GoHighLevel Review: Features, Pricing & Alternatives

In this GoHighLevel Review, I will delve into the significance of HighLevel CRM for digital marketing agencies and business owners.

Operating a business without sufficient support can be a daunting task, often leading to rapid failures. However, having a dedicated team working tirelessly to grow your business can make all the difference, simplifying your operations and enhancing your chances of success.

GoHighLevel offers the necessary tools and resources to provide the support your business needs to thrive. We will take a look at the features, prices, pros and cons and also compare it with some of its competitors.

What Is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is a comprehensive cloud-based CRM software designed for agencies and businesses of all sizes. It offers a complete suite of tools and resources necessary to effectively acquire, manage, nurture, and convert leads into paying customers, all for a monthly or yearly fee.

HighLevel distinguishes itself as a leading platform for texting and automation, catering to the needs of marketing agencies. Its primary objective is to enhance lead generation and sales while streamlining operations by eliminating the need to manage multiple systems across different platforms.

The platform encompasses a wide range of features, including a website builder, membership sites, call tracking, CRM, sales funnels, landing pages, email marketing, reputation management, and SMS marketing. By providing all these tools in one place, GoHighLevel empowers users to save time, money, and the hassle of dealing with disparate systems.

With its diverse capabilities, GoHighLevel has become one of the most valuable SaaS applications in the marketing industry.

Features of GoHighLevel

1. Membership Websites

Gohighlevel provides the capability to create membership websites, allowing you to promote and sell your products effectively. If you are a course creator, you can even migrate your existing membership site to Gohighlevel.

The platform offers a user-friendly dashboard that simplifies the management of your membership site. You have the option to include your own domain, giving it a personalized touch. Additionally, you can easily customize the graphical layout of your course outline.

With Gohighlevel, you have the flexibility to modify the design and layout of your membership site’s landing page according to your preferences. Furthermore, you can effortlessly upload and manage course video content, ensuring a seamless learning experience for your members.

2. Sales Funnel & Landing Pages Builder

GoHighlevel offers a powerful Funnels & Landing Pages Builder that enables you to create stunning landing pages effortlessly. Whether you prefer one-click templates or want to design your own pages from scratch, the platform provides the necessary tools to make your landing pages visually appealing and engaging.

Furthermore, you have the ability to create additional funnels and conveniently direct traffic to them directly from the dashboard. The funnel builder in GoHighlevel is designed to help you create high-converting sales funnels. You can choose from a range of pre-designed funnel templates provided by HighLevel, allowing you to quickly get started and launch your funnels.

Moreover, with the same builder, you can easily create a simple website and add navigation to enhance user experience and ensure seamless navigation throughout your site. HighLevel empowers you to create effective funnels and professional websites without any technical hassle.

3. HighLevel SMS Marketing

GoHighLevel provides a powerful SMS Marketing tool that allows you to directly contact your clients on their mobile devices. Whether it’s for customer service, marketing, or promotional purposes, the SMS feature offers a convenient way to reach out to your clients.

With GoHighLevel, you can send messages to multiple clients simultaneously, eliminating the need for a separate bulk SMS service provider. You can easily respond to messages and track your message delivery statistics directly from your account’s dashboard.

The platform’s visual text editor provides a preview of your message within a mobile phone frame, helping you ensure the message appears as intended. Additionally, the tracking feature enables you to send, record, and monitor SMS messages to clients, assisting them throughout their buyer’s journey.

The SMS interface in GoHighLevel is user-friendly and easy to navigate, resembling popular messaging applications like Whatsapp. This familiarity enhances the user experience and simplifies the process of communicating with your clients via SMS.

4. Reporting & Analytics

GoHighLevel offers comprehensive reporting and analytics that provide insights into your Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and website traffic. It captures data from various sources, including social media, mobile devices, and desktop PCs, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your audience and their behavior.

With GoHighLevel’s reporting feature, you can track and analyze who visits your website, their actions, and the duration of their visits. This valuable information enables you to measure team performance, identify areas for improvement, and determine what strategies are effective.

