Is GoHighLevel Worth It? Pros and Cons 2024

Yes, GoHighLevel is worth it for digital marketing agencies, consultants, and businesses seeking to automate marketing campaigns, streamline lead nurturing, and optimize sales processes.

It not only functions as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for users but also provides the opportunity to resell HighLevel to clients under their own brand, allowing them to retain 100% of the generated revenue.

What Is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel serves as an all-in-one CRM platform, eliminating the need for multiple marketing software tools. This comprehensive solution enables efficient management of customer relations and various aspects of marketing initiatives.

Agencies can leverage GoHighLevel to enhance their operations and offer a white-label CRM and SaaS reselling solution to their clients.

Is GoHighLevel Worth It?

Absolutely! GoHighLevel is an invaluable asset for businesses and agencies of all sizes. It empowers digital marketing agencies to automate marketing and sales processes, efficiently manage customer relations, schedule appointments, create membership websites, and even allows them to resell the software to an unlimited number of clients.

Who Uses GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel caters to a diverse user base, including marketing agencies, businesses, and professionals seeking a comprehensive solution for CRM, marketing tasks, and overall operational efficiency. It is particularly popular among agencies aiming to provide white-label services to clients while having the flexibility to resell GoHighLevel under their own brand.

The platform offers three distinct pricing plans designed to meet the varying needs of digital marketing agencies and businesses:

  1. Agency Starter Plan: $97 per month (1 account)
    • Flexibility to use a single account for personal use or for a client.
  2. Agency Unlimited Plan: $297 per month (Unlimited accounts + White label)
    • Freedom to add an unlimited number of client accounts.
    • Full customization of the platform and white-label CRM services for clients.
  3. Agency Pro Plan (SaaS): $497 per month (Unlimited accounts + White label + SaaS)
    • HighLevel SaaS gives you the ability to sell GoHighLevel or specific packages to an unlimited number of clients under your brand.
    • Comprehensive access to tools and functions, allowing the creation of unlimited landing pages, surveys, forms, websites, courses, and sales funnels.

Whether managing a single account or multiple, users enjoy equal access to GoHighLevel’s versatile tools, enabling lead capture, tracking, nurturing, appointment scheduling, and engagement through various communication channels.

The platform’s workflow tool automates campaign-building processes, and detailed analytics facilitate the evaluation of campaign effectiveness.

For agencies wanting to sell GoHighLevel to an unlimited number of clients under their brand, the Agency Pro Plan (White label & SaaS) is an ideal choice.

This allows you to directly sell it to clients, mirroring your purchasing experience on, with the added benefit of custom branding that conceals any indication of the GoHighLevel platform. You have the freedom to set your preferred price and earn a significant monthly recurring income.

Which Applications Does GoHighLevel Replace?

GoHighLevel offers a notable advantage by negating the need to invest in various standalone software applications. These include:

  • CRM, email marketing, and pipeline management tools
  • Sales funnel building software
  • Website building tools
  • Surveys and form creators
  • 2-way SMS marketing apps
  • Bookings, appointments, and workflow automation solutions
  • Course membership software and hosting
  • Call and analytics tracking services
  • Reputation management tools
  • White or gray mobile app labeling options

