7 Best Dating Affiliate Programs of 2024: Reviews & Guide

Some people use it to find a soulmate, and others use it to indulge in a bit of casual romance. Regardless of the purpose, it is a fact that the online dating industry has grown to rather astounding heights in record time.

As a blogger/content creator within the online dating niche, you can tap into these huge figures and make a reasonable amount of passive income. All you would need to do is to become an affiliate marketer for an online dating platform.

In our article today, we’ll be walking you through the best online dating affiliate programs for you. Alongside that, we’ll be giving you some useful details about affiliate marketing for dating platforms.

In the end, you’ll have as much information as you need to become an online dating affiliate marketer.

Things to Consider Before Picking an Online Dating Affiliate Marketing Program

You can’t just jump in half-baked. So, here are a few factors to consider before deciding on the best affiliate program for you.

1. Commission Rates

At the very center of every affiliate marketing program is the commission rate. This is so because, by their nature, affiliate programs are meant to satisfy both parties. When one promotes the other’s business, one should be rewarded accordingly with befitting commissions.

So, if you are going to pick an affiliate marketing program, be completely sure that the rates work for you. If you are particularly keen on making the most out of the program, you can go for programs that offer as high as 75% commission.

Yes, they exist. Some offer up to 50% commission, and so on. Pick what works best for you.

2. Brand Popularity

As an individual, you can’t deny buying something simply because you’ve heard the brand name before. Don’t worry. It is completely normal, and it is largely because you know and trust that brand.

The chances are that your website’s audience functions with that mentality as well. They’ll be more inclined to click on affiliate links of names they know already.

So, if you’re picking a brand to partner with as an affiliate marketer, you’ll want to pick one that’s relatively well-known.

3. Referral Period 

Your referral period, also known as the cookie duration, is a time limit you have on sales. That is, after someone clicks on an affiliate link on your site, they have until so and so time to make the purchase. If they exceed that period, you won’t get a commission.

Some brands are generous and offer as high as 120 days. Others merely stick to the industry standard of 30 days. Most go a bit further and offer 45 days.

Place the cookie duration beside the commission rates if you must make a decision. The last thing you want is a lengthy referral period with meager commission rates.

4. Affiliate Program Type

Now, there are dating affiliate programs that pay per clickAlternately, there are dating affiliate programs that pay per leadThe former pays you every time someone clicks on the affiliate link.

The latter, on the other hand, pays you for every lead generated.

For example, if someone clicks an affiliate link and completes the personality test on the dating site, you’ll be rewarded.

This is another factor you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing. This is because it affects how much you can earn.

What Are the Top Seven Dating Affiliate Programs to Join in 2024?

There are a lot of dating websites that offer affiliate programs. However, like every other market, some are better than others.

We did a little digging around and found seven affiliate programs that came out at the top of the competition.

They are:

1. Match.com Affiliate Program

match.com dating affiliate program

Match.com is one of the biggest online dating platforms in the world today. It has its branches in about eighteen different countries in the world.

Alongside that, it has a market of several million people, many of whom actively visit and use the site monthly. With such a wide market base, it only makes sense that you check out the program.

For starters, Match does not host its affiliate program on its website. That part of the job is outsourced to CJ Affiliate, a third-party affiliate marketing platform.

As such, if you’d like to join, you’d have to go through that portal. This, however, is not the most intriguing thing about the program.

If you choose to be an affiliate marketer for Match.com, you are entitled to a 50% commission on every sale you make.

This is pretty generous when you compare it to the amount you get from some other companies across different industries. To put things into perspective, let’s check out Match’s subscription programs.

There are three plans in that regard, each offering different subscription durations. They are:

  • Three months – $84 (billed at $27.99 per month)
  • Six months – $144 (billed at $23.99 per month)
  • Twelve months – $252 (billed at $20.99 per month)

With a commission rate of 50%, you’ll be earning $42, $72, and $126 respectively. In addition to attractive commission rates, the company has a cookie duration of 120 days.

That is one of the most generous durations you’ll find across virtually every industry. Considering all these, Match has the potential to be the best dating site affiliate program.

One interesting thing to note about Match is that it is owned by the Match Group. This group owns some of the biggest online dating programs in the world.

A few include Tinder, Hinge, PlentyOfFish, OkCupid, etc. So, technically speaking, if you’d like to join the Tinder affiliate program or the Okcupid affiliate program, for example, you will still be dealing with the Match Group.

2. eHarmony Affiliate Program

eHarmony is also a popular dating website, especially in the United States of America. Admittedly, it is not quite as popular at Match.com as it only has about four million visits.

However, this number is still significant. Alongside that, it still has some things to offer as a dating app affiliate program.

Let us begin at the very top. Just like Match.com, you can become an affiliate marketer for eHarmony through CJ Affiliates.

The advantage of third-party affiliate platforms like this is that they often provide easy-to-use dashboards. This makes it much easier to navigate your affiliate marketing programs.

You’d be able to get banners much more easily, and your promotional duties would be a breeze.

eHarmony’s cookie duration is capped at forty-five days. It is not quite as much as some other brands. However, it still meets and beats the industry standard of thirty days.

In addition to its standard referral period, its commission rate is 20% per sale. Its subscription plans are:

  • Three months: $171 (billed at $56.95 per month)
  • Six months: $180 (billed at $29.95 per month)
  • Twelve months: $216 (billed at $17.95 per month)

So, at 20%, you’ll be earning $34, $36, and $43 for every sale you make on three, six, and twelve months’ subscription plans, respectively.

However, you must note that eHarmony is only available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

As such, if your audience is not coming from those areas, you might be a little handicapped when it comes to making money with this dating site affiliate program.

3. Cupid Media Affiliate Program

highest paying affiliate program

This is the third on our list of relationship affiliate programs, and it is one of the most rewarding in the market.

One of the best things about this program, to begin with, is the sheer number of people it makes provision for.

Cupid Media is a rather large collection of internet dating networks. Several niches underneath the program help to pair up virtually anyone.

Their list includes queers, Muslims, Asians, Single Parents, Kenyans, among other countries, and even military personnel. With over thirty-two different categories, this program has quite a lot to offer regardless of who you’re trying to appeal to.

Cupid Media offers a whopping 75% commission on every referral you make. This makes Cupid Media rank as the highest dating affiliate program in terms of commission rates.

You can either subscribe to the gold or the platinum subscription plan. They both carry different prices for different durations.

Gold Subscription Plans

  • One month: $25.95/month
  • Three months: $51 (billed at $16.95 per month)
  • