About ME

Hello, I’m Ajibola Busari, the founder and author of Savvy Income Generator.

I’m a professional blogger, freelancer, online entrepreneur and side hustle expert.

Here’s how I got started:

I couldn’t secure the job of my dreams after graduating from college, I had to do jobs I hated with a passion in order to make a living and pay my bills.

I started looking for how to make money online opportunities in 2014 and fell into the trap of Ponzi and pyramid schemes disguised as legit online business opportunities. I lost a ton of money to those “get rich quickly” schemes which left me frustrated and dejected.

I refused to give up on my online dreams and came across affiliate marketing when I intensified my search online. I found the concept interesting and the business lucrative so I decided to give learning and mastering it everything I have got.

But I kept running into constant overwhelm and confusion while listening to too many shady gurus and buying products I don’t need or know how to make use of.

My story changed when I found myself a mentor. He taught me how to build websites and also let me in on the insider secrets needed to escape the overwhelm and confusion and get profitable online as quickly as humanly possible.

I started making use of my new skills and knowledge and began seeing some results soon after. This gave me great relief and provided me the confidence I needed to take my game to the next level.

Soon after, I took up a career as a freelancer to help other aspiring online entrepreneurs build their businesses and since then i have built over a hundred profitable websites and helped lots of newbies get profitable online.

About Savvy Income Generator

Savvy Income Generator is a money blog that helps you learn different strategies on how to make money online through affiliate marketing, freelancing and other side hustling.

I consistently test out different money making methods and sites and write honest reviews of my experiences.

I also share information about other online jobs and earning opportunities that I think may be of interest to you.