GoHighLevel Features

Here are some of the core features of GoHighLevel

  • Funnels & Landing Pages Builder: Easily create captivating landing pages using one-click templates or your unique designs. Establish additional funnels directly from the dashboard to guide traffic seamlessly.
  • GoHighLevel SMS Marketing: Enhance client communication through mobile devices, improving customer service, marketing, and promotions with personalized messages. Effectively manage responses, reach multiple clients simultaneously, and monitor message delivery statistics from the user-friendly dashboard, similar to WhatsApp.
  • GHL Email Marketing: Elevate communication and engagement with robust features like lead nurturing automation, personalized content, detailed analytics, segmentation for targeted communication, various templates, and scheduled emails for optimal timing.
  • Membership Websites: GoHighLevel empowers users to build and promote membership sites for product advertising or course content. Customize the site with your domain, modify the layout, and upload video content to enhance the user experience.
  • Reporting & Analytics: This feature provides comprehensive insights into Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and website traffic. Gain valuable information on visitor behavior, team performance, areas for improvement, and campaign effectiveness through sub-dashboards.
  • Content Management: GoHighLevel’s CMS allows easy creation, approval, publishing, and saving of content. Edit existing pages, add new content, and schedule posts for timely updates across social media platforms.
  • Booking and Online Appointment Tool: Simplify appointment management, allowing the creation and sharing of calendars. Design and customize calendars within the dashboard for seamless integration into your funnels.
  • CRM and Pipeline Management: Offer an integrated solution compatible with various systems. Access your pipeline across all accounts, whether on mobile or desktop, for real-time data insights and decision-making.
  • HighLevel Integrations: Seamlessly integrate GoHighLevel with preferred applications through webhooks, efficiently distributing data and connecting apps across various platforms.
  • The GoHighLevel Mobile App: Facilitate quick client profile creation, lead generation, and project initiation. The portable and user-friendly app allows on-the-go management, ensuring accessibility wherever you are.
  • White Label & SaaS Mode: Available in the White Label plan or HighLevel Agency Pro/SaaS Mode plan, enabling branding customization for reselling with your identity. Set pricing, offer comprehensive training, and resell the platform as a service to your clients.
  • Multi-Channel Support: Ensure robust assistance through live chat, email, and phone, available 24/7. Engage with a dedicated support team, a Facebook Community, and a community-driven ideas board for comprehensive support.
  • Workflow Automation: Streamline marketing campaigns with a visual flowchart interface. Customize workflows, integrate multiple channels, and utilize pre-configured templates for various industries.
  • Voice Call Management and Automation: Enable the management and automation of voice calls with Twilio integration. Access call tracking, a dashboard dialer, forced calls, and no-call voicemail features for enhanced client communication.
  • Surveys and Forms: Allow the design of unlimited surveys, polls, and forms seamlessly integrated into clients’ websites. Gather leads and feedback effortlessly, export data to Google Docs, and utilize triggers for webchat widget activation.

Pros and Cons Of GoHighLevel


  • All-in-One Solution: Access all essential tools for creating, nurturing, and managing marketing campaigns and CRM on a unified platform.
  • Templates and Snapshots: Leverage “done for you” templates across various industries (dental, insurance, recruitment, etc.) provided by GoHighLevel for rapid campaign setup.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Utilize simple and intuitive building tools to create funnels, emails, forms, websites, and landing pages—all managed from a single dashboard.
  • Automation Capabilities: Automate tasks such as lead communication through SMS and email, appointment booking, lead pipeline management, and campaign workflows.
  • White Label Option: Marketing agencies can white label GoHighLevel’s software and present it as their own branded product.
  • Cost-Effective: Opt for a single plan and enjoy unlimited access to features, eliminating the need for multiple software applications.
  • Mobile Application: Stay connected with clients, and manage appointments and calendars on the go, ensuring you never miss a lead opportunity with GoHighLevel’s mobile application.


Adjusting to GoHighLevel might initially feel overwhelming due to its extensive features. It’s important to anticipate a learning curve before achieving proficiency with all the tools.

Dedicate a few days to familiarize yourself with the system. Fortunately, GoHighLevel acknowledges this challenge and offers a comprehensive set of “quick start” learning tools. These resources are specifically designed to expedite your understanding of the platform and its functionalities.

Is GoHighLevel Legitimate?

Absolutely! GoHighLevel is a legitimate platform. Not only can I vouch for its legitimacy based on my personal experience as a customer, but it also holds an “Excellent” rating on, achieving a score of 4.7 out of 5 stars from 253 customer reviews.

Is GoHighLevel Worth It? Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, GoHighLevel is worth the investment. Going beyond the realms of a typical CRM software, it stands as an all-encompassing platform that empowers marketers, practitioners, and agencies with a comprehensive set of tools to launch, expand their business, and maximize profits through SaaS resale.