10 Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs In 2024

The Pay per click affiliate marketing model is a cool business model, and I consider it one of the easier-to-run affiliate marketing models.

But the problem is that there are quite a few of these Pay per click affiliate programs out there.

That being said, I do know of a few of said programs that you can significantly benefit from, and I am in a great mood to share all of that with you.

If you are on the lookout for one of those to work with, then stick around, friend!

Before we get into the heavy stuff, let us kick off with what Pay per click affiliate programs are all about.

What are Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs?

Pay per click affiliate programs are programs that work based on the Pay per click marketing model.

What this means is that you as the affiliate marketer are entitled to earning commissions for every click that your affiliate links get.

When compared to other models of affiliate marketing, this Pay per click model is the easiest to earn commissions from, but that is just my opinion. Your opinion might vary, and that’s okay.

And unlike with other affiliate marketing models, the traffic you send to the website or landing pages of your affiliate partners, do not have to be quality leads.

That is, there is no requirement for any desired action to be taken, or for any purchase to be made, like with Pay per lead affiliate programs and pay-per-sale affiliate programs respectively.

The other great thing about Pay per click affiliate programs is that you can have massive success with them, without requiring the use of a blog or website, unlike with other models of affiliate marketing.

Now that you know what Pay per click affiliate programs are, and how they work, let us get into talking more about how to know if this model of affiliate marketing would suit your audience.

Things to Know Before Starting the PPC Affiliate Marketing Model

If we decide to get very specific, we would have to highlight that there are no strictly Pay per click affiliate programs.

The Pay per click affiliate marketing model only exists because some brands who are looking to get better acquainted with the general public, sometimes require traffic to their websites, hence the need for the Pay per click affiliate marketing model.

There is nothing wrong with the Pay per click affiliate marketing model, as lots of brands can benefit from it, but the problem with this model is that it is accompanied by a high rate of click fraud.

Due to the fact that lots of affiliate marketers tend to send bot traffic to their affiliate partners’ websites and landing pages, most brands, prefer to go with the other models of affiliate marketing.

Today, only a few brands and businesses have Pay per click affiliate programs, and offers, and, these brands or businesses, employ very advanced technology to ensure that the clicks you send them are high quality and authentic.

If you hope to go far with Pay per click affiliate programs, don’t even entertain the thought of sending fake or bot traffic to an affiliate partner’s website, or you will be kicked off the program permanently.

Now that all of that is out of the way, I will highlight a few of the best-paying Pay per click affiliate programs below.

Top Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs and Networks

1. Izea Pay per click program

PPC affiliate program

Remember when I said that with some Pay per click affiliate marketing programs, that you have the option of working your promotions without a website?

Well, izea, is one network that can serve as a prime example.

This brand has no issues with you promoting your affiliate links on your personal social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

If you own a blog or website, then you can earn just as much commission.

You can also get paid for sponsored posts on your website or blog.

When you make a sale for them via your Pay per click affiliate links, you also get a Pay per sale commission.

Their payout threshold is $25, and you only get your commissions paid to you when you reach the minimum payment threshold.

They pay via PayPal. If you give it your all, you can earn a steady income with Izea. I absolutely recommend it.

You can sign up for their Pay per click affiliate program here.

2. Viglink pay per click program

pay per click affiliate program

Viglink is one of the most significant Pay per click affiliate networks out there.

They are honestly quite like no other.

With Viglink, you can turn just about any product link into an affiliate link. i.e., for products, you wouldn’t typically get paid for.

What this means is, that if you are signed up to VigLink, you’re able to use their platform to turn regular links of brands that have an affiliate program, into affiliate links, without having to be part of said brand’s affiliate program.

Let us use Amazon, for example, if you are signed up to VigLink, and you come across an Amazon product that you feel would covert well with your audience, you can simply copy said link, and convert it to an affiliate link with the VigLink platform.

You can only typically get Amazon affiliate links if you are a member of the Amazon affiliate program.

With VigLink, you don’t have to go through the hassle.

Remember, this link conversion can only work if the brand whose product link you are looking to convert to an affiliate link, has an affiliate program.

Other brands with affiliate programs like Amazon and whose product links you can convert to affiliate links without signing up, include Etsy, Bluehost, etc.

