Stellation Media Review from A Real User & Best Alternative

I tried Stellation Media for 3 months, and in this Stellation Media review, I will discuss all my findings from the use of the software.

This company asserts that its growth service can deliver organic Instagram growth. And promises to provide only genuine followers via cutting-edge Artificial intelligence.

But are they genuine, or is this one Instagram growth service you should avoid?

In this review, we will be looking at the features, pros, and cons, and stellation media alternative in order for you to decide if this Instagram growth service is for you or not.

Let’s get started on what Stellation Media is.

What Is Stellation Media?

Stellation Media is a web-based Instagram growth service that claims to help businesses and individuals grow their Instagram account by providing real and engaged followers with the aid of a mass story engager tool and a number of other features.

Stellation Media guarantees the following with each plan;

Advanced analytics

A Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Through Live Chat

Mass Story Viewing and Direct Messaging – plus a slew of other tools and features!

Stellation Media also claims to provides targeted growth, attracting just niche-specific growth through the use of hashtags, regions, and usernames.

This service is managed by an organization located in the United States, and based on my experience with them, they respond to emails within 4 hours. They also have some outstanding testimonials and a Trustpilot Page with a lot of great feedback.

How Does Stellation Media Works?

After you’ve registered your account and made a payment, the next step is to log in to your Stellation Media dashboard and provide the platform with the names of your competition.

And by competition, I mean individuals who already have thousands of the exact type of Instagram followers that you desire.

For instance, if you operate a health and fitness-related page and have purchased a stellation media plan, the individuals you select in your dashboard as competitors should have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers that are likewise interested in content related to health and fitness.

Once you’ve provided the software with this information, it’ll help you automatically interact with the individuals who actively engage with the posts of these competitors.

Whenever your competitors’ posts receive likes and comments from a lot of their followers, stellation media automatically likes and comments on the images of those individuals who engaged with your competitors.

Those individuals will naturally be curious to know who liked and commented on their posts.

Since both you and they have similar interests and also human beings often obey the law of reciprocity, some of them will follow you back after checking out your page.

This is precisely how stellation media operates! and now that we’ve established that, let’s examine the features of stellation media and how they might benefit your Instagram marketing.

Stellation Media Features

In this section I will discuss all of the features included with the stellation media Instagram growth service, so you’ll know precisely what you’re getting if you decide to make a purchase.

1. The Mass Follow/Unfollow Feature

This is arguably the most significant feature of Stellation Media because it is what attracts the most attention. As the name suggests, it can automatically follow, unfollow, and hugely like images associated with your Instagram account, which is how the majority of your followers will be acquired.

2. Accept Followers Automatically

This functionality is critical for individuals or businesses with private Instagram profiles. You may be aware that when individuals follow private Instagram profiles, the owners must manually approve or reject these follow requests; however, with this functionality inside stellation media, this process is automated.

3. Viewer of Mass Stories

The Mass Story Viewer Tool is Stellation Media’s signature feature.

It enables you to target and automatically view hundreds of thousands of user stories, hence increasing your outreach.

Additionally, they may engage with Instagram stories that have interaction stickers.

Doing this will make a certain percentage of these individuals end up visiting your Instagram profile out of curiosity and convert into new followers, sales, or website visits.

You have complete control over settings, targeting based on individuals, hashtags, e.t.c.

4. The Feature of Mass Voting

This enables you to automatically vote on other people’s Instagram stories in the hopes of attracting their attention to our account and convincing them to follow you.

5. The Profile Management Functionality

This tool enables you to manage and customize any aspect of your Instagram account directly from the stellation Media dashboard. You may manage and customize your username, website, bio, phone number, email address, and privacy settings, among other things.

6. Instagram Inbox Feature

This feature is extremely simple and allows you to easily see and manage your Instagram direct message (DM) section from inside the stellation media dashboard.

7. Automated Mass Direct Messages (DM)

This functionality automatically sends direct messages to anyone with whom you’ve interacted with on Instagram in the past, and it may also send automated direct messages to new followers when they follow you. Typically, this type of message is a message showing gratitude to those that follow you.

8. DM Cleaner

This easy-to-use feature quickly deletes any undesirable or irrelevant messages from your Instagram direct message (DM) box.

9. Image Editor

This option, as implied by its name, is available to assist you in editing your Instagram photos whenever you choose to.

10. The Scheduler Feature

This Stellation Media feature enables you to schedule Instagram posts to publish automatically at the times you choose.

Stellation Media Pricing

Stellation Media has 3 pricing plans.

Mass story

This is their cheapest pricing plan and it costs $99 per month.

It offers the following features:

· Mass story viewing

· Mass voting

· Mass direct message

· Advanced analytics

· Likes and follow/unfollow

· Customer service and dedicated account manager


The influencer plan costs $149 per month.

