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9 Best Instagram URL Shorteners for Short Bio Links

When it comes to links, Instagram is particularly adept at baiting its users. While we are all aware that each account is limited to one link in their bios, did you know that your link could be banned without your knowledge?

If your bio link is too long, you may discover all of a sudden that your Instagram bio link is no longer working. That is why the astute businessperson employs the services of an Instagram URL shortener.

On any platform, lengthy links are unappealing. However, lengthy Instagram bio links are unsightly, even more so when viewed on mobile devices.

Instagram lacks Twitter’s automatic link shortener. However, they do have the ability to terminate your link. And they have no qualms about doing so whenever they deem it necessary.

This is the primary reason you need an Instagram link shortener at your disposal. Hundreds of URL shorteners are available, but you only need one link shortener that works on Instagram.

I’ve conducted research, tested a number of tools, and compiled a list of the best Instagram URL shorteners currently available.

I’ll discuss additional reasons why you should create a short Instagram bio link and also how to shorten a link for Instagram bio, but for now, here are the nine best URL shorteners for Instagram bio.

The 9 Best Instagram URL Shorteners

1. Shorby URL shortener

Shorby URL shortener

Shorby is now known to be one of the best Instagram bio link tools. However, this Instagram tool was initially developed as a URL shortener. Additionally, this tool has evolved into a fantastic Instagram link in bio shortener with advanced features.

Shorby link shortener for Instagram enables users to shorten links using the domain name shor.by. This is not, however, an inflexible rule. You can change that and replace it with your custom domain name.

Additionally, tracking pixels and analytics are included with your new shortened link. These figures will provide you with information about the visitors who clicked on your links, such as the advertisements they selected.

Moreso, you can create messenger links for businesses that require communication between buyer and seller prior to completing a sale. Messenger links initiate a chat, email, or phone call with the seller automatically.

This link can be a naked URL or converted to a hyperlink. You can link to any of the following messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, email, or phone calls.

However, Shorby’s best feature is the ability to create a micro landing page on which all your links can be stored.

This page saves you from the one-link limitation on Instagram and it has been optimized for users migrating from Instagram, ensuring a seamless transition.

In summary, Shorby acts as an Instagram link shortener, a bio link tool, and a messenger link generator.

It’s a tool that was created with Instagram marketing in mind and it is hands down my number one recommended link shortener for Instagram bio.

You can learn how to utilize its 3 main features in my Shorby review.


The Rocket plan is $15 per month. Pro is $29 per month, while Agency is $99 per month.

2. Rebrandly

Instagram bio link shortener

When it comes to branding, Rebrandly is more focused on this than most other Instagram bio link shorteners. Your link should clearly bear the name of your brand.

First of all, you can set the domain name of your website. This is what you use in your URLs, so it’s not a problem to have one.

Besides shortening links, custom URLs, quick redirects, QR codes and link expiry times can also be created.

You will also have traffic routine features such as 301 SEO redirection, forwarding parameters, and link-retargeting.

A UTM builder, custom report builder with the option to include your logo and more is available in your link analytics.

Use your SSL certificate and HTTPS to add several domain names and encrypt links.


Rebrandly has a free package with very limited features and then tiered plans of $29/month to $499/month. A custom package is also available.

3. Clkim

Clkim is quite similar to Rebrandly, except for the fact that the main focus of this software is full page ads for monetization. These ads are highly adaptable and can even be set up on any platform, device, and geographic time for specific publicities.

Naturally, analytics still can be obtained, however, the focus is on ads to the right public for conversion. Clkim links are compatible with every device to ensure that the ad reaches the target audience unmistakably.


It has a free 14-day trial for users. Analyze plan is 10 dollars a month, optimize is 70 dollars a month, and Monetize is 100 dollars a month.

4. Bitly

Bitly is one of the oldest and most popular Internet URL shorteners. And since there is no need to create a short link for an account or fee, it can be considered the best free URL shortener.

You only need to register and create an unlimited number of free links.

Whenever you use the Bitly link shortener, you automatically create a tracking and analysis page for this link.

For all the Bitly clicks related to similar content, data collected includes the number of clicks, the location of visitors, and total clicks. Automatically generated graphs can help you monitor traffic.

With many tools and services, Bitly can be integrated, making marketing simpler. QR codes are an option as well.


This Url shortener can be used for free, the basic plan is $29/month, the premium plan is $199/month.

5. T2M

Because of its sheer number of functions, I must put T2M on my list of best URL shorteners. It has features for URL management, analytics/statistics, custom domain branding, CSV tools, campaign management, REST, support, etc.

Some of its best characteristics include:

Add URL tags

Diagram of timeline

Public pages of analysis

Import and export tools of Free SSL CSV

URLs tag as camps

Premium support for GPDR privacy.


The pricing plans begin with a $5 one-time basic package fee. The standard is 9.99 dollars, Pro is 29.99 dollars per month and Premium is 89.99 dollars per month. For those who need more than what is proposed in other plans, there is a special package.


You can link to the joy of SEO with this URL shortener. To increase exposure and conversation, create customized short links to make branding more visible with targeted words within the URL!

The analytics enables users to monitor traffic on a reference basis, the type of device, location, language, and more in order to better analyze their audience.

BL.INK is not exactly cheap, but even in their smallest plan, they offer many advanced features.


For organizations ranging from expert to customer company, BL.INK offers tiered plans. The costs vary between 12 dollars a month and 599 dollars a month.

7. Hyperlink

Hyperlink’s analytics is the sales point. Whenever someone clicks on your link, Hyperlink sends a push notification to your phone. The report can be published once every hour, every day, or weekly.

You also get analysis for each visitor, such as location, device, and reference data. Hyperlink can be integrated with Zapier and Slack so that notifications will be displayed.

You can also shorten links with a hyperlink extension directly from your Chrome browser.


A free plan exists. It costs $39 a month for the Standard Plan. The cost of the company plan is based on the size of the purchasing company.

8. TinyURL

free url shortener

TinyURL is a short link generator that is a little out of date and lacks a few features, but it is so simple to use that it is almost unsettling. All you have to do is copy and paste the lengthy URL into the bar, then press enter.

Your links will never expire, which eliminates the possibility of broken Instagram links.

Additionally, you can customize the link’s end portion to reflect your brand. Additionally, you can add TinyURL to your browser to expedite the shortening process.

More so, it can serve as a completely free URL shortener for Instagram.



9. Polr

What if you don’t have your eye caught by any of these Instagram URL shorteners? Polr is an open-source project for individuals who prefer to create their custom link shortener.

Nevertheless, you will need technical programming knowledge. In terms like PHP, Lumen, MySQL, for example, you shouldn’t be unfamiliar.

You can make an Instagram bio link with a sleek, minimalist sensation with Polr. You can also add your own domain name and link activity analytics to better branding.

Polr has a fine demo page to help you see how the process works before you get started.



How to Shorten a Link for Instagram Bio

Choose a link shortener for Instagram bio, then copy the link to be shortened and place it in the dialogue box of the selected shortener tool. Click on the shorten button, then copy the shortened link created and paste it into the website area of your Instagram bio.

That’s the summary of the entire process, but I will further break it down step by step using multiple devices.

How to Make Short Link for Instagram on A Computer

Step 1: Choose a URL Shortner for Instagram bio

I have discussed a number of link shorteners that work great on Instagram, Shorby link shortener is my favorite option, visit the website of your preferred option.

Step 2: Copy the Link you want to shorten

You can do this by right-clicking on the URL and hit copy or you can highlight the link with your keyboard and press ctrl+c.

Step 3: Paste the link on the URL shortener dialogue box

Right-click on the dialogue box and click paste or you can press ctrl+v on your keyboard if you copied the link using ctrl+c.

Step 4: Add a custom phrase

Some URL shorteners allow you to customize the link you intend to shorten, add the custom phrase you want to include in the section made available for it.

Step 5: Shorten the link

To shorten the link, click on the “Create” or “Shorten” button and the URL shortener will create a shortened version of the link.

How to Make Short Link for Instagram Using a Mobile Device

Step 1: Choose a URL shortener for Instagram bio

Visit the website of one of the above-mentioned IG URL shorteners.

Step 2: Copy the link you intend to shorten

To do this on a mobile device, long-press the link and it will be copied.

Step 3: Paste the URL in the dialogue box

Long press the empty space on the dialogue box until the “Paste” text shows up, then click on paste.

Step 4: Shorten the link

Click on the “Shorten” or “Create” button to generate a shortened link.

Step 5: Copy the shortened link and add it to your Instagram bio

You need to copy the new link created by the shortener and add it to the website section of your Instagram bio.

How to Add Short Link to Your Instagram Bio

After creating a short link for your bio, the next step is to add this short URL to your Instagram bio. This is a straightforward process and can be done through the Instagram app and via the Instagram website.

How to Add a Short Link to Instagram Bio Via Instagram Website.

This strategy will work if you’re using a laptop to visit Instagram or if you don’t have the app installed on your PC. So, here’s how to activate your bio link.

1. Go to www.instagram.com and sign in to your Instagram account.

2. Because your timeline is Instagram’s default page/home screen, you will almost certainly be directed there. Click your username in the upper-right corner of the page to access your profile.

3. Once in your profile, select “Edit profile.” It is located directly next to your username.

4. As you scroll down the page, you’ll see several words with boxes next to them. The one we want is the third from the top, called “Website.” Insert your short link here.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Submit” button to preserve your changes.

How to Add a Short Link to Instagram Bio Through Instagram App.

1. Navigate to Instagram from your phone’s home screen or menu and ensure you’re logged in.

2. Then, in the bottom right corner of the page, click the profile picture icon to access your profile.

3. On the profile page, click the “Edit profile” option to the right of your photo. Click on it to select it.

4. We’re looking for the word “website.”

5. In the box next to the word, enter your short link address, and then click “Done” in the top right corner of your device.

And that’s how you can add a short clickable link to your Instagram bio no matter what device you’re using.

How URL Shortening Can Help Your Instagram Marketing

1. Shorter links are more visually appealing.

Branded shorter URLs have a 39 percent higher click-through rate (CTR) than longer ones, according to Rebrandly. This is a clear indication that, while the content hasn’t changed, the link itself must be appealing to the reader.

A long URL creates the impression of crowdedness and sloppiness.

2. Short URLs are easier to remember.

Consider the following scenario: You want to send a link to someone so they can review the content. However, this is the link.


Isn’t it pretty straightforward? No, of course, it isn’t. It’s a jumble of letters and numbers. Some people can’t even remember their Social Security numbers, let alone this URL.

However, when the link is shortened, it becomes https://fvrr.co/3i3Rhwy

Most people can memorize that and correctly repeat it if necessary. It’s also labeled with “fvrr,” so you know exactly where it takes you.

This is a great way to get your brand into people’s heads. When they see such a link again, they will immediately recognize your domain. One of the stops on the path to brand loyalty is brand recognition.

3. Additional customizations

Customizing a domain is great, but customizing the URL’s tail is even better. Most people want to get a sense of the content before clicking a link, and customizing the URL can help them do just that.

We understand if you’ve ever researched a difficult topic and started looking at the URLs of the search results to get a sense of the content. This is how a customized link can help you outperform your competitors in terms of traffic.

4. As an Addition

After you’ve said your piece and done your best to persuade your audience with an ad or video campaign, you’ll want to leave a link to more information.

However, if your link is too long, it can ruin all of the aesthetics and mood you worked so hard to create. This is especially true on Instagram, where you are only permitted to have one bio link.

Here’s where a link shortener comes in handy. If the audience has just finished watching a video, reading an email, or reading a print piece, they are unlikely to remember a long link.

In these circumstances, a shorter URL will be more memorable.

5. Link Analytics

Link analytics are available on all nine of my IG URL shorteners. Certain metrics must be tracked in order to gain a better understanding of your target audience.

Knowing how many times your link has been clicked, the location of the visitors, and where the link is being shared can all help you gain a better understanding of your audience’s habits and expectations.

This could help you sell your products more effectively.

In conclusion

The best IG URL shortener for you is determined by your requirements.

Shorby is your best option if you want a dedicated Instagram shortener for a custom bio link with a messenger link that directs your potential buyers to your inbox.

Shorby is also great if you need a link shortener that can also help you promote multiple links on Instagram.

T2M is the best link shortener with sophisticated analytics.

Whatever you want your shortener to look like, I’m confident it’s on this list.

Stellation Media Review from A Real User & Best Alternative

I tried Stellation Media for 3 months, and in this Stellation Media review, I will discuss all my findings from the use of the software.

This company asserts that its growth service can deliver organic Instagram growth. And promises to provide only genuine followers via cutting-edge Artificial intelligence.

But are they genuine, or is this one Instagram growth service you should avoid?

In this review, we will be looking at the features, pros, and cons, and stellation media alternative in order for you to decide if this Instagram growth service is for you or not.

Let’s get started on what Stellation Media is.

What Is Stellation Media?

Stellation Media is a web-based Instagram growth service that claims to help businesses and individuals grow their Instagram account by providing real and engaged followers with the aid of a mass story engager tool and a number of other features.

Stellation Media guarantees the following with each plan;

Advanced analytics

A Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Through Live Chat

Mass Story Viewing and Direct Messaging – plus a slew of other tools and features!

Stellation Media also claims to provides targeted growth, attracting just niche-specific growth through the use of hashtags, regions, and usernames.

This service is managed by an organization located in the United States, and based on my experience with them, they respond to emails within 4 hours. They also have some outstanding testimonials and a Trustpilot Page with a lot of great feedback.

How Does Stellation Media Works?

After you’ve registered your account and made a payment, the next step is to log in to your Stellation Media dashboard and provide the platform with the names of your competition.

And by competition, I mean individuals who already have thousands of the exact type of Instagram followers that you desire.

For instance, if you operate a health and fitness-related page and have purchased a stellation media plan, the individuals you select in your dashboard as competitors should have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers that are likewise interested in content related to health and fitness.

Once you’ve provided the software with this information, it’ll help you automatically interact with the individuals who actively engage with the posts of these competitors.

Whenever your competitors’ posts receive likes and comments from a lot of their followers, stellation media automatically likes and comments on the images of those individuals who engaged with your competitors.

Those individuals will naturally be curious to know who liked and commented on their posts.

Since both you and they have similar interests and also human beings often obey the law of reciprocity, some of them will follow you back after checking out your page.

This is precisely how stellation media operates! and now that we’ve established that, let’s examine the features of stellation media and how they might benefit your Instagram marketing.

Stellation Media Features

In this section I will discuss all of the features included with the stellation media Instagram growth service, so you’ll know precisely what you’re getting if you decide to make a purchase.

1. The Mass Follow/Unfollow Feature

This is arguably the most significant feature of Stellation Media because it is what attracts the most attention. As the name suggests, it can automatically follow, unfollow, and hugely like images associated with your Instagram account, which is how the majority of your followers will be acquired.

2. Accept Followers Automatically

This functionality is critical for individuals or businesses with private Instagram profiles. You may be aware that when individuals follow private Instagram profiles, the owners must manually approve or reject these follow requests; however, with this functionality inside stellation media, this process is automated.

3. Viewer of Mass Stories

The Mass Story Viewer Tool is Stellation Media’s signature feature.

It enables you to target and automatically view hundreds of thousands of user stories, hence increasing your outreach.

