GoHighLevel Software: Complete List of Features

Today, we will do a thorough review of all the features of the GoHighLevel software and see how they can help your agency or business.

If you’re on the lookout for an all-in-one solution to efficiently manage your agency or internet-based business, GoHighLevel is undeniably the best choice available. It serves as a comprehensive platform, providing you with all the necessary tools to transform cold leads into paying customers seamlessly.

With GoHighLevel, you can effortlessly create pages, optimize conversions, automate marketing and sales processes, and effectively manage every aspect of your online business using just one powerful software suite.

And that’s not all! the GoHighLevel software goes above and beyond by offering a plethora of amazing features that are designed to enhance the smooth operation of your online agency.

It truly is a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their operations and maximize their success.

What Is HighLevel?

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one marketing and business management software designed to streamline various aspects of digital marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), and business operations.

It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features that cater to the needs of marketing agencies, businesses, and entrepreneurs, helping them efficiently manage their online presence, marketing campaigns, customer interactions, and more.

GoHighLevel Software Features: Full List of Tools

  • Creation of landing pages and funnels
  • Automated marketing processes
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Tool for booking and online appointments
  • Mobile application
  • Creation of membership sites
  • Management of content
  • GoHighLevel integration with other software
  • CRM and management of pipelines
  • Reputation management with HighLevel
  • SMS marketing using GoHighLevel
  • White Label and SaaS mode capabilities
  • Comprehensive support across multiple channels
  • Automation of workflow
  • Management and automation of voice calls
  • Creation of surveys and forms

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1. Landing page and funnel builder

The Funnels & Landing Pages Builder in GoHighLevel empowers you to create stunning landing pages effortlessly, whether using one-click templates or your own original designs. The flexibility of the builder allows you to make multiple funnels and seamlessly direct visitors to them from the dashboard.

Utilizing GoHighLevel’s funnel builder, you can craft high-converting sales funnels. The platform offers a variety of funnel templates from HighLevel to kickstart your process immediately.

Moreover, the same builder allows you to construct a simple website and add navigation features. With GoHighLevel, you have the option to personalize your website and funnel by obtaining a custom domain.

The drag-and-drop functionality enhances the user experience, making it akin to using an expensive funnel builder like ClickFunnels.

While GoHighLevel excels as an overall winner in the comparison between GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels, it lacks certain funnel-building functionalities found in ClickFunnels. Nevertheless, the GoHighLevel software provides a powerful and versatile solution for your marketing needs.

2. Marketing Automation

GoHighLevel offers a diverse array of marketing automation features, including email automation, social media automation, and landing page tracking.

Crafting the perfect campaign for your audience becomes effortless as you customize each step of the automation process with your unique design elements.

Within GoHighLevel, there exists a dedicated solution known as GoHighLevel Marketing Automation. This comprehensive tool empowers you to effectively manage campaigns, dispatch emails, and monitor outcomes.

By harnessing the capabilities of GoHighLevel Marketing Automation, you can enhance sales by adhering to a strategic approach that gathers insights along the customer’s purchasing journey.

This insight allows you to strategically position your offerings for heightened conversions, whether through email marketing or alternative advertising techniques.

With GoHighLevel Marketing Automation, follow-up communications are seamlessly dispatched at various junctures in the buyer’s expedition. The system’s distinct tracking settings for each process enable you to discern the most effective strategies at each funnel stage.

To ensure optimal timing and customer satisfaction, it’s crucial to establish a defined time window for the distribution of marketing emails and SMS messages. This step guarantees that customers are not disturbed during inconvenient hours and safeguards your reputation.

Incorporating GoHighLevel Marketing Automation into your strategy can streamline your marketing efforts and elevate your overall success.

3. Booking and online appointment tool

Except for the capacity to construct and share calendars with clients or customers, enabling them to access and review your appointments, the HighLevel appointment tool encompasses all the typical features found in a regular calendar.

Crafting your calendar through the Settings dashboard and seamlessly integrating it into your funnels is a straightforward process.

4. Membership site builder

Utilizing Gohighlevel, you have the capability to design membership websites that effectively showcase and vend your premium products. For course creators, seamless migration of your membership site to Gohighlevel is also feasible.

Despite its minimalist dashboard design, Gohighlevel yields outcomes akin to platforms like Teachable. Your membership site is fully customizable, and you have the option to use your personal domain. The visual editing feature empowers you to tailor your course outline according to your preferences.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to modify the layout of your membership site’s landing page. This extends to uploading course video content and incorporating the course title overview, complemented by a succinct excerpt and an accompanying image.

5. Analytics and Reporting

HighLevel CRM provides comprehensive and detailed reports that encompass your Facebook Ads campaigns, Google Ads campaigns, as well as website traffic originating from various sources such as social media, mobile devices, and desktop computers.

