7 Best Cheap Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

Using paid traffic sources to promote affiliate links is the quickest way to earn commissions from affiliate marketing. But the problem with getting paid traffic at times is that they can be quite expensive.

In this article, we will discuss the best cheap traffic sources for affiliate marketing and their pros and cons.

7 Best Cheap Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

1. Push ads

Push notification traffic is really cheap and in my opinion, it’s the cheapest source of high-quality traffic for affiliate marketing. More importantly, when handled properly, this traffic source can be used to produce a high return on investment with minimal capital.

Push notifications are the rapid alerts that show up on your phone or computer. They are very common on Android and iPhone smartphones, and they are also becoming increasingly widespread on PCs.

Users have the option to opt-in to receive push alerts on websites they visit on their phone or PC. Affiliate marketers can then inform them of offers after that.

Hundreds of millions of phones and computers have these popular websites’ push notifications activated, and traffic providers like PropellerAds and Zeropark have figured out a way to offer you access to all of that traffic through their self-serve advertisement platform.

With the help of this course, I’m able to manage profitable paid advertising campaigns on a shoestring budget; you can do the same, even if you have no prior knowledge or experience.


  • Quality traffic with high conversion
  • Clicks can be very cheap
  • Awesome targeting features


  • A minimum deposit of $200 is required on Zeropark, although it can be spent however you want

2. Search ads

Search ads are the ads that often show up as top results when you search for something on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. The two traffic sources we will discuss in this category are Microsoft ads and Google ads.

Microsoft (Bing) ads

Microsoft ads are relatively cheap search engine traffic when compared to Google ads. It’s a traffic source with awesome conversion. This is one of the best sources of paid traffic for the promotion of Clickbank products and on a personal level, I’ve made a lot of sales with it while using it to promote Clickbank offers.

Google ads

You might be wondering how Google AdWords might be a cheap source of traffic. But it truly can be. I am aware that the CPC for popular keywords in Google AdWords is high. But with the right ad creative and keyword targeting, you can cut down your campaign to a low CPC and also make more sales.

Adcreative.ai is an AI that can help you create ad creative for campaigns that can help lower your CPC and the company in charge of this technology is partnered with Google. They will provide you with a $500 Google ad credit if you sign up for Adcreative.ai.

Additionally, if you want a lower CPC, advertise in countries other than the US or Canada. YouTube advertising may also be inexpensive. The best way to increase website visitors is through Google advertisements.


  • High-volume traffic that can bring very fast results
  • Search engine traffic with high conversion
  • No minimum budget for ad campaigns
  • A payment option is available


CPC can be quite high if you are targeting keywords with high competition

3. Pinterest Ads

The best cheap traffic source for affiliate marketing is Pinterest ads if your website is on women’s issues or beauty in general. On Pinterest, about 85% of users are women.

The price of Pinterest ads is lower than that of other social media platforms because there is less competition. Additionally, Pinterest advertising is inexpensive and can be done for a long time. Your advertisements can be improved with the addition of subtitles and graphics.

It’s one of the finest low-cost platforms for website advertising to increase affiliate link clicks and revenue.


  • Cheaper than other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram
  • Low competition
  • Allows the use of eye-catchy images for campaigns which can help improve conversions


Setting up and scaling Pinterest ads can be tricky even for experienced marketers

4. Outbrain

One of the top native advertising networks is Outbrain. Additionally, it is accessible in more than 55 nations. Every month, there are about 290 billion impressions on the Outbrain native ad network. The native advertising format combines text and pictures.

You will receive an audience of top quality. Your affiliate marketing articles or advertisements will be displayed by Outbrain as sponsored content on major news websites. To choose the ideal websites relevant to your website and content, an algorithm is used.

You will be able to connect with your target market in the best way possible. You can target using Outbrain based on things like location and device. In Outbrain, the target settings are varied.

Additionally, it is a cheap source of website advertising for affiliate marketers. You only need to spend $10 to get started.


  • It gives a trial period
  • It only requires a $10 budget
  • It makes it possible to target the best audience for your affiliate marketing content
  • High-quality traffic source


  • Although it’s a cheap ad network, you need a fairly large budget to test campaigns

5. Taboola

Another well-known native advertising platform that is growing in popularity is Taboola. Popular and significant publishers on the platform include USA Today, Business Insider, and others. Every month, Taboola receives more than 1 billion unique visitors.

Taboola can be a little more expensive than Outbrain, though. But there isn’t a required minimum. Only the final day of the month is required for payment. You must, however, stick to a daily budget of $10.


  • No minimum deposit is required
  • Lots of targeting options are available
  • Has a huge coverage reach


  • A long period is needed for testing ad campaigns

6. Pop ads

PopAds is another popular way to drive traffic to your affiliate offers. You need to pay $5 for 1000 impressions in PopAds. You may be required to pay less occasionally. Another name for PopAds is a high-end pop-under network.

PopAds doesn’t require a significant advertising budget. You can fund your account with as little as $10. You can then configure your campaign parameters following that. The campaign options offered by PopAds are rather extensive.

You can check your daily impression count by clicking the summary tab. You must place a higher bid if you want more impressions.


  • Variety of campaign settings options
  • A minimum of $10 can get you started
  • The setup is easy


  • Slow technical support

7. PPC Mate

Although PPC Mate is not a popular advertising platform, it is an awesome cheap source of website traffic for affiliate marketing. You can achieve superior outcomes on a shoestring budget with this platform. More than 1 billion people have visited The PPC Mate.

PPC Mate offers a variety of ad forms, including video advertisements, pop-unders, display banners, and push notifications. You can get started on this platform with a $25 minimum deposit. For newbies, it is a fantastic source of inexpensive traffic.


  • It has a low minimum deposit
  • It makes available a video ad format
  • Gives awesome results


  • Support is not impressive

Why You Need Cheap Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

You can increase the number of people who click on your affiliate links tremendously by using cheap traffic for affiliate marketing. Your potential conversions rise as a result, which can be quite beneficial if your website is still new or you haven’t built up a sizable social media following.

In fact, it can aid your success in affiliate marketing without followers on social media or without owning a website.

Paid traffic can be quite expensive and risky, but if you can get quality traffic for cheap, you can lower your risk and start making sales with a small advertisement budget.

But you’ll need to be on the alert for con artists who artificially increase your visitor count with bot traffic. Because of this, even if they offer appealing discounts, you should only trust trustworthy sources and abstain from taking unnecessary risks.

Final Words

These are the top seven cheap traffic sources for affiliate marketing that you may utilize to get quality clicks to your affiliate links. To better understand how to bid, you need to study more about each of these seven sources.

Paid traffic can generate a lot of affiliate commissions for you and at the same time, you can lose money with it if you don’t have a good understanding of what you are doing.

Additionally, you should be aware of the terms and conditions of some of these sources. Before using any of the ad platforms mentioned above, make sure to review the terms and conditions.

Some of them do not allow the promotion of affiliate links directly, hence you will need to scale this obstacle by creating an affiliate marketing sales funnel or landing page.

You’ll get high-quality traffic from all of these sources of traffic for affiliate marketing.