Additionally, they may engage with Instagram stories that have interaction stickers.

Doing this will make a certain percentage of these individuals end up visiting your Instagram profile out of curiosity and convert into new followers, sales, or website visits.

You have complete control over settings, targeting based on individuals, hashtags, e.t.c.

4. The Feature of Mass Voting

This enables you to automatically vote on other people’s Instagram stories in the hopes of attracting their attention to our account and convincing them to follow you.

5. The Profile Management Functionality

This tool enables you to manage and customize any aspect of your Instagram account directly from the stellation Media dashboard. You may manage and customize your username, website, bio, phone number, email address, and privacy settings, among other things.

6. Instagram Inbox Feature

This feature is extremely simple and allows you to easily see and manage your Instagram direct message (DM) section from inside the stellation media dashboard.

7. Automated Mass Direct Messages (DM)

This functionality automatically sends direct messages to anyone with whom you’ve interacted with on Instagram in the past, and it may also send automated direct messages to new followers when they follow you. Typically, this type of message is a message showing gratitude to those that follow you.

8. DM Cleaner

This easy-to-use feature quickly deletes any undesirable or irrelevant messages from your Instagram direct message (DM) box.

9. Image Editor

This option, as implied by its name, is available to assist you in editing your Instagram photos whenever you choose to.

10. The Scheduler Feature

This Stellation Media feature enables you to schedule Instagram posts to publish automatically at the times you choose.

Stellation Media Pricing

Stellation Media has 3 pricing plans.

Mass story

This is their cheapest pricing plan and it costs $99 per month.

It offers the following features:

· Mass story viewing

· Mass voting

· Mass direct message

· Advanced analytics

· Likes and follow/unfollow

· Customer service and dedicated account manager


The influencer plan costs $149 per month.

It offers the following features:

· Mass story viewing

· Mass voting

· Mass direct message

· Advanced analytics

· Likes and follow/unfollow

· Customer service and dedicated account manager

· Live inbox

· Direct message cleaner

· Profile management

· Auto accept followers

· Auto repost stories


Rockstar costs $199 per month and it’s their most expensive plan.

It offers the following features:

· Mass story viewing

· Mass voting

· Mass direct message

· Advanced analytics

· Likes and follow/unfollow

· Customer service and dedicated account manager

· Live inbox

· Direct message cleaner

· Profile management

· Auto accept followers

· Auto repost stories

· Image editor

· Post scheduler

Stellation Media Review – Pros

I’ll go through the things that I personally loved about stellation media below so you’ll understand what these advantageous advantages are all about:

1. Rapid Customer Response

The fact that I consistently receive a very quick response from a member of their support team whenever I run into an issue or want assistance with anything is something worth highlighting as a pro here because most of the Instagram growth services I have tested have quite a poor customer care.

2. Personal Account Manager

I was assigned a personal account manager to whom I could ask questions and receive advice on the best development methods for my Instagram account.

3. A Free Demo:

They provide a free demo and this is a pro most other Stellation Media alternatives lack.

4. The Knowledge Base and the Live Chat are available to you.

They provide a live chat feature that allows you to connect and have a live conversation with a member of their support team to assist you with whatever troubles you’re experiencing at the moment.

Additionally, they have a knowledge base where you are likely to find answers to your burning questions without needing to contact them.

5. It has a wide range of features

Its wide range of features makes it stand out from its competitors.

Stellation Media Review – Cons

1. It has no free trial

With a free trial, you can test out a software or service before making a purchase, but like with many growth services, Stellation Media doesn’t come with a free trial.

2. There’s no refund policy put in place for any of their pricing plans.

3. It’s expensive

Another con of this service is that it’s not cheap. But most other cheap Instagram growth services are a complete waste of money and time.

Stellation Media Alternative

If you’re not a fan of the way Stellation Media looks, works, or its pricing, there is an excellent alternative you can go for.

Mr. Insta is my favorite Stellation Media alternative because it’s the only cheap Instagram growth service I’ve come across that actually works! More so, unlike Stellation Media, it has a free trial.

They provide guaranteed delivery of Instagram followers and they provide these services without requiring your Instagram account login details or username which makes working with them 100% Safe and Secure.

Mr. Insta also has the finest TrustPilot reviews of any Instagram Growth Service I’ve encountered — with over 1,000 reviews and an Excellent 5-Star Rating.

I would strongly advise you to begin by purchasing their 5000 follower bundle for less than $100 with the discount available by CLICKING HERE. You may also choose to get a handful of followers for free by clicking the button below.

By purchasing followers, you may enormously increase your growth and legitimize your account.

Why Do You Need More Instagram Followers?

If you are making use of Instagram for affiliate marketing, eCommerce or to sell your goods or services, you need a large number of followers for some reason.

By default, the website space of your Instagram bio is the only place you can put a clickable link on Instagram. To access advanced Instagram features like the swipe-up feature which allows you to put clickable links on Instagram posts, you need at least 10,000 followers.

Another reason is that Instagram gives preference to accounts with a massive following. If you have such an account, it’s very likely they push your posts to the explore page which will help expose your business to a larger audience.

Lastly, your followers are your potential customers, the larger the number of followers you have, the larger your potential clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stellation Media Safe?

There are several growth services that will jeopardize your account but Stellation Media is one of the few ones I’ve found to be completely safe. Their principle of operation is simple and does not violate any Instagram use. Furthermore, there haven’t been any reported cases of them abusing any of their customers’ accounts.

Is Stellation Media Legit?

I can ascertain that Stellation Media is legit as I’ve gotten awesome results from making use of their service. Working with them is very easy and their support team is always there for me whenever I need them. More so, they have excellent trust pilot reviews from other users to back up this legitimacy claim.

How Does Stellation Media Mass Story Viewer Works?

This feature works by viewing hundreds of thousands of Instagram stories on your behalf after you have specified the type of followers you want from inside your dashboard. This often brings at least 20,000 visitors to your Instagram profile weekly and your page can convert a decent amount of these visitors into followers or customers.

Does Stellation Media Have a Free Trial?

None of their plans comes with a free trial which means you can’t get free Instagram followers by using this growth service. On the other hand, MrInsta which happens to be their strong competitor has a free trial that gives you a handful of free targeted followers.

Do they Provide Real Followers?

They provide 100% real and engaged Instagram followers, their simple but powerful model of operation ensures that you don’t get bot or fake followers while making use of their growth service.


Stellation Media is an Instagram growth service that actually works, and it’s actually the best in this field in my opinion because it doesn’t only help get more followers, it helps level up your Instagram marketing in general.

The major con of this service is that it’s quite expensive and as such considering a much cheaper alternative like MrInsta is a good idea for those that don’t have the budget for it or that simply do not want to use it for other reasons.

Reselling Fiverr Gigs To Make Huge Profit With Less Effort

Today, we’ll talk about reselling Fiverr gigs. If you’ve come across this page, you’re probably looking for a simple way to make money from freelancing. You may even have prior freelancing experience. You can make a fortune reselling services without ever having to do the work.

It may surprise you to learn that some of those who earn enough money from Fiverr to support themselves make a significant portion of their income from Flipping Fiverr gigs.

In this guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know to get started and make profits from this Fiverr gig reselling business, whether you’re a freelancer or not.

What Is Reselling Fiverr Gigs?

Reselling Fiverr gigs is also known as “Fiverr arbitrage,”. Drop servicing is a fancy name for reselling services in general.

That is, you sell services done by freelancers from Fiverr to a buyer on another platform, then pay the freelancers who provided the services their share while keeping the remainder as your profit.

This is similar to retail arbitrage, in which people take items they did not create, advertise them, and sell them. Then they pay the item maker and keep the difference as profit.

Is Reselling Allowed on Fiverr?

There are no rules prohibiting you from reselling Fiverr gigs after purchasing them.

According to Fiverr’s Terms of Service, you have complete ownership of any service you purchase on Fiverr and can do whatever you want with it.

Now that you understand what flipping Fiverr gigs entails and that you are permitted to do so, let’s get right into how to do it.

How to Resell Fiverr Gigs

Before you begin offering your flipped services to the general public, you must first complete a few steps.

Step 1: Open a Fiverr account.

This is the first and most basic step. Open a new Fiverr account via this link in order to get 20% off from your first order. It only takes a few minutes to create an account. You don’t have to be overly cautious when creating your profile because you’re registering as a buyer.

Step 2: Select a Niche

It’s mind-boggling how many freelance jobs you can offer. On Fiverr alone, there are dozens of subcategories spread across eight categories.

However, when it comes to reselling, some jobs perform better than others. Jobs that can be easily resold must meet certain criteria.

  • There must be a reasonable amount of demand.
  • The supply must not be oversaturated.
  • It should be possible to buy it for a lower price and sell it for a slightly higher price.
  • There must be some sellers who have over a thousand reviews.
  • It is preferable if an order does not take too long to complete.

While these criteria may appear to be extremely difficult to meet, some categories and subcategories of services fit in perfectly. Videos with whiteboard animation, for example.

These videos, when done professionally, can look great and help explain things in place of long, winding articles.

They are, however, fairly simple to make, and someone who is used to doing them can complete an order in a couple of hours.

However, training for this job takes more time than most people are willing to invest, so supply remains relatively low.

Some of the best Fiverr gigs to resell includes:

  • eBook formatting
  • eBook writing
  • eBook cover design
  • Article writing
  • Voice over acting
  • Producing explainer videos
  • Translation
  • Design of advertisements
  • Writing sales copy
  • Logo design
  • Subtitling

These are the best services to resell on Fiverr that I am aware of, but there are undoubtedly many more. Some of these jobs are easy Fiverr gigs that anyone can do.

After you’ve decided on a job, you should learn a little bit about it. At the very least, enough to appear professional to your customers.

You might not be able to make sales if you sound like a complete noob.

Step 3: Select a Platform

Following that, you need to make arrangements for a platform you will use in delivering your reselling services. You’ll need a website on which customers can place orders. There, you can offer a variety of services with numerous variations, as well as get the offers you want to sell.

I. WordPress

Creating a website for the reselling of Fiverr gigs on WordPress will cost you a few bucks but this is the best way to make the most profit from flipping services. With a WordPress service website, you have complete control over the monetization of your business.

WordPress.org is the best website hosting platform. You will need to pay for a domain name and web hosting. Bluehost is an excellent choice for this.

It’s an affordable and reliable hosting company that seamlessly connects you with the WordPress platform. Plus you get a domain name for free for the first year.

After downloading WordPress from your Bluehost account, you need to create a few essential pages for your website, such as your offers, contact page, privacy policy, portfolio page, blog, terms of service, and so on. You can do this yourself or get a full professional drop servicing website built for you for cheap on Fiverr.

Here’s a more in-depth explanation of how to create a Drop servicing website on WordPress.

II. Upwork

You can also use Upwork as your gig reselling platform. That is, you can sign up for Upwork and offer your services. When you get a client, you can delegate the work to your freelancer on Fiverr.

This entails profitably flipping Fiverr gigs without creating a website for your business.

Reselling Fiverr gigs on Upwork is a great way to make huge profits because gigs that are only worth a few dollars on Fiverr can be resold for much more on Upwork.

Here’s how to resell Fiverr gigs for profit on Upwork.

Upwork is just an example of platforms through which you can flip Fiverr gigs without building a website. There are lots of other popular freelancing websites you can make use of for this business.

Making use of a couple of them gives you a better chance of getting lots of orders through which you can make profits after flipping the service to freelancers on Fiverr.

Step 4: Find Freelancers and Put Their Work to the Test

On the internet, there are millions of freelancers.

What you want, however, is a freelancer who can accept work for a low wage. Fiverr has a plethora of talented freelancers who are willing to accept work at reasonable rates.

You should look for ranked freelancers, i.e. level one or two sellers. It’s best to avoid approaching Pro sellers because their asking prices are typically much higher.

An example is this level 2 freelancer on Fiverr that provides awesome eBook cover designs for me for just $5.

When you’ve found a few freelancers who appear to be suitable, you should order test services. Select a group of freelancers who have received positive feedback and have quick turnaround times. Purchase their gigs.

If you will like to resell eBook cover designs, getting a couple of designs from the above-mentioned seller in order to use as your portfolio and hiring him for your jobs would be a smart move.

Once your order is completed, thoroughly examine it and determine whether it is appropriate for your customers (this is where having that background knowledge comes in handy).

If it is, negotiate with the seller and come to an agreement with them. You get a price reduction in exchange for consistent, large jobs. The majority of sellers will agree.

As a result, the following are the seller’s criteria:

  • Work of high quality
  • Time of delivery
  • Attitude
  • Discounts

Once you’ve found at least two sellers who agree to your terms, you can order a few more times to create a portfolio for your WordPress service website or Upwork account profile, depending on which platform you use.

After that, you can proceed to the final step.

5. Promotion

You need customers now that you have people ready and willing to handle your orders. The more the merrier. As a result, you must market your services.

If you will like to resell Fiverr gigs without a website, the best way to get customers for your business is to join multiple freelancing websites, advertise your services and apply for jobs.

But getting jobs through this process can be quite taxing and time-consuming. You can save yourself stress by using this freelance job finder software.

This software helps you to automatically find and apply for high-paying jobs on popular freelancing websites as soon as buyers post them.

It applies for these jobs with high converting templates for the respective freelancing platforms which give you a better chance of landing big jobs frequently.

If you choose WordPress as your platform, you can get customers for free by setting up an affiliate program in which affiliate marketers promote your offer in exchange for a commission on each purchase.

This drop servicing WordPress course will show you how to do it quickly and easily.

Advertisements can also be run on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Google. You may also promote on forums that are relevant to your niche. Paid advertisements will require some investment, but you can begin slowly and gradually increase your promotions.

I will answer a few more questions about the Fiverr reselling business before rounding up this article.

Can You Resell Fiverr Gigs on Fiverr?

Yes, you can purchase a gig on Fiverr and resell the purchased service to another buyer on Fiverr. Doing the Fiverr reselling business this way is popularly known as drop servicing on Fiverr.

Can You Resell Art From Fiverr?

You can resell the art work you have purchased from a freelancer on Fiverr just like you can resell every other services purchased on the platfrom.


Flipping Fiverr gigs is a simple way to make money doing almost nothing. You’re only there to act as a go-between for the customer and the freelancer.

The most important aspect of reselling Fiverr gigs is keeping track of who is doing what, for whom, and how much you are charging. If you can do that, you’ll be fine.

The 8 Best Ecommerce Funnel Builder Software for Online Business

I’m sure you’re here because you are serious about your online business and want to know how an eCommerce funnel builder convert leads into sales.

I’ll provide you a crash course on eCommerce funnel builders in this article. First, I’ll explain what they are, what they’re intended to accomplish, and why your business requires one.

Then I’ll get to the meat of the matter: discussing the finest builders for your eCommerce sales funnel.

I did a lot of research and came up with the top seven. Later on, I’ll go through their features and pricing.

Essentially, this short read will teach you all you need to know about leveraging funnels to grow your e-commerce business.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

What Is the Best eCommerce Funnel Builder?

I will let you in on the best eCommerce funnel builder now in case you don’t have the time to go through the entire crash course.

Systeme.io is the best eCommerce funnel builder in my opinion. It is an easy-to-use and powerful funnel builder with all eCommerce functionalities in one place.

