How to Make Steady Online Income With Recharge and Get Paid

If you have been on the lookout for an online platform that you can earn a tidy sum from each month, then I strongly believe that the Recharge and get paid program would really interest you.

With the insanely high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, everyone is on the hunt for something, anything they can do for sustenance.

With the likes of MMM, and the rest of the scammy means of making money online, that pop up now and then, people are typically skeptical of anything that has to do with making money online, registering with a fee, or bringing in referrals.

Amongst the few online programs that can earn you a steady income of up to 200,000 naira a month, I found the Recharge and get paid program, to be one of the most sustainable platforms out there, that Nigerians like you and I can benefit a lot from.

Getting paid to give advice, earning to search the web, making an ebook, blogging, freelancing, and taking surveys for cash are the other legitimate ways you can make money online.

Recharge and get paid, also known as RAGP, is a registered VTU telecommunication company in Nigeria and their official website is Yep, it is totally legal, and hence a sustainable platform.

What exactly is Recharge and get paid? I bet you are wondering. Well, we will get into its full break down in no time.

Before we really get into it, please note that this is not a referral program, so do not be turned off. Referring people to the platform is just one more way to earn from the program, and not the high point of the program.

Kindly read the whole article to be able to get a genuine appreciation of this fantastic program, and you won’t regret it.

Now that the above disclaimers have been put out there, let us get into the good stuff of what the Recharge and get paid platform is really all about.

Recharge and Get Paid: How It Works

Recharge and get paid is a VTU business, where you earn money by just signing up, when you refer people to the platform, when you or a referral loads recharge cards or buys data, when you or a referral pays bills online like for power, cable (DStv, etc).

Let us take each way of earning on the platform one after the other, so you can get a better understanding of the platform, and how you can get the most out of the program.

Earn by registering

By just registering on the Recharge and get paid platform, you get back 20% of your registration fee. The registration comes in a number of packages, with 5000 naira being the lowest priced package, and 100,000 naira being the highest.

When anyone registers on the platform, everybody already registered gets paid a certain amount (that’s amazing, don’t you think?).

Earn by referring your friends and family

Just like someone introduced you to the platform, you also can register as many people as possible, and also get paid handsomely for it.

Like we stated before, the referral aspect of the program is just an added means of earning more money, and it’s optional.

You can join the program and make money from it without referring people.

The payment model of the Recharge and get paid program, in regards to your referred and referring downlines, is called the 10x.

10x means that you get paid a percentage on all referral transactions, up to the 10th generation.

What the above means also, is that when you register someone, and said someone registers someone also and so forth, you get paid as that referral, and registration chain grows up until the 10th generation.

It is also essential to note that the percentages you get per generation, is dependent on the registration package you are on.

I.e the commissions you receive for referring people when you are on the 5k package, is quite different from the commissions you would receive for referring someone when you are in the 100k package.

The break down goes as follows

When you directly refer someone, and they register, you get a 20% direct bonus 1st referral level.

When this direct referral of yours refers someone also, you get a 10% 2nd referral level bonus

For the 3rd level, you earn 5%.

For the 4th level, you earn 2.5%.

For the 5th level, you earn 1.25%.

For the 6th to the 10th level of referral, you earn 1%.

The above break down is where the 10x earning power tag stems from.

It sounds too good to be true, I know you are thinking, but that’s not all! There is more exciting news!

After your tenth referral generation, you still get paid a percentage!

Even after all ten generations of your referrals have also reached their ten percent referral mark, you still get paid a percentage.

For every single downline you have below you, even if there are 10 trillion of them (lol, are we even that many on earth?), you get paid a percentage.

For every transaction or payment your downlines make, you get a percentage.

For all airtime purchases made, you earn 0.35%.

For all the data purchased, you earn 1%.

For all the bills paid, like cable or light bills, you earn 10 naira.

Please also note that these percentages paid to you are also determined by the package you are on, and the level of the downline, or referral you are earning from.

Earn from using services on the platform

In regards to this aspect of earning on the platform, it is independent of your package and level.

What this means is that, since this is the main aspect in which you earn money from the platform, that everyone earns the same percentages.

Now that the above has been stated, I will highlight the ways you can earn by using the services of the platform, and what percentage you should expect to receive.

When you make an airtime purchase or sell to someone, you earn 2% of the entire sum.

When you make a data purchase or sell, you earn 10% of the entire sum.

