How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing With Zero Skills Or Experience?

You can start affiliate marketing with zero skills or experience by leveraging the skills, knowledge, and experience of others. In my opinion, this is the best way to start affiliate marketing if you wish to cut down the learning curve and make money as quickly as possible.

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting products other people have spent time, money, and effort in creating and earning commissions when these products are purchased through your affiliate links. The business model is quite simple, practicalizing it is the hard part.

You need marketing skills, content writing skills, and a bunch of other skills to successfully promote affiliate offers. But since you don’t wish to acquire these skills yet, I will share with you the things you need to do in order to start a successful affiliate marketing business with no skills.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing With Zero Skills

This is a step-by-step guide that can help you gain success while starting affiliate marketing without skills, experience, or an audience.

Step 1: Choose a niche

In order to get started with an affiliate marketing business, you need to first choose a lucrative niche. There are a lot of niches you can choose from but from my experience, the niches that perform best are the make money online, work from home, software, weight loss, health and wellness, and self-help niches.

You can make the most amount of money from affiliate marketing by promoting products in these niches, so I advise you to choose the one that interests you the most.

Step 2: Sign up for an affiliate network

An affiliate network is a marketplace with lots of affiliate programs that affiliate marketers can join and choose products to promote. An affiliate network saves you the stress of looking for different individual affiliate programs within your niche because it provides you with multiple offers in one place.

There are lots of affiliate networks you can join. Clickbank, Jvzoo, Warriorplus, and ShareAsale are among the most popular ones. But Clickbank happens to be my favorite for a number of reasons. Any affiliate marketer without experience or skill can sign up because it’s an easy affiliate program with no approval.

Clickbank pays the highest affiliate commissions and they have a lot of affiliate products in all the lucrative affiliate marketing niches mentioned above. You can learn more about Clickbank affiliate marketing here.

Step 3: Get a domain name and hosting

If you want to make passive income from affiliate marketing, you need to create an online space that you own for your business and the first step is to purchase a domain name and hosting. There are effective ways you can do affiliate marketing without hosting a website, but you will need a bit of skill to do this.

The domain name needs to be related to your niche and should be under 21 characters. You don’t need to spend too much time trying to choose a domain name, simply go for something short and catchy.

Bluehost is the hosting provider I use and recommend because they provide an affordable and fast hosting service. Also, you will get a free domain name for one year if you purchase hosting from them.

Step 4: Find an experienced affiliate marketer

As I mentioned earlier, this strategy is all about starting your affiliate marketing business by making use of the service of an affiliate marketer with skills and experience.

Fiverr is a freelancing website where you can find lots of skilled and experienced freelancers in the affiliate marketing category who can help you build a successful affiliate marketing business from scratch for a small fee.

Most of these sellers prefer to work with Clickbank, and the websites they deliver are fully functional affiliate websites with video content and banners promoting your affiliate links.

The freelancers for this project are those who specialize in building automated affiliate websites for passive income. Ensure to pick a level 1, level 2, or top-rated seller with at least 4.9 stars and a lot of positive reviews.

You can register for a new account on Fiverr with this link in order to get a 20% discount on your first order. The link will also lead you to the category where you will find talented hands to pick from.

Step 5: Order the service

After choosing a freelancer for the project, you need to contact the seller and discuss your project with him. Let him know you will like to have an automated website that is optimized to receive free traffic from Google.

Once both of you are on the same page, order his service, and after payment, you will find a page requesting the requirements for the project. This is where you will enter the name of the niche of your proposed website, Clickbank account login details, domain name, and hosting account login details.

After entering all the details, submit the requirements and wait for the seller to work on your project and deliver your order.

Skills Needed for Affiliate Marketing

You can start a successful affiliate marketing business without skills, but in order to grow your business and take it to the next level, there are some skills you need to acquire. This section is about the skills you need to acquire for affiliate marketing along the line.

1. Knowing how the Internet Operates

Understanding how the internet operates is an integral aspect of this journey. You may have been in a conversation where IT-savvy individuals used phrases such as IP address, DNS, and IPV systems, and you timidly bobbed your head, hoping no one would notice.

Here is how everything works in a nutshell!

You send and receive data packets whenever you send or receive a file, send or receive an email, load a web page, or do pretty much anything else on the internet.

Your computer communicates with a vast network of computers known as servers, whose job it is to direct data flow to its intended destination.

To accomplish this, these robots require knowledge of the destination of the data. IP addresses and TCP/IP protocols come into play here. TCP/IP, which stands for “Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol,” is what enables the Internet to function.

The address system is an IP system. So that there is no confusion, an address is allocated to each machine. Additionally, websites have their own IP addresses. These are assigned via a separate mechanism known as Domain Name System (DNS).

If an IP address is analogous to your street address, then the TCP is analogous to the post office. It guarantees that all packets reach their intended destinations and that servers interact with one another so that the correct server handles your request.

2. Search engine optimization

I’m sure you’ve already used Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine, but there are a ton of handy little tactics that will make your research much easier.

Check the different modifiers that can be added to your search! Again, do not worry about this.


Because search engines are becoming more intelligent, you will likely not need to use them. Even so, it’s a fantastic tool to have at your disposal on your path to being an affiliate marketing king!

On the other hand, understanding how search engines operate is crucial if you want to optimize your website for search engines. You should absolutely want to, as SEO helps your site rank better, receive more visitors, and thus fill your pockets with money.

There is an abundance of content on this topic. In fact, Ahrefs authored a lengthy and comprehensive article that serves as an excellent starting point. This also includes the story’s marketing and copywriting components.

Even if you’re not an SEO expert, it’s generally a good idea to be familiar with the most popular SEO-recommended practices for content writing.

3. Marketing and sales skills

Affiliate marketers need to be proficient in both marketing and sales to successfully promote a certain product. As a marketer, one of your primary responsibilities is to increase traffic to your products and brands.

The vast majority of consumers are more likely to buy a product if there is a lot of interest in it. You need to be able to explain the benefits of the product to consumers and convince them to buy it to be successful. Make the effort to read as much as you can regarding advertisements.

4. Communication skills

A great strategy to promote your affiliate products is through clear communication with your customers. You must be able to demonstrate the advantages of the goods you are selling. You must make a constant line of communication with your clients and put in an effort to get to know them personally.

As an affiliate marketer, you would make your customers’ lives better by delivering exceptional products and services. Affiliate marketers who are most effective cultivate long-term relationships with their customers.

Since you’re ultimately telling your visitors about a terrific product, communicating is definitely key. However, affiliate marketing involves more than simply communication; you must be able to create relationships and communicate with your prospective clients on a human level.

Customers regard you as someone they can trust–a trendsetter who can give them advice on cool goods and services that will transform their lives. As an affiliate marketer, your customers don’t regard you as a faceless store.

Your clients will still regard you as more than just a marketer, even when you have never met in person. The greatest affiliate marketers are aware of this connection and use their interpersonal skills to create tight relationships with their clients.


If you follow my advice in this guide, you will be able to get started with a profitable affiliate marketing business without having any skills or audience. You need to take action to get started on the right foot.