These thorough reports offer insights into visitor demographics, user interactions on your website, and the duration of their stay. This valuable information empowers you to evaluate your team’s performance, identify areas for potential growth, and determine the strategies that are yielding positive results.

6. Mobile app

The GoHighLevel mobile app has been designed with your agency’s needs in mind. It offers convenience and portability, ensuring easy usage on the go.

Here are the functionalities available within the app:

Customer Profile Creation: Effortlessly create detailed client profiles and seamlessly integrate them into your GoHighLevel account. This grants you access to their contact details and addresses, streamlining communication.

Lead Generation: The mobile app enables you to generate fresh sales leads via phone or email, enhancing your outreach capabilities. Moreover, you have the option to import existing leads from MailChimp, HubSpot, or Ontraport accounts directly into your CRM account.

Project Initiation: You can swiftly initiate new projects directly from your smartphone, ensuring efficient project management and execution.

The GoHighLevel mobile app becomes an indispensable tool for your agency, empowering you with essential functionalities right at your fingertips.

7. Content management

GoHighLevel users have the seamless ability to create, modify, approve, publish, and securely store content, ensuring accessibility to all members within the organization.

The HighLevel content management system (CMS) centralizes all essential tools required for efficient content management in a single, convenient location.

The GoHighLevel CMS empowers you to:

  • Effortlessly add new pages and posts to your website with just a few clicks.
  • Edit existing pages and posts without any hassle.
  • Strategically plan your posts ahead of upcoming deadlines.
  • Streamline your social media presence by scheduling multiple posts simultaneously, ensuring a continuous stream of fresh content across your social platforms.

8. GoHighLevel Integrations

Experience the full breadth of possibilities with GoHighLevel’s comprehensive marketing solution, which liberates you from constraints when it comes to using various applications. Seamlessly incorporate your preferred applications into your workflow and utilize Gohighlevel to ensure smooth integration.

GoHighLevel empowers you to effortlessly transmit data through webhooks and establish connections between different applications. Furthermore, you can seamlessly link up with Zapier through webhooks, which in turn connects with a plethora of applications you’re already familiar with.

Zapier offers a wide array of applications, including renowned platforms like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and others, enhancing the versatility of your GoHighLevel integration.

The following applications are compatible with GoHighLevel integration:

  • WordPress
  • Mailchimp
  • PayPal
  • Calendly
  • Pipedrive
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Kajabi
  • Leadpages
  • Jotform
  • Teachable
  • Typeform
  • Call Tracking Metrics
  • Wix
  • SurveyGizmo
  • Squarespace

9. CRM and Pipeline Management

GoHighLevel’s CRM and Pipeline Management operate with utmost efficiency and efficacy, showcasing the following features:

  • Comprehensive Integration: GoHighLevel seamlessly interfaces with platforms like Pipedrive, Salesforce, and more, providing you with a unified view of your pipeline across all your accounts.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Designed to be accessible on mobile devices, GoHighLevel ensures that you can follow leads and manage accounts from anywhere, using any device. Its responsive design ensures a seamless experience on phones, tablets, and desktop PCs.
  • Instant Insights: The platform furnishes valuable data insights for informed decision-making. Sales representatives can discern which prospects to prioritize in the coming week versus those scheduled for the future. Real-time data empowers them to assess the impact of their efforts immediately, eliminating the need to wait for post-closing updates.

GoHighLevel’s CRM and Pipeline Management features combine to provide a comprehensive solution that enhances your sales and management processes, all while ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

10. White Label & SaaS Mode

The HighLevel Agency Pro plan, alternatively referred to as the GoHighLevel White Label or SaaS Mode plan, introduces a remarkable feature that empowers you to infuse the entire HighLevel platform with your distinct brand identity, facilitating the resale of the software as a service to your clientele.

Outlined below are the key advantages of this feature:

  1. Establish Your Own White Label Platform: The white-label capability provides you with the autonomy to seamlessly integrate your unique branding elements into the platform’s interface. This transformation imbues the software with the essence of your company’s identity, creating the illusion that it originates from your brand rather than being associated with GoHighLevel. Consequently, your clients remain unaware of its GoHighLevel origins.
  2. Market GoHighLevel to Your Clientele: Leveraging the capability to vend the complete GoHighLevel platform and app to your clients, you can significantly augment the value proposition of your agency. This versatile capability allows you to offer it as a standalone service or as an integral component of a comprehensive marketing package, further elevating your service offerings.
  3. Set Your Own Pricing: While GoHighLevel entails its own access costs, as a reseller, you possess the liberty to establish your customized pricing model and retain the entirety of the profits generated. You have the flexibility to opt for monthly, yearly, or even one-time fees, granting you complete control over your pricing strategy.