The Reporting dashboard in GoHighLevel consists of five sub-dashboards, each serving a specific purpose. The Google Ads and Facebook Ads sub-dashboards focus on providing detailed insights and metrics related to your advertising campaigns on these platforms.

The Attribution Report helps you understand the impact of different marketing channels on conversions and customer journeys. The Call Report provides data and analysis related to phone calls generated through your campaigns, while the Appointment Report offers insights into scheduled appointments.

By leveraging GoHighLevel’s reporting capabilities, you can make informed decisions, optimize your marketing efforts, and drive better results for your business.

5. Mobile app

The development of the GoHighLevel mobile app took your agency’s needs into consideration. The app is designed to be portable and user-friendly, providing convenience and flexibility for your on-the-go tasks.

With the GoHighLevel mobile app, you can easily create Client Profiles. This feature enables you to swiftly create profiles for your clients and store essential information such as their phone numbers and addresses. By adding these profiles to your GoHighLevel account, you gain easy access to their contact details.

Additionally, the mobile app allows you to generate new sales leads effortlessly. Whether through phone calls or emails, you can easily create sales leads directly from the app. Furthermore, you have the option to import existing leads from platforms like MailChimp, Hubspot, or Ontraport into your CRM account, streamlining your lead management process.

The GoHighLevel mobile app empowers you to efficiently manage client profiles and generate sales leads, providing the flexibility to accomplish these tasks while on the move.

6. HighLevel Integrations

GoHighLevel, an all-in-one marketing software, offers unrestricted access to various applications. You can seamlessly integrate and optimize your favorite apps using GoHighLevel, enhancing their performance and efficiency.

One of the key features of GoHighLevel is its ability to distribute data via webhooks and establish connections between different applications. By leveraging webhooks, you can easily link GoHighLevel with Zapier, a platform that seamlessly interacts with numerous apps you may already be using. This integration offers convenient and streamlined workflows.

GoHighLevel is compatible with a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • WordPress
  • Mailchimp
  • PayPal
  • Calendly
  • Pipedrive
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Kajabi
  • Leadpages
  • Jotform
  • Teachable
  • Typeform
  • Call Tracking Metrics
  • Wix
  • SurveyGizmo
  • Squarespace

With GoHighLevel, you have the flexibility to leverage your preferred applications while benefiting from the cohesive and enhanced capabilities of the platform.

7. CRM and Pipeline Management

GoHighLevel CRM and Pipeline Management offer a seamless and integrated platform for your business needs. By integrating with systems like Pipedrive, Salesforce, and others, GoHighLevel provides a comprehensive view of your pipeline across all your accounts, allowing for efficient management and tracking.

One of the key advantages of GoHighLevel is its compatibility with mobile devices. With the availability of a mobile app, you can easily track leads and manage accounts on the go, regardless of your location or the device you are using. This mobility ensures that you have access to critical information at any given moment.

Moreover, GoHighLevel boasts a responsive design, ensuring a visually pleasing and user-friendly experience across various platforms, including phones, tablets, and desktop PCs. This adaptability guarantees that the platform looks great and functions optimally, regardless of the device you are using.

By leveraging GoHighLevel CRM and Pipeline Management, you gain valuable data insights that facilitate rapid decision-making. The platform provides comprehensive data analytics and reporting, enabling you to make informed and efficient decisions for your business.

8. Booking and online appointment tool

The HighLevel appointment tool offers all the standard functionality of a regular calendar, with the additional capability to build and publish calendars that clients or customers can access to view your appointments.

Setting up your calendar and integrating it into your funnels is a straightforward process. You can easily create and customize your calendar from the Settings dashboard, and then seamlessly insert it into your funnels.

This allows for a seamless scheduling experience for your clients or customers, enhancing the efficiency of your appointment management.

9. White Label & SaaS Mode

The HighLevel Agency Pro plan, also referred to as the GoHighLevel White Label or SaaS Mode plan, offers a unique feature that enables you to customize the entire HighLevel platform with your own branding. This customization allows you to present the software as a service under your own brand and offer it to your clients.