It offers the following features:

· Mass story viewing

· Mass voting

· Mass direct message

· Advanced analytics

· Likes and follow/unfollow

· Customer service and dedicated account manager

· Live inbox

· Direct message cleaner

· Profile management

· Auto accept followers

· Auto repost stories


Rockstar costs $199 per month and it’s their most expensive plan.

It offers the following features:

· Mass story viewing

· Mass voting

· Mass direct message

· Advanced analytics

· Likes and follow/unfollow

· Customer service and dedicated account manager

· Live inbox

· Direct message cleaner

· Profile management

· Auto accept followers

· Auto repost stories

· Image editor

· Post scheduler

Stellation Media Review – Pros

I’ll go through the things that I personally loved about stellation media below so you’ll understand what these advantageous advantages are all about:

1. Rapid Customer Response

The fact that I consistently receive a very quick response from a member of their support team whenever I run into an issue or want assistance with anything is something worth highlighting as a pro here because most of the Instagram growth services I have tested have quite a poor customer care.

2. Personal Account Manager

I was assigned a personal account manager to whom I could ask questions and receive advice on the best development methods for my Instagram account.

3. A Free Demo:

They provide a free demo and this is a pro most other Stellation Media alternatives lack.

4. The Knowledge Base and the Live Chat are available to you.

They provide a live chat feature that allows you to connect and have a live conversation with a member of their support team to assist you with whatever troubles you’re experiencing at the moment.

Additionally, they have a knowledge base where you are likely to find answers to your burning questions without needing to contact them.

5. It has a wide range of features

Its wide range of features makes it stand out from its competitors.

Stellation Media Review – Cons

1. It has no free trial

With a free trial, you can test out a software or service before making a purchase, but like with many growth services, Stellation Media doesn’t come with a free trial.

2. There’s no refund policy put in place for any of their pricing plans.

3. It’s expensive

Another con of this service is that it’s not cheap. But most other cheap Instagram growth services are a complete waste of money and time.

Stellation Media Alternative

If you’re not a fan of the way Stellation Media looks, works, or its pricing, there is an excellent alternative you can go for.

Mr. Insta is my favorite Stellation Media alternative because it’s the only cheap Instagram growth service I’ve come across that actually works! More so, unlike Stellation Media, it has a free trial.

They provide guaranteed delivery of Instagram followers and they provide these services without requiring your Instagram account login details or username which makes working with them 100% Safe and Secure.

Mr. Insta also has the finest TrustPilot reviews of any Instagram Growth Service I’ve encountered — with over 1,000 reviews and an Excellent 5-Star Rating.

I would strongly advise you to begin by purchasing their 5000 follower bundle for less than $100 with the discount available by CLICKING HERE. You may also choose to get a handful of followers for free by clicking the button below.

By purchasing followers, you may enormously increase your growth and legitimize your account.

Why Do You Need More Instagram Followers?

If you are making use of Instagram for affiliate marketing, eCommerce or to sell your goods or services, you need a large number of followers for some reason.

By default, the website space of your Instagram bio is the only place you can put a clickable link on Instagram. To access advanced Instagram features like the swipe-up feature which allows you to put clickable links on Instagram posts, you need at least 10,000 followers.

Another reason is that Instagram gives preference to accounts with a massive following. If you have such an account, it’s very likely they push your posts to the explore page which will help expose your business to a larger audience.

Lastly, your followers are your potential customers, the larger the number of followers you have, the larger your potential clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stellation Media Safe?

There are several growth services that will jeopardize your account but Stellation Media is one of the few ones I’ve found to be completely safe. Their principle of operation is simple and does not violate any Instagram use. Furthermore, there haven’t been any reported cases of them abusing any of their customers’ accounts.

Is Stellation Media Legit?

I can ascertain that Stellation Media is legit as I’ve gotten awesome results from making use of their service. Working with them is very easy and their support team is always there for me whenever I need them. More so, they have excellent trust pilot reviews from other users to back up this legitimacy claim.

How Does Stellation Media Mass Story Viewer Works?

This feature works by viewing hundreds of thousands of Instagram stories on your behalf after you have specified the type of followers you want from inside your dashboard. This often brings at least 20,000 visitors to your Instagram profile weekly and your page can convert a decent amount of these visitors into followers or customers.

Does Stellation Media Have a Free Trial?

None of their plans comes with a free trial which means you can’t get free Instagram followers by using this growth service. On the other hand, MrInsta which happens to be their strong competitor has a free trial that gives you a handful of free targeted followers.

Do they Provide Real Followers?

They provide 100% real and engaged Instagram followers, their simple but powerful model of operation ensures that you don’t get bot or fake followers while making use of their growth service.


Stellation Media is an Instagram growth service that actually works, and it’s actually the best in this field in my opinion because it doesn’t only help get more followers, it helps level up your Instagram marketing in general.

The major con of this service is that it’s quite expensive and as such considering a much cheaper alternative like MrInsta is a good idea for those that don’t have the budget for it or that simply do not want to use it for other reasons.