HighLevel Software: Review, Features & Pricing Plans

HighLevel software is an all-in-one white-label CRM solution designed for practitioners, businesses, and agencies of varying sizes. It facilitates the automation of marketing campaigns, lead nurturing, and sales closure.

Also, it empowers businesses and agencies to market HighLevel as a SaaS product under their own brand name, enabling them to set their desired price and retain 100% of the generated revenue.

In this HighLevel review, I will showcase its features, pricing, pros and cons, and share my personal experience with the software to assist you in making an informed purchasing decision.

What Is HighLevel CRM Software?

HighLevel CRM offers a comprehensive CRM solution catering to digital marketing agencies, consultants, and SaaSpreneurs, equipping them with essential tools to enhance their businesses or agencies through efficient marketing automation and customer relationship management.

It also enables them to offer white-label services and resell a customized version of the software under their own branding.

HighLevel Software Review: Pricing Plans

HighLevel provides three unique pricing tiers: Starter, Unlimited, and Pro. The Starter plan costs $97 per month, the Unlimited plan is priced at $297 per month, and the Pro plan is available for $497 per month. Opting for annual payment grants you a 17% discount on all plans.

Agency Starter Plan ($97/month):

The Agency Starter Plan, priced at $97 per month, stands as the most budget-friendly choice among HighLevel’s pricing plans.

It offers access to a wide array of GoHighLevel features, making it ideal for individual businesses or agencies managing a couple of client accounts. Opting for an annual subscription provides a significant discount that is worth 2 months of subscription.

It’s noteworthy that the Agency Starter Account provides access to only 3 sub-accounts. For agencies in need of an unlimited number of sub-accounts and white-label functionality, an upgrade to an Agency Unlimited account is necessary.

Specifically tailored for individual business owners and small digital marketing agencies, the Starter Plan furnishes a solid foundation of HighLevel’s capabilities within their businesses before considering expansion.

Key features of the Starter Plan include:

  • HighLevel Agency Dashboard: Offers an overview of sales and marketing activities, providing valuable insights into business performance.
  • Opportunities Dashboard: A robust tool for tracking and managing leads through the sales funnel, facilitating effective lead management.
  • Contact Management: Simplifies list management, enabling easy handling of contacts. Users can also add appointments, tasks, notes, and more for streamlined organization.
  • Customizable Follow-Up Marketing Campaigns: Easily tailor and automate follow-up marketing campaigns for effective audience engagement.
  • Surveys and Forms: Efficiently capture leads using customizable capture and survey forms, facilitating valuable data collection.
  • Conversation Dashboard: Access all email, SMS, and phone conversations in one place, making it convenient to review and manage communications.
  • Calendar Scheduler: Capture and organize essential appointments within the GoHighLevel scheduler app, eliminating the need for additional tools like Calendly and Acuity.

Additional features include:

  • Funnel Builder: Effortlessly create and design sales funnels to enhance lead conversion and customer engagement.
  • Two-way SMS Messaging: Engage in interactive and responsive SMS conversations with leads and clients for seamless communication.
  • Website Builder: Customize professional websites without hassle, providing an online presence for your business.
  • Voicemail: Efficiently manage and access voicemail messages, ensuring important communications are never missed.
  • Integrations with Other Tools: Seamlessly connect and integrate with various third-party tools, enhancing workflow versatility and functionality.
  • Google and Facebook Attribution Reporting: Gain valuable insights into marketing efforts through detailed reporting, tracking, and analyzing performance on Google and Facebook platforms.

Agency Unlimited Plan ($297/month)

Opting for the Agency Unlimited Account at $297 provides access to all features available in the Agency Starter Account, alongside valuable additions, which include:

  • Limitless Client Sub-Accounts: Manage an unlimited number of sub-accounts effortlessly for your clients and businesses, streamlining operations efficiently.
  • Workflow Builder: Design and create custom workflows to automate tasks and enhance productivity, simplifying processes seamlessly.
  • Customized White-Label Desktop App: Personalize and brand your desktop app with your logo and design, effectively reinforcing your unique identity.
  • Phone Support: Benefit from dedicated phone support, ensuring timely assistance and prompt resolution of inquiries.
  • Chat Support: Access live chat support for instant communication with the support team, facilitating quick solutions to concerns.

