How to Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website

You can succeed as a Clickbank affiliate without owning a website and in this article, we will discuss how to promote Clickbank products without a website.

Clickbank is one of the best places beginners can make money online from affiliate marketing. But there’s a misconception that you need to create an affiliate website to promote products on the Clickbank marketplace to succeed.

This program is one of the best affiliate programs that require no website. Today, we will discuss how to select the best products to promote on the Clickbank marketplace and the best ways to promote them without owning a website.

How to Choose Products to Promote On Clickbank

To achieve success while promoting Clickbank products without a website, you must first learn how to choose profitable products to promote.

Finding a product to promote sometimes seems impossible due to the enormous number of offers on ClickBank. How can you tell whether a product will be successful? Is the competition intense? What do the various numbers all mean?

A few actions will significantly improve your chances of success. For discovering a successful ClickBank product to advertise, I suggest the following five research steps!

Step 1: Research your niche.

Thinking about the market you want to work in should be your first step. Pick a market that resonates with your interests, talents, passions, and experiences.

Do you love dogs? Have you ever dealt with a certain medical issue? Have you excelled in a foreign language? Do your friends ask you for dating advice?

When it comes to marketing a niche, having existing expertise may be a major benefit.

Make a selection of the niches you believe you could advertise by browsing ClickBank’s affiliate marketplace. These subsequent stages will assist you in narrowing down your choice because, in the end, you must select a lucrative market above one that you just like discussing.

Step 2: Know the needs of your customer.

In Step 1, you could have included “playing guitar” to your list of niches. Understanding (1) who the target market is and (2) what they are purchasing is crucial if you want to develop this idea further.

Searching Facebook Groups or online forums related to your niche is the simplest approach to gaining insight into the thoughts of your market. This is a fantastic technique to identify the requirements, desires, and problems of customers.

Step 3: Find best-selling Clickbank products in your niche.

You ought to have a solid knowledge of your market’s demographics and needs at this point. It’s time to return to ClickBank and look for some of the best-selling offers that you can market and that will satisfy their requirements.

Based on the quantity and timeliness of purchases, ClickBank assigns each product a “Gravity Score” to indicate how well it is selling.

There is usually a lot of competition in this market if the gravity score is quite high (100+). Don’t be deterred by it. The presence of competition indicates that there is a high demand for goods in that market.

It’s important to note that a product with a low gravity might occasionally still be worth advertising if it’s fresh or a hidden treasure. Therefore, even if gravity is a useful indicator of prospective sales, you shouldn’t discount an otherwise excellent product just because it has a low gravity score.

Step 4: Focus on high-commission offers.

In all honesty, $3 commissions won’t make you wealthy. Your marketing campaigns must focus on high-commission goods, or those that pay at least $25 per sale, to be effective.

Remember that you must exclude your advertising costs (such as AdWords) and valuable time from a huge commission. Of course, a lesser commission % will still be a wise investment if a product has a large monetary worth.

Step 5: Make sure there’s a solid sales page.

Last but not least, keep in mind that you will be depending on the product’s sales page to turn your HopLinks into income. You have a lot of influence over how you advertise a product, but the seller is responsible for maintaining a sales page that converts, so here is your time to test whether it will be effective.

Do you think the sales page seems credible? Does it meet the market’s concerns? Does it sound inflated and unreal, or is it convincing and credible? Would YOU purchase from a website like that?

You’d be amazed at how many affiliates omit this crucial step, which may reveal a lot about an offer’s feasibility. Don’t join their ranks!

9 Best Ways to Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website

1. Use an affiliate marketing sales funnel

With an affiliate marketing sales funnel, you can effectively promote Clickbank products without a website. A sales funnel for affiliate marketing is a mini version of a website. It’s basically a landing page that takes potential buyers through a buying process.

It is important to think of a sales funnel as being wide at the top and small at the bottom, much like a real funnel.

The funnel should be broad at the top with a large number of potential customers (traffic) and narrow at the bottom with a smaller number of consumers who have already made a purchase or completed the ultimate action that the funnel is intended for them to take (customers).

