How to Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face

You can be a successful affiliate marketer even if you choose to do affiliate marketing anonymously.

If you don’t intend to build your affiliate marketing business around your personality, showing your face in your videos is unnecessary.

It would be wrong to think you need to go in front of the camera and reveal your face while promoting offers to build know like and trust.

There are several ways in which you can do affiliate marketing without showing your face.

I will provide you with the 9 best faceless affiliate marketing strategies, and I’m sure you will find one that suits you even if you wish to do affiliate marketing without social media or a website.

9 Best Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face

1. Utilize email marketing

The email marketing strategy is a direct way of communicating with potential buyers while being anonymous.

There’s no need to reveal your face while operating an email-based affiliate marketing business because you can build a strong relationship with your audience while your real identity is unknown.

Building and growing a responsive email list afford you the opportunity to promote affiliate links without social media. So, if you are interested in doing affiliate marketing without showing your face & also without social media, this method is for you.

Learn how to build a profitable, automated email-based business for the promotion of affiliate offers here.

2. Paid advertisement

Paid advertisement is the fastest way to make sales and earn commissions while promoting affiliate products without showing your face.

But paid ad campaigns are not always profitable and you can lose a lot of money on paid ads if you are not equipped with the right knowledge.

You can set up paid ad campaigns on social media or search engines and drive traffic to the offers you are promoting directly without using a landing page or indirectly with the use of a landing page.

Building an email list from paid ads campaign with the use of a landing page is an effective way of reducing potential losses because you will have a mailing list of potential buyers at your disposal at the end of the campaign.

With paid promotions, your audience only gets to interact with your advertisement, and if they like what they see, they can purchase the offer. Discover how you can get profitable quickly while doing affiliate marketing without showing your face using paid traffic HERE.

3. Build an affiliate website or blog

Promoting affiliate links with the use of a website is one of the most popular ways of doing affiliate marketing and it’s a good way to get traffic to your affiliate links without paying for ads.

This site can be an automated affiliate website or a blog website.

i. Automated affiliate website

An automated affiliate website allows you to promote affiliate links by creating a WordPress website using videos that are legally imported from YouTube channels. This means you can do anonymous affiliate marketing without creating content with this method.

Websites created this way can bring organic traffic from Google and affiliate links can be promoted using banners and stealth ads.

Also, this type of website is easy to maintain because it can be built to add more content that can generate more traffic automatically.

You can create as many automated affiliate websites as you want yourself using this software. It’s very easy to create and the software comes with an in-depth tutorial that will guide you every step of the way.

To create a WordPress website or blog for affiliate marketing, you will need to choose a niche, get a domain name related to that niche, and purchase hosting for it. You can get a free domain name and affordable top-notch hosting HERE.

ii. Affiliate marketing blog

A blog website for affiliate marketing allows you to write search engine-optimized content that brings targeted traffic to your site. This method requires consistently writing high-quality and low-competitive SEO content.

Blogging is a lot of work but it can be quite interesting if you choose to build a blog website around a niche you have a passion for. And if you are like me and don’t like social media, blogging is one of the many ways you can make money online without social media.

A blog created on WordPress and hosted on a domain name you own is the best place to launch your affiliate marketing blog. Creating one is quite cheap and very easy with a hosting company like Bluehost.

But if you wish to get started with an affiliate marketing blog with no money, you can choose from one of these best free blogging platforms for affiliate marketing.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start a successful blog without showing your face.

4. Use an eBook

Using an eBook to promote affiliate links is a very powerful yet underrated way of doing affiliate marketing without showing your face. And it’s a cool way to promote affiliate offers without creating a blog or website.

You can ghostwrite eBooks promoting affiliate links and sell them for cheap on Amazon or give them out for free on social media. You can even create eBooks for affiliate marketing without writing content by using this software.

Instagram is an awesome social media to promote your affiliate links via eBook. You can make money on Instagram without showing your face by adding your eBook link to your faceless Instagram bio and driving traffic to it.

5. Use an affiliate marketing sales funnel

An affiliate marketing sales funnel is a system designed to maximize conversion by taking leads through easy and comprehensive steps that help generate more sales and commissions.