The Agency Unlimited Account offers the flexibility to create multiple accounts for clients and businesses, enabling a tailored and branded experience.

By leveraging this account, you can establish a distinct online presence through your domain, effectively reflecting your brand identity or organization.

Irrespective of business size, investing in the Agency Unlimited Account proves advantageous as it allows the delivery of a personalized client experience, enhancing the uniqueness and prominence of your brand.

Specifically designed for businesses and agencies seeking comprehensive white-label services and the flexibility to manage multiple or “unlimited” clients, the Agency Unlimited Plan is an ideal choice.

HighLevel Pro (Unlimited Sub-accounts + SaaS Mode)

HighLevel Pro (Unlimited Sub-accounts + SaaS) is available at $497 per month or $4970 per year, encompassing all features found in the Agency Unlimited plan along with numerous additional features.

The supplementary features of HighLevel Pro include:

HighLevel White Label SaaS: Customize and brand the platform fully with your identity using the white-label option. Replace all GoHighLevel branding elements with personalized logos, colors, and branding to present the platform uniquely. Independently set pricing and billing structures, providing flexibility for comprehensive service packages. Empower agencies to resell the software while retaining 100% of the profit. Operate as a hybrid service and software company simultaneously, offering both services and software to clients.

AI Conversational Bot: Access powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities. Automate conversation moderation in both spoken and written language formats. Enhance communication experience by streamlining conversation management within the platform.

Advanced API Access: Extensive API access for flexible integration and utilization of platform functionalities. Includes email and text rebilling for seamless and automated billing processes.

Other Features for Agencies: SaaS dashboard, non-payment lock-out, automatic sub-account generation, and SaaS snapshot. Export an entire account to another HighLevel account using the SaaS snapshot. Automatic Twilio rebilling and more.

HighLevel Features

1. CRM and Pipeline Management

HighLevel CRM and Pipeline Management operate as follows: Integration: HighLevel seamlessly integrates with platforms like Pipedrive, Salesforce, and others, providing a comprehensive view of your pipeline across all accounts.

Mobile Accessibility: Accessible on mobile devices, HighLevel enables you to manage leads and accounts from anywhere, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

Responsive Design: With a responsive design, HighLevel appears great on all devices, including phones, tablets, and desktop PCs, enabling you to capitalize on opportunities regardless of the device you’re using.

Data Insights: HighLevel offers valuable data insights for quick decision-making. Sales representatives can prioritize prospects based on real-time data, determining which ones to focus on next week and understanding the effectiveness of their efforts without delay.

2. White Labeling & SaaS Mode

The HighLevel Agency Pro plan, also referred to as the GoHighLevel White Label or SaaS Mode plan, offers a feature enabling you to customize the entire HighLevel platform with your brand and sell it as a service to your clients.

Here are the key benefits of this feature:

  • Create Your Own White Labeling Platform: With white-label capability, integrate your branding into the platform, creating the impression that the software belongs to your company and concealing any association with GoHighLevel. Your clients will perceive it as your proprietary product.
  • Sell GoHighLevel to Your Clients: By selling the complete HighLevel platform and app to your clients, you can enhance the value you offer as an agency. This capability allows you to provide it as a standalone service or as part of a comprehensive marketing package.
  • Set Your Own Prices: As a reseller, you have the flexibility to set your own prices and retain 100% of the profit, despite HighLevel’s pricing structure. Choose to charge monthly, annually, or a one-time fee according to your business model. To further enhance the value, offer comprehensive training on the platform and charge for it separately.

3. Landing page and funnel builder

With the Funnels & Landing Pages Builder, creating stunning landing pages is effortless, whether using one-click templates or your own designs.

