Constant Contact Affiliate Program: Can You Earn $1000 a Month?

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online advertising. However, according to this report by DMA, you can still expect an average ROI of $42 on every dollar invested.

Email marketing may be an old tactic, but it’s still a handy tool to bring in new customers or upsell.

Constant Contact is a company that strips away the difficulty of creating email marketing campaigns. It takes care of a lot of things like coding, templates, contacts, and automation.

Disclosure: I’m an affiliate and earn a commission from Constant Contact if you make a purchase through my link. Thank you.

You’re able to reach your customers more effectively and with better reach comes improved sales.

Constant Contact has helped many businesses improve through email marketing. They’re also a godsend for affiliate marketers everywhere.

The Constant Contact affiliate program is great for marketers in the email marketing niche. Today, we’re going to be discussing the Constant Contact affiliate program. What makes it so great, and should you join it?

About The Constant Contact Affiliate Program

The Constant Contact affiliate program was created to achieve two aims. The first and most obvious is to drive sales and traffic to Constant Contact. The second is to help affiliate marketers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Constant Contact provides a way for them to make money without buying a plan. Constant Contact already knows they have a top product on their hands.

What they need you to do is push your audience to take that final step and try it. They can help your audience members do four things:

  • Build awareness and find new leads.
  • Use Email Marketing Automation to increase sales and donations in less time.
  • Use Leadpages Integration to improve lead magnet effectiveness.
  • Use e-commerce tools to make the most out of their online stores.

You can even integrate Constant Contact with apps that you and your audience already use.

How to Join The Constant Contact Affiliate Program

The Constant Contact affiliate program is hosted through two popular affiliate networks. You can fill an application form through the CJ Affiliate network or Impact Radius.

You need to have an account on either of these platforms before you can fill the application form.

The form only asks for necessary information about you and your means of promotion. You’ll probably be done within five to ten minutes.

After you’ve submitted the form, you’ll need to wait for a confirmation email.

If you’re rejected, you might have violated one of the rules within the Constant Contact Prohibited Content and Commerce Statement or the Constant Contact Website Builder Acceptable Use Policy.

You do not need to have an account with Constant Contact to join the affiliate program or promote the service. However, once you’ve applied and are rejected, you cannot reapply with the same domain name.

It would’ve been blacklisted.

However, rejections rarely happen. As long as your website doesn’t preach hate and isn’t promoting anything unlawful, then you’ll probably get your confirmation email just fine.

Organizations can also join as an affiliates through the Constant Contact Association Partner Program.

Now let’s take a look at the product you’re expected to market.

Constant Contact’s Pricing

Constant Contact has two plans. Please note that prices for each plan aren’t fixed.  They vary according to the number of contacts being mailed.

1. Email

This plan is for starters. It provides unlimited emails and many templates and features to help you streamline your email marketing. Price starts at $20/month.

  • Unlimited Emails
  • Customizable Templates
  • Branded or Industry Templates
  • Mobile-Responsive Website
  • Ecommerce Marketing Basic
  • Online Store – Accept Online Payments
  • Contact List Import
  • List-Building Tools & Welcome Emails
  • Online Store – Transactional Emails
  • Pop-Up Forms
  • List Segmentation
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads & Insights
  • Social Posting, Inbox, and Monitoring
  • Google Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Blog
  • Marketing Calendar
  • LogoMaker
  • Image Library
  • Apps & Integrations
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Mobile App
  • Award-winning support & Chat
  • Learning resources
  • Subject Line A/B Testing
  • Automated Email Resend to Non-openers.

2. Email Plus

Its features are designed for a more compelling email marketing campaign. Price Constant Contact Plus begins at $45/month. It has everything the Email plan has with extras:

  • E-commerce Marketing Advanced
  • Customizable Pop-Up Forms
  • Automated Email Welcome Series
  • Automated Email Behavioral Series
  • RSVP
  • Dynamic Content
  • Users
  • Event Marketing
  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Coupons
  • Online Donations
  • New Customer Consultation

Though these plans don’t have fixed prices, you won’t have to pay anything for a little while. Each of these plans is free for a month. Constant Contact allows you the freedom to cancel your trial at any time.

When you’re billed for a Constant Contact plan, the charge will appear like this on your statement: (“EIG” Prefix) + %%BRAND%% URL + %%BRAND%% Phone Number.

Commission Structure.

The Constant Contact affiliate program has two ways for you to make money. The two aren’t mutually exclusive so you can get paid for both.

This commission structure is based on the CPS (Commission per Sale) method. However, there are two commissions available.

When a user clicks your link and signs up for the free trial, your commission is $5. To make it big with the Constant Contact affiliate program, you need to ensure that that user signs up for a plan.

When that happens, you get a commission of $105.

This is not a recurring commission; you only get this one payment for the entirety of your user’s time using Constant Contact service.

When you sign up for this affiliate program, you’ll get your very own dashboard to analyze your commission and active users.

Constant Contact has a 120-day cookie duration, one of the longest in its niche. If your audience member clicks your link but leaves without signing up for a free trial or plan, don’t worry.

The tracking cookie will ensure that if they return to sign up for the free trial or a plan within 120 days, your commission will be recorded and paid.

Tools and Support

Constant Contact regularly gives affiliates tools through their chosen networks. Members of the program get banners, promotional texts, links, and ads.

There are a wide variety of these tools, so you get to pick the ones that’ll complement your site best.

There’s also a dedicated support team. These experienced program managers are ready to give you any insight, answers, and advice you may need.


As we’ve mentioned before, the Constant Contact affiliate program is hosted on two affiliate networks. There’s CJ Affiliate, and there’s Impact Radius. These platforms handle payments to affiliates.

Affiliates should register with the platform with a payment plan that’s suitable for them.

  • CJ Affiliate: CJ Affiliate pays commissions through checks and deposits
  • Impact Radius: Impact Radius pays commissions through electronic fund transfer or PayPal.

Please note that depending on your chosen affiliate network, you might be subjected to a minimum and maximum payout.

Payments will be processed around 40 to 45 days after the end of the month in which they were earned.

You are responsible for properly entering all financial information and making the platform aware of any changes in advance.

Changes in your payment information may not be effected until two payment periods have passed.

Can You Make $1000 off of The Constant Contact Affiliate Program?

Of course. If you get ten people to sign up for paid plans, you’ve already earned over a thousand dollars. Then, there’s the fact that the Constant Contact logo will be on all your emails, so you can advertise even when you’re not advertising.


The constant Contact affiliate program might be one of those rare programs that can become a legitimate source of income.

Because Constant Contact is a trusted service, converting leads won’t be all that difficult as long as it’s a service your audience needs.