How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Landing Page (Direct Linking)

A landing page is an important component of affiliate marketing, but if for some reason you don’t wish to create or make use of one, you can still do affiliate marketing without a landing page.

Not using a landing page to promote offers mostly involves doing direct linking affiliate marketing which is a way of marketing products without building an email list.

An affiliate marketing landing page can help you build a mailing list of potential buyers, and presell offers to increase conversion. If you can’t put one in place, you need to work out an effective way around it.

In this post, I will provide you with the 3 most effective ways to do affiliate marketing without a landing page.

3 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Landing Page

1. Social media

Promoting affiliate products for free on social media is a good way to earn commissions but some social media or forums do not allow direct promotion of affiliate links, an example is Quora.

For this reason, I will only provide social media platforms that allow the promotion of affiliate links without a landing page.

i. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform that is powerful for affiliate marketing and unlike popular belief, you can do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a landing page, blog, or website.

To promote affiliate links directly on Pinterest, you will need to create Pinterest pins, write a short description of the product you are promoting, and include your affiliate link in the destination URL space.

You can learn more about how to promote affiliate offers on Pinterest here.

ii. Instagram

Instagram is another affiliate marketing social media that allows the promotion of affiliate products without a landing page.

The promotion of affiliate links on Instagram requires you to enter your affiliate link in the website section of your Instagram bio.

Unlike Pinterest where you can promote multiple offers by creating multiple pins and including your links in them, Instagram allows you to add only one link to your bio.

To promote multiple affiliate offers on Instagram, you will need a landing page through which you can arrange the links to multiple products.

iii. Tiktok

TikTok works in a way that is similar to Instagram when it comes to adding external links. Just like Instagram, you can add your affiliate link in your bio and it’s one link per account. To add multiple links, you will need a landing page.

You can learn more about using TikTok for affiliate marketing even if you wish to go on TikTok without showing your face here.

2. Paid ads

Just like the use of social media for direct linking affiliate marketing. Some paid advertisement platforms do not allow the sending of traffic directly to affiliate links.

They prefer you send visitors to your landing page from your ad campaign and from there, they can decide whether to check out what you are offering or not.

Paid ads are a great option for you if you wish to do direct promotion of affiliate links without social media.

We will be discussing only a couple of paid ad platforms that allow the promotion of affiliate links without a landing page.

i. Push ads campaign

You can send quality traffic directly to your affiliate links for cheap using push ads. Push ad campaigns are direct notifications received by subscribers via desktop and phone browsers.

This traffic source can make you the most money from affiliate marketing with a relatively small capital if you have learned how to make use of it effectively.

You can learn everything you need to know to succeed while promoting affiliate offers directly using pushing ads in this course.

ii. Direct linking on Microsoft ads

Microsoft (Bing) ads allow direct linking to your affiliate offers, you don’t need a landing page to get traffic from Microsoft. I have set up profitable direct linking campaigns a couple of times on Microsoft for some affiliate offers, this is proof that this strategy works.

iii. Udimi solo ads

Solo ads are email traffic and Udimi is a solo ads platform where affiliate marketers can purchase email traffic from verified vendors with a large email list.

You can choose a buyer with an email audience that matches the type of offer you are promoting, provide him with your affiliate link to the product, and purchase a certain amount of clicks.

These clicks will take visitors directly to the offer via your link, and when a purchase is made, you will make a commission.

3. Use EBook for affiliate marketing

Using eBooks for affiliate marketing allows you to do affiliate marketing without a landing page. Although you can decide to create a landing page and use the eBook as a lead magnet, you can still give out the eBook directly without using it as bait.

You can promote affiliate links with the use of eBooks by writing content related to the niche of the product you are promoting and including affiliate links to the product within the eBook.

It’s fine if you don’t wish to write an eBook.

There are a ton of well-written PLR eBooks on the internet that you can download for free from sites like and Repurpose the content to make it original with a free paraphrasing tool like Quillbot, and turn the original content into an eBook with affiliate links with Designrr.

Steps To Do Direct Linking For Affiliate Marketing

Step 1: Choose direct linking affiliate programs

Not all affiliate programs allow direct linking, some make it mandatory to send traffic to a landing page first.

So, to do direct linking, you need to join and promote only affiliate programs that allow you to promote by direct linking to the offers.

Clickbank affiliate network has lots of programs that allow you to do affiliate marketing without a landing page, you can join Clickbank and select some of these products for your promotion.

2. Choose a platform for direct linking promotions

Choose one of the above-mentioned platforms to promote your offers with direct linking. If you intend to use free traffic for your promotions, you can use one or more of the social media platforms that allow direct linking.

3. Promote

The final step is to actually put in the work and promote the selected products on your preferred platform. It will be best you start with one platform, and expand to others only if you have started seeing results from the first platform.

Can I Promote Affiliate Offers On Facebook Without A Landing Page?

Yes, you can promote affiliate offers on Facebook without a landing page and there are different ways you can promote your affiliate links directly on this social media platform.

You can promote your links directly on your personal Facebook profile, Facebook business page, and Facebook groups.

Can I successfully Earn From Affiliate Marketing Without Landing Page?

Yes, you can earn commissions from affiliate marketing without a landing page. You can achieve this through direct linking paid ads campaigns, posting your links on social media for free, and via eBooks.


It’s possible to do affiliate marketing without a landing page, but it’s not a good idea to completely discard the use of a landing page for all your marketing campaigns.

Landing pages are essential for long-term success because with them you can build a large mailing list of engaged subscribers and make a lot of money from this list for months and years to come.

But if you don’t wish to be bothered with creating one yet, you can get started with any of the strategies discussed.