The Best Social Media Platforms For Affiliate Marketing

Social media is one of the best places to drive quality traffic to affiliate offers provided that you are utilizing the right strategy and best social media platforms for affiliate marketing for your promotions.

There are a ton of social media platforms available on the internet, but not all of them are great for the promotion of affiliate links.

Although you can achieve success while doing affiliate marketing without social media, if you decide to utilize the massive advantage social media has to offer, you must promote your links on the best ones for affiliate marketing only.

In this post, I will discuss the best social media platforms for the promotion of affiliate links and also how to make money with affiliate marketing on social media.

7 Best Social Media Platforms to Promote Affiliate Links

1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the best social media platforms for affiliate marketing because it has over a billion engaged users and allows for the direct promotion of multiple affiliate links to its users.

Another cool thing about YouTube is that unlike many other social media platforms, where your level of success is dependent on the number of followers you have, you can get a lot of eyeballs to your affiliate links even with a small number of subscribers.

If the idea of creating lengthy videos to upload on YouTube daunts you, the new YouTube shorts feature allows you to create viral video content that is as short as 30 seconds. And affiliate marketing happens to be one of the best ways to monetize these videos.

Moreso, you can create long and short YouTube videos from simple texts without ever going in front of a camera with an AI-powered video animation sketch tool called SketchGenius.

You can use a free tool called VidIq to search for content ideas around topics with low competition and let SketchGenius help you create the videos.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual social media with a search engine where people go to find ideas and inspirations for products they wish to buy. This platform is a great place for affiliate marketers to connect with potential buyers and offer them products to buy.

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest can be done by promoting affiliate links directly through Pinterest pins and it can be done indirectly with the use of a website or landing page.

Clickbank is arguably the best affiliate marketplace to make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing. You can check out my comprehensive guide on how to make money on Pinterest with Clickbank.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media platform with over 2 billion monthly active users and the platform does not have qualms with the promotion of affiliate links.

On Instagram, you can promote affiliate links through Instagram stories, IGTV descriptions, Instagram reels, and Instagram bio but your bio is the only place you can post a clickable link. Links posted on other places will appear as text links but won’t be clickable.

Another limitation is that you can only post one link on your Instagram bio but an easy way around this is to make use of a link in bio tool that allows you to create a micro landing page.

With this micro landing page, you can store multiple affiliate links and you can use the link to this page as your Instagram bio link.

Learn how to make money on Instagram with Clickbank affiliate marketing.

4. TikTok

TikTok is another awesome video-sharing social media platform through which you can get a ton of traffic to affiliate offers by uploading short videos.

This is one social media where videos can go viral quickly and a ton of money can be made from them if properly monetized. TikTok can still be your go-to social media platform for affiliate marketing even if you are camera-shy.

This is because there are effective ways of doing affiliate marketing on TikTok without showing your face.

5. LinkedIn

It may come as a surprise to you that LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for affiliate marketing, but it actually is.

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is mostly used by professionals in different fields. Chances are the target audience for your chosen affiliate marketing niche is present in a large number on this platform.

There are different ways of promoting affiliate links on LinkedIn, but the best approach is to use the LinkedIn pulse page as a free blogging platform for affiliate marketing. By doing so, you can create valuable content containing affiliate links to the products you are promoting.

There are some major benefits of using LinkedIn as a social media for affiliate marketing. One of them is that the platform has massive traffic of engaged audiences with money to spend.

Another benefit is that articles that are written via the LinkedIn pulse page usually rank high on Google and this can bring a ton of traffic from search engines to your links.

6. Facebook

Facebook affiliate marketing has brought success for a lot of affiliate marketers over the years and this implies that promoting affiliate links on Facebook is a lucrative business.

There are 3 awesome places to post affiliate links on Facebook for free traffic.

1. Facebook profile

You can place an affiliate link on the profile of your Facebook account and include a short description of what the product is about to get maximum clicks.

2. Facebook group

Facebook groups can get you a ton of quality traffic if done correctly. The best approach would be to create and grow a Facebook group related to your niche. With this group, you can create engaging content promoting affiliate links to members.