What Are Sales Funnels and How Do They Work?

A funnel builder software is a program that allows you to create sales funnels. These funnels lead prospective consumers through a series of steps until they complete a purchase.

This approach needs a significant amount of marketing, planning, and excellent content.

The target audiences for various items vary. As a result, sales funnels cannot be one-size-fits-all.

Your funnel builder software must be capable of creating a sales funnel that is appropriate for your target demographic.

How Do Sales Funnels Aid in the Conversion of Leads into Sales?

Sales funnels direct the actions of potential purchasers as soon as they arrive at your e-commerce site.

Landing pages, webinars, email marketing, automatic sales, payment processors and integrations, custom domains, and more features are available from the top e-commerce funnel builders.

They basically provide almost all of the features you’ll need to engage your clients and entice them to make a purchase from your site.

This makes it easy to nurture site visitors and gradually convert them into customers over time.

Why Are Sales Funnels Required?

According to Marketing Donut, 63% of clients who inquire about your services will not make a purchase within three months.

According to the same research, around 20% will not purchase during the next 12 months.

The likelihood of these prospective clients never purchasing is rather high. This is frequently due to them forgetting about your services, discovering a better option, or for other reasons.

However, if you do not contact and follow up with them, you may never obtain anything from them.

A sales funnel is a simple method to automate follow-up communications and deliver valuable information to leads.

These signals have a slow but steady effect. You nurture your leads and grow their faith in you and your goods in this way. You profit as a result.

You could even make more money since nurtured leads create 47 percent higher profit than non-nurtured leads, according to Annuitas.

A sales funnel is a business approach that integrates many important digital marketing tools into a single bundle. When done effectively, your business’s sales and lead generation will skyrocket.

However, in order to create sales funnels for your internet business, you need sales funnel software.

Here’s how I choose the finest.

Criteria for Choosing the Best E-commerce Funnel Builder

1. Features

There is no such thing as a perfect sales funnel builder; there will almost always be something that users would like to see enhanced. You can, however, discover a builder that has all of the features you require to manage your business.

The major variable in this element is your company’s requirements. You’ll be able to locate a builder to design your ideal sales funnel if you can define those demands.

To that end, I recommend making a list of the features you want in a funnel builder software and also make a list of features you’d want to have but can live without.

The builders on this list have the most features in this sector, so you should do this to make it easier to choose the appropriate one.

2. Usability

While some knowledge is recommended before starting a business, you shouldn’t require a Ph.D. in programming to utilize your funnel builder.

Everything about using your funnel builder should be simple and straightforward.

3. Editable Templates

This falls under the category of ease of use, yet it is worth emphasizing. Many customers seeking an e-commerce funnel builder are new entrepreneurs who are inexperienced with this sort of business software.

These entrepreneurs are unlikely to want to create a sales funnel from scratch. As a result, customized templates are definitely required.

4. Integrations and Compatibility

If you’ve been in business for a long time, you’ve undoubtedly invested in software to help you grow it. In this situation, you’ll need a funnel builder that works with a variety of websites and applications.

5. Automation

One of the most compelling reasons to invest in a funnel builder is the requirement for automation.

By allowing you to pre-set marketing procedures ahead of time, automation saves users time. If you can’t automate your marketing, a lot of other features are pointless.

6. Payment Options

Before deciding on a funnel builder, make sure that it accepts a variety of payment methods, including those that your consumers are most likely to use.

This will guarantee that payment processing is as simple as possible for the consumer, which is always a bonus when buying a product online. It is also a component that may increase your sales.

7. Customer Service

While a sales funnel builder makes the process smoother, there may be bumps along the road.

This is especially true for new business owners who have never utilized software like this before.

As a result, a solid customer service unit is critical to getting your sales funnel up and running.

You require a location that is available to answer your questions quickly, thus phone, live chat, or email assistance is required.

8. Possibility of Growth

A sales funnel’s purpose is to help you raise your income and, perhaps, expand your business.

As your business expands, you’ll need to ensure that your funnel builder can keep up. I deliberately sought for an e-commerce funnel builder that can level up as you progress.

I selected the best funnel builders based on these criteria to guarantee that there is something for every business. These characteristics can also be used to identify a successful funnel builder.

Now, let’s look at my top recommendations for the best e-commerce funnel builder.

Best eCommerce Funnel Builder Software for 2021

1. Syteme.io

Systeme.io is a complete digital marketing platform with all the necessary tools needed to start and grow an online business. 

Systeme.io is simply the best eCommerce funnel builder based on its ease of use and powerful features. It’s a free-to-use builder that has optional upgrade plans with affordable pricing which makes it one of the cheapest funnel builder software.

Key Features

  • Funnel Builder: It has an easy-to-use and effective funnel builder for the building of high-performance eCommerce sales funnels, affiliate marketing funnels, webinar funnels and membership funnels. There are lots of attractive and high converting templates you can use which saves you time for building your funnel from scratch.
  • Email Marketing: It comes with an inbuilt drag and drop email automation tool for the automation of an online business through email marketing. There are lots of email templates available, you can choose the one that matches your business perfectly.
  • Online Courses: The creation and selling of online courses are made easy with Systeme.io.
  • Website Builder: The website builder inside Systeme.io is especially great at helping freelancers to build simple websites to display their services and portfolios in order to attract potential buyers.
  • Affiliate Program Management: Affiliate marketing is a great way to boost sales for an eCommerce business and the affiliate program management feature inside Systeme.io helps you create an affiliate program through which affiliates can help sell your products and get commissions for sales made.
  • Support: They have one of the best support teams in the industry. You get all the video training needed to help you build and grow your eCommerce business with system.io. They can help migrate your business from other platforms for free and when you have any issue or are in need of help, you can send them a message and they often respond within an hour.

Pricing and Plans

Systeme.io has 4 pricing plans

  • Free plan: The free plan comes at no cost and it’s free to use for life. A funnel with a custom domain can’t be built with this plan.
  • Startup: The Startup plan is the first paid plan and it costs $27 per month.
  • Webinar: The webinar plan is the second paid plan and it costs $27 per month.
  • Webinar: The last and the largest paid plan is the enterprise plan and it costs $97 per month.

2. GetResponse

GetResponse is my second best funnel builder software for beginners since it allows you to create a profitable automated online business with no technical knowledge.

It is a well-known software that offers users everything they need to start and operate an online business, as well as actionable success guidelines.

GetResponse has been in business since 1998, beginning as an email marketing software and autoresponder.

However, GetResponse now has one of the most comprehensive sets of internet marketing tools in the industry. Let’s have a look at the features that set them apart.

Important features

  • Conversion Funnel: Previously known as Autofunnel, GetResponse has renamed and improved this tool. Conversion Funnel is a tool designed to assist business owners in creating funnels without having to set up all of the minor procedures manually. They have a large number of templates. All you have to do is select the funnel type you want and modify it.
  • Email Marketing: Because GetResponse was initially just an email marketing software, this function is unquestionably well-developed. GetResponse is a drag-and-drop email builder that allows you to create attractive emails regardless of the subject. You may also configure autoresponder emails to be sent in response to actions, time, or events. There are several customizable templates available, and you can build up a schedule to simply distribute your emails at certain intervals. After you’ve sent out all of your emails, you can track your success using GetResponse’s email analysis function. This way, you can discover out what works best for your leads and make adjustments as needed.
  • Landing Page Builder: Every online business needs a location to exhibit its items. While some individuals prefer websites, others realize that landing pages may be an effective tool when utilized correctly. Businesses with more than 30 landing pages, for example, receive seven times the number of leads as companies with one to five landing pages. GetResponse has a simple drag-and-drop editor, but if you don’t want to start from scratch, there are hundreds of mobile-responsive and customizable templates available. You may include pop-ups, forms, and countdown timers for events, as well as link your landing page to your conversion funnel.GetResponse allows you to manage your items and quickly import them from stores on platforms such as Etsy, Stripe, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop.
  • Marketing Automation: After a while, you’ll begin to collect data about your consumers that you may utilize to close sales. GetResponse has made this process much easier by adding a tool that lets you tag and segment clients indefinitely depending on the information you’ve gathered. You may use this to create a profile based on each customer’s activities or inactions and then send them tailored and relevant emails. You may also utilize behavioral data to create automatic events depending on the activities of users. Behavioral data may also be utilized to build tailored experiences for clients, increasing their likelihood of purchasing your items.
  • Webinars: A successful webinar may help various business areas generate more awareness around their goods. Setting up a webinar on GetResponse is simple thanks to the user-friendly interface and the ability to link your webinar with your landing page. You may also set up automated email notifications and reminders as the deadline approaches. Call-to-action buttons, live chat, recording, polls and testing, file sharing, and other interactive features are also accessible.

Aside from these five essential features, GetResponse also allows customers to construct sign-up forms and embed them in emails or landing sites, as well as buy Facebook and Instagram advertising directly from your GetResponse website.
GetResponse also provides tailored marketing bundles based on what you do and your objectives. If you don’t understand something, there’s a blog, live chat, and email assistance to assist you.

Plans and Pricing

GetResponse offers a 30-day free trial. Following that, customers will be charged fees based on their needs and list size. This is a low-cost funnel builder, and the basic plan is sufficient to get most small enterprises up and running.

The rates stated below are for a 1000-subscriber list.

The Basic plan costs $15 per month when paid monthly, $12.30 per month when paid annually, and $10 per month when invoiced biannually. It only provides an infinite number of lead funnels and one sales funnel.

The Plus plan costs $45 per month. When invoiced yearly or biannually, it is reduced to $40.18 and $34.30 a month, respectively. Here, you may have up to five sales funnels and five webinar funnels.

If you pay monthly, Professional costs $99 per month. If paid yearly or biannually, the monthly cost is $81.18 and $69.30, respectively. You have an infinite number of sales and webinar funnels here.

3. Builderall

Builderall’s founder, Erick Salgado, designed this software to ensure that business owners never have an all-in-one array of marketing tools in a single inexpensive price.

Builderall has now grown to include tools for building or improving email marketing, websites, landing pages, video editing, webinars, blogging, and more.
In addition, you receive an easy-to-use funnel builder with dozens of designs.

Each template is adaptable to a variety of enterprises. Builderall offers over a dozen features, but I’ll go through the most important ones.

Builderall is the sales funnel builder I use for my online business, and the only reason it isn’t my top suggestion is that it isn’t as inexpensive as GetResponse.

However, it is not an expensive tool, and I strongly advise you to use it if, like me, you like to have your job considerably reduced and simplified.

Important features

  • Funnel Builder: You may use this to create an automated funnel from scratch or to work with pre-made funnel templates. You may also choose from over 300 ready-made professionally constructed funnels. Furthermore, some of these funnels have been adjusted to suit individuals in various niches, so you may be able to discover one that is ideally matched to your business.
  • Website Builder: Cheetah Website Builder is the name of Builderall’s website builder. It is so named because it is quick, easy to use, and includes a huge variety of templates for creating an online store or business page. It is also useful for creating landing pages.
  • Email Marketing: To improve your email marketing approach, Builderall offers a drag-and-drop email builder, automation, and scarcity timer. Upsells, Downsells, and Bump Sells: You may customize your settings to make upsell, downsell, and bump sell offers to your customers based on their activities.
  • Live Webinar: Hold a live webinar with the possibility of broadcasting guests via other software such as Facebook and YouTube.
  • Affiliate System Flexibility: You can operate whatever sort of affiliate system you desire. It can be either single-tiered or multi-tiered.

Among the other features are:

CRM and automation software
Booking Calendar for Chatbot and SiteBot
Superb checkout system that integrates with dozens of payment gateways.
Online eCommerce Check out the Auction Checkout Magazine builder.
Image editor and mockup
Browser Notifications in Video Wrapper
Blog Builder, Chat Builder, Membership Websites, and an E-Learning System are all available.

Plans and Pricing

To test things out, you can obtain a 30-day almost-free trial on Builderall for $1. There are just two plans other than that.

Builderall’s Premium plan is $69.90 per month, however, it does not contain the ready-made funnel alternatives.
Its Funnel Club plan has a one-time fee of $199 and a monthly fee of $69.90.

However, the Builderall Funnel Club membership grants customers access to hundreds of ready-made eCommerce funnels in a variety of sectors, in addition to the over 30 features accessible to Premium plan users.

Please keep in mind that each plan includes 15 domains and an unlimited number of subscribers. Among e-commerce funnel builders, this is one of the more generous offerings.

4. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an older piece of software on this list. Randy Parker founded Roving Software in 1995, but it was sold to Endurance International Group in 2015 as Constant Contact.

It has gradually grown from being only an email marketing software to include everything an entrepreneur requires to run a successful eCommerce business.

Important features

  • Email marketing: Constant Contact originated as an email marketing software, and its dedication to this sort of marketing hasn’t wavered. Its drag-and-drop editor makes creating and editing emails simple. There are additional automated systems that can send emails in response to certain actions, resend emails to non-openers, and employ strong list-building tools to generate new lists and segment contacts. You may even get email templates and advertising tactics tailored to your business.
  • Marketing: While email marketing frequently yields a high return on investment, you should not put all of your eggs in one basket. Constant Contact provides its customers with marketing tools such as a logo builder, landing sites, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, an image library, connectivity with other applications, event management and marketing, and more. By the way, webinars are included in event management and marketing.
  • Website: One of the first stages in beginning an internet business is to own and operate a website. Constant Contact provides a website builder with a plethora of simple, mobile-responsive designs, hosting, an SSL certificate, a blog, the ability to link to a custom domain, website analytics, and limitless storage.
  • eCommerce: Constant Contact assists in the development of your eCommerce store, the integration and automation of Shopify stores, shipping administration, order, inventory, and tax management, coupons and discounts, transactional emails, and so on. Furthermore, all product categories, including digital items and downloads, are allowed. However, a 1.5 percent transaction charge will be taken from each purchase.
  • Support: Users get access to instructional materials, such as how-to articles, webinars, and an active community, as well as support. There is also phone and chat assistance.

Plans and Pricing

Constant Contact offers two options. To test out this platform, new users are given a 60-day free trial (no credit card necessary).

Email: This plan is $20 per month. Except for a few advanced features such as automatic email welcome and behavioral series, configurable pop-up forms, surveys, polls, discounts, RSVP, dynamic content, and new customer consultation, it contains everything.

Email Plus: Everything is included in this $45/month package.

Please keep in mind that all rates are depending on the number of contacts. As a result, if you have more subscribers than the standard pricing allows for, you’ll have to pay extra. Despite this, Constant Contact website builder remains one of the most affordable funnel builders accessible.

5. Thrive Architect

The Thrive Architect WordPress funnel builder is designed for building online businesses on WordPress. The builder, created by Thrive Themes, is built for speed and requires no design or coding expertise.

And, in my view, this is the best WordPress funnel builder available.
As a WordPress visual editor, Thrive Architect provides page-building advice and features. The software, for example, offers adjustable column layouts, full-width layouts, and complete font modification.

To construct sales funnels, business owners and entrepreneurs utilize Thrive Architect and Thrive Cart, an online shopping cart platform. You may use this tool to create checkout pages, handle orders, and accept payments.

It is, however, not created by Thrive Themes. Thrive Architect is only compatible with self-hosted wordpress.org websites, not wordpress.com blogs. So, in order to utilize it, you must have hosting.

