The Smart Dollars Club 2021 Review – Everything You Need to Know

You can earn some cash from home by taking part in paid surveys. Now, you may have the necessity and opportunity to earn money from somewhere aside from your regular nine-to-five job.

There are numerous sites available over the internet that promises you a fabulous amount of money in return for a few hours of engagement, and that too done at your leisure.

However, most of these sites are scam or fake.

They promise you a huge amount of payback against very little effort. Most of the time they promise that joining them is free, but you end up paying a handsome amount and sharing your personal information without any return.

Not all of them are fake, but most of them are. Especially, those that promise you a hefty amount of payback with very little effort.

Smart dollar Club is one of such websites and thus we have come up with this article only to caution you against falling into such a trap.

What Is Smart Dollars Club?

Smart dollar club is a website that promises you a $300 payback per day for taking online paid surveys.

They ask you to leave your e-mail address with them and promise to send you links to online surveys.

smart dollars club

These online surveys promise to pay you more or less $150 per completed survey.

Now, that seems to be too good to be true.

Apart from a few survey companies like Survey Junkie that seldom pays up to $50 per survey.

And also some research companies that sometimes pay up to $100 per survey, most genuine websites that give you true links for taking real surveys do not promise to pay such a huge amount of money.

So, you can infer initially that this site is a fake or scam, making false promises and secretly collecting your personal data like your email id and phone number.

Who Owns the Business?

The website has no or an incognito owner.

The identity of the owner is hidden to all. There is not even a single hint on the website that may give you an insight into the people who own this site.

No credentials at all.

Nothing is said regarding the name, age, or experience of the site owner, who promises you a hefty amount of payback against some paid service questionnaire.

This is a high indication that this website, Smart dollar club, is far from being a legitimate site.

It is obvious that one question any layman will ask is that if the site is not a scam, why should the persons behind the website hide from public sight and won’t take credits for creating such a wonderful website.

Who Can Join the Smart Dollars Club?

Theoretically, anyone and everyone can join the Smart dollar club.

Age, sex, religion, educational qualification, and even geographical location are no barriers to joining the business. But surveys they are proposing are not so.

They surely distinguish people depending on the above factors. And there is no way you can be sure that the links for the survey you will be presented with are pertaining to your domain.

That means, in more simplified terms, you may not be confronting survey questions that are relevant to your background.

For example, asking a male which brand of hairpins he uses or asking a Christian which deity is his venerated God seem the most stupid and ridiculous questions that can be asked.

Also, in no way the site guarantees that questions pertaining to your background will be asked in the survey you are taking.

So, joining such a fake and irresponsible website is extremely risky and ridiculous.

Can the Claims Be Real?

Now, they claim to be paying off $300 per day to complete two or three surveys.

The claim itself seems ridiculous. There are genuine websites that can actually help you to take online paid surveys and earn money.

But the amount they pay, roughly 2 to 3 dollars per survey, is much less than claimed by them.

You can earn some extra bucks by taking online paid surveys, but in no way that can be any supportive amount so that you can sustain solely based on that income.

So, in no means, the income generated by taking online surveys can look after all of your needs.

This means that in no way online paid surveys can be a replacement for a full-time 9 to 5 job, as promised by them.

So, it seems from all angles that the tall claims made by the Smart dollar club are not realistic, and as such, the website in question is totally fake.

What Follows Joining Smart Dollars Club?

After you share your email address with them, as the first step towards Smart Dollar Club signs up, they send you a link where you can actually take a survey and be paid $150 as your joining bonus as they promise.

But alas, that turns out to be too good to be true.

Because clicking on the link will lead you to another similar site that wants your email address and promises you even a larger amount, around $400.

Clicking on this link will probably lead you to another website that makes a bigger promise.

And the chain continues till you are tired and give up at the end with a lot of time being wasted, sharing your personal data and also some of the internet browsing data balance, which you have bought with your hard-earned money.

Now, not all members of the website are treated the same way. It is revealed from the experiences of other people, who have been victims of being lured into joining Smart Dollars Club to make some extra bucks.

