27 Best Affiliate Programs That Don’t Require A Website Or Approval

There are many ways of making money through the Internet. For most of them, you must have at least one website. However, there are ways you can earn money without owning a website, and affiliate marketing is one of them.

Several affiliate programs don’t require a website to join. These programs can be referred to as no website needed affiliate programs. Of course, for most of them, having a website can be an extra advantage, but it’s unnecessary.

If you’ve just started your affiliate marketing business and are yet to own a website, not finding a list of the best affiliate programs for beginners without a website can be discouraging.

In this guide, not only am I going to point you to the best affiliate programs that don’t require websites, but I’m equally going to share with you how to get traffic to these offers fast.

These programs are newbie-friendly and many of them do not require approval.

Ready? Let’s begin!

27 Affiliate Programs That Don’t Require A Website

1. GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel is a software as a service (SaaS) platform with one of the most lucrative affiliate programs that don’t require a website on the internet.

The platform offers all-in-one CRM and marketing automation services for digital marketing agencies of all sizes.

It also offers white label and SaaS reselling services for businesses to customize the platform with their branding and sell it to their customers while keeping all the profits.

GoHighLevel affiliate program is a 2-tier affiliate program with recurring monthly commissions and acceptance to this program is instant. It offers a 40% commission per sale. The lowest GoHighLevel plan is $97 per month while the highest is $497 per month.

Commission: 40% per sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days

2. Clickbank

Clickbank is arguably the best affiliate program for beginners without a website that is interested in promoting products with high commissions.

Also, it is a great place for affiliates who wish to promote hot-selling pills and solutions for weight loss and other health-related problems.

This is a fairly well-known affiliate network that doesn’t offer just promotional services. Clickbank is also a marketplace.

You could choose to sell, buy, or promote in any one of Clickbank’s product categories within that marketplace. You can choose to promote software, courses, e-books, designs, and more.

Unlike some other affiliate networks where you will need approval to promote each program, virtually all programs on Clickbank require no approval.

Though the commission you’ll earn will differ from one program to another, with Clickbank, affiliates could earn commissions as high as 90% on every sale.

You can promote digital products in niches like relationships and dating, arts and entertainment, games, e-business and marketing, languages, home and garden, health and fitness, spirituality and alternative beliefs, parenting and families, self-help, etc.

You can receive commissions earned from Clickbank affiliate marketing without a website through Payoneer, Check, direct deposit, and wire transfer.

Check out the best free traffic sources to promote Clickbank products here.

Commission: Up to 90%

Cookie duration: N/A


3. Systeme.io

Systeme.io is a digital marketing software for the creation of landing pages, sales funnels, small websites, automated emails, etc. It’s a free software with optional upgrade plans.

The Systeme.io affiliate program is by far one of the easiest no-website affiliate programs anyone can join.

Joining the affiliate program simply involves you signing up for a free account for the software and all the process requires is to submit your email address.

A link to create your password to sign in to your dashboard will be sent immediately to the email address you submitted. And from your dashboard, you can switch between your main dashboard and your affiliate dashboard.

The program is a two-tier affiliate program with monthly recurring commissions.

Joining Systeme.io is like killing two beds with one stone.

This is because apart from earning commissions with the affiliate program, you can use the software itself to create landing pages and automated emails which is necessary for the promotion of affiliate products without a website.

Later I will show you how to use Systeme.io to create a high-converting affiliate sales funnel very easily.

Commissions: 50% recurring commissions on all products for tier one and 5% for tier 2.


4. Wealthy Affiliate

Look no further than Wealthy Affiliate if you need a platform that would provide you with the resources and training you need to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate also has an affiliate program through which you can earn monthly recurring commissions whenever someone signs up for a paid membership on the platform via your affiliate link.

Joining this platform is arguably the best way to learn and earn as an affiliate marketer.

Commission: 50% for paid members & 25% for members on the free plan

Cookies: Lifetime

5. Amazon Associates

If you’ve been shopping around for affiliate programs, you’ve probably already heard about this giant affiliate program. This is one of the biggest affiliate programs without a website.

Even after Amazon’s significant commission slash, it remains one of the best. This is because there’s a commission for most products.

No matter what niche you’re in, there’s probably something you can sell and get a commission for on Amazon. Plus, they’re one of the few affiliate programs that don’t require a website.