Important features

  • Website and landing page creation: Thrive Architect gives experts the power to quickly construct landing pages and one-page websites. If you don’t want to start from scratch, the software has a variety of pre-built templates. Thrive Architect’s templates are designed to fulfill a variety of business needs, from announcements to offers, promotions, and webinar hosting.
  • Built-in conversion features: Thrive Architect allows businesses to include buttons, countdown clocks, testimonials, and lead-generation forms on their sites. These aspects, when done effectively, can attract more clients to the business. You can also use these built-in features to increase your mailing list by integrating them with email marketing solutions.
  • Advanced personalization: The software also includes features that allow firms to build personal pages to their pages. In addition to the over 700 unique fonts accessible on the WordPress builder, there are interesting texts and graphics. You can also use the page builder to add colored overlays and other customizing options.
  • Mobile responsiveness: Thrive Architect provides tools for making websites, landing pages, and opt-in pages mobile-responsive. This tool allows business owners to configure screen size elements, content to display, and other layout modifications. You may test the final page you create using Thrive Architect on various devices. Learn more about the features of Thrive Architect.

Plans and Pricing

Thrive Architect is a low-cost WordPress page builder with three membership levels. Five licenses are available for a one-time charge of $97 or one for $67. The third alternative is to become a member of Thrive.

For $19 per month, Thrive members receive 25 licenses of Thrive Architect and numerous other Thrive Themes products.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all Thrive Architect price levels. The software also includes one year of free technical support from Thrive Themes. After this time, you can pay to renew your support coverage.

6. GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels is one of my list’s newest e-commerce funnel builders. That doesn’t mean it can’t compete with some of the more well-known software.

Apart from being excellent for creating eCommerce sales funnels, it is also one of the finest landing page builders for affiliate marketing.

Mike Filsaime, who established a reputation for himself by inventing software such as Kartra (more on this later), co-founded it.

GrooveFunnels was created to include virtually everything you could possibly need as an internet business owner.
They provide a collection of over 20 tools for creating everything from landing pages to webinars to video editing.

Some of these products are still in beta testing, however, new users have a significant edge because Groovefunnels offers a free funnel building software (no credit card required).

And it’s now providing a premium lifetime membership at a fraction of the price of competing funnel builders.

I’m not sure how the cost will alter when it formally launches fully later in 2021 or 2022. Here are its essential features/software to ensure you don’t miss out.

Important features

  • GroovePages: One of the most well-known tools in the Groove industry is GroovePages. This software is used to create customized landing pages, websites, and sales funnels. It features an easy-to-use software that is equal to, if not easier than, ClickFunnels and Leadpages.
  • GrooveSell: GrooveSell is the payment platform of Groove Digital. It enables users to list their items and services as well as enable a payment channel so that buyers may purchase them. You are permitted to list an infinite number of items and construct an unlimited number of product funnels.
  • GrooveAffiliate: Affiliates are an excellent method to generate leads and close sales. If you want to build your own affiliate team, GrooveAffiliate can help by connecting with GrooveSell and GrooveFunnels. From a single dashboard, you can recruit, manage, and reward affiliates.
  • GrooveMail: This innovative email marketing solution includes sequence automation, text and voice SMS broadcasting, and analytics to guarantee that your emails reach their intended recipients and have the desired effect. You may also import your contact list and connect GrooveMail to more than 15 email marketing solution providers. So you may continue to utilize your normal service while making use of the benefits of GrooveMail.
  • GrooveMember: Do you want to offer your expertise? GrooveMember makes it simple for individuals to sign up for your program and for you to sell your courses. You can provide tiered memberships, free or paid material, and certificates. GrooveMember has not yet been officially published, but it will have much more features when it is.
  • GrooveBlog: Creating content is critical for establishing an internet business. GrooveBlog, an extension of GroovePages, making it easy to create material that will rank well on Google. You may also utilize a popular site like WordPress to publish if you like. GrooveBlog is well-integrated with WordPress.
  • GrooveKart: GrooveKart is an e-commerce platform that is similar to Shopify but has a few distinctions. To begin, the only expenses you’ll have to pay are your yearly subscription price and the fees connected with the payment provider you select, such as PayPal or Stripe. They do not levy transaction fees. You will also receive high-converting check-out templates, funnels, statistics, upsells, reviews, social proof, and so on. GrooveKart may be the software for you if you’re searching for a funnel builder software to replace Shopify as your e-commerce platform.

There is more Groove software available, such as:
Groove webinars
Video Groove

Plans and Pricing

GrooveFunnel offers four different plans.
The first is a free basic plan that only provides you access to a few features.

The second option is the Silver plan, which costs $99 a month and includes all of the software in the Basic plan as well as a few extras.

Except for GrooveSurvey, GrooveQuiz, GrooveWebinar, and GrooveKart, the Gold subscription includes nearly everything at $199/month.

For a one-time payment of $1397, you may also choose the fourth option, which provides lifelong access to all Groove software.

Please keep in mind that this funnel builder has not yet been completely published, so anticipate some features and secrets if you decide to try it out.

7. Leadpages

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, this software is a popular e-commerce builder. This is due to the fact that the builder is conversion-optimized and contains real-time assistance and expertise.

Leadpages works on both mobile and desktop platforms, and it is simple to use even if you don’t know how to code. Almost all of the tools and services needed in a sales funnel are integrated into the simple platform.

Important features

  • Website and landing page builder: Leadpages allows you to create a website by dragging and dropping design pieces and then snapping them together. The software also allows developers to insert HTML codes to fine-tune the appearance of the page or website.
  • Website hosting and publishing: The software allows business owners to quickly publish their websites on a domain name. Leadpages may also host your site for you.
  • Conversion Analytics: Using the software’s Leadmeter, you may determine which design arrangement has a higher conversion rate. This function offers real-time updates and advice. Leadpages employs a staff of IT specialists to ensure that business owners have a smooth experience.
  • Conversion tools: The e-commerce builder gives you access to its conversion toolkit, which includes pop-ups, alert messages, opt-in text, and trigger links.

Plans and Pricing

Leadpages offers a variety of options, and you can request a free 14-day trial for any of them. The pro plan, which costs $59 per month, is the most popular among small business owners.

There is also a basic plan for $27 per month. You may also choose for the advanced plan, which costs $239 per month.

The features that differentiate Leadpages plans include A/B split testing, email trigger links, opt-in text marketing, and so on.

8. Kartra

Kartra is another popular e-commerce funnel builder among business owners. Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins founded the software in 2017 as an all-in-one solution for marketing e-commerce or digital items.

Marketers utilize Kartra’s user-friendly interface to create lists, websites, and emails. While the e-commerce builder has several features, the following are the most important.

Important features

  • Affiliate management system: This method enables you to benefit from your business by using the persuasive power of others. You may list goods, appoint affiliates to promote them, and manage their payments or commissions using Kartra’s affiliate administration platform.
  • Email marketing: You may set up manual email broadcasts or totally automate the process using Kartra. The software also includes visually appealing templates. When generating action-initiating emails from scratch, you can choose to drag & drop design components.
  • Video hosting: You may use Kartra to host mobile-ready videos for your users before or after your call-to-action (CTA). The software also has unique features such as embedded forms.
  • Help desk: In Kartra, there is a customer management solution that makes it simple and quick to assist your customers. Billing support and technical difficulties can be resolved with the software.
  • Webpage builder: Kartra also allows you to construct your own web pages. The software may also be used to create landing pages.

Among the other features are:
Third-party software integration
Product carts and live chat systems

Plans and Pricing

To use Kartra’s features, you must first select one of its four plans.

The basic plan is $99 per month and includes restricted features such as one unique domain. It only enables you to sell a maximum of 20 goods.

Kartra’s Silver package costs $199 per month, while the Gold plan costs $299 per month. Both plans include more leads and custom domains than the Starter plan.

Finally, the Platinum plan is $499 per month and offers the most features available in the e-commerce builder.

Please keep in mind that if you pick yearly billing, you will receive a discount on all plans.


Online shopping is here to stay, according to statistics, research, and predicting studies. Retail e-commerce accounted for 14.1 percent of total retail sales in 2019. And by 2023, this percentage may have risen to 22%.

Understanding sales funnels and how to use an e-commerce builder has become increasingly important as more firms go digital.

I’ve covered all you need to know about e-commerce funnel builders and identified the best seven.
Make use of the knowledge I’ve provided in this post to remain ahead of the curve!

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest remains a choice option for affiliate marketing, thanks to its large number of users who are always buying stuff or researching products and services. Affiliate marketing on Pinterest could be a lucrative venture if you have the proper guidance.

It can be a bit challenging for newbies to find their foot in affiliate marketing. There is this extra frustration that comes from not being able to monetize your efforts.

It is good you are seeking this knowledge – whether or not you have tried affiliate marketing before. This article is the ultimate guide to make money with Pinterest affiliate marketing.

I will take you through a stepwise process to help you understand in order to succeed. At the end of this article, you will learn how to post affiliate links on Pinterest and all your questions regarding using Pinterest for affiliate marketing would be answered.

Why Should You Use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing?

There are different ways to make money on Pinterest but Pinterest affiliate marketing appears to be the most lucrative option.

Affiliate marketing is a popular and lucrative source of passive income for individuals and groups (affiliates). Affiliates recommend products and services offered by a brand and earn a commission from their referral. There is a lot more to affiliate marketing, but this is the basis.

It is estimated that spending on affiliate marketing will exceed $8 billion in 2022. This is at least three times what it was worth about ten years ago. Huge? Oh, that figure is for the US alone.

Using Pinterest for affiliate marketing involves referring your followers and other users to products and services through affiliate links on your site or Pinterest pins.

Some years ago, there was a ban on affiliate marketing on Pinterest because the link spams were becoming a nuisance. Pinterest brought it back after initiating measures against spam and because affiliate marketing kept users active.

As of January 2021, Pinterest had about 450 million users, and the number keeps following a very impressive growth chart. Many of these users are actively searching for ideas.

Two-thirds of these Pinterest users are women trying to decide what to buy, a fashion style, vacation destination, diets, and online courses. A good proportion of Pinterest users also have the financial means to back up their shopping interests.

You see, these figures are the most vital reason Pinterest is a choice destination for product and service marketing. They also make it a good reason to consider affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

There is also a vastly international user demographic to work with, three-quarters of whom are willing to discover and try out new brands.

My Ultimate Stepwise Guide to Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Established, Pinterest is an excellent destination for affiliate marketing. How exactly do you get on board this ship? It is important to know the steps to take to have a profitable affiliate marketing experience on Pinterest.

The easiest part of Pinterest affiliate marketing is uploading the link and posting the Pin. But Pinterest affiliate marketing is a lot more than that.

Even if you have some experience with affiliate marketing on other platforms, there are some differences on Pinterest. If you are altogether new to affiliate marketing, the guide will also help you through how to start affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

Now to the steps!

Step 1: Know Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Rules

There are still some controversies surrounding affiliate marketing. So, you first have to learn the rules and how to disclose affiliate links on Pinterest. This is particularly common with some affiliate programs. An example is Amazon Associates.

While many of us use the program, we are not altogether certain about the regulations and terms. Importantly, the terms change often. Today it is allowed. Tomorrow, it isn’t.

Also, Pinterest has a knack for creativity – things users would love to see. This is especially why your account should not be for only advertisements.

Curate interesting content to attract users and try not to only put the links in their faces. Pinterest’s community guideline has a segment that talks about affiliate marketing. There is also paid Partnership Guidelines segment you should pay attention to.

You should not cloak your affiliate link or shorten it if you are promoting affiliate links on Pinterest. Pinterest frowns at this because it gives room for spam. Users should know where the link leads to and should not be tricked into following your link.

Trade commission regulations concerning affiliate marketing might vary from country to country.

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), however, explicitly details what they require from affiliate marketers irrespective of the platform used. They stipulate that you disclose you are an affiliate marketer as explicitly as possible.

You can disclose your affiliation by using hashtags like #ad, #affiliate, #afflink, #promoted, or any other similar hashtags that let users know you are marketing the product. Otherwise, you can disclose fully that you are an affiliate marketer for the product, and you would be earning a commission should they purchase the product through your link.

Step 2 Find Your Niche

Finding a niche is common to any form of affiliate marketing, irrespective of the platform you are choosing. It is no different while using Pinterest for affiliate marketing.

To have an excellent experience, you have to find a niche that best suits you. It makes a difference between you and many other people in the affiliate marketing sphere. Also, you have to balance what suits you with what Pinterest users want.

A niche is a particular segment in affiliate marketing concerned with a specific type of product or service. It is a specific industry in the market where you can channel your attention and efforts.

Examples of such sectors are wellness and health, fashion, food, tech – gadgets, apps, and software. The first common mistake you can avoid is diving into this pool without a focus. You do not just pick any product and decide to market.

Even when it appears to be a very lucrative product or service. If it is not a niche you can sell well or have an interest in, it is unlikely you have a successful or worthwhile campaign.

You should understand that Pinterest users do not have all the time to be scrolling through your page when all they see are unrelated items. This is just like it applies to most other people in real life. That is why even supermarkets arrange their products based on similarities.

As an affiliate marketer, you should understand what part of the industry you want to delve into and stick to it. There are so many industries to choose from, with various brands and different audiences.

You might experience analysis paralysis trying to choose one of the many options. The big concern now is how to find the best niche. To get the most profitable niche for yourself, you have to answer the following questions

What are your interests and hobbies?

First, you need to identify the activities you enjoy for your pastime and the topics you love talking about. It is likely you have spent some money on these activities or have substantial knowledge about them.

You might also have previous content on this on your website, YouTube channel, or Pinterest Board. You also get to enjoy affiliate marketing when you are recommending products and services that pique your interest.

How much can you make from each of these interests?

Look through your interests and see which is more likely to get good monetization. I would always advise you to go with the niche that has more monetization options.

This helps your spread the risk. You can always leverage alternative money-making opportunities from the same niche.

Do thorough research and look into various affiliate networks from Amazon to Clickbank. You may curate a list of products available for affiliate marketing in your niche’s category.

What do you know about the search volume, competition, and competitors?

It might appear more difficult to make money from categories with stiff competition. But that is really where the money is. There are online tools that can help you deduce the level of competition in your chosen niche.

The search volume lets you know how often people go online searching for the keyword in your niche. Pinterest results are part of what is displayed during those searches. The keyword difficulty shows how various keywords rank.

One important reason you should pick a niche that piques your interest is that you can buy the product for yourself.

This allows you to review the product or service based on personal experience. That way, you can give a more objective review and be sure it is worth promoting.

It also makes your promotions more reliable as you are not selling something strange to you. Reviews influence the decisions of buyers a lot. Rest assured, your visitors will come back if they find your review helpful.

Step 3: Know your target audience

The fact that something is your interest does not necessarily mean it would interest other Pinterest users. To have a successful marketing experience, you would need an audience– the right audience. This will be relatively easier if you have an existing blog or YouTube channel.

Marketing to the wrong audience is like winking in the dark. It is purposeless. You have to understand the demographics of Pinterest users before choosing a product.

The product or service must have its potential customers on Pinterest. If you cannot reconcile these two things, your marketing will not be successful.

Step 4: Decide on the most appropriate affiliate program for your niche.