You can make money as a faceless affiliate marketer by creating sales funnels from scratch yourself or making use of a done-for-you affiliate marketing sales funnel.

This type of sales funnel often comes with a complete affiliate marketing package that doesn’t require you to show your face.

6. Use social media influencers

While you may not be comfortable with the idea of going in front of a camera, some people are completely fine with it and they have built a large social media following with their personality which makes them a lot of money.

You can use the services of social media influencers who produce content within the niche of the offer you are promoting.

These influencers will charge you a certain amount to put your offer in front of their large audience and influence them to purchase through the link you provided.

The amount charged is often determined by the number of followers they have. There are lots of influencers with a decent amount of engaged followers on Instagram that charge as low as $50 to promote your link to their audience for 24 hours.

7. Podcasting

You can become a popular figure without ever needing to show your face and you can achieve that through podcasting.

Podcasting is largely a free service for the production and distribution of audio files to computers or mobile devices of subscribed users.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways podcasters can monetize their content. You can choose to be a podcaster, create audio content around a certain niche consistently, and monetize your content with faceless affiliate marketing.

There are three ways you can promote your affiliate links with podcasting.

i. Promote the products on your show

Sharing your affiliate links on your podcasting show is the most obvious way to promote affiliate offers through podcasting.

The best way to get this done is to create affiliate links that are short, concise, and memorable. This will make it easy for your audience to be able to type them out on their browser and make a purchase with them.

ii. Include them on your website

Your website is a great way to share links to your latest episodes. Your affiliate links will get the exposure they require as more people visit your website to listen to your shows.

iii. Add them to your show notes

Your show notes help tell your audience what a particular podcast episode is about and at the same time, it’s a cool place to share your affiliate links and generate commissions.

You can discuss the product you are promoting in your podcast and include the link to the offer in your show note where they will be able to get access to it easily.

8. Faceless affiliate marketing on TikTok & YouTube

This may come as a surprise to you, but you can do affiliate marketing anonymously on a video-sharing platform like TikTok and YouTube.

There are different ways you can create video content to market offers on TikTok and YouTube successfully while keeping your face hidden.

Faceless affiliate marketing on these platforms needs an approach that’s a bit different from the conventional method and you can learn everything about doing affiliate marketing on TikTok without showing your face here.

SketchGenius is an app with artificial intelligence that is designed to help marketers and content creators automatically create high-quality animated videos from simple texts. With this app, you can promote affiliate links on TikTok and YouTube easily without ever revealing your identity.

9. Promote products that don’t require face-to-face explanation

Some products are quite difficult to promote without needing to go in front of a camera. You need to avoid this type of product and select only offers that can be promoted easily without you showing your face.

To get the best conversion while promoting products like video games, it will be best if you purchase the game and do a video of yourself playing and explaining how cool the game is. This is an example of the type of product you need to avoid while doing affiliate marketing without showing your face.

How to Get Leads for Faceless Affiliate Marketing

If you are promoting affiliate products without showing your face using strategies like email marketing, sales funnels, eBook, and some other strategies that can not generate traffic on their own, you won’t be able to generate leads or make sales organically.

To generate leads and earn commissions, you need to find a way to generate a consistent flow of traffic. Pinterest is a free traffic source I recommend to get the right results. Pinterest is a visual search engine where you can find high-quality targeted leads for the offers you are promoting.

The audience on this platform is highly engaged and many of them are with buying intent. You can watch the video below to learn how to make money with Pinterest affiliate marketing.

Final Words On Anonymous Affiliate Marketing

Those are the 9 most effective methods you can do anonymous affiliate marketing. Using email marketing is the easiest way to make money anonymously with affiliate offers and it’s pretty much a direct way to promote affiliate links to potential buyers.

An automated affiliate website can help you get targeted traffic without needing to create content. A blog website on the other hand is more difficult to manage because content creation needs a lot of effort and time but if done well, the results can be unprecedented.

Social media influencers can help you get your offers in front of a large audience very quickly, and you can make profits quickly as well. But unlike websites that can earn you passive income for years, chances of earning often diminish after 24 hours.