Depending on your niche, you can get a commission rate of up to 10%. However, Amazon’s cookie duration is short, only 24 hours.

This means you only get a commission if the person who shopped through your link pays within a day. However, the main attraction of the Amazon affiliate program is the sheer rate of conversion.

Amazon is a trusted brand, so more people will want to click your link.

Commission: Up to 10%.

Cookie duration: 24 hours.


6. Payoneer

Payoneer is a payment option for many affiliate marketing, freelancing, and e-commerce companies. It’s already considered an excellent alternative to the all-powerful PayPal in many countries where PayPal isn’t available.

It operates in over 150 countries and has several trusted partners like Fiverr, Shutterstock, Amazon, Airbnb, etc. So you can be sure that you’re not selling your audience a lousy service.

Payoneer pays affiliates by sale. That is, you get a commission of $25 for every new customer that you bring.

This is a pretty fair deal considering your referral also receives a free virtual US bank account number and a MasterCard prepaid debit card. Once your referral makes $1000 in Payoneer payments, you’ll both get a bonus of $25.

You can promote Payoneer by signing up for a free Payoneer virtual bank account and referring customers using your unique affiliate link inside your dashboard.

Commission: $25 per referral

Cookie duration: N/A

7. Leadsleap

Leadsleap is a digital marketing platform with essential tools for building and growing an online business.

You can join their affiliate program and earn recurring commissions by signing up for a free account and promoting your Leadsleap affiliate links.

You are not limited to promoting the program alone with your free membership, you also have access to the tools needed to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

This program is unique in the sense that it’s the only affiliate program with a platform that offers free targeted traffic for the promotion of affiliate links from different programs in the software, work from home, and make money online niche.

As a free member, you can create ads for 3 affiliate programs from your account, but to get traffic to these offers, you need to earn credits by viewing other people’s ads. Paid members can create 10 ads and get traffic to all 10 offers on autopilot.

Another awesome way to promote affiliate links without a website via this platform is to write short reviews of these programs via the Leadsleap high authority review site.

These reviews usually rank high on Google and traffic from them is automatically rotated to the affiliate links of all members who wrote reviews for the said program. Affiliate links of paid members are rotated more often giving them a larger share of the traffic.

Commission: 50% recurring commissions for paid members, 25% recurring commissions for free members.

Cookie duration: N/A.

8. LiveChat

Live chat is an easy-to-use customer service platform for business owners. What this company does is create specialized chat automation for your business.

In this way, your audience members have chatbots that can generate leads, solve customer issues, or direct them to human customer care agents.

Joining the Live Chat affiliate program is fast and easy. When you join, you can earn a 20% recurring commission for each customer you refer.

You can even make commissions off of people who were referred by your referral. There’s also an affiliate app where you can look at all your affiliate data.

If your audience members, click your link but don’t buy a package, Live chat will give you 120 days to change their minds.

Commission: 20% recurring commission.

Cookie duration: 120 days.


9. Shopify Affiliate Program

It might seem odd that you don’t need a website to promote a website builder like Shopify. But, it weirdly makes sense.

After all, Shopify is trying to attract people that don’t have sites but need one. And who better to bring such people in than website-less affiliate marketers?

Shopify has several packages. Each is structured according to the level of experience of the buyer and gets progressively more expensive.

For every plan below Shopify’s highest package, Shopify Plus, affiliates are paid a 200% commission per referral.

No matter what plan your audience member buys, you’ll get X2 of the monthly cost. If your audience buys a Shopify Plus plan, you get a $2,000 high ticket affiliate commission. Pretty awesome, right?

Learn more about the Shopify affiliate program here.

Commission: 200% per referral/$2000 for all referrals that purchase a Shopify Plus package.

Cookie duration: 30 days.

10. AliExpress Affiliate Program

AliExpress is like Amazon but mainly for Chinese manufacturers. This online store offers a lot of products in different categories, from clothes to wigs to plastics. Whatever you want, you’ll probably find it on AliExpress and for cheap, too.

This website offers an affiliate program with different commissions for different categories.

However, on AliExpress, the highest commission rate, you can earn is 9%. The lowest is 3%. Furthermore, payments are capped at $50.

This means that, even if you sell a product worth thousands of dollars and your commission is meant to be in the hundreds, you’ll only get $50. No matter what you sell, your highest commission on one sale can only be $50.