Your choice of an affiliate program could make or mar your experience in the business. An affiliate program is where you get products to market on Pinterest. There are various programs around, with each having its peculiarities.

Some of these programs are generic – in the sense that you find various niches. Some others are niche-based affiliate programs. We will consider some of these affiliate programs for Pinterest briefly.

i. Clickbank

This is one of the commonest programs out there, and not for Pinterest affiliate marketing alone. This is because they offer a good range of categories and thousands of products you can promote.

Clickbank is a reliable affiliate program trusted by up to 6 million users with a sure commission on your referrals. To hop on this wagon, you need to sign up on their website.

After creating an account on Clickbank, look for affiliate marketing offers. Search for products from your niche and start marketing.

You can be more thorough with this, however. Checking the metrics of the product can influence your decision whether or not to ahead with a product.

Metrics you should look out for include:

● Commission rate – this is how much you expect to earn from each referred sale. It is often a percentage of the item’s price. This can be as high as 75%.

● Average earning per sale – this gives you an incline into how much you should be expecting as commission from every referred sale.

● Average rebill – If the product’s commission rate is reoccurring, you earn monthly as the customer is getting billed. This is common when the service or product is subscription-based. Such an offer would have two blue arrows in front.

● Gravity: this gives you an idea of the competition. The higher the gravity, the higher the competition and vice versa. It indirectly tells you where there is money and also where it might be tough to get the money. A gravity score of 50 to 120 is great.

You can check my post on how to promote Clickbank links on Pinterest to learn more.

ii. Amazon Associates

This is, perhaps, the oldest affiliate marketing program that offers you a powerful way to monetize your platform. It has survived over two decades of business changes based on reputation and ease of use.

Such that, many companies leverage their structure to establish their affiliate programs.

Amazon Associates is the affiliate program of Amazon, one of the world’s biggest e-commerce platforms. This gives you access to large pools of categories with over 100,000 products available for marketing.

The program offers up to a 10% in commission rate for some niches. The commission rate could, however, change from time to time.

So, you have to always check the update rates. The best rate comes from luxury beauty products and Amazon Coins.

You get additional commissions from Amazon Associates if your referral subscribes to any of Amazon services following your link. The payment depends on the type of service the person registers for.

The Amazon Bounty Program pays a bounty of $3 if the person registers for a trial period. If they register for an Amazon Business, you get up to $15.

Registering as an affiliate marketer with Amazon is easy. Once you sign up, you can explore your product options and make your choice.

You can start sharing your Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest. There is a responsive customer care service to assist you if you run into any brick walls along the way.

iii. ShareASale

ShareASale offers you a good range of categories to select from for your niche. There are close to five thousand affiliates registered on ShareAsale in various niches.

Once you have registered and have been approved to join the ShareAsale network, you can now apply to various programs.

If you would like to join more than one program, you have to apply for each one of them separately. You do not just get access to all the programs by virtue of your initial ShareAsale registration. You can now share your affiliate links on your Pins.

As soon as you start getting referrals, your commission will be lumped up and paid on the 20th day of every month.

Like I explained with ClickBank, there are various metric items that might help you choose the right track. You might just have to be thorough enough and fully go through the process.

iv. Travel affiliate programs (Agoda, booking.com, hotels.com)

There are affiliate programs that are niche-based. These programs focus on just one niche and do so extensively and exclusively. One fun niche on Pinterest is the travel niche.

This includes travel, tourism, lodging, and hospitality. There are various examples of such, including Agoda, booking.com, and hotels.com.

Booking.com covers a lot of things that have to do with travel – from accommodations (hotels, homes) to car rents, train tickets, flights, and so on. They are one of the commonest go-to places for booking online accommodations.

You enjoy a commission of 25% and above for your referrals. The program cookies last till the customer closes the browser.

Agoda is another outstanding affiliate marketing program you can run on your Pinterest account. The firm has over 250,000 accommodation properties they work with across the world.

These include luxury homes, apartments, hotels and resorts, bungalows, etc. It has an enticing commission rate of 60% that increases as you make more successful referrals. In fact, with hotel powered ad, you can get up to 300%.

Hotels.com deals mostly with hotel bookings across the world. They have one of the largest online lodging databases visited by millions of travelers every year. Visitors get to compare prices and to get the best experience during their stay, and at the best price.

If you enjoy the travel niche and take a particular interest in hotels and lodgings, you should consider signing up with hotels.com as an affiliate marketer. The commission rate considers how long the person lodges for every referral.

There are many other travel affiliate programs you can leverage for your affiliate marketing on Pinterest. The hotels, flights, and other items on their listings might be similar. It is more important to consider the traffic on each program and how much the commission rate is.

v. Food affiliate programs (Fruit Company, Thrive Market, BistroMD, HelloFresh, Sun Basket)

This is another interesting niche with niche-specific affiliate programs. If your interest has an appetite for food, catering, and recipes, you can find yourself in any of the numerous food affiliate programs.

It is one of the budding niches on Pinterest and an excellent marketing platform for food bloggers and photographers.

The Fruit Company has been around for almost 60 years with its trademark in fruit gift baskets. Their affiliate program offers a 12% commission rate for a 90-day cookie period.

The program sub-specializes in handmade fruit baskets and is one of the best online fruit stores. ShareAsale hosts their affiliate marketing, and they provide the content and tools you can use to promote your sales.

BistroMD specializes in delivering meals free of additives or preservatives. They run a diet meal delivery for people who choose to eat healthily.

For affiliate marketing, I can say this fits perfectly into at least two niches. If you want to run a fitness or health niche affiliate marketing, you may consider their affiliate program. They pay a fixed commission rate of $45 per sale made using your link.

The reputation HelloFresh garners is from ensuring getting healthy meals comes with convenience. They source their items freshly from farms, which is where the name comes from. Their listing comprises meals, recipes, and fresh ingredients.

They get a lot of patronage from vegans and vegetarians. As someone using Pinterest for affiliate marketing, you earn a flat commission rate of $10 per sale. You make $25 on your first sale. The program is run through CJ affiliate and has a cookie duration of 14 days.

Sun Basket Affiliate Marketing Program offers healthy meals and organic ingredients, and recipes. They have a cookie duration of 30 days with a $20 commission rate on every sale.

Apart from food marketers, those in fitness, weight loss, or health can also tap into the program. As they use eco-friending packages for their orders, your target audience should include climate enthusiasts. The program runs on ShareASale’s platform.

vi. Page builders (Builderall, Thrive Architect)

Affiliate marketing is not limited to tangible items or travel experiences. It also includes services like website building. Indeed, there is barely a limitation to the reach of affiliate marketing, and you can get on board with just your Pinterest account.

There are various page builder affiliate programs. These builders make landing pages and website development a lot easier, such that newbies do not have to outsource their web development.

Thrive Architect is a powerful web-building tool, particularly for a WordPress page. You can earn money on your Pinterest by running affiliate marketing with the Thrive Themes Affiliate Program.

It requires that you own a YouTube channel or a blog with some relevant content before joining the affiliate program.

The website must not have spam or malware. There are other items you need to check out in terms and conditions before you sign up. You should get approval within a week of the application.

The commission rate is 35% for any of their products and a cookie duration of two years. That’s very uncommon. Thrive Themes have ad designs you can share on your boards. You should not worry much about content.

They also have a rebill for subscriptions through your referral links. Once you accrue up to $20, they will credit you via Paypal.

Builderall is a versatile landing page and website development tool with various solutions and has up to 220,000 users (I’m also a user). Their structure can support over a million users, and they have a well-rated free affiliate program.

For your first month on their affiliate program, you enjoy a 100% commission rate on every successful referral. Subsequently, the commission is 30% monthly.

People use Builderall for various reasons, asides from web development. It is also a good choice for sales funnels, eCommerce stores, email marketing, and sales videos.

Builderall Affiliate Program has a 2-tier system for funnel sales. Such that whenever someone makes a purchase through some that used your affiliate link, you also get a commission.

vii. Email marketing software (GetResponse, Constant Contact)

Email marketing software are essential tools in digital marketing. Most online businesses strive to run successful email campaigns to drive sales and retain customers. Email marketing makes this easier by offering automated mail features.

GetResponse is one of the most widely used email marketing platforms with powerful tools for auto-response and automated email campaigns. As an affiliate marketer on Pinterest, you stand to earn up to 33 percent in recurring commission rate. Or you get $100 on every paid account. They offer 120 days as cookie duration.

GetResponse offers two affiliate programs – the bounty program and the recurring program. The bounty program pays $100 for every signup, while the recurring program offers 33 percent for each sale.

After signing up, you get assigned a unique referral link you can share on your Pinterest or website. There is an affiliate dashboard to track all your earning and monitor the number of referrals you have.

A standout feature of the Constant Contact Affiliate Program is that you can still earn even when your referral signs up for a free plan. You get $5 for that.

You get $105 more if they become a paying user of the Constant Contact tool. The cookie duration is 120 days or four months, during which you can claim commission for the referral.

It is easy to become a marketer for Constant Contact and even easier to run their affiliate marketing but unlike GetResponse, you need a website to join the program.

They provide ads and banners you can easily copy and use on your Pinterest or blog. There is a dedicated dashboard you can use to track how much you are earning and how you are performing with referrals.

Step 5: Start creating affiliate marketing content.

Depending on the number of products you are marketing, create up to 3 unique contents for each of the products. You should vary the content to appeal to various segments of your audience. This ensures you have a wide reach and patronage.

It is not enough to just create links and add them to your pins. Affiliate marketing does not work that way. You need to create quality content around the products you are promoting in your niche.

And if creating content is not your thing, later I will show you how to get an endless stream of automated quality content.

Indirect affiliate marketing this way promises better results. I have some tips to help you develop your market strategy. Write from your experience:

I have said it is always best to market a product you are conversant with. You can buy the product and understand what it is about, then provide a review. Be as open and objective as possible to earn your readers’ trust.

Always place your audience at the center of your content:

Your reader is the most important part of this business. As such, make sure your content is relatable and original.

Provide information

Your audience hopes to learn from your content. Make sure you justify the time they spend reading the content. This way, they get to understand the product or service better and why they should click your affiliate link.

Vary your style

Do not present your content the same way. Use different approaches for your content and for different products. A monotonous affiliate marketer is unlikely to do well after some time. Infuse stories and anecdotes into your articles. Constantly find creative approaches to content creation.

Most affiliate programs would require you to submit a website link during registration. To create Pinterest affiliate marketing content, you need to use a particular medium, and using a website is one of them. But you can still run your affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog or website, though.

How to Create Affiliate Content on Pinterest Without A Website

If you don’t have a website or blog, you should at least use a landing page for your promotions. Since Pinterest can decide to change its rules regarding affiliate links at any time, having a page that serves as a bridge between Pinterest and your affiliate products will guarantee your safety.

With the right affiliate landing page builder, you can build a landing page for your content. I have found Builderall handy in such situations. I mentioned the Builderall affiliate program earlier. Builderall is an exciting tool for building a landing page with amazing features.

You have beautiful templates to choose from. You can build a professional and reliable landing page in no time and at an affordable price. This way, you can create content and do affiliate marketing without a website.

To promote affiliate links on Pinterest without a website, you will need to sign up for affiliate programs that don’t require a website, create affiliate links for the selected products, post these links directly on your Pinterest pins, or indirectly through the use of landing pages and use Pinterest to drive traffic to the pins.

How to Create Affiliate Content on Pinterest Using a Website

if you already have a website, you can just go on with creating content. If you want to build a website specifically for affiliate marketing content, you need a hosting service for your website. HostArmada is a relatively new web hosting service introduced in 2019.

It has been impressive so far, with amazing features that make it a worthy contender with older hosting services. It is a cloud-based service with information spread across various servers across the world. This ensures your website loads a lot faster.

On the other hand, you can own a website and not own the content on it. You can improve your passive income by “borrowing” other people’s content for your affiliate marketing.

With YT Evolution, you can convert YouTube videos to niche-based websites. Interestingly, Google loves such websites and ranks them well. You don’t have to spend time making and editing videos.

You can make money off these websites using affiliate links related to these videos. You can also do this with your personal YouTube channel – convert it to a WordPress website automatically with YT Evolution.

Step 6: Create Pinterest Boards.

Your boards will be the home of your Pinterest pins and you need to create boards that are relevant to your audience and to the affiliate marketing content you have created. 5 to 10 relevant boards should be enough to get you started, you can add more later.

A good strategy will be to have a general board that encompasses your whole niche where you can put all your pins and the rest of the boards will be about some specific categories within your niche.

Your board names should be what people are searching for within your niche, you shouldn’t think out of the box to come up with your board names, just go with phrases your audience is using.

An easy way to do this is to use the Pinterest search bar, type in some keywords related to your niche and it will bring out phrases your audience is searching for. Pinterest works like search engines and optimizing your boards and pins is a must if you want to drive targeted Pinterest traffic to your affiliate link.

Step 7: Create affiliate marketing Pins and upload them

You need to create affiliate marketing-worthy pins, add your links to them and upload them to the appropriate boards.

Designing these pins may appear difficult if you don’t possess graphics designing skills. But it’s not when you are using an easy-to-use tool that helps create appealing and aesthetic Pins like Canva.

You get access to tons of high-quality stock pictures on Canva. You get even more on Canva Pro. This makes it better than most other similar easy-to-use designing tools. It has superb versatility and offers you have access to many Pinterest templates.

To get pin ideas for your boards, use the Pinterest search bar as mentioned above. Create generic pins for your general board. Using the weight loss niche as an example, you can search for pin ideas related to weight loss in general by typing in “Weight loss” in the search bar.

To create pins for some other categories in the weight loss niche, we will use Keto recipes as an example. Type in “Keto recipes” in the search bar and you will find the pins ranking high for that search tag.

Here are some important tips that I believe will help you.

● Making your Pins longer make them stand out from other Pins. I do not have a standard measurement for my pins. Making them longer makes them more visible.

● Cool colors are less likely to be re-pinned when you compare them with brighter colors. Use warm colors like red, orange, or yellow in your designs. Also, use these colors in moderation.

● Use enough stock photos even when you have to pay. When your Pins have pictures of good quality, they perform better. Upgrade from Canva to Canva Pro as soon as you can to enjoy more quality pictures.

● Don’t forget the keyword search I already mentioned.

● Use simple fonts that are easy to read. Your choice of font can put off a potential referral. You can allow someone to check out the text for you before sharing. If the person cannot read it well, change the font.

● Have a succinct title that immediately lets the user know what the product is about.

● Create more than one Pin for the same product. Use different titles and alter your keywords. This increases the chances of coming up in a search.

How to Upload affiliate pins on Pinterest

This involves steps on how to post affiliate links on Pinterest in order to generate organic traffic to your offers.

Step 1: Click the drop-down button on the create tab and select “Create Pin”

Step 2: Upload the created pin

Step 3: Describe your pin, include your affiliate link to the product you want to promote or matching page on your site if you are doing indirect linking and, click on publish.

Step 8 Automate your Pins

Automating your pinning makes marketing a lot easier and better organized. It makes you maintain a level of consistency with your posts.

Pin looping helps with scheduling your Pins to specific boards and recycles the posts. Tailwind is an approved third-party app you can use for Pin looping. It also helps you monitor the Pin’s conversations and boost your reach.

