15 Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

How to grow a YouTube channel fast, that question must have burned quite the hole in your brain, hence you being here. So, before we even begin, I would like to say welcome, and I hope that you find this article and the tips included in it useful.

Now that you have gotten over your fear of being in front of the camera, now that your video editing skills are mighty impressive and you have so many great ideas for further videos, videos that aren’t just engaging, but also add value to the lives of your subscribers and would-be subscribers, what next?.

grow a youtube channel fast

Being great at creating videos and providing value is the easy part in my opinion when it comes to a successful YouTube career, getting people interested long enough to discover just how amazing your channel is, is a whole other story entirely.

When it comes to learning how to grow a YouTube channel fast, there are both the big and little things to consider.

Some people would say that all great things take time, and I agree, but if there are great and ethical ways to hasten the process by even a little, I would say to take it.

There are a thousand and one tips and tricks that I could let you in on to grow your YouTube channel fast, but I strongly believe that the ones highlighted in this article are enough to help you begin your journey to growing the ultimate YouTube channel in no time.

Easy But Effective Tips on How to Grow a YouTube Channel Fast

1. Is that a thumbnail or an afterthought?

I know that we like to see the best in people, I do too, but I also like to be honest especially when it comes to business.

You, me, and everyone else, we are all vain on some level!

Once you truly understand the above about people, and especially your would-be clients, readers and audience, you are well on your way to growing a thriving business, or in this case, understanding the best ways to grow a YouTube channel fast.

When you are casually scrolling through your YouTube feed, what typically gets you to stop scrolling and click on a video?

It could be that the video in question is one from one of your favorite YouTubers, but when that isn’t the case, what catches your attention long enough to click and hopefully become a regular viewer and ultimately a subscriber?

The thumbnail!

People love to be associated with things that appeal to their eyes, and hence, when deciding on a thumbnail for your next YouTube video, make sure that it is something that is mighty eye-catching.

Just like the making of your actual video takes a lot of thought to it, your thumbnail should also have a considerable amount of thought invested in it to make it great.

2. Make your way into their hearts and minds without them even realizing it

When you see or come across something over and over again, it kind of stays with you.

The use of watermarks in your YouTube videos, is one excellent way to grow a YouTube channel

Now, let’s say your videos are of great quality. They are also entertaining or are value-packed that whoever comes across them immediately, wants to see more of your videos.

Question is, how exactly do they find you on YouTube?.

Let’s say your videos are reuploaded someplace else on any of the social media platforms (not for any malicious reasons in this case) how do these would-be subscribers find you on YouTube?.

Including a well situated and clear watermark in all your videos is something you need to do always. One viral video can change your life, and you have to stay ready.

Also, using watermarks is one way that you can remind people to casually look up your channel, this is basic marketing. Get and stay in their faces long enough, and before you know it, they are looking to become
your new best friends, ask Facebook and Instagram ads.

3. Be difficult to get rid of

I have come across YouTube channels that I found really entertaining and watched for weeks or even months without subscribing to.

Why is that so? I bet you are wondering, honestly, the answer is that I do not know.

With the YouTube algorithm, once you watch one video from a channel, you begin to get suggestions of more videos from that channel, and if I keep seeing videos from a channel I enjoy watching, I really wouldn’t care so much as to subscribe because they keep getting suggested to me anyway.

The best way to get people to subscribe more to your channel, and one of the most tested and trusted ways that you can grow a YouTube channel fast, is to include the subscribe prompt in your videos at well-structured intervals.

Now, I not saying to have them pop up every minute, but make sure that your viewers are reminded enough times to actually get them to take that action.

Please note, that in the vein to make things more attractive on your channel, that you shouldn’t use fancy fonts that are nearly unreadable or not visible enough for your viewers to notice.

4. Invest in your channel

It doesn’t matter how awesome your content ideas are, or even how valuable your content is, if the quality of your videos is terrible, then you can be sure that your viewers would not be returning.

Most people who start a YouTube channel aren’t typically able to afford the best cameras, shooting and editing tools, but if you can afford to invest in at least one of these things, then you can be sure to produce a video quality that your viewers can appreciate enough to subscribe to your channel.

With regards to How to grow a YouTube channel fast, the level of investment you commit to it, goes a long way to achieve that.

Also, investing in or even paying attention to the little things can also make a world of difference. Your background or video scenery can help to make your videos more appealing; an affordable but nice backdrop is a good investment for your channel.