Some of the members, after joining the website are actually sent links to take a survey.

But, after successfully taking the survey, where they are supposed to share even some more of their personal data, they are taken back to be greeted with a message which says that they have to pay $100 to answer a few more questions.

Now, this is very much contrary to what has been claimed earlier.

Some Different Experiences By Other Members

Some other people have some different experiences to share.

They say that after Smart Dollars Cub login they are sent a link to some website which is a part of affiliate marketing.

Now, there is nothing illegal or wrong with affiliate marketing.

It is a completely safe and legitimate process of earning some extra money. Let us explain what affiliate marketing is about for those who are not familiar with the term.

This is a process by which you give links to other persons’ websites and if any of your visitors click on the link and purchase the product you get paid.

So far that is fine. But the question here is who is getting paid?

It is the website owner, Smart dollar club in this case that is getting paid and not you.

They do not promise to share their booty with you against such payoff.

Therefore, ultimately you see that the website does not keep up to the promise they make. And as such Smart dollar club leave you with the feeling of being cheated by a fake website.

Innovative Ways of Cheating

Once you get your membership by putting in your details, including your email address, you will be mailed with a link to a website that not necessarily connects you to any sort of survey.

Rather this website may claim, like your parent site Smart dollars club, that if you take their free membership you are promised to earn a fabulous amount, say $400 or more.

Even if you fill in your data diligently for the second time, the link they send you may be that of an online casino or some marketing site.

These sites most of the time ask for your financial details like your credit card or debit card numbers and other details, even if you are not ready to pay anything.

Once you share your personal financial details, you always run the risk of being duped and your money siphoned out.

So, it is always the best idea not to share such details anywhere, unless you are 100% sure of the authenticity of the website.

So, you see that though they do not initially charge anything for their membership, logging into the Smart dollar club may actually make you lose money if you are not careful enough.

To Summarize – What Does The Smart Dollar Club Stand For?

To bring to a conclusion the Smart dollar club review and to tell in a one-line answer – Smart dollar club is a website that promises high returns for your labor, which is not true.

Instead, it is a scam that takes you for a ride and compels you to click on links, and the website owner himself gets paid.

Not only that, but your clicks may also lead you to such fraud sites which may actually siphon your money out of your bank account if you are not careful enough.

We have summarized certain important points that will make you understand in a more detailed way why Smart dollar club is a total scam.

The following points will help you become aware and stay away from such fake websites with big promises: –

Tall fabulous promises:

Smart dollar club promises to fetch you an income of $300 per day just by taking part in two to three paid online surveys. Now, that sounds ridiculous.

When similar genuine sites cannot promise you something beyond $3 per survey, from where will they fetch this hefty amount of payback?

Therefore, what they promise actually sounds like a blatant lie and makes you suspicious of their website being a scam site.

Incognito or hidden owner:

Generally, any legit website will proudly announce their owner.

The credits and credentials of the persons who take all the pain to develop such business are pompously displayed at the site.

But here you see the picture is just the opposite.

Nobody is claiming to own the site. No credit, no credentials are displayed. This should make you suspicious of their purpose.

Your personal data may be at risk:

Once you share your personal data like your phone number and email address with sites like Smart dollar club, they tend to sell off the same to various marketing companies.

As a result, within a few days of registration, you will be continuously bombarded with phone calls and emails advocating you to avail of such products or services that you may not need throughout your life.

Links You to Similar survey sites:

After you register yourself with the site, the Smart dollar club will send you links to similar websites that also claim to provide you with an opportunity of earning thousands of dollars against a free registration.

Sometimes they might also send you links to promotional websites where they get paid for their affiliate marketing and what you get is a big zero.

You may lose your money:

Sometimes registering on websites like the Smart dollar club may also be dangerous.

They will often send you links to casinos and various marketing portals that ask for your financial information, even if you are not interested in them.

Be cautious.

Later they may use this data to withdraw money from your bank account.

So, it is for your own benefit that you avoid websites like these that are mostly scams.

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