Final Note on Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a rewarding passive source of income. It is possible to make a lot of money with Pinterest affiliate marketing while enjoying the process.

This is why I have taken out time to provide this stepwise process to help overcome and anticipate the hitches on the way. You, too, can start making cool money from affiliate marketing by following this guideline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Affiliate programs for Pinterest without a Website?

Yes, there are. Some affiliate programs will let you use your social media account link in place of your website. You can run your Pinterest affiliate marketing without a blog or YouTube channel.

Does Amazon allow affiliate links on Pinterest?

There are many controversies about this because Amazon keeps changing its policies concerning doing affiliate marketing on Pinterest

Does Pinterest allow affiliate links?

Yes, Pinterest now allows affiliate links. They stopped allowing affiliate links some years ago due to spam. Now they are permitting it again. But you need to do a proper disclosure whenever you are including affiliate links directly to your pins.

HostArmada vs Bluehost: Which Is the Better Web Hosting Service?

Choosing a hosting service for your website is a big deal. You run the risk of your website crashing if you go with a substandard hosting service.

You can lose users who have to endure a sluggish and poorly responsive website with a poor web hosting service. Today, I am considering HostArmada vs Bluehost — two reputable options for web hosting.

This article is not to tear one down at the expense of the other. But we will objectively look into the pros and cons of each of the hosting services.

At the end of the day, we might be able to put the HostArmada vs Bluehostargument to rest. The overall goal is to help you make a choice based on your preferences and needs.

Not to dwell much on this, let is get into it.

An Overview of HostArmada


HostArmada is a fast-growing web hosting service that got into the scene in late 2019.

So far, its promising prospect and impressive features have made it a worthy contender with services that have been around for much longer. HostArmanda vs Bluehost is one of those comparisons.

The services provided include

– WordPress hosting

– VPS hosting

– Cloud-based hosting

– Development hosting

– Shared hosting

– Open-source hosting — Magneto, Ghost, Drupal

– Other domain-related hosting.

Hosting is cloud-based. HostArmada uses cloud-based hosting with websites are spread across servers.

This makes it a very secure hosting service as data and resources are stored in as many locations. It also improves the webpage loading time as there is less pressure on each of the servers.

HostArmada utilizes Solid-State Drive storage. Using SSD storage adds more stability to your website. It affords you the luxury of automatic backups and one-click tool installation.

It has impeccable uptime. HostArmada promises and delivers a 99.99% uptime rate which is, perhaps, the best any hosting service I have seen can offer in terms of availability and reliability.

The price is affordable. As a developing hosting service, HostArmada runs a lot of promotions where you can host your website for as low as $1.20.

Their regular price is, however, $2.99 monthly. As your business grows and your need to expand, you can upgrade your plan easily.

It has a straightforward interface. One noticeable feature during my first attempt was that it is easy to use.

The cPanel Quick Access allows you to easily perform a lot of functions — managing your emails, backup, file manager, addons, etc.


An Overview of Bluehost

Now to the other big contender in our HostArmada vs Bluehost comparison. Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting services there is.

Established in 2003, they host over 2 million websites globally. Bluehost has the endorsement of WordPress, which makes it one of the go-to service providers for blogging newbies.

Even better, the structure allows for easy scaling as your business grows. You can switch plans and start enjoying the unlocked features in no time. Migrating also happens at record time, but at a cost.

Bluehost plans are at very reasonable prices until it is time for renewal. Understand this before opting for it. I believe they have some of the best prices for VPS and Dedicated hosting, though.

Bluehost offers unmetered bandwidth. This means you do not have to worry about the traffic on your website getting too large.

Bluehost will not limit the traffic. You enjoy a database size of up to 5 GB and get to create 20 databases. They offer a wide range of hosting services outside their excellence with WordPress.


HostArmada vs Bluehost: The Comparison

As you can see, both HostArmada and Bluehost have really exciting features. I will now put these features head-to-head to see which is better.

1. Shared hosting cost

I understand this is a deal-breaker for many people. Pricing for HostArmada starts from $1.20 per month, and Bluehost starts from $2.95 with promotion.

Without promotion, it costs $2.99 and $3.95 for HostArmada and Bluehost, respectively. The renewal costs $7.99 for both of them.

2. VPS and Dedicated Hosting Cost

Here, Bluehost is a lot cheaper. VPS and Dedicated hosting cost $19.99 and $79.99, respectively. HostArmada costs $41.21 and $149 for those services, which is about double the price on Bluehost.

3. Free Domain

Both of them provide you with a free domain name. However, while Bluehost only offers a free domain for the first year of use, HostArmada is forever free.

4. SSL Certificates

They both have free SSL certificates.

5. Data Centers

HostArmada currently has 9 data centers in the US, UK, India, and Singapore. You can improve the speed of your website by opting for a data center closer to your major visitors.

Unfortunately, while Bluehost might have more data centers, their locations are a secret. This is for security issues.

6. Storage

You enjoy up to 50GB of storage space on your website with a basic shared Bluehost plan. Upgrading to a higher plan gives you unlimited storage space.

A basic shared hosting plan on HostArmada gives you access to only 15 GB of storage space.

However, HostArmada affords you 50 GB and 160 GB for VPS and Dedicated hosting plans. Bluehost offers 30 GB and 500 GB of storage space, respectively.

7. Backups

They both offer free backups. Bluehost has one backup per day. HostArmada has up to 7 auto-backups every day. This further ensures your data is secure and your backup is up to date.

8. Website transfer

You can transfer your site or domain on HostArmada for free. The hosting service will also renew your domain inasmuch as you are actively using your hosting account. Bluehost will require you to pay $149. This fee lets you transfer five websites.

9. Uptime rate

They both have excellent uptime rates, but HostArmada is still higher. Many uptime rate calculators put Bluehost’s at 99.96% others say 99.98% in the last two years. HostArmada maintains a perfect uptime rate. This means it is more reliable and available.

10. Performance

A quick check of both hosting services on Google Page Speed gives you an idea of their performances. Bluehost gets a remarkable score of 98%. But HostArmada beats this by scoring 100%.

11. Popularity

In terms of popularity, HostArmada is not close to Bluehost. By users, Bluehost boasts of over 2 million websites. This dominance might be attributed to their excellent performance over many years.

Meanwhile, HostArmada has much fewer users. This means their servers are not crowded and can provide better customer services. So, your visitors get to enjoy a speedy loading rate on your website.

12. Customer reviews

Customer satisfaction is a good metric for comparison because it helps us understand other users’ perspectives.

Not so many people have reviewed HostArmada yet. But so far, there have been overwhelmingly positive reviews about their service.

Since Bluehost has existed for longer, we expect they have a considerable number of negative reviews. And, this is the case.

13. Support

Both hosting services have a 24-hour support line through their social media accounts, phone calls, live chat, and email. Generally, most users get a better response time with HostArmada than with Bluehost.

I might be quick to blame this on the customer size. Still, Bluehost should improve its reputation by matching its demand. HostArmada takes this point, nonetheless.

So far, it appears HostArmada is the horse leading this race. Despite being new to the game, they have so far rounded themselves to be a worthy option against Bluehost.

I can say this for a fact, and it is evident from the comparison. If you are not convinced, let us talk about their money-back guarantee as the last comparison point.

A Money-back guarantee is a refund you get if you are not satisfied with the hosting service. Bluehost has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

On the other hand, you can get your money back after 45 days of using HostArmada if you are not satisfied with the hosting service. This gives you more time to change your mind if your think the service is not worth it.

Wrap Up:

Maybe you believed the HostArmada vs Bluehost was an unfair matchup considering the sizes of the companies.

I hope this analysis has shown you how, point-by-point, HostArmada might be somewhat better than Bluehost.

I considered the cost, stability factors, uptime rate, website transfer, domain services, etc.

All these factors have objectively shown us which is better. This way, I can justify my bias for HostArmada based on my experience with the hosting services.

This review is in no way to tear down Bluehost. I cannot dare. They are still one of the most reputable there is in this line of work and I even wrote a guide on how to build a blog with Bluehost.

My HostArmada vs Bluehost comparison aims to help you know what features to look out for before choosing a hosting service. This choice should be based on the particular features you consider more important.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, and I may earn a commission if you make a purchase with my link. Thank you.


What is better than Bluehost?

Bluehost is a reputable web hosting service but HostArmada is a better host provider.

Although it is a relatively new hosting service, HostArmada gives you a faster, more reliable, and stable platform. You also get to enjoy many free tools available.

Is Bluehost good for beginners?

Bluehost is ideal for beginners as it offers all you need to get your website up and running. It has a friendly interface that beginners find easy to navigate.

It does not have a good customer service response time, though. So, if you run into trouble, it might take some time before you get help. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

HostArmada offers more days (up to 45 days) for you to ask for a refund if you don’t like their platform. They also have a quick access panel that gives you access to a range of functionality. It is even easier to navigate the platform.

Is WordPress free with Bluehost?

Bluehost is a certified website hosting service by WordPress. However, it is not free. You have to pay a monthly rate for between one and three years. After this, you will be required to pay renewal fees

Is Bluehost good for eCommerce?

Bluehost is not the best for e-commerce. It would just provide an okay e-commerce website. It is prone to technical issues that might affect your sales.

Buyers want a very responsive website and might change their minds if they find the website is slow. HostArmada is an excellent alternative.

How to Quickly Fix Instagram Bio Link Not Working

Instagram bio link not working issue can cause you to lose a massive amount of potential Instagram traffic which could have resulted in leads, and sales for your business.

This is because your bio link is how you get customers where you need them to go and convert random visitors into buyers. Without it, your Instagram marketing could be seriously handicapped.

Instagram is an excellent platform for marketing your brand, its products, and services. But, I think it’s safe to say that sometimes, it can be a little challenging. The most obvious example here is when your Instagram link in bio is not clickable.

Sadly, Instagram isn’t always generous with information regarding the Instagram link in bio not working problem or how to fix it.

However, in this piece, I’ll walk you through a couple of reasons why that could be so and how you can fix it quickly.

Top Reasons Your Instagram Link in Bio is Not Working and How to Fix it

There are several reasons your Instagram link could be acting up. You can easily fix some of them, and some might require the assistance of specialized tools like Shorby.

Not to worry, though. I’ll be walking you through them all and then tell you everything you need to know about Shorby itself. Now, let’s dive right in.

1. A bug from you or Instagram

Software aren’t perfect. Like cars and every other tech device develops faults, software like Instagram gets weighed down by bugs.

At different points in time, people using Instagram on their PC have complained that their link in bio leads them to the app.

This bug could be the cause of your Instagram link in bio not working. In this case, the best way to fix it is to wait a few minutes or hours, and it’ll rectify itself.

However, the chances are that the bug is coming from your app itself.

If that’s the case, you can’t simply wait around for Instagram to fix it as they might not even be aware. You’d have to reach out to their customer care and have them fix it for you.

2. Outdated Instagram app

Another main reason your Instagram link in bio is not clickable could be because your Instagram app is outdated.

Many social media applications are constantly releasing new versions of their product to improve usability and fix bugs.

Some of them will compel you to download new ones by disabling the old version. Others will simply leave you to make the decision and live with the current bugs. In Instagram’s case, it’s usually the latter.

If you’ve not updated your Instagram app, you might still be living with the old bugs that keep your Instagram link in bio from working.

In this case, all you need is to get the latest version of Instagram on your device. You can do this by visiting the Google Playstore or the App Store, depending on your OS.

3. Instagram blocked your link

As I said, Instagram can be a bit challenging sometimes. For starters, they don’t let you upload any links to your post like some other social networks.

Also, you are limited to just one link in your bio. Like that’s not enough, you can’t put in certain links on that bio.

So, if your Instagram website link in bio is not working, there’s a chance that Instagram blocked that link. Just so you aren’t too confused, here is a list of links Instagram don’t allow you to post in your bio:

  • Links that have been identified to lead to spam websites
  • Links to websites containing explicit content
  • Doctored website names
  • Links that show up on too many accounts in too little time
  • Links to Telegram and Snapchat
  • Some shortened links

If you have any of these links in your bio, you may get an Instagram link not allowed error message and there are two options for you to fix it. The first is for you to simply change it as Instagram is not likely to change its policies on these links.

If, however, your link has been misidentified as a spam link, you could contact Instagram customer care.

But all of that is a fairly lengthy process. So, instead, you could simply use the Instagram bio tool called Shorby.

This tool will let you create a landing page where you can put all your links, even those that Instagram doesn’t want, like Telegram and Snapchat. I’ll tell you all about it in a minute.

4. You put your link in the wrong section

Hey, everyone makes mistakes now and then. It’s only normal. If you find out that your Instagram bio link is not working, it could be because you placed it in the wrong location.

On Instagram, there are two major places to include text on your profile. The first is your bio area, where you give basic information about yourself.

The second is your URL area where you put your link. If you put your link in the bio area, it wouldn’t work. Instagram would simply show it as a normal text to your readers, and they’d be unable to click it.

If you accidentally put your Instagram bio link in this area, you can simply go back, take it out, and put it in the website area. Then, people would be able to click on it and go wherever you’d like to take them.

5. Incorrect URL

This is just as simple but as likely to happen as putting the link in the wrong section. You might make the simple mistake of typing in the wrong URL in the link area.

When that clickable link in Instagram bio is not working, the cause may be that you entered a dysfunctional URL in the website section of your bio.

In this case, you’d have to take down the broken Instagram link completely and replace it with one that’s still functional.

6. Your link tool is dysfunctional

As an entrepreneur trying to make sales to the millions of people on Instagram, you must’ve heard about bio link tools at some point or the other.

An example is Shorby, and there are others in the market. Many of them are good, but unfortunately, many of them are also subpar with significant downtimes.

If your linking tool ever has issues, your Instagram link would immediately become dysfunctional, and you’d start losing potential customers.

The only way to prevent this from happening is to pick the right Instagram link tool. Otherwise, you’d be at the mercy of subpar linking services. One tool that’s making quite the name for itself in the market is Shorby.

Everything You Need to Know About Shorby

Shorby is a must-have link in bio tool for any entrepreneur looking to get ahead on Instagram. It helps you bypass the link restrictions that the social network has and make the most of your business. How? It’s explained below.

Sign up for Shorby free trial.

1. It helps you to create unique optimized landing pages

As an entrepreneur, you probably have different pages you want to send your users.

These could include the page of your latest offers, your portfolio page, your gallery of products, social media, etc. Unfortunately, you can only upload one link at a time on Instagram. It can also help create a micro affiliate landing page to promote affiliate links on Instagram.

Shorby helps you create and modify a landing page containing links to all the pages you need to send people to.

And if you want to insert a link in your Instagram bio, it’ll be that one Shorby link that you can use to lead to everything else.

Here’s how to put a clickable link in your Instagram bio via the Instagram app and website.

2. It works as a link in bio shortener

Creating optimized landing pages isn’t the only thing that Shorby is good at. The platform also helps you to shorten unnecessarily long links.

Even if you don’t have to create a full list or landing page filled with links, this makes Shorby useful to you.

If your one link is too long to fit into your Instagram URL area, Shorby is an Instagram bio link shortener that can help you shorten it.

That way, you can place it conveniently in your bio without worrying about the link text breaking and becoming dysfunctional. Besides, shorter links are a lot less off-putting.