When you make any bill payments, you earn 40 naira.

When you make a cable subscription payment, you earn 40 naira.

It has also been said that educational services like making payments for WAEC, JAMB, and NECO registrations, would be the next services to be added to the platform.

For now, all that has been highlighted above are the main ways you can earn from the platform’s services.

How to Register on Recharge and Get paid

Now that we know a thing or two about the different ways in which you can make money from the Recharge and get paid program, let’s get into the bit of how to sign up and immediately begin to earn from the program.

Before we outline the registration steps, it is essential to note that you must be registered under someone to be able to join the program.

Every single person on the platform, both old and new, signed up under someone, and you need to do the same.

What if I can’t find someone to register under? What do I do?

If the above question is the same one in your head, then have no worries, my friend, as you can register under me.

My referral ID is AJIBOLAH

How exactly do you register under someone? I bet you’re wondering. Well, the answer is that you register under a person by including said person’s referral ID, during your registration process.

Also, whatever username you set as your username during your registration, would ultimately become your referral ID, if you are looking to refer people to earn an added commission.

I would typically advise that you make your username, one that is short and easy to remember, for when you try to refer people with it.

I know, I know, the above bits and pieces were quite the mouthful, so let us get into the Recharge and get paid registration process proper.

The personal info section

The first step is to visit the registration page of the Recharge and get paid program and input a referral ID, and mine is  AJIBOLAH.

Recharge and get paid sign up

Next, you would be required to input your personal information like your first name, last name, phone number, and email address.

Login details section

Afterward, you would be required to create a username and password (remember to make both username and password very easy to remember) and your username will be your referral ID.

Next, click on the “NEXT” button.

The payment section

Now that we are at the point of payment, you are required to choose a payment option, of which there are two.

But first, you have to choose the package you prefer to go with.

The packages run from as low as 5000, to as high as 100,000 naira, as stated earlier.

Now, don’t get nervous or skeptical about the prices.

It doesn’t matter if you go with the lowest or highest package, you can still make a ton of money every month easily, with any of the packages.

The first payment option is via a platform called Paystack, which you can make said payment by means of your ATM card.

This payment method requires you to link your card details to the platform to be able to make the payment. Don’t worry, the platform is very safe and secure.

The second payment option is by means of your e-wallet, which you would require someone who is already part of the program to make the payment for you.

You can find this option in the drop-down section listed as e-wallet.

If you have chosen to register under me, I can make the e-wallet payment for you, free of charge.

It would typically take between 3 to 5 minutes, and we are set to proceed.

You can reach out to me at any time, to help work the registration for you on 08032983917. (you can call or send me a message on WhatsApp).

I am also available to answer all of your questions, don’t be a stranger, feel free to reach out.

After the payment is made, simply click on next to continue.

You will get a ‘registration completed you can now login with username and password’ feedback

At this point, your registration is complete, and you can now log in and begin the money-making process.

The Recharge and get paid login section

You will need to login to your account with the username and password you created during the registration process.

After you log in, you will find out that 20% of your registration fee has been returned to you.

Like I highlighted above, this is the first way you earn on the platform.

Something to note about this 20% return, is that the money is for you to use and fully kick off the Recharge and get paid business. I.e. you use it to sell recharge cards, pay bills including cable, and also do it for people as well.

You can also do with the money whatever you want, that is totally up to you.

If you are looking to make the Recharge and get paid program a steady stream of income, i.e., you intend to take it seriously; I would advise that you add some more money to your 20% return (i.e., fund your wallet), and begin your business.

You can add whatever amount you prefer to it; the choice is yours.

How to Top up the Fund in Your Recharge and Get Paid Dashboard

You can top up your account by making payment to the company’s account either through mobile app transfer or online banking platform.

You can’t make payment using USSD code, ATM, quick teller, or POS.

While making payment through the mobile app or online banking transfer, you should enter the phone number (just the phone number alone) you used during your registration as the narration.

E.g, if you used 08033333333 as the phone number while entering your personal details during registration, then that’s the number you should enter as the narration.

Make the transfer and wait, your e-wallet will be credited automatically in a couple of minutes. Please note that the automated funding comes with a 70 naira transaction charge per funding which will be deducted from the fund you transferred.

Below is the company’s bank payment details.