Also, you get automatic approval for all the brands they work with, letting you get affiliated with any brand of your choice immediately.

The commission’s payout threshold lies at $10, and they also pay you through PayPal.

If your traffic quality is top-tier, you can also promote some of their cost-per-sale offers, and earn even more from your marketing endeavors.

They carry a combination of Pay-per-click, Pay-per-lead, and Pay-per-sale offers.

Click here to sign up for the VigLink affiliate program.

 3. Google AdSense pay-per-click program

Pay per click affiliate programs

Google AdSense, is one Pay per click affiliate program that is so popular that even if you know nothing about affiliate marketing, you must have seen one of their ads displayed at least in one location on the World Wide Web.

The Google AdSense Pay per click program is one of the highest paying, and you can get paid as low as 0.02 cents to as high as $200 per click.

With the Google AdSense program sadly, you can only promote via your website or blog.

You aren’t allowed to casually leave your links on social media like with Izea, VigLink, and the likes of them.

Before your website or blog can be approved for the Google AdSense Pay-per-click program, your website or blog has to meet certain requirements.

These requirements include the presence of a privacy policy; it must be content-rich; it must be user-friendly, etc.

The Google AdSense program is known to be quite strict, and its approval time could even take weeks.

When the individuals that make up the traffic you promote your ads to, click through to your affiliate partner’s website, you get paid a commission for each click.

But, if the program finds out that your clicks are fraudulent or even suspects it, they would immediately ban your ad account and take away all your earnings. (super scary, huh?)

Once your account gets banned for whatever reason, it never gets back online, or at least, that’s what I’ve been told (my account has never been banned).

With the Google AdSense program, you can pair its promotion with ads from other ad networks.

But; you have to be careful, as too many ads on one page can also lead to getting banned from the program.

4. Linqia Pay per click program

This is one of the Pay per click affiliate programs that is a lot like Izea, in terms of operations.

You are allowed to promote your affiliate links on your social media platforms like Facebook, blog, YouTube, forums, etc.

With Linqia, you can make as much as $0.80 for every click you send to your affiliate partner’s website or landing page.

They do have a few requirements you need to meet to join the program, and they include:

  • You must have a minimum of 2500 visits to your website or blog every month. If you are promoting via your social media pages, you need to have a minimum of 2500 followers on your Facebook or Twitter page.
  • You must be a resident of North America (uh oh)
  • Your niche of focus must be one of the following; wedding, lifestyle, parenting, gardening, home, travel, fashion, food, lifestyle, etc.
  • Your audience, whether it be on your website or blog, or on your social media pages, must be engaging. There need to be lots of interactions on all of your platforms.

You get your commissions paid through PayPal, and this is usually after every 10 days, following the end of your campaigns.

Sign up for Linqia here!

5. Skimlinks

pay per click affiliate program

Skimlinks is an affiliate network that offers different affiliate marketing models, including Pay per click affiliate programs.

This platform also lets you earn affiliate commissions, even when you aren’t signed up to any affiliate programs.

Let us say you own a blog or website, where you market a good number of affiliate products to your audience.

Signing up to a bunch of Pay per click affiliate programs, to be able to have access to all these affiliate products could get pretty annoying, and that’s where Skimlinks comes in.

Skimlinks lets you turn regular links into affiliate links, which lets you earn a commission each time your readers interact with the converted links.

First, you need to sign up for the skim links program.

Secondly, you need to install the ad on your website.

This way; once you add a product link to your blogs and articles, they become affiliate links.

It is really easy to sign up, but the Skimlinks program gets a percentage of your earnings.

You can sign up for the Skimlinks affiliate program here.

6. Adblade Pay per click program

Pay per click affiliate marketing

Adblade is one of the big names with regards to Pay per click affiliate programs, as they are very exclusive.

They are so exclusive that no one outside the network truly knows their full level of requirements.

But, we do know that you are required to have at least half a million visits to your website on a monthly average. (huh?)

Yes, this large number of website visitors makes it near impossible for smaller publishers to become a part of this affiliate network, but do not take it to heart, as they are just as strict with their advertisers.

Now, this is the part where I would say, “You can sign up for the Adblade affiliate network here”, but thinking back at that 500k requirement, I think I would skip that.