3. It helps you to link to messenger apps

Unless you’re a multinational company with hundreds of thousands of branches across the world, the chances are that your customers still text you to place orders.

In that case, you’ll need a way to direct them from Instagram to your inbox as a part of their customer journey, right? Well, because Instagram doesn’t allow links to Telegram, among others, you can’t put that link in your bio.

Shorby allows you to link to your messenger apps. This could be one of the many links you create in your optimized landing page, as discussed earlier. Shorby supports different apps like:

  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Email
  • Skype

In Conclusion

Your Instagram bio link might not be working for several reasons. In this article, I’ve provided you with the most common reasons that might be so.

Alongside that, I’ve helped you see how you can fix it, especially with innovative tools like Shorby. You can learn how to make use of Shorby features.

All that’s left now is for you to get right down to business and start dominating the Instagram market one link at a time!

Constant Contact Website Builder Review 2021: Is It Worth the Hype?

Constant Contact is popular for its email marketing services. Recently, it created a service it tags the best builder available. But how accurate is this claim?

In this Constant Contact website builder review, you’ll find out how the website builder works and if it’s worth the hype. From its features, pricing, customer support, and interface, you’ll get a complete look at the website builder.

Let’s get started.

How Does the Website Builder Work?

Constant Contact’s website builder uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate websites/eCommerce stores. It does this primarily by asking you questions. And as you answer, the builder creates your website.

After you sign in to your account, the first step is to select a category from the options available. 

This lets the website builder know what the site you want to create will be all about. The website builder then creates pages and sections you may want to use automatically.

Next, you’ll get a prompt to select a title for your website. Then, you’ll get to pick images for your website. 

Constant Contact’s website builder allows you to choose royalty-free images from Unsplash’s picture collection. Alternatively, you can upload a picture or logo from your device.

From there, you’ll get to pick the colors you want on the page, your desired font, and a navigation style. A progress bar shows you the result of your changes and offers suggestions.

Next, the system takes you to Constant Contact’s editor. Here, you can make design adjustments and edits. At this stage, you can also input your website’s content.

When you’re done picking and updating elements, click on ‘Finish,’ and the builder creates your website for you.

If you’re new to website development, Constant Contact offers a quick tour to learn about the essential elements and how to navigate through the platform. 

It also has an interactive user-interface, and its ADI ensures you get your functional and well-designed site running in no time.

Everything You Need to Know About Constant Contact Website Builder

Before you decide whether Constant Contact’s website builder is a suitable tool for your business, you should weigh its website-building services, and features.

Constant Contact Website Builder Review: Pricing

Constant Contact has two plans for small business owners looking to build websites. They are:

1. Free plan: This option comes with the features you need to build basic websites. You don’t need a credit card to get started, and you can create a website within minutes.

However, the plan has some limitations.

Firstly, you don’t get an independent domain name. Instead, the domain name of your site will be linked to that of Constant Contact.

For example, if you got a web developer to build a website for you from scratch, viewers will log on to www.truckcompany.com.

However, with Constant Contact’s free version, you’ll have www.truckcompany.constantcontact.com as your domain.

Also, the sites you create with the builder’s free option shows Constant Contact ads. And you won’t be paid for running them on your website.

Furthermore, you can only sell three products with this plan.

The free plan doesn’t come with phone support from Constant Contact’s customer service. However, you can reach out to the team via email or webchat.

2. Website Builder plan: This option costs $10 per month. It allows you to build a website without the limitations of the free plan.

For example, you can sell unlimited products if you pick this plan. There won’t be ads on your site. More importantly, you’ll be able to build eCommerce sales funnels.

Website-related features of this plan include:

  • Mobile-responsive websites: Your site’s website, design, text, and images will adapt to different screen sizes.
  • Website analytics: The reporting tool will give periodic information about your website.
  • SSL certificate: This encrypts your website to keep your details private.
  • Unlimited storage: You’ll get to upload as many files and images as you want.
  • Constant Contact website hosting: This hosting is free, reliable, and secure.

Constant Contact Website Builder Review: Customization Features

Constant Contact’s website builder allows you to pick your website’s layout. The builder contains blocks, and there are three to five options to pick from. On each, you’ll get buttons, subtitles, a Call to Action (CTA), etc. Still, you can remove these elements.

As we’ve established in this Constant Contact website builder review, templates from the platform are mobile-responsive. Hence, you can preview websites you create on your phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

Constant Contact’s design quality is decent. While the color palettes aren’t state-of-the-art, business owners can use them to create attractive websites.

Constant Contact Website Builder Review: Customer Service

The company has a reliable customer support team through the knowledge center, live chat, or via the phone.

1. Knowledge base

Constant Contact’s knowledge base is where business owners learn how to carry out simple to complex tasks. It contains screenshots to help you understand how to navigate the platform.

While the knowledge base is quite helpful, it has hitches. The formatting is not great or user-friendly. The images are small and not so clear.

Also, you don’t get a forum, which could have helped users interact and help one another. In established website builders, having one is a friendlier and faster way to solve user problems.

2. Live chat

Constant Contact’s live chat isn’t available in every country. For users that have access, they can easily hit the question mark button. This leads to the option that states, “Chat with a web advisor.”

Upon clicking this option, you’ll be directed to a text box where you can summarize the issue. Within a few minutes of explaining the problem, the site will connect you to an agent.

Usually, an agent will request your verification code through email and log in to your account to resolve the issue for you.

3. Phone and email

The last option you can use is to call or send an email to the customer support team. Constant Contact replies to emails within 48 hours. Calling the team is toll-free irrespective of your location.

Before you call the team, Constant Contact recommends that you:

  • Wait for 24 to 48 hours after you published your website
  • Clear your cache and cookies
  • Try out a different computer if you’re experiencing network issues
  • Reset your router or unplug for at least 30 seconds

Constant Contact Website Builder Review: Blogging and SEO

Through its website builder, Constant Contact also offers blogging and SEO services to business owners.

Constant Contact blogs are available only in RSS format. Therefore, you will see your recent posts first.

Using the builder, you can’t put posts in categories, archive them or enable user comments. Also, it is tasking to include blogs to landing pages or home pages.

A Constant Contact blog offers the basics to write posts and articles.

On the other hand, Constant Contact doesn’t have many SEO tools for businesses to rank high on search engines.

While this issue is prevalent in several website builders, the established ones have SEO tools that increase online visibility.

Constant Contact Website Builder: eCommerce

As we’ve established, you can set up a Constant Contact online store using its AI-powered builder. From services to physical products and digital downloads, the platform allows you to sell anything you want.

When a customer pays for an item, Constant Contact takes a 1.5% cut on the transaction fee. The platform uses PayPal and Stripe to process payments. Therefore, additional fees could arise from this payment system.

A Constant Contact’s eCommerce website comes with some advanced features. For example, you can select how many times someone can pay for a download.

The builder also allows you to create as many pages as you want on your online store and link them together. When you do this, you also get to manage the backend of your store.

On the downside, you can’t add sub-menus to pages. This could make it challenging for customers to search your store.

Take an online gym website, for example. If you create one with Constant Contact’s website builder, you can have pages for gym equipment, gym gear, shoes, etc. If you have a lot of categories, sorting through the store would be tasking.

Nevertheless, Constant Contact has other exciting features. It includes integrated shipping services and tax calculations.

If you’d like, you can also track every customer’s purchase through its dashboard to drive your business’s objectives.

Take a company that produces fast consumer manufacturing goods (FCMG), for example.

If they decide to open a Constant Contact online store, stakeholders can track the delivery of goods. In turn, this can help to improve the company’s customer service.

Constant Contact allows you to A/B test the strategies you use to sell products on the website it generates for you.

Constant Contact Website Builder: Bonus Features

Asides from the basic features the AI-powered platform provides, you can also get a logo designer tool. This additional feature is available on the Website Builder plan, not the free version.

Creating a logo with this tool is similar to building a website. You get to explore designs quickly without knowing how to code.

Constant Contact Website Builder Vs. Wix

There are several website builders available like Weebly, Squarespace, and Shopify.

In this section of Constant Contact website builder review, we’ll compare Constant Contact’s key features and that of its close competitor, Wix.

1. Ease of use: Both Wix and Constant Contact have user-friendly interfaces. You get to see your website as it is being built by both platforms. Also, it takes less than 30 minutes to build a great quality website in both cases.

While Wix allows drag-and-drop settings, you only need to click through Constant Contact’s prompts to get a website.

2. Customer support: Wix has an online help center that’s similar to Constant Contact’s knowledge base. Unlike Constant Contact, where you can immediately place a call, Wix allows customers to only request a callback.

Both website builders have customer care experts that work round the clock.

3. Pricing: Unlike Constant Contact, Wix has several plans for people who want to build websites quickly. Wix pricing starts at $14 per month, while Constant Contact’s basic plan goes for $10 per month.

Alternatively, you can create a website with both builders for free. Such websites have ads, no custom domain, and other restrictions.

4. Customization and flexibility: Wix is as customizable as Constant Contact. Both sites allow you to change things like the layout, text, images, site’s color, menu, and lots more.

They also have templates that customers can choose from instead of starting from scratch.

5. SEO and Blogging: Wix has more SEO tools than Constant Contact’s website builder. You can write optimal SEO titles, descriptions, and file alt text with it. However, both website builders often lack basic blogging features.

Constant Contact Website Builder vs. WordPress

1. Ease of use: In terms of simplicity, WordPress and Constant Contact’s website builder are suitable for beginners. You don’t need to learn how to code or design websites.

With WordPress, all you need to do is drag and drop elements you want on your page.

While WordPress isn’t the best fit for creating an online store, the platform is a popular builder for blogs. On the other hand, you can use Constant Contact to create an eCommerce site or a blog.

2. Customer support: WordPress has a toll-free number you can call. Like Constant Contact, you can only call the customer support team if you’re on a paid subscription.

Nevertheless, WordPress recommends that customers check the platform for quick tips on how to resolve their complaints. The platform also has 24/7 live chat support for premium customers, like Constant Contact.

3. Pricing: WordPress is free for a lifetime, but the platform has three other plans. The best one for small businesses costs $25 per month, while Constant Contact’s base plan is $10 per month.

WordPress requires you to create an account before building your website if you choose its free version. With Constant Contact, you can create a website before an account.

4. Customization, design, and flexibility: WordPress and Constant Contact are customizable. With the WordPress Business plan, you get custom plugins and themes and can change all other elements to suit your needs. However, you only have 200GB of storage.

5. SEO and blogging: As we’ve established, WordPress a popular content management tool, especially when you want to build a blog.

You can use SEO plugins to make your website rank higher.

Constant Contact Website Builder vs. Weebly

1. Ease of use: Weebly is a drag-and-drop website builder. Hence, it is easy to use. You’ll get outputs on the screen and won’t have to deal with writing code, pressing buttons, or text boxes.

Constant Contact is just as easy to use and a tad more intuitive for beginners. You also don’t need tech experience to get started.

2. Customer support: Weebly allows you to reach out to its customer support via phone, live chat, or a support ticket.

While the chat and live phone support are available only in the US, business owners in other countries can use email support to resolve any issue.

The customer support team opens on Monday through Saturday, and there are a few steps to follow before you get started.

For example, Weebly recommends you open an account and type questions in the text box, after which it’ll suggest helpful articles.

On the other hand, Constant Contact has three ways to reach its customer support team.

3. Pricing: As with other established website builders, you can use Weebly for free. However, there are four other plans you can select.

You have to pay separate fees for a fully integrated online store and to get email marketing services with the builder.

The business plan costs $25 per month, while the Business Plus plan costs $38 per month. Both options are billed annually.

4. Customization, design, and flexibility: Weebly’s website builder allows you to customize your website. You can add text, maps, and several other elements.

The tool allows you to include video backgrounds, customize headers and experiment with color backgrounds. And if you know how to use HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, you can touch things up to suit your taste.

Constant Contact’s website builder allows just about the same customization features

5. SEO and blogging: Constant Contact has templates for creating blogs on the fly, and so also does Weebly. With both tools, you can integrate photos, videos and customize every aspect of the blog.

Weebly’s Editor handles most of the SEO tools the platform provides.

It also has a checklist to ensure you remember to carry out the most important tasks. In contrast, Constant Contact has only a few tools to rank high on search engines.

How to Use Constant Contact’s Email Marketing Service

Email marketing is a vital aspect of Constant Contact. With the service, you can send stylized emails, create surveys, and track progress reports.

Here is how to go about it:

1. Set up your email list

While you can send generic emails to everyone, you should set up lists when sending out specialized emails.

Tap the menu for the option that allows you to do this.

2. Enter your contacts

There are several ways to enter contacts in your email with Constant Contact. Firstly, you can choose to input them manually.

If your contacts are in a spreadsheet, you can also upload the list. This is a more convenient way to enter contacts. Alternatively, you can get your contacts from Outlook or Gmail.

Creating a form on your website is another way to get contacts.

3. Create your email content

Constant Contact allows you to track people who read your email. This way, you have an idea of how your email performs. Here’s a complete guide on how to create an email list with Constant Contact.


Do You Pay Extra Fees for an Online Store?

When you pay for any Constant Contact plan, you can create an online store without paying any extra fee.

The only cost from Constant Contact that you may incur is a 1.5% cut on your sales. Any other fee would be from the payment processor platform you choose.

Does a Website Come With a Domain?

After publishing a site, Constant Contact allows you to use its domain. Your site’s name can be the subdomain. Alternatively, you can buy a domain from Constant Contact or any other domain registrar.

Once you have one, you should connect it to your site directly or transfer it to Constant Contact. The second option allows you to manage billing options and other domain-related issues with your Constant Contact account.

Are There Discounts?

Constant Contact offers discounts to non-profit organizations. There are two options:

  • A 20% discount to be repaid in 6 month
  • A 30% discount to be repaid in 12 months

The platform doesn’t have monthly discounts.

Do You Need to Pay for Email Marketing Services?

From our review of the Constant Contact website builder, subscribing to the paid plan allows you to send emails.

If you have new subscribers, you can send them automatic welcome emails. And if you have an online store, transactional emails can help you stay on top of deliveries.

Nevertheless, you can create and save other types of emails but not send them. To do otherwise, you’ll need to pay for Constant Contact’s Email or Email Plus plans.

Final words

In a nutshell, Constant Contact’s website builder is useful for building basic but attractive websites. It’s designed for business owners who need websites within minutes and don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for one. 

While you can use it to build an online store, this platform doesn’t have extensive blogging features.

From our review, one of the most exciting things about the Constant Contact website builder is its excellent customer support team and user-friendly interface.

How to Write a Fiverr Gig Description that Sells in 6 Steps

This is one of the best times to start freelancing, and Fiverr is a great platform to start. But whether you get jobs or not depends largely on your Fiverr gig description and Profile description.

Writing a Fiverr gig description for beginners can be extremely tedious for some people. However, that’s only because you’re not sure how to go about it.

In this guide, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to create an amazing gig description that’ll draw in customers like bees to honey.

Also, I will provide you my Fiverr gig description template for beginners which will make writing yours very simple.

Things to Do Before You Start Writing Your Gig Description

I implied it before, but now I will say it outright: Your Fiverr gig description(s) is a crucial part of your Fiverr career. You need to look professional, reliable, committed, and dedicated.