If you can’t afford proper lighting, you can schedule to shoot your videos during the day and in locations that favor great natural lighting.

There are lots of affordable things you can do to up the appeal of your videos, and you shouldn’t hesitate to do them.

5. Remind them that you are still human

I have gone through a lot of YouTube comments sections, and it’s usually shocking when I come across a YouTube channel that’s struggling in terms of followers and views, but has zero interaction. By interaction, I mean even basically replying to a few comments made on your videos.

When comments are left on a video, it helps to tell the YouTube algorithm that the content of your channel is the kind of content more people could connect with.

The above is true for even when the comments are negative (believe it or not) but, this doesn’t mean that you should turn your channel into a den of controversy.

One excellent way of how to grow a YouTube channel fast is to interact with your subscribers or even casual viewers.
By interacting with these viewers, two things happen that ultimately help to grow your YouTube channel fast.

First, you work the algorithm in your favor, and secondly, you remind your viewers that you are human, and also, that you are someone that is relatable or that you are someone they can trust.

Lots of people tend to forget that there is an actual person behind that camera.

6. Add a creative spin to it

Two things are the stuff that makes a great video, first is the video content itself. It could be great quality humor, lifestyle or even teaching people stuff.

The second is your editing. There is nothing wrong with going the textbook route to editing your videos, but what really gets your videos to stand out is how you edit videos.

The choice of music you use, how you use them, and even the transition from one scene to the next, can do with a creative spin on them.

7. Get creative, and watch your channel transform overnight.

It might seem complicated to do right now, but by the time you dedicate some time and effort to learn more and develop your video editing skills, it really does get easier.

8. Put in a little more effort

For most YouTubers, let’s call them the vloggers, their channels are mostly about making videos based on their daily lives.

These kinds of videos are the kind that people really enjoy, including myself, but sometimes with vlogging, things get too comfortable, and the need to be creative flies out the window without you even knowing it.

Regardless of what you want your channel to be centered on, the need to keep your creative juices flowing in terms of content is very important.

Instead of just going with the flow and randomly making videos, you should try putting more thought into it, and even plan them out going weeks.

Adding more than a dash of variety to your videos is another great way to grow your YouTube channel fast.

More people come on YouTube to be entertained than for anything else, hence, you have to ensure that you keep them interested in your content and channel.

9. Stay a while longer

When it comes to ranking on YouTube, there are so many factors to it, and one of said factors is the length of your videos.

Rumor has it that once upon a time long long ago, YouTube videos shorter than 10 minutes had no issues ranking. sadly, it isn’t quite so today. Videos longer than ten minutes do better with the YouTube algorithm than the shorter ones.

I know, I know, sometimes, filming gets tiring and you just want to get it over with, but instead of making multiple short videos, why not put them all together into one long video?.

There is nothing wrong with filming shorter videos, especially when the topic of the video isn’t a long or detailed one, but having a mix of both long and short videos on your channel, is a great way to grow your YouTube channel fast.

This is where the content planning comes in. If you set up a time to brainstorm and structure your YouTube videos, you have better chances of coming up with topics that could snag you more than ten minutes airtime.

10. Invest some more in your channel

Great quality cameras, lighting and the lot is great when it comes to how to grow a YouTube channel fast, but also investing in tools that have been tested and trusted to help grow a YouTube channel fast is another kind of worthy investment.

A tool like Tubebuddy is excellent if you are looking for ways on how to grow a YouTube channel fast with less stress. Tubebuddy helps you do lots of things for your channel, including the marketing of your channel to more organic viewers.

There are a ton of other tools that would help your channel a lot, and with a little research, you should be able to find one that suits your YouTube channel needs to a T.

11. Get more organized

If your YouTube channel is just for fun, and nothing so serious, please, pay this part no mind. If your channel is something that you are mighty passionate about, and if you are hoping to work it to the point of earning a steady income from it and even become a brand, then, take this part very seriously.

Making your videos seem more professional, organized, and ultimately better put together, is one way to grow a YouTube channel fast.

A lot of people do not care about these things, but some do. Having the half that does care on your side wouldn’t hurt in my opinion.

The first thing to do to make your videos more professional and organized, is to always include an intro and outro.

Adding a creative and well-done intro in all your YouTube videos is one easy way to morph yourself into a thriving brand, and impress your viewers.

