Thinkific Affiliate Program: How Much Can You Earn?

Most companies and businesses either utilize eLearning platforms or have their courses made. You don’t need to be a programmer or even tech-savvy to create a course, these days. All you need is Thinkific.

Thinkific is a technology that allows individuals and companies to create and manage their online courses. You can use Thinkific to customize your program. Then all you’ll need to do is export your course to your website.

Thinkific also provides the tools you need to promote and market your course and manage your students. Not bad, eh?

It gets even better for affiliate marketers. With the Thinkific affiliate program, you can make money off your courses and the technology you use to run it.

Too good to be true? That’s what we’re here to find out. Let’s begin!

About The Thinkific Affiliate Program

Thinkific provides people with a wonderfully easy way to share their knowledge. Online courses are easy to take, self-paced, and can be extremely useful.

However, setting up a course can be more trouble than it’s worth for those with knowledge but no experience with the software.

Technology, like Thinkific, makes things easier by taking care of the complicated parts and letting you deal with the customization and set-up. It can host loads of content, including video, audio, and PDF.

It can also help you upload courses to your website if you have one, and it can help you build a website if you don’t have one.

You can customize the way your course runs and add cool features like membership sites, evergreen and expiring content, prerequisite lessons, cohorts, multiple instructors, etc.

You can promote your courses, reward affiliates, manage payments securely and in over 100 currencies, and integrate your course with other marketing and business apps.

Thinkific is the complete package. Let’s take a look at how much this package costs.

How to Join the Thinkific Affiliate Program

The PartnerStack platform hosts the Thinkific affiliate program. Unlike many other affiliate programs, you don’t have to create an account with PartnerStack.

You can just head right over to the application form, fill it out, and then wait for a confirmation email. You’ll receive your confirmation within 48 hours, and after that, you can start promoting Thinkific.

Though being a subscriber on Thinkific is preferred, it is not a requirement to have an account. If you do, you can share your Thinkific subdomain and get even better rewards.

Thinkific’s Pricing

Thinkific has many features, but some are referred to as Core features. These features are included in every Thinkific plan. These features include:

  • Instant access to your funds
  • Student notifications
  • Full e-Commerce
  • Upsell offers
  • Easy drag and drop Course Builder
  • Discussion forums
  • Build out your entire website
  • Secure cloud hosting
  • Multiple instructor profiles
  • Choose your site language
  • Easy, built-in SSL certificates
  • Email and phone support

Apart from the core features, Thinkific has four plans, all with features of their own.

1. Free

This is Thinkific’s version of a free trial with one difference. There’s no time limit. If the features included in this Free package are enough for you, you can use it indefinitely.

The Free plan includes:

  • 3 Courses
  • Unlimited students
  • Quizzes & surveys
  • Content hosting
  • Instant access to your funds

2. Basic

This plan has the tools to properly launch your first course. It’s a plan meant for beginners in online education. It costs $49/month.

Basic includes all Free features plus:

  • Unlimited courses & students
  • Coupons
  • Email students
  • Drip (scheduled) content
  • Affiliate reporting
  • Custom domain
  • Email integrations
  • Zapier triggers
  • Manual student enrollment & exports

3. Pro + Growth

This program is for entrepreneurs or companies looking to grow their eLearning business. The plan is shaped to grow with your business.

The Growth package costs $99/month with a $0.10 increase with every new student after the first 100.

It includes basic features plus:

  • Unlimited courses & students
  • 2 Site admin accounts
  • 5 Course admins/authors
  • Private & hidden courses
  • Advanced course pricing options
  • Memberships and bundles
  • Certificates
  • Advanced Customization
  • Priority Support
  • Assignments
  • Unlimited Communities
  • Remove Thinkific Branding
  • Groups
  • 3 Group Analysts
  • Advanced integrations

4. Premium

This plan is for advanced educationists. If you want to build a Mecca for education, this plan is for you. The price is also advanced to $499/month.

It includes the features of the Pro plan plus:

  • Unlimited courses & students
  • 5 Site admin accounts
  • 15 Group Analysts
  • 50 Course admins/authors
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Onboarding package
  • Unlimited Growth Package

The Unlimited Growth Package is a feature that combines all other features that expand your business. You can read up on the details here.

You’ll also get to use Thinkific’s API documentation to better integrate other marketing software. So, how much can you earn from promoting these plans?


The Thinkific affiliate program has one of the best commissions in the eLearning niche. Affiliates get a 20% recurring commission on each subscription made through their link. Confused? We’ll explain.

Once a person subscribes to a plan through your link, you start to earn a 20% commission on each subscription payment.

You’ll continue to earn passive income from their membership until they decide they no longer want a Thinkific plan. The more subscribers you gain, the more passive income you earn.

You also get a 90-day cookie duration, one of the longest of all the eLearning platforms. If someone clicks on your Thinkific link and doesn’t buy a plan immediately, a tracking cookie will be placed on his IP address.

If he buys a plan within three months, you’ll still earn 20% of his subscription fee.

Tools and Support

Thinkific has several promotional tools to help affiliates promote.

  • Newsletters
  • Documentation
  • A knowledgebase for all Thinkific partners
  • Co-marketing resources
  • Content collaboration opportunities
  • Access to a full-featured sandbox account for testing and demo purposes
  • Banners
  • Texts
  • APIs
  • Dedicated support

All these tools will keep you in the know about everything Thinkific. If there are any major changes or you just want to make sure you’re updated on the latest, you can head to the Thinkific Wiki for more information.

How to Promote Thinkific

Here are a few tips to kick-start your career as a member of the Thinkific affiliate program:

  1. Reviews: You can write reviews on various Thinkific plans, features, and Thinkific itself.
  2. Comparisons: Explore Thinkific’s features in contrast to features from other eLearning course builders.
  3. Keyword optimization: Use keywords with lower competition and high volumes to rank higher on Google.
  4. Upsell: You can try to get your customers to upgrade to better plans.


There are several alternatives to the Thinkific affiliate program. Here are a few of the best:

  1. Teachable affiliate program
  2. Kajabi affiliate program

Final Thoughts: Can You Make $1000 a Month From The Thinkific Affiliate Program?

Yes, you can. For example, if the subscribers, you’ve referred all go with the Basic plan, you’ll earn $10 per subscriber.

You need a hundred people to sign up to reach $1000 per month. It’ll be difficult but not impossible. If some of your subscribers use Premium plans, you’ll only need a few tens of people to reach $1000.

As your content generates more and more traffic, you’ll undoubtedly get more subscribers, and your income will increase as well.