The Fastest Way To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an awesome business model that allows you to earn a substantial amount of passive income, but one of the major challenges faced by affiliate marketers is the inability to earn commissions fast.

Paid traffic is undoubtedly the fastest way to make money with affiliate marketing. With a successful paid traffic campaign, you can earn a ton of affiliate commissions within a very short period.

Free traffic strategies such as writing search-engine-optimized articles and using organic social media traffic for affiliate marketing typically take months and sometimes years before decent commissions can be made.

But paying for traffic is a risky business especially if you don’t know how to get the best quality paid traffic for affiliate marketing. I will show you how to make money and be profitable with affiliate marketing fast while using paid traffic.

How To Make Money Fast With Affiliate Marketing

You need to follow these steps to make quick money online with affiliate marketing while significantly reducing the chances of losing money in the process.

Step 1: Choose affiliate products with high commissions

The products you choose to promote can make or mar your marketing campaigns. To make money in affiliate marketing fast, you need to run paid ad campaigns for products that are referred to as “your money or your life” type of products.

These are generally products in the health and wellness niche. Those having some medical conditions often seek products that will help them solve their problems and lead a healthy life quickly, hence they will gladly pay top dollars when they find such products.

Clickbank is an affiliate network where you will find lots of products that pay high commissions in the health and wellness niche. Clickbank affiliate marketing is a good way to get started with building a successful affiliate marketing business fast.

Choosing offers with high commissions is very important because you can easily run at a loss while running paid ad campaigns for products that pay small commissions.

Step 2: Create an affiliate marketing landing page/sales funnel

Although you can make money fast and be successful with affiliate marketing without a landing page, a landing page is an important component in affiliate marketing because with it you can presell the offers you are promoting and also build an email list from your paid traffic campaigns.

This can help you get better conversions and also build a list of subscribers through which you can promote other related offers and make more money.

You need a funnel builder and an email autoresponder to create a landing page and build an email list. is a software with a free plan through which you can build high-converting landing pages tailored to your offers and also build an email list.

Step 3: Set up an automated email follow-up sequence

After collecting the emails of potential buyers via your landing page, you can follow up on your leads by sending out automated follow-up emails promoting your affiliate links.

Many people simply won’t buy a product after seeing it for the first time and may eventually buy it after seeing it several times. The rule of 7 states that a potential buyer needs to see a product advert 7 times before they can make a purchase.

From personal experience, this is not always the case though because I have made sales promoting affiliate offers by linking directly to the products. This means the customers that purchase saw my ad just once.

However, having an automated email follow-up in place generally gives better results. Many Clickbank product vendors often put in place high-converting email swipes that their affiliates can make use of in their campaigns. The email autoresponder in can help you set up these automated email follow-up sequences.

Step 4: Choose a quality paid traffic source for affiliate marketing

Traffic is the heart and soul of an online business and the key to making money fast with affiliate marketing is getting quality traffic to your affiliate links fast.

Some paid traffic sources are generally known to give great results for affiliate marketing campaigns. There are a number of them, but we will only focus on the three that I have gotten the best results with which are Push ads, Microsoft ads, and solo ads.

These three paid traffic sources can get your affiliate links in front of potential buyers very fast and they allow the direct promotion of affiliate links. I.e you can promote without using a landing page.

I will explain the three traffic sources a bit.

i. Push ads

Push ads are traffic that comes from push notification campaigns. These are personal-like messages that are sent to subscribers through mobile and desktop devices.

Push ads traffic is one of the cheapest and best traffic sources for affiliate marketing. This traffic source can earn you a lot of affiliate commissions from a small ad budget if you know how to make use of it correctly.

ii. Microsoft ads

Microsoft (Bing) ad traffic is a search engine traffic from the third largest search engine in the world. You can get quality pay-per-click (PPC) traffic that converts from Microsoft advertising by bidding on keywords with buyers’ intent.

These are mostly long-tail keyword searches from people in need of solutions to specific problems.

iii. Solo ads

Solo ads are also known as email traffic and it’s a traffic source that comprises large email lists of buyers within a certain niche.

To get solo ad traffic to your affiliate links, you will need to purchase clicks from vendors with fresh mailing lists of audiences in the niche of the product you are promoting.

Using solo ad traffic can be a bit tricky because many solo ad vendors are known to be fraudulent at some point.

Some send bot clicks, while others send low-quality clicks from audiences that are unrelated to the niche of the offer or clicks from low-income countries.

Udimi is a solo ads marketplace where you can find sellers with awesome track records of delivering quality solo ad traffic that generates leads and sales.

Step 5: Setup tracking link

Ad tracking is the process of collecting data to measure the result of a paid ad campaign.

You will be wasting a ton of money if you choose to do paid advertising without tracking your results because without tracking you can’t know what’s working and what’s not.

If you use Microsoft advertising and make some sales with your campaign, you can’t know the type of keywords that made you the sale, hence you can’t scale up the campaign and make more money while spending less.

Also, if you are not tracking solo ad campaigns, you can’t tell the quality of clicks you are paying for nor can you identify the vendor that is sending you clicks that convert best.

You need tracking software to track your results and Clickmagic is the easiest to use and most efficient tracking software I have come across.

It tracks accurately the number of clicks a link gets, the location of the audience, the email opt-in rate, the number of sales, and how the sales were made.

Step 6: Launch your campaign

This is the time to actually set up and launch your paid advertising campaign. You can launch your campaign using any of the two advertising platforms discussed or you can try out some other paid traffic sources for affiliate marketing that you are okay with.

Step 7: Scale-up

With accurate tracking, scaling up is very easy. You simply need to stop paying for clicks that are not giving you great results and only pay for the ones that bring you sales.

How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

With paid traffic, you can make money with affiliate marketing as quickly as 24 hours from the time your campaign goes live. I made a commission of $105 within 5 hours of my first paid ad campaign. Results are not typical, but this shows it’s possible to earn commissions fast.


To make a lot of commissions quickly with affiliate marketing you need to work with paid traffic and this is one of many ways of doing affiliate marketing without a website.

You don’t need to choose an affiliate marketing niche you have passion for nor do you need to create content. And if you don’t like to market using social media, paid traffic can equally help you succeed with affiliate marketing without followers.

But you need to be very careful with paid advertisements because not every campaign will be successful. Testing a campaign with a couple of $100 and scaling up as big as possible if it shows signs of success is a good way to go about it.