3. Facebook page

A Facebook page can become the voice of your affiliate marketing business. You need to create a professional Facebook page for your business and the page has to be centered around a particular theme.

7. Twitter

Using Twitter as a social media for affiliate marketing is a good idea because Twitter is quite generous with its traffic. This means you can get a lot of traffic from Twitter to your affiliate links without paying for ads.

There are huge opportunities for content creation on Twitter because there are few content creators and more consumers of content on the platform. Only 10% of Twitter users create 80% of the content on the platform.

With lots of engaging posts and a few thousand followers, you can achieve great things on this social media through affiliate marketing.

How To Promote Affiliate Links On Social Media

Now that you know the best social media to utilize for the promotion of affiliate offers, the next thing to do is to learn how to actually use these platforms to promote and earn affiliate commissions.

I will provide the 9 things you must do to get good results.

1. Join affiliate programs that don’t require a website

Since you have decided to use social media for your promotions instead of a website, you need to join affiliate programs that don’t mandate you promote your links via a website you own.

Even if you have an affiliate website or blog, you will find it easier to join no website-required programs than the ones that require a website.

I have compiled a list of the best affiliate programs that don’t require a website, you can check them out HERE.

2. Choose a niche to work with

You shouldn’t go to social media with the intention of promoting random products. You need to choose a specific niche and promote products within that niche only.

Using Instagram as an example, there are some niches that give excellent results on the platform, you can check out the best Instagram niches for affiliate marketing.

3. Promote offers on niche-specific groups and pages

You should always search for where your target audience for the niche offers you are promoting are hanging out and promote to them only.

Better still, you can create a space on social media based on the interest of your target audience and they would love to join your community.

This could be a YouTube channel, a Pinterest page, a Facebook group, an Instagram page etc.

4. Position yourself as an authority in your niche

People will only take your product recommendations seriously if they feel you are an authority in the niche you are operating. You don’t necessarily need to be an expert in your niche, you only need to give your audience the impression that you know your stuff.

This can be achieved by doing a bit of learning about your niche and how the products you are promoting can solve the problems of your audience.

5. Deliver valuable content

Social media is a content-ravaging monster and to get the attention of your target audience, you need to produce top-quality content regularly. In one word, content is the bait to promote your affiliate links.

6. Include images of the products you are promoting in your content

Quality photos are known to increase conversions because the human brain works with images.

Linking the images of the products you are promoting can help potential clients decide to purchase what you are offering, so always ensure you include them in your product-promoting content.

7. Promote offers with the potential to perform

Some products are difficult to sell because they lack the potential to become hot sellers hence they perform poorly. You will need to avoid these products and only promote the ones that look promising.

This guide will show you how to choose hot selling offers to promote on the Clickbank affiliate marketplace.

8. Know the best time to post on social media

There are times when engagement is highest on social media, and this time differs from one social media platform to another. You need to find out the best time to post content on your chosen platform and always post within that time frame.

9. Build an email list

Building an email list from your social media audience is a must if you wish to get the best out of social media for your affiliate marketing business.

This is because an email list is one of the few things you truly own as an affiliate marketer. Your social media account is like a borrowed property that may be taken away from you at any time for unforeseen reasons.

To build an email list from your social media audience, you need a landing page with an email opt-in. Here’s the list of the best landing page software for affiliate marketing that you can choose from.

Can I Use Social Media For Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, you can. Social media is one of the best places to get high-quality traffic for the promotion of affiliate offers for free. Most of the best social media for affiliate marketing allows marketers to promote affiliate links directly on their platforms.

Which Social Media Is Best For Affiliate Marketing?

In my opinion, YouTube is the best social media for affiliate marketing. It has over 122 million daily active users and allows the direct promotion of multiple affiliate links to its users. Affiliate marketing content posted on YouTube can generate passive income for years to come.


Social media has a lot of free traffic to offer affiliate marketers and to tap into this massive pool of traffic, you need to promote your affiliate links on at least one of the best social media for affiliate marketing.

Getting started on all the platforms at once is a recipe for disaster. You need to start with one and get some results from it before moving on to others.