You can have your intro professionally done, but I don’t think that an outro needs to be as serious in my opinion.
Some people just end each video anywhere, and never say a proper goodbye or simply close out their videos properly.

This sometimes can come off as rude or even like you don’t have your heart in your videos and channel.

It also takes away from the viewing experience, and a lot of your would-be subscribers and even subscribers might take offense to that.

Both intros and outros are very important when it comes to how to grow a YouTube channel fast.

12. Come around more often

Being consistent is very important in regards to how to grow a YouTube channel fast, trust me, this one cannot be compromised on.

Uploading a new video daily might be too much for most people (though lots of people do it), but uploading very often on your channel especially during the early days is very important.

In the beginning, when very few people are watching your videos, getting depressed, and wanting to give or just casually posting without your heart in it could be your next go to.

When you are trying to grow a YouTube channel fast, nothing makes this faster than consistency. Just keep going, whether people are watching/subscribing or not.

Some people have been known to film their first video, and have it go viral, launching their YouTube channel in grand style, but this rarely happens.

My advice is, as long as you are looking at YouTube as a long-time gig, you can’t afford to reduce your momentum.
Even when you have millions of subscribers, posting as often as possible is the path you should
stay on.

13. People love free stuff, take advantage!

Whether it’s on Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok,  Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, there is always a giveaway going on somewhere. Having giveaways on your YouTube channel is another way to grow a YouTube channel fast.

The beauty of giveaways is that the item you are giving away doesn’t even have to be anything expensive or major.
A giveaway can be focused on anything. A gift card, affordable cosmetics, or even a book.

As long as its free stuff, people will always scramble to get it. And as they scramble, the more the YouTube algorithm works in your favor.

You can ask viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to your YouTube channel/video or do that on both your YouTube channel and your social media platforms.

This way, your channel gets a good level of much-needed activity to thrive. Having regular give ways, can really help you stay on track in regards to how to grow a YouTube channel fast, so give it a shot.

14. Sometimes, going the way of the crowd is the way to go

Some people call it click-baiting, but I call it being creative. Lots of people do this.

In addition to your thumbnail, the other thing that truly helps to reel your would-be viewers in is your title. Now, especially for a newbie, I always suggest two things in regards to working your titles while trying to grow a YouTube channel fast.

First, you have to be creative with it. Let’s say that you got a new job, and would like to make a video based on that for your YouTube channel.

Instead of leaving the title as ‘hey, I got a new job!” Why not make it more creative by making your title say something like “you won’t believe this new place I found that just hands out cash to people like me”.

Please do not cuss me out, the above is just an example, and I can’t think of a better one right now (still only just human, remember?).

From the examples above, I believe you get the point I am trying to make.

People are more likely to click through to your video to find out this incredible new place that people just get handed money, than if you just said you got a job.

Yes, the example I used could be called a lie or clickbait by most people, but I would have definitely worded it better and more creatively if I was about to upload an actual video.

The point here is to find creative or even funny ways to word your titles, to interest people enough to click and watch your videos.

People are going to react in two ways to these tweaks to your videos.

The first group would find it humorous, and even try to guess what the video would actually be about.

The second group would scream blue murder and threaten to no longer like you and would unsubscribe immediately (some eventually do).

Another thing to note when working your titles, would be to include keywords that best describe what people are searching for in the search bar when they are looking for videos like yours.

Using simple keyword tools can give you an idea of the keywords that people are searching for in regards to your YouTube niche, and how many people are searching for these keywords and how often.

15. A little more on the keywords

By now, you understand that the only way that people can find you and videos like the kind you make is through the keywords they search for.

Even when YouTube suggests your videos to people, it is usually because they must have searched for videos that had ties to keywords like the ones you use in your videos and for your channel.

Now that you have used a suitable keyword research tool and have settled on some keywords to use on your channel, what next?.

Next, you have to include these keywords in your titles and in your descriptions. All these falls under metadata.

In addition to using keyword research tools, you can also search for videos like yours which have millions of views, and spy on their titles, descriptions, and metadata.

The above gives you a good idea of how to write your titles, descriptions, and how to properly use keywords in your metadata.

How to grow a YouTube channel fast is largely dependent on this part.


With YouTube, there are so many ways to grow a YouTube channel fast and so many possibilities.

With the tips listed in this article and a little added research, I am convinced that you would be able to grow that thriving YouTube channel in no time!