GetResponse For Affiliate Marketing: 7 Things You Must Know

GetResponse is a popular software in the online marketing industry.

If you choose to specifically use GetResponse for affiliate marketing, there are 7 important things you must know.

It’s great that you are seeking this knowledge because affiliate marketing can be frustrating if you are not armed with the right tools.

Below you will learn the 7 most important facts regarding doing the affiliate marketing business by using GetResponse.

1. Is GetResponse Good For Affiliate Marketing?

GetResponse is great for affiliate marketing. There are two essential tools you need for success in affiliate marketing which are a landing page builder and an email autoresponder. GetResponse has both tools and they are easy to use even for beginners.

2. Can You Do Affiliate Marketing on GetResponse?

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing on GetResponse, and you can equally succeed at it. A lot of successful affiliate marketers built their success using GetResponse. Even popular affiliate networks like Jvzoo use GetResponse as their email marketing tool.

3. Does GetResponse Allow Affiliate Links?

Yes, GetResponse allows you to promote affiliate links to your list with their email marketing software.

They have no problem whatsoever with affiliate marketing or the promotion of affiliate links, and the inbox delivery of emails containing affiliate links is quite high, that’s why they are one of the best affiliate marketing funnel builders.

4. How Can I Put My Affiliate Link On GetResponse?

There are two ways you can put your affiliate link on GetResponse. The first method is to create an affiliate landing page with the GetResponse landing page builder and attach your link to the page.

The second method is to create an automated or broadcast email with the GetResponse email autoresponder for the offer you are promoting and include your affiliate link to the product within the content of the email.

5. Is GetResponse Better Than Mailchimp For Affiliate Marketing?

GetResponse is better than Mailchimp for affiliate marketing. GetResponse has no issues with affiliate marketing content but you are at risk of getting your Mailchimp account blocked if you are sending out affiliate marketing campaigns with it.

Mailchimp Generally prohibits the affiliate marketing industry, it’s stated in their terms of use and I once had my account blocked because of my ignorance regarding it.

6. What Is GetResponse Affiliate?

GetResponse affiliate can be referred to as the affiliate program created by GetResponse. The affiliate program is of two types, one pays bounty commissions, and the other pays recurring commissions.

If you sign up for the bounty program, you will earn a one-time commission of $100 for every paid membership signup you refer.

The recurring commission program on the other hand pays 33% monthly commissions for every customer you refer for as long as they remain paid members of GetResponse.

7. Is The GetResponse Affiliate Legit?

The GetResponse affiliate program is legit and I have been earning from it for over two years. They credit their affiliates with all qualified sign-ups and sales made via their affiliate links and they are prompt with the payment of commissions.

The commissions you will be paid will be dependent on which of the two GetResponse affiliate programs you signed up for.

Final Thoughts

GetResponse appears to love the affiliate marketing industry and they have provided tools that are effective for building a successful affiliate marketing business.

You can sign up for affiliate programs that offer high commissions and use GetResponse to build landing pages and email campaigns for the promotion of these offers.