Earn Cryptocurrency Watching Videos: 5 Best Places

The cryptocurrency industry is comparable to the Wild West. There are rumors, a lot of underground activities, and sporadic but growing official attention. Companies want to sell the shovels while others are hunting for gold.

As a result, there is a regulatory shroud and technical fog that linger around cryptocurrency, making it challenging to understand how to generate cryptocurrency quickly and consistently.

I understand this, which is why I took the effort to assemble a list of legit methods to earn cryptocurrency by watching movies. Those videos are mostly advertisements, but there are a few intriguing initiatives that go beyond marketing.

5 Best Places to Earn Cryptocurrency by Watching Videos

1. Coinbase learning center

One of the most well-known and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges is Coinbase. One feature of their onboarding is the chance to earn cryptocurrency by watching their educational videos and learning about various cryptocurrencies.

You can request a direct deposit of your payment in the required cryptocurrency into your coinbase wallet, from which you can transfer or otherwise use it as you choose.

Several cryptocurrencies are covered in their video courses, including:

  • Green Finance
  • Balancer
  • AMP
  • BarnBridge
  • Stellar Lumens
  • Compound

And a lot more.

Although the payment is excellent and you can make more than $50 using different cryptocurrencies, the supply is eventually limited. Since there are only a certain number of films, you take a few hours, collect your cryptocurrency, and leave.

In either case, the educational video is worthwhile if you’re new to cryptocurrency. It’s a tough industry, so the best approach to avoid making bad investments is to start out cautiously and with an emphasis on knowledge.

2. Odysee

Odysee promises to be a decentralized educational and content resource and is positioned as a solution to the censorship of Youtube and other large information platforms.

Users may earn LBRY, their token, by viewing and participating with videos, and creators can submit videos on Odysee without worrying about censorship. On Odysee, when you watch a video, both you and the producer are paid in cryptocurrency. This encourages producers to keep releasing videos on Odysee while rewarding you for your data and participation.

Whether or not earning bitcoin on Odysee is worthwhile for you relies in part on how much you trust the LBRY digital currency.

Their goal is as follows:

The most important aspect of LBRY is that it is a brand-new protocol that enables anybody to create apps that communicate with digital material on the LBRY network.

Creators can distribute their work for free, charge a fee per stream or download (like iTunes), or publish it to the LBRY network of servers using apps made utilizing the protocol (like YouTube without ads). Videos, audio files, papers, or any other kind of material might be included in the content you publish.

This may be an intriguing option if you believe something like LBRY can compete with (or operate in tandem with) a service like Spotify to help musicians make more money from their music.

3. Permission.io

The goal of Permission.io is to return ownership of data to the individual. In general, this implies paying you in cryptocurrency for any online transaction that requires your personal information. After all, it is your data, and if businesses want to use it, they should reimburse you for it.

Although the Web 3.0 revolution is still in its infancy, one example of how our vision is being carried out is the Permission.io browser extension.

With the Permission.io browser extension, you can make money while browsing the internet. If a relevant video ad pops up during a search after you install the Chrome extension, we’ll let you know that you may earn money by watching the video.

You may be alerted with a video ad that effectively says, “Hey we produce skateboards,” for instance, if you enjoy skating and entered “new skateboards,” and a rewarded ad displaying a skateboarding gear or board firm was available.

Want to look it over? Additionally, if you view the video and ultimately decide to buy the board from them, you will get $ASK cryptocurrency. The best part is that you don’t need to modify any of your current routines. These advertising are opt-in and non-intrusive.

4. Coinmarket cap learning center

The Coinmarket Cap Learning Center is another choice that operates similarly to Coinbase. You must complete a little quiz after each of the several films on Coinmarketcap, but the payments and educational value are also very high.

They provide the following courses, among others:

  • TokoToken
  • SushiSwap
  • Plasma Finance
  • Polkastarter
  • IoTex

Try to choose which tokens you believe have the most promise as you move through these. After all, these courses are simply commercials and sales pitches.

You may bank all of the coins you earn from taking various courses if one appears especially promising and exchange them for the one or a few cryptocurrencies you believe have the best future.

5. PlayNano online

The Nano community is active, and energetic, and has developed several ways to acquire Nano while being somewhat polarizing owing to its price and connection to the BitGrail $195 Million hack.

By doing away with intermediaries that add transaction fees and other extra costs, Nano aims to be a decentralized currency. The kind of society Nano is seeking to create is one where there are no fees associated with fast wire transfers across nations.

Particularly, PlayNano is a project that enables you to earn Nano by doing things like watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, and other things.

It depends on how much you believe in Nano, like the other possibilities here, but if you do, then this is unquestionably a wonderful choice.


With a few exceptions, such as the online exchange classes and the Permission.io browser extension, the landscape for making cryptocurrency while watching movies isn’t quite clear yet. You are still at the mercy of the whims of the cryptocurrency market, and the majority of rewards are extremely tiny.

These are the best options I’m aware of, but you should still do your study to determine which cryptocurrencies have the best possibility of success. Then, spend your time watching videos that will allow you to earn those cryptocurrencies.