Bank Name: Zenith Bank

Account name: Recharge and Get Paid Ltd

Account number: 1014812771

Making Money With Recharge and Get Paid

If it is mighty difficult getting people to sign up, especially if you are entirely new to marketing, hence, making money from selling the platform’s services is your best bet at making some good amount, while you try to get referrals.

You can contact me at any time with that number via calls, text messages, or WhatsApp, to help you out with any of the steps.

In terms of selling services of the platform, it is way easier than you think.

You don’t have to go into the streets and beg people to buy recharge cards or pay for cable with you.

It can be as easy as buying airtime for yourself via the platform, selling to your friends, family, and even colleagues.

With Recharge and get paid, you have 7 packages that run from 5000 to 100,000 naira.

Any package you choose to go with is good, and can make you cool cash. The only difference is that your percentages and commissions are significantly different.

You can kick off with any package, and easily upgrade to any of the higher packages at a later time.

You can also reach out to me to help throw more light on this aspect of the platform for you.

Benefits of Recharge and get paid

Now that we know all the direct and almost instantaneous ways of making money from the Recharge and get paid platform, let us get into the other ways you can make money via the other benefits of the program.

You know what they say, there is no such thing as too much money. So, if you are looking to make even more money from the Recharge and get paid program, then keep reading.

There are many ways in which the Recharge and get paid program reward their members; and I will give a break down below.

You can earn an accumulation of PVs every month, and earn a substantial amount in your account. PVs means point value.

You earn point values each time you or your downline makes a transaction.

Let us say that you are able to accumulate 10k PV every month, from all the transactions you and your downlines have made within the month; you are entitled to 100,000 naira that month.

If you are able to get an accumulation of 25k PV for that month, you are entitled to, and qualify for a trip to Dubai. This trip is worth 500,000 naira.

In the month that your PV hits the 60k mark, you are qualified for a car worth 2 million naira.

100k PV qualifies you for your first house fund, which is worth 3 million naira.

250k PV qualifies you for your second house fund which is worth 4 million naira.

500k PV qualifies you for your third house fund which is worth 6 million naira.

Below is a further break down on how you can earn more PVs (point value) in regard to your respective packages.

Break down of PV points

When you sign up on the platform via the 5,000 package, you are entitled to 20 PV in addition to a 1,000-naira instant bonus. You are also entitled to earning PV and bonuses up until your 5th referral generation.

Going with the 10,000-naira bronze package, you are entitled to a 2,000-naira instant bonus, in addition to 40 PV. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until your 6th generation.

When you sign up on the platform via the 20,000-naira silver package, you’re entitled to a 4,000-naira instant bonus in addition to 80 PV. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until your 7th generation.

For the 30,000-naira gold package, you are entitled to 120 PV in addition to a 6,000-naira instant bonus. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until your 8th generation.

When you sign up to the platform via the 40,000-naira diamond package, you are entitled to 160 PV in addition to an 8,000-naira instant bonus. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until your 9th generation.

Choosing the 50,000-naira platinum package, you are entitled to 200 PV in addition to a 10,000-naira instant bonus. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until your 10th generation.

When you sign up to the platform via the 100,000-executive platinum, you are entitled to 400 PV in addition to a 20,000-naira instant bonus. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until the 10th generation.

As I stated earlier, whichever package you go for is fine, but you can see the significant differences in benefits from the packages.

The Recharge and Get Paid Dashboard

As a newbie, getting the hang of the platform and how it works can get a tad hectic, hence, I will give you a breakdown of the Recharge and get paid dashboard.

The total funds received tab:

This means the funds that are transferred from one e-wallet to the other, or from one partner to the other. The entire amount of money received in your e-wallet would be highlighted in this tab.

The commissions earned tab:

This means the total amount that is made up of your commissions or VTU bonuses you have received since you joined the Recharge and get paid platform. You can easily know how much you have received so far in bonuses, and ultimately track your progress in this tab.

The total account balance tab:

This means the total commissions earned, and haven’t been transferred to your personal bank account. I.e., The balance you have left at any point in time. Also, when you make an e-wallet purchase for a registration, the fund can also be found in this tab.

Withdrawn amount tab:

This means the total amount you have withdrawn from the Recharge and get paid e-wallet to your personal bank account. You can keep track of all the withdrawals you have ever made on the platform here.

The transfer/withdraw tab

Transfer fund:

This is the tab where you transfer your earned funds from your e-wallet to another Recharge and get paid account. This could be for a number of reasons. It could be for the purpose of selling or something like that.

