Scrap Metal Near Me: 8 Unknown Places to Collect Metals

So, you want to start collecting scrap metal.

Or maybe you’ve already started collecting scrap metal, but your scrap joints haven’t given you much lately.

You’re probably reading this article thinking, “how can I get more scrap metal near me?” Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In 2016, the value of recycled scrap materials was worth approximately $6.35 billion.

Metal production has increased since then, so you should be able to make at least a couple hundred dollars a month from selling scraps alone. But you can’t if you’re not going to the places with the biggest hauls.

You might already know some of the places, but our list will probably shock you.

More than googling “scrap metal places near me,” or “best scrap metal near me,” the places we’re going to reveal are probably places you pass by every day, but they can become treasure troves for you.

Scrap business is all about finding scraps, knowing the worth of your scraps, and selling them at the best prices.

Ready to start collecting loads of scrap? Let’s begin.

Scrap Metal Near Me: Best Places to Find Scrap Metal

1. Construction sites

places to find scrap metal near me

Construction sites or renovation areas are like goldmines for scrap sellers. The workers will most likely be removing old metal and reshaping new metal to install in the building. As such, old metals and materials, as well as new metal leftovers, may be discarded as trash.

However, before you start picking up metals from the closest construction site, you need to get the necessary permissions from the site owner. If you don’t, you could be accused of scrap theft, which can cause you some trouble.

2. Local repair shops and businesses

places to find scrap metals

Many businesses work with metals, such as machine shops and auto repair shops.

However, don’t just go to any business.

The larger businesses will probably already have a way of dealing with their leftover scrap, and you probably won’t get much business from them. The small businesses, on the other hand, will be glad to let you take their “garbage” off their hands.

You can make them your regular scrap stops by handing over your business card to them and letting them know you can take any metal they don’t need off their hands.

3. Farms and ranches

Farmers and ranchers usually have to cultivate a large amount of land and take care of cattle.

To do this, they’ll need equipment. Most farms and ranches don’t throw their big machines away.

They usually leave them in a shed or ravine just in case they’re needed one day.

These machines usually pick up a lot of rust over time, but they’re still huge sources of metal, so they’re still valuable.

If you live around farms or ranches, you need to seek the permission of the owners before you can take them. But reactions vary. Some people may be happy to get rid of “all that stuff,” but others may choose to reject your request for various reasons.

4. Dumpsters

Scraps from dumpers

But not just any dumpsters.

Dumpsters behind big businesses, apartment complexes, and factories are the best for scrap sourcing. These businesses use large amounts of iron for their daily work, and they might throw it out without giving it a second thought.

You may not bring in a large haul, but you may find plenty of smaller metal bits.

Most people don’t care who goes through their dumpsters, so there’s no punishment for not informing someone.

5. Craigslist

The internet is still a great place to advertise and promote your scrap business.

And by simply searching a phrase like “scrap metal buyers near me,” you can find people to buy your metal stash.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to buy scrap metal, you can input something like “buy scrap metal near me,” or “sell scrap metal near me.”

You can also create your own Craigslist ad, advertising that you’re willing to collect scrap metal from people and that you’ll do it at a time that’s convenient for them. You might want to categorize it under Labor, though so your ad doesn’t get removed.

6. Shooting ranges

shooting ranges

Shooting ranges are a seriously underrated metal resource. You can get all spurts of stuff from ranges.

Destroyed metal targets, shells from used ammunition, destroyed parts of old guns, etc. But before being allowed to pick this stuff up, you’ll need permission from the range owner.

Most of them will be happy to have you regularly pick up their used metal.

With every range, you visit, give them your business card with the mentality that “this place could become a regular scrap metal joint near me.”

7. Property management companies

property management site

This may seem like an odd place to go looking for scrap metal, but, if handled correctly, you could collect uncountable heaps of scrap metal.

Property management companies help property owners buy or sell properties.

As such, they deal with many different buildings.

There’s another function of theirs that’s overlooked a lot – property managers are sometimes left in charge of renovations before selling. Many homeowners plan to renovate at some point, and property managers will probably take the lead during such projects.

Building a rapport with property managers and letting them know of your services regularly might make them assign you to some renovation sites to pick up scrap metal.

This is a more efficient way than driving around and looking for construction sites or dumpsters.

8. Garages and sheds

scrap metal near me

Looking into garages and sheds might not seem like a good place for scrap metal at first.

But, don’t forget that garages are places where most of the items related to cars and other heavy home appliances are kept. Sheds are mostly used for storing things that have no place in the house.

Many people abandon scraps of metal in these two places, so it’s worth asking your friends and family to check these areas out and see if they can find any scrap metals for you.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Eight places to gather scrap metal. Visiting the places listed above can almost certainly guarantee that you’ll collect a heap of scrap metal.

If you don’t have a truck to take your gatherings away at once, you might need to Google something like “scrap metal pickup near me free,” or “scrap metal recycling yard near me,” to get your stash taken to the closest yard to you.