Also, you can create multiple funnels and smoothly direct visitors to them from the dashboard, empowering you to craft conversion-focused sales funnels. Kickstart your funnel creation process by choosing from HighLevel’s selection of templates.

Within the same builder, you can also design a simple website and include navigation. HighLevel allows you to elevate your website and funnel by acquiring a custom domain.

4. HighLevel SMS Marketing

HighLevel’s SMS Marketing feature facilitates direct communication with clients on their mobile devices. Messages can serve marketing, promotional, or customer assistance purposes.

With HighLevel SMS, send messages to multiple clients simultaneously, eliminating the need for a bulk SMS service provider. Monitor message delivery statistics and respond to messages directly from your dashboard.

The visual text editor provides a preview of messages, resembling a cell phone screen, for easy editing. The tracking feature allows for monitoring and guiding clients through the buyer’s journey via SMS messages. The SMS interface resembles WhatsApp, offering familiarity and ease of use.

5. Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation HighLevel provides a range of marketing automation features, including email automation, social media automation, and landing page tracking. Each automation step can be customized with your own design components, ensuring that your campaigns effectively resonate with your audience.

HighLevel’s Marketing Automation solution enables you to manage campaigns, send emails, and track outcomes. By following a structured process for gathering customer journey data, you can improve sales.

Leveraging HighLevel Marketing Automation, you can strategically promote products or services to drive higher conversions through email marketing or other advertising methods.

Automated follow-up communications are dispatched at various stages of the buyer’s journey, allowing you to assess effectiveness at each funnel level through individual tracking settings.

6. Appointment Booking and Online Tool

HighLevel’s appointment tool includes standard calendar functionality, enabling you to create and publish calendars for clients or customers to view your appointments. Building and embedding your calendar into your funnels is straightforward, accessible directly from the Settings dashboard.

7. Membership Site Builder

Leverage HighLevel to construct membership websites for marketing and selling premium goods. If you’re a course developer, seamlessly transfer your membership site to HighLevel.

The dashboard offers a sleek and simple interface, delivering results comparable to platforms like Kajabi. Your membership website can feature your own domain, and you have the flexibility to visually edit your course outline.

Also, customize the layout of your membership site’s landing page and upload course video content. You also have the option to include a title for your course overview and a brief excerpt alongside an image.

8. Reputation Management with HighLevel

Effectively manage customer comments and reviews using HighLevel CRM’s Reputation Management feature. HighLevel puts you in control of your organization’s online reputation, allowing you to request clients to leave reviews on selected platforms using the “Review request” form.

9. Analytics and Reporting

HighLevel offers comprehensive reports and detailed insights into your Facebook Ads campaigns, Google Ads campaigns, and website traffic from various sources, including social media, mobile devices, and desktop computers.

You can track visitor behavior on your website, understand their actions, and analyze their duration of stay. This enables you to evaluate team performance, identify areas for improvement, and determine effective strategies.

10. Mobile App

The HighLevel mobile app is tailored to your agency’s needs, providing convenience and portability.

Key functionalities include:

  • Creating Customer Profiles: Easily create client profiles and access their contact information and addresses within your GoHighLevel account.
  • Lead Generation: Generate new sales leads via phone or email directly from the mobile app. You can also import existing leads from MailChimp, Hubspot, or Ontraport accounts into your CRM account.
  • Initiating New Projects: Quickly start new projects directly from your smartphone, enabling seamless workflow management on the go.

11. Multi-Channel Support

HighLevel is a sophisticated platform that may require some effort to fully master. While certain features are intuitive, navigating more complex areas like Workflows may require additional support and guidance.

If assistance is needed, HighLevel provides accessible support through live chat, email, or phone. Their support team is available around the clock to assist you at every stage.

Support options include:

  • 24/7 assistance from the support team
  • Access to the Facebook Community
  • Participation in the community-driven ideas board

12. Workflow Automation

The Workflow Automation tool in HighLevel simplifies the creation and execution of marketing campaigns by automating critical processes.

This tool enables you to visually map out your campaign flow, beginning with an initial event such as an email invitation, and then setting up subsequent follow-up actions.

