Ask your neighbors or friends. They might be happy to have you take some of their old stuff off their hands.

But don’t take stuff you just find lying around. Just because it looks misplaced doesn’t mean it is.

3. Sort your finds out

Grab your magnet because it’s time for some testing and organization.

If you’ve never hunted for metal before you’ll really need the magnet so don’t forget to buy one. After you’ve gathered a sufficient amount of metal, you need to organize them.

This is important because presenting your jumbled up find to the scrap dealers will almost certainly get you a worse deal than offering an organized pile.

When it comes to selling scrap metal, the general rule of thumb is the more work the buyer has to do to process your pile, the lower he’ll pay.

To avoid that, use your magnet to separate ferrous metals from non-ferrous ones.

Sort your ferrous metals into smaller categories like steel, tin, and iron. Do the same for your non-ferrous metals and categorize them as copper, aluminum, brass, gold, etc.

Finally, within your organized categories, divide your find into clean metals and dirty metals.

4. Call to make sure your facts align

Although you might have already checked the prices of metals online, the prices may rise and fall based on certain geographical factors. So you must research the common prices for various metals with your area.

Go back to googling our favorite term “scrap yards near me,” identify the ones closest to you, get their numbers and start calling to find out and compare their prices.

5. Get a truck

Metal is heavy and can be quite sharp as well.

You may need to rent a truck to move your stash to the scrap yard safely.

You can either borrow one from a friend or family member or rent one for the day from a car dealership.

Of course, you should add the cost of transportation to the price of your metal when you’re negotiating.

And, those are our tips on getting more out of your scrap metal.

Though there are many metals that are accepted by scrap dealers, there are some materials that they don’t allow.

We’ve listed them below:

  • Radioactive materials such as military scrap and some measuring devices.
  • Any potential explosives like ammunition.
  • Materials that may contain asbestos such as pipe insulation.
  • Any corrosives such as lead batteries
  • Any combustible materials
  • Containers that may contain suspected toxins.
  • Refrigerators or air-conditioners that may contain HCFCs or CFCs.

Most dealers and recycling plants will not accept any of these materials from you, so make sure that you don’t add them to your metal stash by mistake.

Now, let’s discuss how to deal with a dealer that wants to scam you.

Scrap Yard Near Me: Ways Scrap Dealers Can Scam You

According to this research article, the scrap industry is worth more than most people think.

In business, it’s natural to want to take advantage of the other person’s lack of knowledge or weakness to get a bigger deal.

Scrap dealers are no different, but we want to make sure you get as much as possible from your finds.

To help with that, here are a few common scams when dealing in scrap metal.

1. The bait-and-switch:

This is more commonly done with cars.

A scrap dealer might try to scam you out of your agreed payment after they’ve towed the truck to their yard.

They might say that now they’ve looked closely at the car, it’s not worth the price formerly agreed to.

This is why you shouldn’t hand over the documents of ownership until you’ve collected a check or cash.

If you’ve already handed over the documents to them, then they’ve got you and can say that they’ve already paid you, but you want to extort them.

2. Handling the documents for you:

When selling something that requires ownership to be exchanged legally like a car, you, as the seller, need to take care of all the documentation yourself.

You’ll also need to cancel any registrations you had on it, like insurance at the necessary places, and remove all personal effects from it.

If you allow the scrap dealer to deal with all the necessary documentation of the exchange of ownership, it could lead to a scam where you’ll be charged for storing your vehicle in their lot.

3. Tow-truck fees:

In most cases, the scrap yard is responsible for towing any purchased vehicle to their yard.

The bill for that is normally covered by the scrapyard if they don’t have their own tow trucks.

To avoid this, when googling “scrap yards near me,” “car scrap yards near me,” or “scrap yard near me for cars,” try to find out if they’ll pay the tow truck fees.

It’s important to clarify this because some tow truck drivers might come to pick the vehicle up and say that the vehicle is worth less than the agreed price.

This is so they can make the difference.

Some tow truck drivers might lie that towing wasn’t included in your arrangement with the yard.

If either of these happens, call the scrapyard to clarify immediately.

4. Worthless material:

If a scrap dealer ever tells you that the appliance or vehicle you brought in is worthless and then acts like he’s doing you a favor by buying it at all, you should tell him that you’ll get a quote elsewhere.

This is a common trick to make sellers feel like the dealer is generous by wanting to take their unwanted property off their hands.

However, you’d be surprised at how much your old car or fridge can make when it’s sold off piece by piece.

Try telling that dealer you’d like to get a quote elsewhere and watch how he’ll start to bargain.

Even if this happens, get a quote from another yard anyway.

In conclusion

So here’s the 411 on selling scrap and making good money off it. Can you make a living off of selling scrap? Probably not.

Selling scrap to make a living isn’t as easy as taking an old appliance to the closest store you found when you googled “scrap yards near me.”

There’s a lot of work that goes into it, but you probably won’t make enough to quit your day job.

However, hunting scrap metal on the weekends does make for a fun side hustle, especially for kids.