There are 2 reasons you need a landing page or sales funnels to promote Clickbank products without a website.

i. Email Marketing: As the saying goes, “the money is in the list,” so having an email list is essential if you want to earn lots of commissions online as a Clickbank affiliate.

ii. Higher sales rate: When compared to using a website or blog for affiliate marketing, landing pages guarantee a higher sales rate. Because a landing page or sales funnel is designed to persuade visitors to take a particular action at a particular time, visitors will experience fewer distractions.

Cost-per-click or free traffic-generating methods can be applied when employing landing pages for affiliate marketing.

To use this strategy, you will need a sales funnel builder for affiliate marketing. Check out the best free sales funnel builder for affiliate marketing that you can utilize.

2. Promote on YouTube

If you prefer making video content to writing content, you can expand your Clickbank affiliate marketing business to YouTube.

Establish a YouTube channel and talk about topics that will interest your target audience. Your content must constantly be focused on the issues and subjects that your audience finds interesting and relevant.

If you first create good content that is helpful, valuable, and full of insights before promoting Clickbank products that go along with the great content you give, you will make good commissions on YouTube.

People appreciate other people’s opinions and will naturally want to hear what yours is, thus offering product reviews is another option for your YouTube channel to generate affiliate commissions.

For instance, if your niche is weight loss, you could review a high-quality Clickbank weight loss product and make sure to include the link to the product in the description of your video so that your viewers may utilize it to make a purchase.

Showing your face while utilizing the YouTube method is a great way to connect with your audience, but if you don’t want to appear in front of the camera, you can still succeed with faceless affiliate marketing on YouTube.

I have monetized a few popular faceless YouTube channels via affiliate marketing. I achieved this by utilizing the VidIq software to find low-competition keywords in my channel’s niche and the AI-powered animation tool SketchGenius to produce videos focusing on those subjects.

3. Promote Clickbank Hoplinks via an eBook

This method of promoting Clickbank products without a website involves writing quality content around a particular topic. But you can avoid writing by getting content from the web and using a free article rewriting tool like Quillbot to create a unique version of the content.

The e-book that has to be written should have between 15 and 35 pages, be focused on a certain topic related to your niche, and contain links to the Clickbank affiliate products you are promoting.

Your ebook shouldn’t merely be a collection of affiliate links; instead, it should offer a ton of value before making product recommendations that support the ideas you present.

For instance, if you write an e-book about health and wellness, the title can be “7 fruits that might enhance your immunity against cancer.”

You can list seven fruits in the book and explain how they boost the body’s resistance to cancer, but you might also suggest supplements or other goods that include the correct combination of the fruits.

Designrr is an eBook creation software that can help you automatically convert written content into a stunning eBook promoting your affiliate link(s).

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular social media site that provides reliable free traffic for Clickbank products. The social networking site Pinterest is a hybrid of a visual search engine and a search engine for images. This social media platform is among the best for affiliate marketing.

The Pinterest search engine is advantageous to you since you can target specific keywords associated with the market or Clickbank product you are promoting and rank for them more quickly than you would on Google.

You can promote your Clickbank links without a website directly on Pinterest or indirectly with the use of an affiliate marketing sales funnel that we discussed earlier.

How to get free Pinterest traffic to Clickbank products without using a website

To succeed on Pinterest, you must create boards that are at least loosely associated with the Clickbank products you’ll be promoting, develop pins that are concentrated on the keywords you want to target, and then pin those pins to the most appropriate boards.

Though you are allowed to promote affiliate links on your pins directly, the majority of the pins you make should connect to websites where consumers may get useful information. The best practices for affiliate product advertising on Pinterest necessitate this.

To avoid the risk of your account being flagged as spam, promoting a significant amount of your links indirectly using a sales funnel can help.

When you’ve finished creating your pins, pin them to the board or boards that best suit your account.

Make sure to complete every area of your account to aid Pinterest in determining the topic of your pin.

That indicates that the pin descriptions, board titles, and board descriptions should all contain pertinent keywords. Simply keep manually pinning your pins to boards after that.

Here’s a full step-by-step guide on how to sell Clickbank products on Pinterest.