With its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, crafting workflows is effortless, and you can customize each event with ease using the available submenus.

A standout feature of this tool is its seamless integration with various marketing channels like email, social media, and text messaging. In case of any challenges, HighLevel provides pre-configured templates, known as snapshots, tailored for different industries, allowing you to set up campaigns quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, you can recycle workflows from previous campaigns and adjust them as needed, saving time and resources.

13. Surveys and Forms

HighLevel allows you to create unlimited polls, surveys, and forms effortlessly, seamlessly integrating them with your clients’ websites.

These tools serve as effective channels for generating new leads and gathering valuable feedback from customers. All data collected through surveys and forms is conveniently displayed on the HighLevel dashboard. Additionally, you can export the data to a Google Docs spreadsheet, simplifying the process of filtering and analyzing responses.

A notable feature is the sticky contact functionality, which functions similarly to Google’s Autofill. Once a form is completed, a cookie is stored in the user’s browser, automatically pre-filling their information if they revisit another page within the same domain.

Moreover, you can incorporate triggers into your surveys and forms, activating the webchat widget immediately after someone completes them. This feature enables you to promptly engage with potential customers, increasing the likelihood of initiating meaningful conversations and conversions.

14. Content Management

HighLevel offers a seamless content management system (CMS) that allows users to effortlessly create, edit, approve, publish, and save content, making it accessible to everyone within the organization.

The CMS provides a comprehensive set of tools in one centralized location to efficiently manage all your content-related tasks.

You can easily add new pages and posts to your website with just a few clicks, edit existing pages and posts without any hassle, schedule posts for upcoming deadlines to ensure a consistent flow of content, and schedule multiple posts at once to keep your social media feeds updated with fresh content.

15. HighLevel Integrations

HighLevel, serving as an all-in-one marketing solution, seamlessly integrates with various applications, offering users flexibility and versatility in their workflow.

Key features of HighLevel integrations include:

  • Compatibility with favorite applications, enabling users to utilize them seamlessly within the HighLevel platform.
  • Capability to transmit data through webhooks and establish connections between different applications.
  • Integration with Zapier via webhooks, allowing users to connect with a wide range of applications already in use.

HighLevel Integrates with the following:

  • WordPress
  • Mailchimp
  • PayPal
  • Calendly
  • Pipedrive
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Kajabi
  • Leadpages
  • Jotform
  • Teachable
  • Typeform
  • Call Tracking Metrics
  • Wix
  • SurveyGizmo
  • Squarespace

HighLevel Pros and Cons


  • Enjoy a 14-day free trial period to explore the platform’s features.
  • Access a comprehensive website builder, including funnel builder and membership options, all in one place.
  • Benefit from an all-in-one system that eliminates the need for separate, potentially costlier programs.
  • Utilize integrated email systems, SMS marketing, and automation tools for streamlined marketing campaigns.
  • Take advantage of the agency portal and white-label options, ideal for managing client projects.


  • Limited integration with email tools, supporting only SMTPs.
  • Experience a steeper learning curve compared to certain competitors.
  • Encounter fewer integrations compared to some competitors.

HighLevel Software Review: Final Words

In this review of HighLevel, you’ve seen the empowering capabilities of GoHighLevel in effectively managing your client and prospect lists. Its array of features enables the creation of seamless campaigns and funnels, facilitating the conversion of leads into customers while monitoring their progress through the integrated CRM.

HighLevel proves particularly beneficial for marketing agencies, local businesses, consultants, sales professionals, and B2B companies in need of a comprehensive solution.

If your sales process involves extensive interaction such as phone calls, text conversations, and demos, HighLevel distinguishes itself from other funnel builders and marketing platforms with its specialized focus on enhancing sales team performance.

Through the utilization of HighLevel, you can effectively retain existing clients, expand your client base, and ultimately enhance your profits.

If you’re seeking a comprehensive marketing and sales platform that seamlessly integrates automation with funnels and websites, HighLevel may be the ideal choice for your business or agency.