GoHighLevel Agency Pro Pricing Plan

GoHighLevel, a comprehensive marketing and business management platform, has an ace up its sleeve for agencies seeking to elevate their services. The Agency Pro plan, also known as the HighLevel SaaS Mode, costs $497/month or $4,970/year and it’s designed to allow agencies to supercharge their offerings.

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In this article, we delve into the dynamic features and immense potential of the GoHighLevel Agency Pro plan, designed to empower agencies in their journey toward success.

What Is GoHighLevel Agency Pro?

GoHighLevel Agency Pro is the highest-tier plan from GoHighLevel. Specifically tailored for agencies, this plan enables them to customize the GoHighLevel platform and offer it as a “software as a service” (SaaS) or a white label CRM solution.

This strategic approach empowers agencies to enhance their service quality, deliver exceptional value, and increase their revenue streams by branding and selling the GoHighLevel platform as their own.

It grants agencies the freedom to set their pricing, add customized features, and resell GoHighLevel SaaS to an unlimited client base, all while retaining their own branding.

Features of GoHighLevel Agency Pro

The GoHighLevel Agency Pro plan takes the extensive capabilities of the Agency Unlimited account to the next level. With Agency Pro, you gain access to additional features that enable you to provide enhanced services to your clients.

Here’s what’s included in the GoHighLevel Agency Pro plan:

GoHighLevel SaaS Mode

GoHighLevel SaaS Mode allows you to pay a monthly subscription fee of $497 to access and use the GoHighLevel platform. However, it also grants you the unique privilege to resell the software to other businesses and retain 100% of the profits.

This means you can essentially become a service and software provider simultaneously, offering your clients both services and software solutions.

The strength of HighLevel SaaS Mode lies in the fact that it’s a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that can be resold as if it were your proprietary software.

You’ll receive comprehensive video tutorials to help you effectively manage your GoHighLevel SaaS account.

GoHighLevel White Label

With GoHighLevel’s White Label option, your business can fully customize and brand the platform with your own logos, branding elements, and color schemes. This enables you to replace all HighLevel branding with your own, creating a seamless, branded experience for your clients.

The White Label option also provides you with the flexibility to set your pricing and billing structure for the platform, deviating from GoHighLevel’s standard pricing model.

This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses aiming to incorporate the platform into a comprehensive suite of services or bundle it with other products or solutions.

Create Flexible Pricing Plans

GoHighLevel Agency Pro empowers you to establish various pricing plans for your clients, and you have the freedom to decide whether these plans are billed on a monthly or annual basis.

Currently, you can create up to three distinct SaaS plans, and GoHighLevel may expand this limit in the future.

While specific features are considered “set” and must be included in your SaaS plans, the remaining features of the GoHighLevel platform can be mixed and matched to create tailored offerings for your clients. This flexibility is invaluable when designing plans at different price points, such as basic and standard plans with varying features.

Include Rebilling for Services

GoHighLevel Agency Pro enables you to resell additional services with a markup to your clients. You can choose to incorporate services like the GoHighLevel phone system into your service offerings.

While GoHighLevel sets a base rate for services such as phone calls, text messages, and emails, you have the flexibility to adjust these rates to generate additional revenue.

The services available for rebilling include the Phone System, Email, Premium Triggers and Actions, Email Verification, Content AI, Workflow AI, and Conversation AI.

Split Testing (A/B Testing)

GoHighLevel offers the Split Testing feature, also known as A/B testing, which enables you to compare the performance of different versions of your landing pages, home pages, or web pages to determine which one is most effective.

Agency Reporting

GoHighLevel’s Agency Reporting allows you to monitor and track various call metrics, including answered calls, first-time calls, missed calls, planned calls, and the average duration of each contact.

It also offers the valuable capability to record phone calls, making it particularly useful for sales teams to assess lead follow-up and conversion.

AI Conversational Bot

With access to GoHighLevel’s White Label account, you can harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automate a wide range of processes, including conversation moderation. This AI bot can engage in spoken or written language interactions, enhancing your communication capabilities.

Advanced API Access

The GoHighLevel Agency Pro plan comes with extensive API access, providing you with the flexibility to integrate and customize various functionalities. Additionally, this plan includes email and text rebilling, allowing you to expand your service offerings.

Additional Agency Features:

  • SaaS Dashboard
  • Non-Payment Lock-Out
  • Automatic Sub-Account Generation
  • SaaS Snapshot, facilitating the export of entire accounts to other HighLevel accounts
  • Automatic Twilio Rebilling
  • And more

Features for Your Clients:

  • Facebook Messenger Chat
  • Reputation Management
  • 2-Way Text Messaging
  • Google My Business Chat
  • Missed-Call Text Back

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GoHighLevel Agency Pro Expensive?

When considering the features provided by the GoHighLevel Pro plan relative to its cost, it proves to be a cost-efficient solution. With the ability to resell GoHighLevel indefinitely, the monthly fee of $497 for the plan offers exceptional value for money.

How Much Is HighLevel Per Month?

The most budget-friendly GoHighLevel pricing option is the GoHighLevel Agency Starter plan, priced at $97 per month. The other two GoHighLevel pricing choices include Agency Unlimited at $297 per month, and GoHighLevel White Label Mobile App + SaaS Mode, which comes at an additional $497 per month or $4,968 per year when billed annually.

What Kind of Software Is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is an all-inclusive white-label CRM software designed to streamline online marketing and client management processes. It offers powerful features for customization, SaaS resale, customer relationship management, marketing automation, funnel creation, email campaigns, and more!

Is it possible to white-label GoHighLevel’s mobile app?

You can choose to implement white-labeling for GoHighLevel’s mobile app and set up a customized Zap using Zapier. However, please be aware that this level of customization comes with an additional monthly charge of $497 on top of your regular subscription. It’s worth noting that the mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.