5. Use paid traffic

Purchasing traffic is the quickest way of all the methods an affiliate marketer might utilize to earn money on Clickbank.

This method revolves around the idea that you might occasionally need to spend money to generate money quickly.

Many beginners who attempt to use this tactic in an amateurish manner by sending purchased traffic directly to their Clickbank Hoplinks wind up failing.

This strategy is flawed since most individuals don’t end up purchasing after initially seeing an offer.

Therefore, it’s likely that most of the individuals who saw the ad through your link won’t buy right away, and since you didn’t capture any of their information, you have lost them for good and wasted money on advertising.

The effective technique to achieve this is to first gather your audience’s emails and create a mailing list before presenting them with the offer.

If customers don’t buy the product after viewing it for the first time, by doing it this way, you will be able to follow up with them using email marketing.

By obtaining their email addresses, you can also make additional money without investing more in generating new leads by promoting to them other offers that are relevant to the previous one.

To professionally implement this strategy, you will need a landing page/funnel builder and an email autoresponder.

6. Instagram

Instagram and Clickbank are a fantastic combination, but in general, Instagram is one of the social media sites where links go to die since clickable links may only be added to posts if the author has more than 10,000 followers.

As an affiliate marketer, the website part of your Instagram bio is the most apparent area to direct people to Clickbank using your link, but you are only allowed one link per account.

You must employ the assistance of a bio link tool to get around this restriction. You can use this tool to build a tiny page where you can add many Clickbank affiliate links to promote them through your profile.

Here, you can get all the information you need to promote Clickbank products on Instagram.

7. Promote products in online communities and forums

There are several online forums and communities where individuals with similar interests may discuss and debate various topics.

These online communities can be the marketplace where you engage in the promotion of Clickbank products without a website.

An excellent example of a forum where you can promote Clickbank affiliate offers without setting up your own website is Quora.

By answering community members’ concerns and then proposing products that would provide a comprehensive solution to their difficulties, you can make money selling affiliate products through this platform.

You can establish your own community. Additionally, you may accomplish this by setting up a Facebook group or by using Pinterest’s board capabilities. Then you may invite other people to join.

Because you created the group, you have the authority to decide what is permitted and what the group’s goals are. However, always keep in mind that when it comes to marketing affiliate items, these communities’ regulations must be followed.

8. Utilize influencer marketing

Another approach to conducting affiliate marketing on Clickbank without a website is through influencer marketing.

The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Guide states that influencer marketing is a sort of advertising that focuses on employing influential people to spread the word about your business to a wider audience.

Instead of actively marketing to a sizable audience of customers, you encourage, employ, or pay influencers to spread the word for you.

Influencer marketing costs some money, just like purchasing digital ads. For demos, you’ll probably need to buy things, and you could need to get followers with freebies and other benefits.

Unfortunately, the size of your audience will always place a limit on how much you can expand as an affiliate marketer. However, with so many social media platforms at your disposal, expanding and broadening your following is possible—although it will take time and effort.

9. Use

If you are a writer, a free way to promote affiliate products on Clickbank without owning a website is to publish articles promoting Clickbank offers on

Medium is an established website for writers that has a very high domain authority (DA). This high DA makes it possible for articles written on this platform to rank high on Google within a short period.

All you have to do to utilize Medium to help you go up the SERPs is to publish high-quality search engine-optimized articles about the Clickbank product you are promoting.

NOTE: You must include a disclaimer in any article you publish on that contains affiliate links so that readers are aware that you could get paid if they click on the link and make a purchase. This is a requirement of Medium for affiliates who publish content on their website. If you don’t do this, may suspend your account.

Final Words On Affiliate Marketing On Clickbank Without A Website

No matter the strategy you choose to advertise ClickBank products without a website, be ready for challenges. Learning affiliate marketing requires perseverance, effort, and time. Finding something that works and then making your own version is the greatest way to learn.

Follow the successful examples. No matter what, if you persist, you’ll undoubtedly succeed. As soon as you receive your first commission check, let that wonderful sense of victory motivate you to continue working as an affiliate marketer.