Learn more about the AliExpres affiliate program here.

Commission: Up to 9% but limited to $50 per sale.

Cookie duration: 3 days.

11. SE Ranking

There are lots of powerful marketing tools for businesses today, including affiliate marketing. However, SEO still rules the roost, driving 1000+% more traffic than organic social media.

This means that companies that provide SEO analytics are still very much in demand, which is good news for marketers.

SE Ranking provides services like keyword suggestions, backlink monitoring, comprehensive site audits, and lots more. They offer a 30% commission for affiliates on any of their products.

When I say any product, I mean that even if your referral doesn’t buy a package with SE Ranking and only signs up for a trial, you’ll still get a 30% commission from any service he decides to purchase.

They also have a rather generous cookie duration of 120 days. If your referral clicks your link but isn’t quite ready to sign up, you still have four months to convince them.

Commission: 30%

Cookie duration: 120 days.

12. Salesflare

Salesflare is a CRM tool that helps to smoothen and organize small businesses ’ customer relations.

They provide tools and options to help small businesses communicate more effectively with customers, market themselves, and automate specific tasks. In this way, using Salesflare saves a lot of time and energy.

For every customer who signs up through your link, Salesflare will pay you a 30% commission. They also offer a free trial, so it’s not like your audience won’t be able to check it out before paying.

You can share links on whatever platform you choose; this affiliate program doesn’t have many restrictions on that. The Salesflare affiliate program has a cookie duration of 90 days.

If an audience member clicks your link once and then clicks it again within 90 days, the cookie duration will count down according to the second click.

Commission: 30%

Cookie duration: 90 days.

13. JVZoo

For affiliate marketers interested in promoting software products, platforms like JVZoo might hold a lot of attraction. It’s a platform where you can join and find products to promote.

Jvzoo is a no website affiliate program that does not require approval and every seller joins JVZoo, knowing that they’ll get many affiliate members to market their product.

Affiliates also join knowing that JVZoo has set up its platform to ensure that affiliates get what they need and get paid as efficiently as possible.

To do this, JVZoo takes care of all things commissions and payments. With their real-time conversion rates and EPC, this platform also makes sure you know what to expect from a program.

You can easily search out programs in your niche and apply to as many as you want.

You can even choose programs that allow you to recruit affiliates and earn commissions from their sales. JVZoo’s affiliate program is also run in this way. You receive 10 cents for each sale your referral makes.

Commission: N/A

Cookie duration: N/A


14. Serpstat

Here’s another company dedicated to making sure your audience’s content stays high in Google’s ranking.

Serpstat serves over four hundred thousand customers and is mainly focused on these analytics: Keyword research, competitor research, position tracking, site audit, and backlink analysis.

Like SE Ranking, Serpstat is an affiliate program that doesn’t require a website and offers a 30% commission to its members.

However, unlike SE Ranking, Serpstat is one of the few affiliate programs that don’t require a website and offer recurring payments. That is, affiliates get paid a 30% commission on each payment their referrals make on Serpstat. Forever.

Commission: 30% recurring commission.

Cookie duration: 30 days.

15. IZEA

There aren’t too many pay-per-click affiliate programs that you can sign up for without a website. However, I found this rare gem that you can use to make money without any fancy website or paying a cent.

IZEA is a company that introduces influencers to creators and vice versa. It encourages marketers to launch more inclusive campaigns to educate marketers and staff about marginalized and overlooked communities.

When you post a link and a message anywhere, you get paid a certain amount of money that you receive through PayPal. You can withdraw your payment once you’ve accumulated up to $25.

This process requires minimal effort on your part and is a great way to rack up a little extra money. However, this company’s affiliate page isn’t very developed, and there are few details about the program itself.

Commission: N/A

Cookie duration: N/A

16. Dropship.me

Dropship.me is a company that takes your product from your website, repackages it, so it looks all pretty and refined, and then sells it for you.

It takes almost all responsibility for your products except the actual manufacturing process and marketing. However, it only takes the top-selling products in each store.

To get into the Dropship.me affiliate program, you’ll need to present a legitimate means of marketing them. Then you’ll need to wait for at least two business days for their response to your application.

If you get in, then you can enjoy recommending an excellent service to all the online business owners in your audience and getting paid a 50% commission for it.

