How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Creating Content

You can make money from affiliate marketing even if you decide to do affiliate marketing without creating content.

Content is king in marketing but that does not mean you can’t be a successful affiliate marketer if you decide not to create content.

In this post, I will provide you with everything you need to know to make money from no content creation affiliate marketing.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Creating Content

There are several ways you can promote affiliate products without creating any form of content, but I will only provide you with the three most effective ways.

1. Use An Automated Affiliate Marketing Website

An automated affiliate marketing website is a WordPress website through which affiliate products are promoted with the help of automatically generated content.

These contents are other people’s video content published on YouTube channels which you can legally use to create niche websites for multiple streams of income.

As an affiliate marketer, you can turn any niche-based YouTube channel into a WordPress website and monetize it with affiliate links and banners. This is a good way to earn passive income while doing affiliate marketing anonymously.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to build a successful automated affiliate marketing website.

Step 1: Choose a niche

The first step to building a no-content creation affiliate marketing website is to choose a lucrative niche for the proposed website.

The most lucrative affiliate marketing niches include; weight loss, health, and fitness, self-help, make money online, dating, and software niche.

Step 2: Join affiliate programs within your chosen niche

The next step is to join affiliate programs that have products that are relevant to the audience of your chosen niche.

There are lots of affiliate programs and networks available on the internet but as an affiliate marketing beginner, you should only focus on going for no website affiliate programs.

The reason for this is that these types of programs are easy to join and also have the easiest affiliate products to sell.

Clickbank is an example of such a program, it is an affiliate network that has tons of affiliate products to promote in the most profitable affiliate marketing niches. You can learn how to choose products on Clickbank here.

Step 3: Get a domain name and hosting

An automated affiliate website is a self-hosted WordPress website and in order to build one, you need a domain name and hosting for that domain. The domain name you choose shouldn’t be more than 21 letters and should be related to the niche of the website.

There are lots of hosting companies you can purchase hosting from, but I recommend Bluehost because it is affordable, effective, and easy for beginners to work with.

You can get a free domain name for one year and hosting for only $2.95 a month via this link. The hosting also comes with a free SSL certificate and a 1-click WordPress install.

Step 4: Install WordPress

It’s very easy to install WordPress if you are making use of Bluehost hosting, it’s literally a 1-click installation process.

After purchasing hosting, you will be allowed to create an account on Bluehost, log in to your account and skip all the website building guides. Then click on download WordPress and WordPress will be downloaded in a few seconds.

You can click on login to WordPress after the download is complete and you will be taken to your new WordPress account dashboard.

Step 5: Build your affiliate website

Now that you have downloaded WordPress for your domain, the stage is set to build your fully automated and properly monetized affiliate marketing website.

To get this done, you need software that builds automated affiliate websites. YT Evolution is a software that can help you get the job done in a quick, easy, and efficient manner.

This software will help you generate all the important pages of your website, design your website layout, import content automatically from YouTube channels, and monetize the site with your affiliate links.

After purchasing the YT evolution software, you will be given access to a complete easy-to-follow tutorial on how to use the software to build and monetize your website.

And if you don’t feel like doing it yourself, you can purchase their done-for-you service and one of their team members will help you build your automated affiliate website for you.

2. Promote Using an eBook

This second method of promoting affiliate products without creating content may sound like you actually need to create content, but that’s not the case.

You can use eBooks to promote affiliate offers without writing any content at all by using automatic eBook generation software to create eBooks.

This method is one of many ways of doing affiliate marketing without a website.

Below, you will find the steps to create an affiliate marketing eBook without creating the content.

Step 1: Choose a topic around a problem for your eBook

You need to choose a topic that tackles a particular problem many people need solutions for. An example is “How to lose weight with the keto diet”

Step 2: Choose products with the solution for the problem

The next step is to provide a solution to the problem by recommending affiliate products that are created to solve such problems.

Step 3: Search for the written content around the problem topic

This can be done by simply doing a Google search using keywords related to the topic. By typing a sentence like “How to lose weight with keto diet” on Google’s search bar, you will find loads of written content addressing the topic.

Go through the first three results on Google, and pick the one that appeals to you the most.

Step 4: Copy the content

Copy the chosen content and paste it into a Word document.

Step 5: Rewrite the Content

The copied content is owned by someone else, you need to own it by simply rewriting it.

And not to worry, you won’t be the one rewriting the content, a free tool like Quilbot can help you paraphrase the entire content and provide new, 100% unique content.

Step 6: Convert the content to an eBook

This part is very easy with the aid of an automated eBook creation software like Designrr. All you need do is copy the new content, paste it on Designrr, choose a matching template for your eBook and the content will be converted to a stunning, modern eBook.

With Designrr, you can create an unlimited amount of eBooks, and flipbooks without writing a single word for a one-time fee of $27 only.

Step 7: Add your affiliate links to the eBook

Before publishing your eBook, add your affiliate links to the right areas within the content of the book.

Step 8: Add images to the eBook

It is always better to add a couple of relevant images to the book. There are lots of places you can find free stock images for this purpose.

Step 9: Publish and promote the eBook

The final step is to publish and promote the eBook. You can promote it by giving it out for free to the target audience of the book.

Promoting affiliate links through eBooks is quite easy and at the same time effective. The more people you give out the book to, the better your chances of generating affiliate commissions.

3. Use a done-for-you sales funnel

A done-for-you affiliate marketing sales funnel is a system through which you can promote affiliate products without building your business yourself or creating content for it.

Everything you need to succeed in affiliate marketing is included in this type of system, you simply need to plug and play to earn commissions.

Doing affiliate marketing with this system is the easiest and most effective way of doing affiliate marketing without creating content.


It’s very possible to do affiliate marketing successfully without creating content and you can do it with an affiliate website or without having a website.

The three methods discussed here are the easiest and most effective ways of doing no content creation affiliate marketing.

A done-for-you affiliate marketing sales funnel can get you started the quickest because most of the heavy lifting is done for you.

Choose the option that appeals to you the most, and put a bit of effort into it to start generating passive income.