For enhanced value delivery, you also have the opportunity to provide comprehensive training on the platform, allowing you to extend your offerings and monetize the expertise you bring to your clients.

11. HighLevel Reputation Management

Effectively oversee customer comments and reviews through the assistance of Gohighlevel CRM’s Reputation Management feature. With HighLevel, you have full command over shaping your organization’s perception, ensuring a positive online image.

HighLevel empowers you to proactively request your clients to share their reviews on platforms of your choice via a “Review Request” form, actively engaging them in contributing to your brand’s reputation.

12. GoHighLevel SMS Marketing

Leverage the Gohighlevel SMS Marketing feature to establish direct communication with your clients on their mobile devices. This versatile tool allows you to convey messages for marketing purposes, promotional campaigns, or to provide customer assistance.

HighLevel’s SMS capability facilitates simultaneous messaging to multiple customers, eliminating the need for a separate bulk SMS service provider. You can conveniently view message delivery statistics and respond to messages directly from your account dashboard.

The visual text editor within the software offers a preview of your message within a mobile phone-like frame on the right side of the screen, enhancing your messaging experience.

Another noteworthy feature is the tracking functionality, enabling you to guide clients through the buyer’s journey by sending, recording, and monitoring SMS interactions. The user-friendly SMS interface mirrors the appearance of WhatsApp, ensuring ease of use and navigation.

13. Multi-Channel Support

GoHighLevel presents a sophisticated platform that demands a notable learning curve for mastery. While certain features are intuitive, delving into complexities, particularly in areas like Workflows, may warrant additional guidance and support.

Should you require assistance, HighLevel support is readily accessible through live chat, email, or phone, ensuring continuous guidance throughout your journey.

The support you receive from the platform encompasses:

  • Round-the-clock assistance from the dedicated support team
  • Engaging Facebook Community
  • A community-driven ideas board

14. Work Flow Automation

The Work Flow Automation tool streamlines the creation of marketing campaigns, automating a significant portion of the process.

This tool facilitates a visual representation akin to a flowchart. Commencing with the establishment of an event, such as an email invitation, subsequent follow-up events are seamlessly structured.

Employing the drag-and-drop functionality, you effortlessly construct workflows, with additional submenus available for personalized event details. This intuitive interface empowers you to craft and tailor marketing campaigns efficiently.

A noteworthy feature of this tool is its ability to seamlessly integrate all marketing channels, including emails, social media, and text messaging, directly into your workflows.

In instances where challenges arise, GoHighLevel offers pre-configured templates known as “snapshots” catering to diverse industries like spas, gyms, legal practices, and more. Simply select the relevant snapshot, allowing you to swiftly set up campaigns within minutes.

Furthermore, you retain the flexibility to repurpose workflows from prior campaigns, easily adapting them for new endeavors, thereby optimizing your time and resources.

15. Voice Call Management and Automation

GoHighLevel introduces a dynamic and flexible system for voice call management. To fully harness its diverse functionalities, you’ll initiate the process by setting up a Twilio account and acquiring dedicated phone numbers for your individual clients.

Through seamless integration with Twilio, GoHighLevel empowers you to harness an extensive array of call management features, augmenting your client’s communication capabilities.

Highlighted below are some key advantages of this tool:

Call Tracking

GoHighLevel’s call tracking feature delivers precise insights into the origin of each call and the specific keywords that prompted the discovery of the associated phone number online.

This invaluable information enables you to discern the effectiveness of various advertisements, distinguishing those generating successful phone call conversions from those that may not be yielding the desired outcomes. This insight-driven approach empowers you to optimize your advertising strategies based on actual call conversions.

Dashboard Dialer

Within the GoHighLevel dashboard, a user-friendly dialer grants you the convenience of placing direct calls to leads. The system seamlessly records all calls, allowing you to access and review call data effortlessly. This streamlined feature enhances your calling process and offers actionable insights through the recorded call information.

Forced Calls

Leveraging Twilio integration, GoHighLevel facilitates effortless phone calls to your clients’ devices and establishes immediate connections with new leads. Upon a lead’s arrival within the GoHighLevel platform, the system can automatically trigger a call to your client.

An automated voice prompt informs your client about the incoming lead, presenting an option to express interest by pressing a designated key.

Once your client engages by pressing the key, the call is redirected to the lead’s phone number and initiated. This seamless process facilitates direct interaction, enabling your client to promptly capitalize on fresh and valuable leads.

No Call Voice Mail

In addition to receiving text messages, leads and contacts can receive voicemail messages directly on their phones without triggering an audible ring.

This ingenious functionality employs a strategic workaround, as direct voicemail drops are typically restricted by telecommunications providers.

The system employs a clever technique: initiating an initial call to the lead’s phone, swiftly terminating it, and thereby causing a momentary network disconnection.

