How To Transfer A Domain To Godaddy

A very common question you get from online website owners is how to transfer a domain to GoDaddy from another web host.

For example, you have a domain with HostGator or BlueHost but are thinking of moving it to GoDaddy.

We are using these two host servers here but this can be to any domain you want to move to GoDaddy.

If your domain name is purchased on a different platform than the one hosting the domain name, it is going to be difficult to see your blog, website or ecommerce site online. Hence you must make little adjustments to address the problem.

This is why

This is because your domain name must point to your web-host DNS – in this case, GoDaddy before your website can be viewed on the internet. To do this, you have to configure your name servers for a seamless transfer to GoDaddy.

Okay, enough of all these technical jargon; let’s decipher how to do it step by step to enable you to move your domain to GoDaddy from the current position without stress.

Before we jump into the process, here are some reasons why you need to transfer your domain to GoDaddy

Let say you are making money on Amazon with an Amazon affiliate link using a domain name purchased from Hostgator or BlueHost, now people that access the link to your Amazon page will have problems because the link will be inaccessible and it might even take them to an ad page by BlueHost or HostGator where the domain name originates from instead of the web host GoDaddy.

Hope this explains a lot, moving on now

While HostGator and BlueHost are two top domain registration sites, our principal focus is on how to successfully transfer a domain from any of the sites or another to GoDaddy.

Please be reminded, it doesn’t matter if you are moving your personal domain name, or helping out a friend, the process is the same, and the duration remains the same too.

However, if you are helping someone else transfer a domain to GoDaddy, they need access to their email account because the transaction ID and security code from the domain host and GoDaddy will be delivered here.

Without these IDs and codes, you will not be able to make a seamless transfer to GoDaddy.

Let’s take a look at the process.

 Prepping To Transfer A Domain From HostGator or BlueHost To GoDaddy

So in this article, you have purchased your domain name from HostGator or BlueHost, but you want to web host from Godaddy. All we are doing is making some quick changes so that people can view your Amazon affiliate link or go directly to your page.

GoDaddy has recently improved on their customer service portal and has eased the process involved in transferring a domain from any site to its own.

Step 1 – Starting the Transfer Domain To GoDaddy Process

The first action to carry out is the following

Go to the domain host web page and click transfer, it will open a blank column where you will enter the URL link for the domain name that needs to be transferred to Godaddy.

However, some requirements need to be met before the transfer is acknowledged

  • The domain name should be 60 days old and have not to be transferred or tampered within 60 days before the transfer request
  • The domain name must be unlocked
  • The email address on the domain name must be valid

A valid email address is required because a verification email will be sent to you from BlueHost or HostGator containing the transaction ID and security code to the email registered on the registrar site.

So if you have privacy activated in the domain name, you will have to turn it off.

Step Two – Starting the Transfer Domain To GoDaddy On Registrar Site

  • The Transfer Confirmation Page on the Domain Registrar page
  • This page details all the information listed above when the domain name has been verified okay for transfer.
  • At the button part of this page, there is a column where you are required to enter the authorization code from the domain name; this is called an EPP or transfer key.
  • This code enables you to initiate the transfer of a domain to GoDaddy depending on the web host site; the process should take 30 minutes to 5 days or more.

Step Three – Purchasing The Domain Transfer On GoDaddy

  • Visit the GoDaddy website and purchase a domain name transfer
  • You will receive a receipt with your name on it indicating the amount paid for the product
  • Enter the exact domain name you are transferring from the domain registrar site. With this step complete, GoDaddy will also send you another email requesting permission to initiate the transfer domain to GoDaddy.
  • If you look closely in the email, you will see the transaction ID and authorization code like the one used on the domain registrar

Step Four – Initiating Transfer Domain To GoDaddy

  • On the GoDaddy transfer page, and following the instructions on the page
  • You will receive a prompt to unlock the domain (if you have done it, ignore this step)
  • It will require the EPP authorization to keep from the domain name host site, enter the code

Step Five- Transfer Authorization

  • You will receive an email from GoDaddy seeking permission to make the transfer
  • Accept the prompt and authorize the transfer domain to GoDaddy

Step Six – Confirming your Domain Transfer

  • Log in to your GoDaddy account
  • Click the domain name on the right corner of the screen
  • Click on visit my account in the bottom right
  • In the domain section, click on Manage
  • Select transfer, if the domain transfer was successful, you will see the Processing transfer

This process will take 7 to 10 days for the transfer to GoDaddy to be complete.

And you are done.

Note –Once you click the visit account and it asks for security code, go back to the email received from your domain registrar and extract the code. Insert the code in the empty space on the GoDaddy page and follow the instruction.

Now you are done, and your account should be active and running in 10-day maximum. It was that easy.