How to Do Affiliate Marketing Without YouTube Channel

You can do affiliate marketing without a YouTube channel regardless of the fact that YouTube is one of the best platforms to promote affiliate links without a website.

You don’t need to fret if the idea of creating video content and uploading them on YouTube doesn’t sit well with you because there are other effective ways you can deploy.

In this guide, I will walk you through the best ways to promote affiliate links without YouTube.

3 Best Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without YouTube

1. Use other social media platforms

If you don’t wish to do affiliate marketing on YouTube, you can get free traffic to your links from other affiliate links-friendly social media. YouTube is just one of many social media platforms that are good for the promotion of affiliate products.

The other platforms we would discuss wouldn’t require you to create and post video content as you would typically do for a YouTube channel.

Below are some of them.

i. Facebook

Facebook is awesome for affiliate marketing and the platform has no issue with the direct promotion of affiliate links. You can promote offers on Facebook via your personal profile, groups, and business page.

Facebook page and Facebook group are the two options that can get you the highest amount of targeted traffic.

Creating and growing your own Facebook group is the best way to promote affiliate links using Facebook groups. Using other people’s groups means you will be restricted by the rules of the group owners.

ii. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual social media where you can attract buyers to your offers through the creation of eye-catching pins promoting affiliate products.

To succeed on Pinterest, you need to choose a niche, create boards related to that niche, and upload pins to appropriate boards regularly.

Learn more about using Pinterest for affiliate marketing here.

iii. LinkedIn

You can use LinkedIn for affiliate marketing by deploying an inbound marketing approach.

Write valuable pieces of content, include links to pages promoting affiliate products on the posts, and encourage your readers to visit the page.

Unlike Facebook where you can add affiliate links directly to your profile, groups, and pages, you can get into trouble for adding affiliate links to your LinkedIn profile bio and LinkedIn groups.

An awesome way to promote affiliate offers directly on LinkedIn is to publish articles on the LinkedIn Pulse and include your affiliate links within your posts.

Publishing articles that are of great value on Pulse can generate a ton of internal traffic from LinkedIn and external traffic from Google.

iv. Quora

You can do affiliate marketing without YouTube by using Quora as the source of traffic for your affiliate links. Quora is a question-and-answer website with over 300 million users and high domain authority.

Its large user base provides free traffic within the platform and the high website authority helps answers provided via the website rank high on Google which often brings lots of free traffic from Google.

To tap into this awesome traffic source for affiliate marketing, you need to create a professional account that brands you as an expert in the niche you have chosen to work with.

After that, you should search for popular questions within your niche that have only a few answers and provide the most detailed answers to the questions.

You are not allowed to promote affiliate links directly on Quora, so you need to include affiliate links to your answers indirectly by linking to pages promoting the affiliate links on your website.

If you don’t wish to create a website, simple landing pages containing your affiliate links to the products you are promoting can work perfectly.

2. Create a website or blog

With an affiliate website, you can drive massive organic traffic to your affiliate links without YouTube.

This method requires doing keyword research and writing quality content regularly. The more content promoting affiliate offers you write the better your chances of getting free traffic from search engines and earning commissions.

The website strategy is great for anyone who wishes to do affiliate marketing without followers on social media.

Getting started with a custom domain and self-hosted site is the best way to run an affiliate marketing site. But if you have no money for a domain name and hosting, you can start with affiliate marketing with a free blog.

3. Paid traffic

You can do affiliate marketing without YouTube by sending paid traffic to your affiliate links from quality paid traffic sources aside from YouTube ads.

Getting traffic to your links from other social media platforms or through affiliate websites are free traffic strategies that typically take a bit of time before results can be seen.

Paid traffic on the other hand can give you quick results. It can help drive targeted traffic to your affiliate links quickly and profitable campaigns are easily scalable.

The downside to this strategy is that it may require a fairly large budget and financial risks are involved.

Final Thoughts

While using other social media platforms to do affiliate marketing without YouTube, you need to build your online presence within a certain niche just like you will do for a YouTube channel.

Building and growing an affiliate website is the most reliable way to get organic traffic to offers and earn passive income without a YouTube channel.

Profitable paid ads campaigns will get you results faster than any free traffic option.

Regardless of the method you choose to use, you need to put in the effort and be consistent with your marketing to see good results.