Withdraw fund:

This is the tab where you can withdraw the money you have earned to your personal bank account from your e-wallet.

With the Recharge and get paid program, the possibilities are endless. You can give it a try today and keep smiling to the bank for the rest of your life.

With 5,000 naira only, you are good to go in this life-changing endeavor.

Growing and getting to the top might take some time, but it is ultimately worth it. Slow but steady wins the race, never forget that.

Some Tips, Tricks to Work the Recharge and Get Paid Platform Effectively

1. The Recharge and get paid app

Like with many other websites, the Recharge and get paid website does burn a lot of data.

Using an app for all your Recharge and get paid transactions would be the most ideal go to, but since there isn’t an official app for the platform, a lot of app developers have developed tops of apps to work the platform.

While it is cool that tons of people are out there trying to make using the platform more accessible, most of the apps out in your play stores are absolutely (I’m sorry to say) crap.

Now, we have been able to find an app that works just fine and without any glitches.

If you use an iPhone, you can get it on iOS here.

For other phones, you can download the app here.

This app will make all your registrations and transactions a lot easier and save you a ton of data.

Don’t forget to use the AJIBOLAH referral ID for your registration.

2. Recharge and get paid PDF

Trying to talk a person through the process of signing up to the Recharge and get paid platform, and everything they need to know to work the platform might get a little tiring.

Also, sometimes, the individual you are trying to put through might not be close to you, or in a location far off from you. I have made available for you, this Recharge and get paid pdf to help you out during times like these.

You can quickly and easily send this pdf to all those looking to register under you to put them through. Also, do not just send them the pdf and ignore them.

Remind them to reach out to you for any questions they may have. This is very important because, though the pdf is pretty straight forward and easy to understand and follow, some people might still get confused or miss a step or two.

Also, it’s good to have the pdf handy in case you forget certain things, or miss a step yourself while registration, or need to fall back on a few steps listed here, without coming back to this website.

The Recharge and get paid pdf is also more comprehensive and even better to follow.

You can get your copy of the Recharge and get paid pdf here.

3. The Recharge and get paid registration form

If you couldn’t be bothered with going from section to section of the Recharge and get paid website to look for their registration page, you can find their registration form here.

Just go ahead and fill in your information, and you are good to go!

4. The Recharge and get paid WhatsApp group

Another great way to get people to trust you, and ultimately sign up using your referral ID, is to create a WhatsApp group and guide them from there.

When you try to put a number of people through, you seem to be speaking from a place of enlightenment.

This way, you are looked up to as a teacher, and you can even keep motivating your downlines to refer their own downlines, which is good for you, and your progress.

Remember, you keep earning each time your downline signs up a new downline.

Having an active and inspiring WhatsApp group is an excellent way to climb up to the top.

You can share your WhatsApp link on Facebook on your wall, in Facebook groups, any social media platform you are on, or even tell your friends and family to invite their friends and family.


It might seem like the Recharge and get paid platform is all hype, and nothing significant about it, but believe me when I say that you’re very wrong, my friend.

There is so much money to be made from VTU business, that even the big banks that make millions daily, are fighting daily, for you to buy recharge cards, and pay your bills with them directly from your bank account.

I bet you just thought all the incessant ads from your banks to purchase airtime and pay bills via your bank account was just a formality, but nope, that is far from it.

I also bet that you didn’t know that the banks make as much as 5naira, each time you buy airtime directly from your bank.

Yep, now, calculate 5 naira by the millions of people who buy airtime directly from their banks each day, and you would be mind-blown by the resulting profit they make daily from you and me.

They aren’t fools for partnering up with these telecoms’ companies, they are making big bucks, and it is time you began to get a share of that chunk of money they make from you, I and our friends and family.

Unlike the banks, the Recharge and get paid platform shares the five naira they earn from each transaction made via their platform, with you and your downline.

They keep three naira, and give you two.

Some people I have met and introduced the business to, have asked me if they could get a stand to sell airtime via the Recharge and get paid platform, and believe me when I say that is a genius idea.

Just set it up as your typical VTU dealer stand, you are good to go.

Like I stated earlier, there is so much money out there in the VTU business world, and the fact that even banks are scrambling to make money from it, should tell you just how much is there to be made.

What’s stopping you from joining in?