Subsequently, another call is immediately placed to the same number. Given the prior network disruption, the second call bypasses ringing and directly accesses voicemail. While this approach may not be foolproof, it represents a resourceful and effective tactic applicable in specific scenarios.

16. Surveys and Forms

Harness the power of GoHighLevel to effortlessly craft an array of unlimited polls, surveys, and forms, seamlessly embeddable into your clients’ websites. These versatile tools serve as exceptional conduits for acquiring fresh leads and soliciting invaluable feedback from customers.

All data collected through these surveys and forms are conveniently consolidated within the GoHighLevel dashboard, streamlining your access to crucial insights.

Additionally, you retain the option to export this data to a Google Docs spreadsheet, facilitating effortless filtering and analysis of responses to extract vital information.

An additional standout feature is the sticky contact functionality, akin to Google’s Autofill. Upon a user completing a form, a browser cookie is generated, automatically populating their information should they navigate to another page within the same domain.

Furthermore, GoHighLevel software empowers you to integrate triggers within your surveys and forms, seamlessly activating the webchat widget the moment a user completes them.

This ingenious feature enables prompt engagement with potential customers while they’re actively contemplating your offerings, enhancing your capacity to initiate meaningful conversations and drive conversions.

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Why Should Your Agency Use GoHighLevel?

Maximizing an online business can prove challenging and time-intensive. Moreover, the demand for a unified, automated system on a singular platform is paramount for any online business or agency.

For those seeking an all-encompassing CRM and marketing solution at an affordable price point, our research unequivocally points to GoHighLevel as the optimal choice.

The most enticing aspect is that GoHighLevel extends a 14-day trial period, allowing you to sign up for FREE and experience its offerings firsthand.

Delve further to discover additional reasons why GoHighLevel stands as a prudent selection for your agency or online business, should the aforementioned arguments not yet sway you to explore its potential.

1. Time and Cost Efficiency with GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel has the potential to substantially economize both time and money for any enterprise, contingent upon its nature.

You have the freedom to opt for the HighLevel plan that best aligns with your requirements, currently encompassing three pricing tiers:

Envision a scenario where all the tools necessary for boosting your business’s sales are consolidated within a single software suite.

GoHighLevel is inherently designed to streamline operations, curbing the need for third-party solutions and ultimately propelling sales growth. Its overarching mission is to optimize your efficiency while concurrently fostering financial savings.

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2. The Comprehensive GoHighLevel Ecosystem

The GoHighLevel software stands as a groundbreaking platform, facilitating the establishment of businesses, brand management, marketing activity tracking, and lead generation. Through this all-encompassing solution, the need for an array of software pieces or services to manage diverse operational facets is significantly reduced.

It incorporates a host of essential and frequently employed features indispensable for online company administration. This advantage is just one facet of the manifold benefits that businesses can derive from harnessing this remarkable software.

Seamlessly integrating automation with websites and sales funnels, GoHighLevel empowers businesses to nurture existing customers, broaden their client base, and amplify profits.

Go High Level provides a comprehensive array of features essential for the seamless functioning of your online business. Consequently, whenever you seek a robust yet cost-effective online business management system, GoHighLevel remains your top-tier choice.

3. GoHighLevel is Optimal for Newbies

One of the most commendable aspects of GoHighLevel is its accessibility to individuals regardless of their familiarity with the sector or their level of expertise in agency or online management. Whether you’re a fledgling entrepreneur or a seasoned industry expert, GoHighLevel caters to all levels of proficiency.

Its user-friendly interface makes it equally appealing to both seasoned marketers and novices, irrespective of their backgrounds.

Even individuals new to the landscape can effortlessly utilize and comprehend the exceptional features offered by GoHighLevel. Thus, it stands as a pragmatic solution applicable across the board, simplifying the management of online businesses.


Running an agency without the requisite resources can pose a formidable challenge. Balancing business expansion with the management of clients, staff, suppliers, and finances can be an overwhelming endeavor, often leading to organizational struggles and failures.

However, the complexity of this task significantly diminishes when you’re backed by a collective of individuals equally dedicated to agency growth. In such a scenario, the role of GoHighLevel becomes invaluable.

For agencies, GoHighLevel emerges as the ultimate solution. By encompassing a comprehensive array of tools, it eliminates the need for supplementary resources, serving as an all-inclusive software suite tailored for marketing and advertising entities.

The quest for a comprehensive online solution is a shared aspiration among many businesses. The desire for a streamlined, automated platform capable of managing the bulk of web marketing activities is pervasive.

In this regard, GoHighLevel emerges as the quintessential platform, adeptly fulfilling the requirements of your online enterprise. Its remarkable capabilities empower you to efficiently oversee every facet of your web-based business operations.