Commission: 50%

Cookie duration: 30 days.

17. JustForex

Today, the global Forex market is worth over $1.9 quadrillion. We’re not trying to scare you or anything; we just want you to realize that Forex is now a pretty huge deal. And following these huge stats, JustForex offers equally massive commissions.

There are two ways to earn with this program. You can choose to receive a 65% lifetime commission.

Every time your referral spends money on a trade, you’ll get a certain amount. Or you can choose to be paid once and for all. With this method, you’ll get a one-time payment of $1500.

Because of its high and flexible commissions, this is one of the best affiliate programs that don’t require a website. You don’t even need to have a lot of knowledge about Forex. Just sign up and be ready to promote.

Commission: 65% recurring commission or $1500 CPA.

Cookie duration: N/A

18. WarriorPlus

WarriorPlus is a no website needed affiliate program that strives to offer affiliates the best possible support. Before choosing to promote a product or service, affiliate marketers have to consider many things such as commissions, cookie duration, conversions, etc.

WarriorPlus makes choosing a program easy because you don’t have to search for all those details. The stats are listed with every program, so you don’t waste time looking for details.

You can even set up your account to get product alerts each time a product with a keyword you entered is launched.

This means you can get first dibs on an affiliate program. WarriorPlus also allows sellers to incentivize affiliates by making their commissions instantly withdrawable.

Commission: N/A

Cookie duration: N/A

19. Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr affiliate is one of those rare and beautiful no approval needed affiliate marketing programs that don’t require a website.

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers and is famous for its sellers’ cheap rates. Because of this, it gets lots of traffic, which is perfect for those new to affiliate marketing. This website has over a dozen sub-categories. You’ll likely find a niche there that you can promote.

The Fiverr affiliate program doesn’t need its affiliates to own a website. All it requires is a source of traffic. Depending on what you sell, Fiverr has a variety of commissions for different sales.

For regular gigs, you can choose to receive a $15-$50 CPA (Cost per Acquisition, AKA one-time payment) or a $10 CPA and 10% of whatever the referral purchases for the next year.

This means you can easily make $500 if you refer 10 of your friends to buy services on Fiverr that have a $50 CPA commission. You can also get more commissions from promoting other Fiverr services like Fiverr Pro, Fiverr Learn, and And Co.

Get more details on the Fiverr affiliate program, and its commission plan here.

Commission: $15-$50 CPA/$10 CPA+10% Revshare

Cookie duration: 30 days.

20. Buiderall Affiliate Program

Buiderall is a relatively new company. It recently started branching out into the US, but it’s already defined as a top web builder. It uses its software to help buyers quickly build the website of their dreams.

Apart from that, it’s also one of the few web builder companies that offer affiliate programs that don’t require a website.

It can also be used by affiliate marketers like you and me to create a simple affiliate landing page. You don’t even have to make one from scratch yourself because there are several templates available.

Apart from being a website builder and landing page creator, Builderall is also an eCommerce funnel builder and an all-in-one digital marketing solution.

However, the focus is mainly on the creation of sales funnels for digital marketing. Builderall has features to help you craft landing pages/sales funnels that are responsive both on desktops and on mobile devices.

It also has an SMS messaging tool as well as a telegram automation tool. You can even use its fixed timer feature to time your posts for maximum effect.

In addition, the Builderall affiliate program offers a high recurring commission. It’s one of the best software affiliate programs for beginners.

You get 100% of the first payment your referral makes, then a 30% recurring commission for subsequent payments.

Commission: 100% CPA+30% recurring commission.

Cookie duration: N/A

21. Grovefunnels

Grovefunnels is another digital marketing software with a no approval required affiliate program.

The software is free to use with optional upgrade pages through which affiliates can earn high commissions per sale.

Groovefunnels has lots of products and you will earn commissions for any product bought as long as the buyer purchases the product via your link.

The program is a two-tier affiliate program where you earn commissions from every sale made by those you refer.

To join the program, you need to sign up for a free Groovefunnels account. You can navigate to your affiliate dashboard from your account and access all the promotional materials you will ever need to earn commissions with the program.

Commissions: 2 tier 40% recurring monthly commissions

Cookie duration: Infinite

22. PromoRepublic

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool if properly engaged. PromoRepublic claims to help individuals, business owners, and companies do just that.

