Best Ways to Easily Shorten Your Amazon Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is a source of direct and passive income for many is increasing day by day. Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the world’s most popular and the largest out there.

With huge numbers of products available on Amazon, you can always earn some bucks as a commission by recommending some of the items to your friends or family.

Suppose you want to share a link to a very famous book available on Amazon with your friend.

You might think that it is a very easy copy-paste process and can easily be done by searching for the book on Amazon and then copying and pasting the link from the address bar of your Amazon page to the browser.

Yes, it does work in that way but to be honest, the link looks nasty.

Let’s say you want to give the link to a book written by Agatha Christie named “The Secret Adversary” to one of your friends. So, by just copying and pasting the link from the Amazon webpage looks like this-

Don’t you find it a bit bland and uninteresting? Now look at this short Amazon link doesn’t it look far better than the previous one?

Putting a big Amazon link like the one above does look very ugly and even harder when your friend tries to type that link in his/her browser.

There are even some chances of URL breaking accidentally by some type of typo error. Thankfully we can short Amazon links like this with just a few steps which we have listed below.

Step 1: Getting Rid Of The End Junks on Amazon

Have you ever noticed that every Amazon link starts with “ref=” which generally doesn’t hold any meaning for the customers? Amazon has been creating these for ages to keep the record and track the data while you are surfing products through their website.

The easiest way to shorten Amazon links like this is by removing the “ref=” part from the URL.

Yes, it’s a bit better, but we can even get this short Amazon link in a much shorter version.

Step 2: Removing the Title of the Book

Try looking at the link above, can you see the name of the author and the name of the book in the URL? Well, we all don’t need that part and it can be omitted to get an even shorter link.

Amazon short links not working can be an issue if proper steps aren’t followed.

If you delete the name of the book and author the link would still be working but you always need to make sure that the /dp/ part is present as it is of enough importance to the shortened URL.

Here’s an example:

Isn’t it very short? Let’s dive into another step to make it even a bit shorter.

Step 3: Try Not Using

This sounds really strange right, but before jumping out to conclude, read the following article down below.

Like most other big brands, Amazon does hold a large number of domains. is one of the same that they own.

The engineers at Amazon did make this a very handy way to get their URLs short. Look at the domain name down, we have replaced with

The Amazon Standard Identification Number or the ASIN makes this Amazon share link work on real grounds.

Every item that is listed on Amazon does have a unique Amazon Standard Identification Number and this specific ASIN can be seen in all short Amazon links.

All you need to do is change this ASIN number in the given link to the ASIN of the book making it a very short Amazon link. Here it is not needed to include the “/d/” part, as done in the previous step.

Remember this trick only works for the US-registered Amazon sites i.e. You might not find it working on other registered Amazon platforms.

Step 4: Using Amazon Link Shortener Online

There are a lot of third-party Amazon link shortener online sites that specialize in providing short URLs for your Amazon product.

These third-party applications work for any type of link, not only just Amazon. You can find domain names such as,,,,, and a lot more.

All you need to do is search for Amazon URL shortener online and you will get thousands of options to use.

In case you are using, they do have a separate domain named which can be used if you are shortening any Amazon links.

Most of these link shorteners serve for free whereas some do take some charge for some additional features.

Some sites do track the number of links being clicked. A downside of using this third-party application is that you always need to rely on these websites being around.

If by any chance these websites close suddenly or put on a huge fee for using their links then you do have to change all the shortened URLs that have been used previously by you which can turn into a nightmare for many.

Step 5: Copy Pasting the HTML Code before Inserting It in the Blog

Copying and pasting the URL links in an HTML page is another option to shorten an Amazon link. Here, in this case, you need not worry about the sizes of the image, here the text-only link is only provided for the HTML.

These HTML’s are coded in such a way to use your Amazon affiliate IDs as are already logged in inside the affiliate page.

This can be particularly helpful when you link an item on and you don’t need any specific price or picture of the item. All you need to do is just provide a reference link to the product.

To conclude we can say that these points that we have dug for you are of some importance and might help you in building a successful Amazon Affiliate Career.