With the HighLevel Agency Pro plan, you have the opportunity to create a personalized and branded experience for your clients, enhancing your agency’s professional image and providing a seamless user experience.

This feature empowers you to offer HighLevel as a fully customized solution, tailored to your agency’s branding and unique value proposition.

GoHighLevel Pricing

The pricing for GoHighLevel is structured into three primary plans:

  1. Agency Starter Account
  2. Agency Unlimited Account
  3. Agency Pro (includes White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade)

Agency Starter Account – $97/month or $972/year

The GoHighLevel CRM Starter Account is an ideal plan for launching your CRM and Agency, specifically designed for managing a single account. This plan provides all the necessary tools and features to efficiently handle clients, projects, and tasks, while ensuring effective organization of essential files and documents.

Agency Unlimited Account – $297/month or $2976/year

With this plan, you can create and manage an unlimited number of accounts, allowing for scalability and growth.

Agency Pro (White Label Mobile App+ custom upgrade)- $497/month or $4968/year

The GoHighLevel SaaS Mode pricing offers you the flexibility to fully white-label the entire platform as your own, allowing you to market the software to your clients and retain all the profits. This presents an excellent opportunity to generate recurring monthly revenue for your business.

GoHighLevel Alternatives & Competitors

There are several competitors in the market that offer similar features and functionalities to GoHighLevel. Some notable competitors include:

  • ClickFunnels: ClickFunnels is a popular platform known for its robust sales funnel-building capabilities. It offers a user-friendly interface and focuses primarily on creating high-converting sales funnels. Learn more about ClickFunnels and GoHighLevel comparison.
  • HubSpot: HubSpot provides a comprehensive suite of marketing, sales, and customer service tools. It offers CRM functionality, email marketing, automation, and a range of other features for businesses of all sizes.
  • ActiveCampaign: ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform that offers email marketing, CRM, and automation features. It is known for its advanced automation capabilities and segmentation options.
  • Kartra: Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that provides tools for building sales funnels, email marketing, membership sites, and more. It offers a wide range of features geared towards online entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • Infusionsoft by Keap: Infusionsoft by Keap is a comprehensive CRM and marketing automation platform designed for small businesses. It offers features such as email marketing, lead scoring, and e-commerce integration.
  • Salesforce: Salesforce is a leading CRM platform that provides a wide range of features for sales, marketing, and customer service. It offers advanced customization options, integrations, and enterprise-level capabilities.

Pros & Cons of GoHighLevel


  • All-in-One Solution: GoHighLevel offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features, eliminating the need for multiple software subscriptions. It provides functionalities such as CRM, email marketing, sales funnels, appointment scheduling, and more, all in one platform.
  • Customizable and White Labeling: GoHighLevel allows you to customize the platform with your own branding, providing a seamless and branded experience for your clients. The white labeling feature enhances your agency’s professionalism and strengthens your brand identity.
  • SaaS Mode: With the SaaS Mode pricing option, you can personalize the platform and market it to your clients, retaining all the profits generated from the recurring monthly revenue. This offers a great opportunity for agencies to generate additional income.
  • Mobile Accessibility: GoHighLevel is available on mobile devices, enabling you to manage your business on the go. This mobile accessibility ensures that you can stay connected and engaged with your clients and tasks, regardless of your location.
  • Robust Automation Features: The platform offers powerful automation capabilities, allowing you to streamline and automate various marketing and business processes. This helps save time, increase efficiency, and improve overall productivity.


  • Learning Curve: Due to its comprehensive nature, GoHighLevel may have a steeper learning curve for beginners or those unfamiliar with similar platforms. It may take some time to fully understand and utilize all the features and functionalities.
  • Pricing: GoHighLevel is not a cheap CRM software.

Final Verdict

HighLevel CRM stands out as one of the top platforms for website creation, landing pages, sales funnels, SMS marketing campaigns, email marketing, SEO, and automating marketing and sales processes for agencies and businesses.

The platform provides robust features for building pipelines tailored to specific products or services offered by your business. With HighLevel CRM and pipeline management, you have complete control over your funnels, from lead generation to sales conversion.