This website offers a set of social media marketing products to help turn your leads into sales. PromoRepublic is one of the best affiliate programs without a website for those who want to promote social media tools.

They also offer an affiliate program with a tiered commission structure. Your job is to bring in new customers, and PromoRepublic will pay you a 20% commission for your first five referrals.

You’ll start to earn a 25% commission from your 6th referral to your 25th. After that, you’ll earn 30%. You’ll also get recurring payments for a set period and a cookie duration of 120 days.

Commission: 20% – 30% recurring commission.

Cookie duration: 120 days.

23. Viddyoze

Viddyoze is another software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that makes money off of making marketing easier for people. In this case, it’s video marketing. Viddyoze provides various templates that allow you to make cool 3D video animations easily.

Viddyoze also offers you money to spread the word about their service, and in return, you can expect to earn a 50% recurring commission till your referral stops using Viddyoze or the service ends.

However, Viddyoze only has plans that offer one-time payments, so I’m not sure what “recurring payment” means here.

But there is a template subscription. If your referral subscribes, you can get a 35% commission each time they renew.

Commission: 50% and 35% subscription-based recurring commission.

Cookie duration: 30 days.

24. Sendinblue affiliate program

The Sendinblue affiliate program is a no website-required affiliate program that pays per free account signup and also pays when a free account user buys a paid plan.

Sendinblue is an email marketing company that helps online business owners grow their businesses by helping them build strong relationships with their audience through effective email marketing.

Users of Sendinblue pay monthly subscriptions to receive uninterrupted services while Sendinblue pays their affiliates on a one-time fixed payment per lead and per sale.

Commission: 5€ per free account and 100€ for every free account that upgrades to a paid plan.

Cookie duration: 90 days.

25. GetResponse Affiliate Program

GetResponse is one the oldest and most effective email autoresponder software on the market.

The Getresponse affiliate program is an instant approval no website needed affiliate program which is divided into the affiliate bounty program and affiliate recurring program.

The affiliate bounty program pays a one-time $100 commission for each customer while the affiliate recurring program pays a 33% monthly recurring affiliate commission for as long as the customer continues to pay his/her monthly subscription.

Regardless of the program you choose, you will be provided with adequate marketing materials, real-time earning stats, and a monthly payout.

Affiliate commissions are been paid via PayPal.

Commission: $100 for the bounty program and 33% recurring commissions for the affiliate recurring program.

Cookie duration: 120 days.

26. Gmass Affiliate Program

Gmass is a Chrome browser extension that is used to merge, schedule, automate, and send mass emails all within Gmail.

The Gmass affiliate program is a free, no website or approval required affiliate program which you can join by creating a free Gmass account and sending an email to their official affiliate email address via your account.

After that is done, you will immediately receive an automated email containing your Gmass affiliate code and other information regarding the affiliate program.

You get paid an affiliate commission of up to 50% for every paying customer you refer to Gmass and you can receive your earnings via PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

Commission: earn up to 50% commission for the entire year of subscription of each customer.

Cookie duration: 90 days

27. Pictory.ai

Pictory.ai is an AI-powered video creation and editing software.

It enables individuals and business owners without video creation skills to create high-quality videos by leveraging the artificial intelligence of the software.

Pictory offers an affiliate program without approval to marketers who are interested in promoting their powerful video creation software. The program is a two-tier affiliate program with monthly recurring commissions.

All that’s needed to join the program is to create a forever-free Pictory.ai account and click on the affiliate program button from your account dashboard.

Commission: Earn up to 50% tier-one commissions and 10% tier-two commissions.

Cookie duration: 9,999 days (27 years)

Tools to Promote The Best Affiliate Programs Without a Website

Above are the 27 best affiliate programs that don’t require a website. However, just knowing your options isn’t going to set you on the road to earning an income with affiliate marketing without a website in 2024.

But to achieve your goals of earning passive income without having a website, you’ll need to do more than simply join a couple of affiliate programs without a website and post a few links on Facebook.

You need a strategy and some tools to help you promote products without a website effectively.

You don’t have to do everything on your own when affiliate marketing. You can get some help with some tools or services.

I can help you build a profitable no website-required affiliate marketing business from scratch via my service if you want me to.

