GoHighLevel Mailgun Integration: Easy Setup Guide

If you’re using or considering GoHighLevel, having an efficient email delivery solution for bulk emails is crucial. While GoHighLevel doesn’t operate as an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), you can seamlessly integrate it with an SMTP service like Mailgun.

What Is GoHighLevel Mailgun?

Mailgun is an external service used by GoHighLevel to facilitate bulk email sending. Similar to how Twilio handles text messages and calls, Mailgun manages the email aspect. For new agencies, the default email service is LC email, operating within the overarching HighLevel Mailgun account.

How to Set Up a Mailgun Account for GoHighLevel

Step 1: Register on Mailgun

Visit the official Mailgun website, sign up, and complete the form with your details. Provide payment information and select a suitable plan. During the free trial, your credit card won’t be charged.

Step 2: Verify Your Email

Check your inbox for the verification email from Mailgun and click on the link to confirm your email address.

Step 3: Add Your Domain to Mailgun

Log in to your Mailgun account, go to “Sending,” click “Add New Domain,” and input your domain name. Choose your main domain or a subdomain for Mailgun integration. Ensure your main domain isn’t used with G Suite or other email providers. Click “Add domain.”

Step 4: Include DNS Records to Your Domain

Log in to your domain’s DNS records, and add the five DNS records provided by Mailgun. If you’re unsure where to input these, use MXTOOLBOX to look up your domain and identify your DNS hosting provider.

Step 5: Retrieve and Add Mailgun API Key to GoHighLevel

After adding DNS records, obtain the Mailgun API Key from your Mailgun account. Log in to GoHighLevel, access “Settings,” choose “Email Services,” click “Add Service,” select “Mailgun,” and paste the API key into the “API Key” field.

Step 6: Test Email Sending

Once the API key is added, send a test email in GoHighLevel to ensure everything works. Navigate to “Conversations,” create a new conversation, input your email address as the recipient, and click “Send.”

If you receive the test email, congratulations! You’ve successfully established Mailgun integration with GoHighLevel.

Mailgun Pricing Explained

Mailgun provides a one-month trial where you can send up to 5,000 emails for free. Post the trial, you can choose from various plans based on your requirements. The starting plan is priced at $35 per month, allowing you to send 50,000 emails.

Is there an Alternative to Mailgun?

While Mailgun is an option, GoHighLevel presents an alternative solution. The platform introduces its own direct email service called LC – Email, eliminating the need for third-party providers. Upon setting up a GoHighLevel account, it defaults to LC – Email.

Setting up LC – Email is simpler as it doesn’t require third-party account creation. Just input your desired domain name, and the service becomes available. According to GoHighLevel, LC – Email is more cost-effective at $0.675 per 1,000 emails compared to Mailgun’s $0.80 per 1,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Link Mailgun to GoHighLevel?

After creating a Mailgun account, integrating it with GoHighLevel is a straightforward process. Copy the Mailgun API key and paste it into the GoHighLevel platform.

Can You Send Emails from GoHighLevel?

Yes, GoHighLevel provides all the essential tools for crafting and executing effective email campaigns. You can design tailored email campaigns using templates or the drag-and-drop builder and perform batch email delivery.

What Is a Mailgun Domain Name?

A Mailgun domain name is the domain used for sending and receiving emails, like mybusiness.com. You can customize the domain name for email functions, choosing options like replies.mybusiness.com or mail.mybusiness.com.

Is GoHighLevel an Email Marketing Platform?

Yes, GoHighLevel includes robust email marketing features. With its intuitive tools, you can effortlessly create and manage email campaigns, offering a comprehensive solution for impactful marketing emails and profitable campaigns.

What Is LC – Email?

LC – Email is an in-house email service provided by GoHighLevel through its platform, eliminating the need for external third-party email service providers like Mailgun.