GoHighLevel SaaS Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

GoHighLevel’s SaaS Pricing, also referred to as the Highlevel Agency Pro plan, presents an opportunity for White Label customization, allowing you to tailor the entire platform to your brand and resell it. I utilize this plan for my SaaS reselling venture.

If you are currently signed up for the Agency Unlimited plan, upgrading to the SaaS Mode + White Label plan is possible through this link. Ensure to enter ajibola88 in the affiliate input area.

However, if you are not yet a user of this software, continue reading to gain a deeper understanding of the GoHighLevel SaaS pricing plan and how to sign up for it.

GoHighLevel stands as a comprehensive cloud-based CRM platform, consolidating all essential marketing tools within a single interface. This sales and marketing platform grants you access to a full suite of tools required to enhance your client base.

The GoHighLevel SaaS pricing plan is the most sophisticated HighLevel plan and it costs $497/month. Opting for an annual payment will grant you a 17% discount, reducing the total cost to $4,968 per year.

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GoHighLevel Pricing

Among the GoHighLevel pricing plans, the Agency Starter is the most budget-friendly choice, priced at $97/month. Additionally, there are two other GoHighLevel pricing plans available: the GoHighLevel Unlimited plan, which costs $297 per month, and the GoHighLevel White Label Mobile App + Saas Mode plan, which incurs an extra cost of $497 per month or $4,968 per year when paid annually.

Please be aware that for an existing customer to upgrade to the HighLevel SaaS Mode + White Label account, you need to have an active subscription to the Agency Unlimited plan.

How to Sign Up for GoHighLevel SaaS Mode

Signing up for the GoHighLevel SaaS Mode as a new customer involves a simple 2-step process.

Step #1: Visit the GoHighLevel Pro SaaS Sign-Up Page

Click here to visit the dedicated page GoHighLevel created for new users to sign up for the SaaS pricing plan free trial and fill out the required details.

Step #2: Enter Your Credit Card Details

This is the second and final step. You need to enter your credit card details and click the “Complete Order” button. Don’t worry, you are not making any payments now. You will only be charged when you have completed your 14-day free trial.

Features of GoHighLevel SaaS Pricing Plan

In addition to all the features found in the Agency Unlimited Account, the GoHighLevel SaaS pricing plan encompasses the following:

GoHighLevel SaaS Mode

The GoHighLevel SaaS mode entails a monthly subscription of $497, granting you the ability to utilize GoHighLevel while also enabling you to resell the software to others and retain 100% of the profit. This unique offering allows you to provide both services and software under your own brand.

One of the key strengths of HighLevel SaaS is its true software-as-a-service (SaaS) nature, allowing you to resell it as if it were your own software product. Upon signing up, you’ll have access to comprehensive video tutorials to effectively manage your account.

GoHighLevel also offers a powerful White Label option, empowering businesses to customize and brand the platform with their own logos, colors, and identity. This means you can seamlessly present the platform as your own product to clients, complete with your branding.

The SaaS mode includes the following additional features:

Split Testing (A/B Testing): Test different versions of landing pages or web pages to determine which performs better.

Agency Reporting: Track call reporting metrics, such as answered calls, missed calls, planned calls, and average call duration. It’s a valuable tool for sales management and monitoring lead conversion.

AI Conversational Bot: Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and moderate conversations, both spoken and written.

Advanced API Access: Enjoy extensive API access along with email and text rebilling capabilities.

Additional features for your agency encompass:

  • SaaS Dashboard
  • Non-payment Lock-out
  • Automatic Sub-account Generation
  • SaaS Snapshot for exporting an entire account to another HighLevel account
  • Automatic Twilio Rebilling
  • And much more

Features specifically tailored for your clients comprise:

  • Facebook Messenger Chat
  • Reputation Management
  • 2-Way Text Messaging
  • Google My Business Chat
  • Missed-Call Text Back

With GoHighLevel’s SaaS mode, you’re equipped with a comprehensive toolkit to offer services and software simultaneously, all while maintaining full control over branding and pricing.

GoHighLevel White Label

GoHighLevel provides a versatile white-label option that empowers businesses to personalize and brand the platform with their unique logos, color schemes, and branding elements.

This enables a complete replacement of all HighLevel branding with your own, allowing you to present it to your clients as your exclusive product.

In addition, the white label feature offers the flexibility for businesses to establish their own pricing and billing structures for the platform, rather than adhering to GoHighLevel’s standard pricing.

This white label functionality proves particularly advantageous for businesses seeking to incorporate the platform within broader service packages or to bundle it alongside other products and services, aligning seamlessly with their overall offerings.

Split Testing (A/B Testing)

Referred to as split testing or A/B testing, this GoHighLevel feature facilitates the evaluation of different versions of landing pages, home pages, or web pages to determine the optimal performing variant.

Agency Reporting

Through GoHighLevel Agency Reporting, precise tracking of call-related data becomes feasible. This encompasses metrics such as answered calls, initial calls, missed calls, scheduled calls, and the average duration of each interaction. Moreover, this feature can even be employed to record phone conversations, proving indispensable for sales professionals overseeing teams. It allows for monitoring how team members follow up on leads and convert them.

AI Conversational Bot

The GoHighLevel White Label account extends access to advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, enabling the automation of various processes. Notably, these capabilities are harnessed for conversation moderation. The AI bot engages in conversations, whether in spoken or written form, providing an elevated level of automation.

Advanced API Access

Comprehensive API access is encompassed within this pricing package, fostering seamless integration possibilities. Additionally, the plan encompasses email and text rebilling functionalities.

Further Agency-Oriented Features:

  • SaaS Dashboard
  • Non-payment Lock-out
  • Automatic Sub-account Generation
  • SaaS Snapshot for seamless account exportation between HighLevel accounts
  • Automated Twilio Rebilling
  • And more

Client-Centric Features:

  • Facebook Messenger Chat
  • Reputation Management
  • 2-Way Text Messaging
  • Google My Business Chat
  • Missed-Call Text Back

The GoHighLevel White Label option, coupled with an array of potent features, empowers businesses to enhance their service offerings, branding, and client interactions, ultimately driving growth and efficiency.

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Final Words on HighLevel SaaS

The HighLevel SaaS pricing truly sets it apart from its competitors. With the ability to fully customize the platform as your own, sell the software to clients, and retain the entire profit, it presents an exceptional avenue for generating consistent monthly income.

In the realm of agency management and client retention, GoHighLevel stands as a transformative tool, reshaping the landscape. The platform equips you with integrated marketing tools that streamline the creation of websites, sales funnels, and landing pages, facilitating efficient lead generation.

Furthermore, a comprehensive CRM and conversion toolkit are at your disposal to effectively nurture and convert leads into valued customers. Utilizing diverse communication channels such as phone calls, emails, and Facebook Messenger, among others, you can orchestrate personalized and automated follow-up strategies to engage your leads.

However, if your marketing requirements fall substantially below the capabilities offered by the Agency Pro plan, opting for this plan might not be the most strategic choice.

For a detailed breakdown of all HighLevel pricing plans, you can refer to the HighLevel pricing plan guide. This resource will aid you in selecting the optimal plan that aligns with the needs of your agency or business.