Here are a few tools & services that I recommend:

1. Designrr

Giving out valuable items for free is one of the easiest ways to make commissions as an affiliate marketer and these valuable kinds of stuff are better served as digital products like eBooks.

Designrr is an Ebook automation software that converts written content into amazing-looking eBooks through which affiliate links can be promoted.

This is also a cool way of promoting affiliate products without creating content.

You can get quality content related to your niche from anywhere on the internet and Designrr will automatically help create a stunning eBook through which you can promote affiliate offers.

You can edit these contents by including the affiliate links of the no website affiliate programs you have joined and giving them out for free.

When your leads read the book and make a purchase via your affiliate links tied around the content, you will earn a commission.

Easy and straightforward it is, isn’t it?

2. Systeme.io

This is a free affiliate program that doesn’t need a website that is great for digital marketing and very useful for affiliate marketing in particular. It’s arguably one of the best affiliate marketing funnel builders on the internet.

Though you may not want to build a full website, landing pages, and sales funnels do have great advantages for an affiliate marketer. Systeme.io can help you create that for free.

You can also use its email marketing tools to create an automated email follow-up sequence containing your affiliate links and draw in more customers.

3. Invideo

Social media is invaluable if you want to get the best out of affiliate marketing programs that don’t require a website.

Invideo is a free tool that helps you create high-quality video content for your social media pages.

With this tool, you can monetize your accounts by producing engaging content that draws in customers for your affiliate offers without you needing to go in front of a camera or have any prior experience in video creation.

Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are awesome social media platforms for video marketing and this tool helps you create all the content you need to promote your affiliate links to the right audience.

4. Udimi

Solo ads are the easiest and quickest way to build an email list and make sales promoting affiliate offers without a website.

However, there are lots of fraudulent sellers providing this service and one can end up buying bot traffic or poor-quality clicks. That’s the problem a platform like Udimi helps to solve.

Udimi is a platform where affiliate marketers can purchase high-quality clicks from real human beings who are active buyers for cheap.

The platform vets every solo ads vendor offering services on it and has a sophisticated technology that eliminates bot clicks in place.

They also make it possible to see the number of orders a vendor has successfully delivered and the percentage of customers that made at least one sale from their order.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance website that has an affiliate marketing category where you can find sellers with a lot of experience in affiliate marketing.

They can help you build your no website affiliate marketing business from scratch or help you with whatever issue you need help with.

How to Drive Traffic to No Website Affiliate Programs.

The quickest and most effective way to drive targeted traffic to offers from no website needed affiliate programs is to use paid traffic strategies, but paid traffic can be a bit expensive and as well risky.

A solo ads network like Udimi helps you get high-quality clicks from hot leads for cheap.

I strongly recommend you use them if you are promoting products within the make money online, business opportunities (Biz Opps), internet marketing, affiliate marketing, personal development, crypto, weight loss, diet, health, and travel niches.

You can sign up with this link to get a $5 ad credit after registration and another $5 coupon after your first campaign.

You need to build a landing page for the offer you want to promote to collect the emails of your leads before showing them the offer.

This helps you to significantly minimize any potential loss because you will have a list of potential buyers at your disposal after the campaign is over.

Paid traffic is the fastest way to earn affiliate commissions while promoting free affiliate programs that require no website. Using free traffic from social media platforms is a bit slow but awesome and comes with little to no risks. Pinterest and Instagram are two very powerful platforms for affiliate marketing.

You can learn how to get quality free traffic from Pinterest from my guide on Pinterest affiliate marketing.

If you intend to specifically promote products from the Clickbank affiliate network on Pinterest, this Pinterest Clickbank method can help you get traffic and sales.

If you would like to work with Instagram traffic, you need a tool like Invideo to create content and to get potential buyers to your offers fast.

You can learn more about how to set up your Instagram account to promote offers from affiliate programs that don’t require a website HERE.

Final Words on Affiliate Programs That Don’t Require A Website

Being an affiliate marketer without a website might seem like an impossible task, but it’s not.

The programs discussed in this article are 25 of the best affiliate programs without a website that is available on the internet, and you’re sure to find a niche you fit into on this list.

The number one program I suggest is Clickbank, it’s an affiliate network that encompasses a lot of niches and the commissions are very high.

With a good program, marketing tool, and quality traffic source, you’ll soon be able to start earning passive income as an affiliate marketer.

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