But, if you ever meet that requirement and the rest, and sign up, it would interest you to know that they have no problems with you showing both their ads and that of the Google AdSense program on your website.

7. Infolinks

Infolinks is one of those excellent Pay per click affiliate programs that are most times tagged as a great alternative to Google AdSense, as you can earn just as much from one click with Infolinks like you would with Google AdSense Pay per click program.

Also, like with the Google AdSense program, the requirements to join aren’t extreme.

All you need is an excellent looking and user-friendly blog or website, privacy policy page, a few posts that include nothing illegal, etc.

The kind of ads that Infolinks display include in-text ads, infold, in screen, in tag, in frame, in article, etc.

You can sign up for the info links Pay per click affiliate program here

8. Outbrain

The outbrain Pay per click affiliate platform features content-based ads. In a nutshell, when you sign up your website or blog to run outbrain ads, the ads displayed would be ads that are related to your blog or website’s content.

The outbrain ads click-through rate is quite high, as the ads displayed are integrated quite seamlessly throughout the website or blog’s content.

You can sign up for the outbrain Pay per click program here.

9. Mintclicks

pay per click affiliate programWith Mintclicks, you don’t have to deal with any strict requirements to join, as your acceptance is automatic, right after you fill out the online form.

Their Pay per click commissions aren’t bad, and they display ads on your website based on the keywords used on your blog and in each article. You get paid for every click your links receive.

Their ads are displayed in the form of in-text and banner ads, and your commissions are paid to you via PayPal, bank, or cheque.

You can sign up for the Mint clicks Pay per click affiliate program here.

10. Bidvertiser pay per click

Bidvertiser is another great AdSense alternative, but unlike Google AdSense, they aren’t very strict with their acceptance.

You get paid for every click and get paid more if said click leads to a purchase or paid subscription.

The only snag here is that their PPC commissions are low when compared to AdSense and the rest.

Also, unlike with other Pay per click affiliate programs, the ads displayed on your website might not be relevant to your website or your blog so the click-through rate may be low.

Their payouts are via PayPal with a $10 minimum, Western Union with a $100 minimum, cheque with a minimum of $100, and wire transfer with a minimum of $10.

You can sign up for the Bidvertiser Pay per click affiliate program here.

How to Maximize Your Earnings

When it comes to making the most out of Pay per click affiliate programs, there are a few things you can do to get real and fast results.

1. Always create high-quality content

You need to create high-quality content on both your blog and YouTube channel.

When you create value-packed and value-adding content for your blogs and YouTube channels, the Google algorithm displays ads that are relevant to the content you produce and ultimately the niche of your channel.

When these relevant ads are displayed on your blogs and YouTube videos, your audience is more likely to click through the links, as the ads are in accordance with your blog or channel ideal/theme.

2. You need to sign up for more high paying pay per click affiliate programs

You might get more authentic information on the commission’s range of various Pay per click affiliate programs.

You should try to get on these programs that pay better for your endeavors.

Some programs may pay you more for the same quality and quantity of traffic that you send to their websites and landing pages, and others may not.

Also, you might want to focus more on Pay per click affiliate programs that also pay you added commissions when the traffic you send to their landing pages or websites, take quality action, or make a purchase.

With Pay per click affiliate programs like ezoic.com, which is a Google AdSense partner, if you are accepted, you would be granted access to even better-paying offers.

It is the one sure way to maximize your earnings in no time and better use of your high-quality traffic.

Final Note on Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing.

Pay per click affiliate marketing model is a great way to break into the affiliate marketing scene.

Because you don’t necessarily require a website to join or earn commissions with, it is quite ideal for newbies, and just about anyone looking to start with affiliate marketing.

Though there are not too many Pay per click affiliate programs out there, it is very possible to earn a decent amount of commissions with the few that are available.

In addition to the recommendations listed in this post, you can also do some of your own research to find more of these programs.

It might seem like nothing is working in the beginning, especially if you’re new to affiliate marketing, but believe me when I say that it does get better.

Armed with only the tips and tricks highlighted in this article, you’re good to make significant headway.

All you have to do is to take action, give it your all, trust the process, and give it time.

P.S., do not forget to always adhere strictly to the guidelines of each of the Pay per click affiliate programs you sign up to. You can get kicked out of the platform, and never allowed back in if you fail to adhere to these guidelines.