Giving you a job is the equivalent of trusting you with an important task for the customer. Although you will get a monetary reward, the customer wants to know if they can trust you to get the job done right.

Your gig description is where they go to investigate if you’re worthy. So, before you start writing anything, you need to check out a few things.

1. Check Out Your Competition

Competitor research is an essential part of the business. Freelancing is no different.

While there is a fundamental difference between a Fiverr gig description for beginners and a gig description for a top seller, you may be able to find some ideas.

And NO, I’m not saying you should go and copy and paste some top seller’s gig. In fact, by doing that, you could shoot yourself in the foot.

If Fiverr’s algorithm finds your copied description, you’re going to have a real hard time getting your gig to appear on top when your niche is searched up.

I advise that you choose six competitors with good reviews and ratings. Two top sellers, two level-two sellers, and two level-one sellers is a good distribution.

Carefully examine their descriptions and pick out the common factors and some unique points you think may work for you. I used this strategy when starting out on Fiverr and it helped me get orders as a new seller fast.

2. Do Your Research

This point has two parts.

Keyword Research

Fiverr has an algorithm that also takes keywords into accounts when selecting gigs to be placed at the top of the search rankings. Of course, keywords vary in every niche, so you’ll have to find out the ones for your niche by yourself.

How do you do this? Here are a few tips.

Search for your gig in Fiverr’s search bar. Use the generic name or even the first word of your niche name.

For example, typing “content writing” in the search bar will give me suggestions like “creative content writing,” “blog content writing services,” “content SEO writer,” “SEO friendly content writing,” and more.

These are all keywords that can be used to increase the visibility of your gig.

Shortlist the ones you feel are most relevant to you. If you click on these keywords, you’ll see how many services are being offered in relation to that keyword.

Take the ones with the least number of services available because it’s easier to rank higher in a niche with fewer competitors.

  • You can also use your competitors to find keywords. Type in your niche into the Fiverr search box and click Search. When the results appear, search for common phrases in bestselling gigs by changing the settings from Sort by Relevance to  Sort by Bestselling. Then, take a close look at important sections like gig titles, URLs, tags, and images. You’ll find some common ground there. For example, the Fiverr gig title examples under a “logo design” search with adjusted settings have many gigs with the keyword “minimalist logo design.”

Buyer Research

This is another common research point. You need to ask yourself what customers need from you. What do they expect from your services?

You can get your answers from other top freelancers and their reviews. What services do they offer, and what are the qualities that their customers’ praise?

In this way, you can pinpoint focus areas and avoid wasting time emphasizing points that don’t matter.

3. Simplicity is Key

Use basic English to communicate your intent to your buyer. Many buyers aren’t native English speakers, and there aren’t a lot of people who can spare the time to google complicated words.

So, use simple English, short sentences, and short paragraphs. That way, you can communicate effectively while keeping your audience interested.

If you can’t hack it by yourself, use the free readability test provided by Perry Marshall. A grade of seven and lower would be amazing.

4. Talk It Only If You Can Walk It

Okay, we know I said that you should look at other competitors’ Fiverr gig descriptions to get insight into keywords and what buyers want.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should assume that you can handle the services those competitors offer. Please don’t offer a service that you can’t back up.

If you cannot do it easily, please don’t say you can except you plan on flipping such service to someone that does.

If you get an order for a service that sells well but is too difficult for you to handle, it can affect your order completion rate, which is vital for success on Fiverr.

Bonus Tip: Put a lot of thought into your Fiverr gig title. Look for the main keywords in those best-selling gigs and use them as Fiverr gig title samples to craft your headings.

Okay, now that you know how to lay the foundation for a great Fiverr gig description, let’s get to the actual building.

How to Make a Great Fiverr Gig Description

The ideal Fiverr gig description should consist of six parts.

  • Welcome/ Introduction
  • Your experience
  • What you’re selling and how you’re selling it.
  • Why should the customer choose you?
  • Your requirements
  • Call to action

These seven things are the essential parts of a Fiverr gig description. Of course, not everyone writes them the same way, as I’ll explain later.

After I’m done explaining what every point means, I’ll give you a template and two examples to start.

Now, let’s get to the first part.

1. The Welcome/Introduction

Welcoming the buyer to your gig isn’t something every freelancer does, but it serves as a way to make your persona seem a little friendlier. Of course, this mainly works for individual freelancers.

If you have a team or studio and will use the pronoun “we,” a welcome message might seem a little out of place. But for individuals hoping to draw customers in and hopefully get repeat buyers, a warm welcome may be just right.

Also, please note that your welcome doesn’t actually have to have “Welcome!” or “Greetings!” or even a “Hello.” Your welcome only needs to introduce your customer to your skills.

Here’s an example:

“Are you a website owner looking for great SEO-optimized content to get your website to Google’s first page? If yes, then you’ve found the right person for the job. My name’s Amanda and I’m the professional website content writer that’s going to take your website all the way to the #1 search ranking.”

An example that’s a little bit more unique would read:

“Your website is your reception for all your prospective customers. Your content is your receptionist, the one who attends to your customers and gives them information. You wouldn’t hire a receptionist who can’t speak properly. So why would you leave your content creation to anyone other than me?

Hi, my name is Escape230, and I’m the best person to “train” your “receptionist.”

2. Your Experience

Next, you’ll have to expand on your relevant experience. Customers prefer working with people who have experience.

Nobody wants to be the first lab rat for a new scientist, and not many want to be the first customer of a fresh freelancer. Experience makes buyers feel that you are reliable and can deliver the service.

However, you shouldn’t write a long account of all your jobs. Remember, it’s a Fiver gig description, not a CV. Keep it short and sweet.

Here’s an example:

“I’ve worked as a website content writer for over 5 years and I run my own blog where I give tips on how to drive traffic through SEO-optimized content.”

This might be a challenge if you’re a beginner without any prior experience, education, or certification. But it is still doable. Just switch from experience to passion.

Here’s an intro from a Fiverr gig description for logo design

“After over eight years of creating posters and logos as a pastime, I decided to turn my passion into a career. Are you looking for something creative, unique, professional, and outstanding? I’ve been creating graphics for years and can guarantee that your work will be accomplished perfectly!

Passion, enthusiasm, and a promise of customer satisfaction can take your customer’s mind off your lack of experience.

3. What You’re Selling and How You’re Selling It

In this part of your gig, you’re going to explain how you’ll work. That is, you’re going to expand on what services you’re offering when the customer can expect their results, how many revisions you’ll provide, and more.

On Fiverr, there are limits to how you can sell your gig. There are ways to add extras and gig multiples, but these are extremely restricted as a new freelancer.

As you go up in level, the restrictions will become fewer, but for now, it’s best to list your services and prices both on your gig and its description.

Depending on what you’re selling and how you want to offer it, your services can look a lot different from other sellers. Let me give an example.

Fiverr Gig description samples

There are two sellers with gig descriptions for content writing. Here’s what one of them provides:

“What you will get in my articles:

  • SEO friendly and highly engaging content
  • Plagiarism free
  • Well researched keywords
  • A clear, cogent article with no filler or fluff
  • Well-structured
  • On-page SEO will be available if necessary
  • 100% guaranteed to pass Copyscape
  • Unlimited revisions.”


“What you can expect from us:

  • Website content, including the homepage, About Us, Services, Contact Us, etc.
  • Articles and blog posts (any topic excluding adult themes).
  • USA based native content writer
  • Unique and user-friendly SEO web content
  • Killer content writing service
  • Keyword Research
  • Quick turn around time
  • Fast Delivery
  • 100% Original Killer Content
  • 24/7 support.”

Now, here’s another one in the same niche but written in a completely different way:

“The niches I cover:

  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Tech
  • Sports
  • Pop Culture
  • Travel
  • Motivational / Self-Help
  • Health / Wellness.”

Note: There are a few niches with almost the same services offered. For example, most Fiverr gig description samples for data entry have mostly the same offers with differing experiences.

4. Why Should the Customer Choose You?

Now, you need to list out the unique points of your service. There can be over fifty thousand gigs under a single keyword.

So, you need to tell your buyer what he benefits from your gig specifically.

Honestly, there are many ways to go about it, and this is the area where your creativity can shine through. You can create a list of your special services.

For example:

“What you get from this service:

  • Satisfaction guaranteed 100%
  • Thorough research
  • Properly researched and integrated SEO keywords.
  • Proofread
  • Unlimited revisions.”

There are many ways to write this part, but it depends on the unique services you can offer and the niche you’re in.

For more inspiration, you should check out some other Fiverr gig descriptions in your niche. Level two and top sellers have some of the best gig benefits.

5. What You’ll Need (Requirements)

You’ll always need a few things before you can start a service. To avoid unnecessary messages, you should list out the items you’ll need from your customers. You should also write it in your FAQs, just to be sure.

6. Call to Action

This is arguably the most important part of any Fiverr gig description. All you need to do is remind the customer to order your service.

It can be something as simple as “Order Now!” or a more sedate, “I look forward to working with you.”

Conclusion (Free Template)

Now we’ll show you my original free gig description template that you can use to craft your Fiverr gig description.

Fiverr Gig Description Template

Are you looking for a professional (insert niche name here)? Do you need a reliable (insert niche name here) to get work done right when you’re in a hurry? Then, welcome.

I’m (insert name here), an expert (insert niche name here) with X years of experience. I’ve worked with several people over the years and have decided to share my passion for quality work here on Fiverr.

What You Get:

  • Insert feature one
  • Insert feature two
  • Insert feature three, and so on.

Why You Should Hire Me

  • Insert reason one
  • Insert reason two
  • Insert reason three, and so on.

My Requirements

  • Insert requirement one
  • Insert requirement two
  • Insert requirement three, and so on.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you.”

Guide to Writing the Best Fiverr Profile Description + Examples

There have to be at least two million freelancers (I’m included) trying to gain an income through Fiverr. And if you want to compete with them, you have to get your Fiverr profile description in order ASAP.

Fiverr’s top sellers didn’t get where they are overnight. A lot of them executed a bunch of strategies to make themselves stand out to buyers.

Making their profile description amazing was and continues to be one of those strategies.

Today, I’m going to show you how to make your Fiverr profile description look professional and most importantly, reliable.

But first, let me give you a little more info on why your profile is crucial.

Why Your Profile Matters

Your profile is equal to a CV, exam, and interview for buyers.

Your gig description is very important in selling your services and might offer some insight into your personality, but most customers need more information on you.

Your profile description is your way of greeting them, introducing yourself, and making the impression that you can do the job.

In essence, your profile description plays a huge role for customers in deciding whether you’re qualified to handle jobs or not.

Right, that’s that.

Now let’s move on to how to make your Fiverr profile description awesome.

How to Make a Great Fiverr Profile Description

Step #1: Your Profile Picture

Not every top freelancer has a professional headshot as their profile pic, but that doesn’t mean you should use some random drawing or writing.

Pick a photo with you in it that seems trustworthy or use your business logo if you have one.

Step #2: Introduction

Introduce yourself. While your Fiverr profile description is like a character analysis for your buyer, it’s still not one. So, you can be a little more casual.

A simple, “Hi, I’m Rachel Gomez. Welcome to my profile,” works well.

Step #3: Show Off Your Experience (But not too much)

Your next order of business is to tell your buyer what you do. Sometimes, you may have training in one particular niche but can relate it and make it relevant in other niches.

For example, the way copywriting is relevant to both business people, bloggers, and social media influencers.

Say what you can do and market yourself. If you have years of relevant experience, show it off.

Here’s an example from a fictional Rachel Gomez.

This is an example of a Fiverr profile description for graphic designers:

“I am a professionally trained graphic designer and have over 3 years of experience working within this niche. Producing designs of amazing quality and attaining client satisfaction is my ultimate goal.”

Step #4: Call to Action

Don’t forget your call to action! A CTA is important in every description you write on Fiverr. After you’re done grabbing your customer’s interest, you have to spur them into contacting you with your call of action.

Your CTA doesn’t have to belong. One sentence is fine. For example:

“I look forward to hearing from you!”

“I look forward to working with you!”

“Please contact me for any requirements outside my specifications!”

Here’s one last very confident CTA: “Contact me to raise your Google search ranking guaranteed!” I don’t advise that you write this type of CTA without adequate experience, but if you know you can do what you say, go ahead.

Fiverr only allows 600 characters for your bio, so after this, you’ll have to move on to other parts of your profile.

Highlight Your Skills

Apart from your bio, you can highlight your skills in three ways:

One, make sure to claim your skills. Fiverr has a list of skills that you can claim and will be added to your Fiverr profile description. Only claim skills that you have and can defend.

Two, list your certifications. Your certificates can help prove to your customers that you have sufficient knowledge to handle their work.

Of course, this will only happen if your certification is related to your gigs.

For example, if you take this course in graphic designing, your certificate proves you have adequate skills in designing Pinterest Pins, Facebook ad images, YouTube thumbnails e.t.c.

Three, include your experience. This includes your educational background, employment history (if it’s relevant), and other information to add to your value.

This is important because having a wealth of experience can help you look more knowledgeable even as a new Fiverr freelancer.

Below are examples of a Fiverr profile description for beginners.

Examples of Fiverr Profile Description for Beginners

Example #1: Fiverr Profile Description for Graphic Designers

“Hi, I’m Rachel Gomez. Welcome to my profile. I am a professionally trained graphic designer and have over 3 years of experience working within this niche. Producing designs of amazing quality and attaining client satisfaction is my ultimate goal. I look forward to working with you!”

Example #2: Fiverr Profile Description for Content writing

“I’m Ashish, an English Graduate and content writer with over 2 years of experience. I provide top-notch article writing services for fashion, beauty, and business-related articles that are SEO-optimized. I’m also fluent in Spanish and have worked as a translator for written works for two years. My goal is to use my experience to create beautiful content that ranks well. Contact me for a job done right.”

Example #3: Fiverr Profile Description for Digital Marketing

“Hello, I’m Daniel, a professional digital marketer that helps startups, small business owners, and online entrepreneurs in developing a DIY marketing strategy plan that explains their real-time market demand and outlines a step-by-step action plan for execution. Contact me to help you make your business thrive in the online space.”

Example #4: Fiverr Profile Description for Data Entry

“I’m Stacy, a seasoned data entry professional with two years of experience working as an executive virtual assistant for document typing and data entry. I’m an innovative, organized, and highly detailed person. You can count on me for error-free and professionally executed typing and data entry projects.”

So those are my beginner Fiverr profile description examples.

You have to make a good write-up yourself because other than that; your only other option is hiring another freelancer to become a Fiverr profile description generator for you.

Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Always use simple, basic English. If you can’t tone down your syllables, use Google to rack up some synonyms and Perry Marshall to grade it on its readability. You should aim for below-grade seven.
  • Keep your paragraphs and sentences short.
  • Connect to your buyers’ needs. Know what they want and highlight the fact that you can give it to them.
  • Don’t be too modest. Strut your stuff a little.
  • Let them know that the focus is customer satisfaction.
  • Proofread when you’re done. You can also use correction software like Grammarly to fix your errors.


Right now, I hope that you’re feeling fired up and ready to go write your Fiverr profile description.

I know that you can accomplish this with my tips and make a great profile that’ll draw in new customers.

What are you waiting for? Get writing already.

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