GoHighLevel Pricing Plans: How Much Do They Cost?

If you’re curious about the pricing of GoHighLevel CRM software, this brief article is for you.

We’ll walk you through the various pricing plans for 2024, detailing the cost of each one, and provide insights on how to obtain an annual discount for any of the plans.

Our aim is to assist you in making an informed decision regarding the most suitable plan for your needs.

GoHighLevel Plans

HighLevel CRM offers 3 pricing plans. The agency starter plan is priced at $97 per month. The agency unlimited plan is the most popular choice, coming in at $297 per month. For those seeking white label & SaaS features, the GoHighlevel SaaS Mode pricing plan is available at a cost of $497 per month.

Additionally, GoHighLevel recently introduced a new plan called the “Enterprise Plan,” but its cost is not fixed. To obtain details and secure a favorable deal for this plan, you’ll need to get in touch with their team and make an inquiry.

All plans include a generous 14-day free trial.

GoHighLevel Cost: Breakdown of Each Plan

Agency Starter Plan ($97/month)

The Agency Starter Plan is priced at $97 per month, making it the most budget-friendly option among the GoHighLevel plans. This plan provides access to the majority of GoHighLevel’s features and is well-suited for a single business.

Opting for an annual subscription for this plan allows you to avail a substantial discount of approximately 17%.

With the Agency Starter Plan, you can leverage key technologies like Twilio to send two-way SMS messages using the GoHighLevel API. Additionally, you can sign up for a Mailgun account and enable infinite sending by providing your own API.

However, it’s important to note that the Agency Starter Account only allows access to a single account login, either for yourself or a customer. If you require an unlimited number of sub-accounts, you will need to upgrade to the Agency Unlimited account.

The agency starter plan gives access to:

The HighLevel Agency dashboard serves as a centralized hub where you can gain an overview of your sales and marketing activities, providing valuable insights into your business operations.

The Opportunities dashboard is a powerful tool designed to assist you in tracking and managing your leads throughout the sales funnel, enabling effective lead management and conversion tracking.

Contact management is a convenient feature that simplifies the organization and management of your contact list. You have the flexibility to add appointments, tasks, notes, and other important information to ensure seamless contact management.

Customizable follow-up marketing campaigns empower you to personalize and automate your follow-up marketing strategies, allowing you to nurture leads and engage with your audience more effectively.

The Surveys and Forms tool enables you to capture leads through customizable capture and survey forms, gathering valuable information to further enhance your marketing efforts.

The Conversation dashboard consolidates all email, SMS, and phone conversations within your account, providing a comprehensive view of your communication history.

With the Calendar scheduler, you can effortlessly capture and manage important appointments directly within your GoHighLevel account, eliminating the need for additional tools like Calendly or Acuity.

Additional features include the Funnel Builder, which facilitates the creation and optimization of sales funnels, two-way SMS messaging for interactive communication, a Website Builder for seamless website creation, voicemail capabilities, integrations with other tools, and Google and Facebook attribution reporting to gain valuable insights into campaign performance.

These features collectively contribute to the comprehensive and powerful toolkit provided by GoHighLevel, empowering businesses to streamline their sales and marketing processes effectively.

Agency Unlimited Plan ($297/month)

By opting for the Agency Unlimited Account, you gain access to a comprehensive set of features for $297. This plan includes all functionalities available in the Agency Starter Account, along with some valuable extras, such as limitless client sub-accounts.

With the Agency Unlimited Account, you can take advantage of the following additions:

  • Workflow Builder
  • Customized White-label Desktop App
  • Phone Support
  • Chat Support

This plan grants you the freedom to create as many accounts as needed for your clients and businesses.

Through the Agency Unlimited Account, you can also create a branded desktop app, giving your website a distinct look that truly represents your brand or organization. Utilizing your own domain adds to the uniqueness of your brand’s identity.

Agency Pro Plan (White Label + SaaS Mode)- $497/month or $4968/year

With the GoHighLevel Agency Pro (White label + SaaS) pricing plan priced at $497 per month, you gain the remarkable ability to customize the entire HighLevel platform with your own branding. This means you can sell the software at any price you desire and retain 100% of the profit.

In addition to all the features available in the Agency Unlimited plan, the Agency Pro plan offers the following enticing benefits:

GoHighLevel White Label

GoHighLevel offers a valuable white-label option that empowers businesses to fully customize and brand the platform according to their unique identity.

Through this feature, businesses can replace all instances of GoHighLevel branding with their own logos, colors, and branding elements, effectively presenting the platform as their exclusive product.

Beyond cosmetic changes, the white-label option allows businesses to establish their pricing and billing structures independently from GoHighLevel’s standard pricing.

This level of flexibility proves particularly advantageous for businesses aiming to incorporate the platform as part of a comprehensive service package or bundle it with other products and services.

HighLevel SaaS Mode

HighLevel’s Software as a Service (SaaS) feature provides agencies with the remarkable ability to resell the software while retaining the full profit. As resellers, agencies can offer the HighLevel software to their clients, though the software itself remains the property of HighLevel.

By leveraging GoHighLevel SaaS, businesses can capitalize on the opportunity to provide both services and software to their clients. This means they can operate as a hybrid company, offering a combination of services and software simultaneously, leading to enhanced offerings and greater value for their clients.

AI Conversational Bot

With the GoHighLevel SaaS Pro account, you unlock access to robust artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities that empower you to automate diverse processes, particularly conversation moderation.

The AI bot exhibits proficiency in engaging with users through both spoken and written language formats.

By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, you can automate the moderation of conversations, resulting in time and effort savings.

The AI bot excels in analyzing and comprehending the content of conversations, facilitating efficient and effective responses.

This advanced technology elevates the overall communication experience and streamlines conversation management within the platform.

Advanced API Access

This pricing package provides extensive API access, giving you the flexibility to integrate and leverage the platform’s functionalities in a seamless manner. Moreover, the plan offers the convenience of email and text rebilling, streamlining and automating the billing processes for your business.

Additional features tailored for agencies encompass:

  • SaaS dashboard
  • Non-payment lock-out
  • Automatic sub-account generation
  • SaaS snapshot, allowing the export of an entire account to another HighLevel account
  • Automatic Twilio rebilling
  • And many more.

Features designed for your clients include:

  • Facebook messenger chat
  • Reputation management
  • 2-way text messaging
  • Google My Business chat
  • Missed-call text back

These diverse features cater to both agencies and clients, enhancing the overall functionality and value of the platform.

Is GoHighLevel Worth the Price?

GoHighLevel unquestionably justifies its price as it provides a comprehensive suite of essential tools, which would typically cost nearly $7,000 if purchased individually. However, GoHighLevel offers these tools for a significantly lower price of only $297 per month.

Even with the White Label Upgrade and Agency Unlimited Account, the cost of GoHighLevel remains below $800 per month, making it a highly cost-effective solution with immense value.


GoHighLevel provides flexible and cost-effective pricing plans, allowing you to select the option that aligns with your budget and requirements. You have the freedom to cancel anytime without any hassle.

This all-in-one CRM and marketing automation software is ideal for marketing agencies, small businesses, sales teams, and business owners seeking a comprehensive marketing software platform.

With GoHighLevel, you can attract more clients, generate an increased number of sales leads, and optimize your efficiency by saving time and resources.

To ensure your satisfaction, you can explore the features of the GoHighLevel package that best suits your business needs risk-free for 14 days. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience the benefits firsthand.

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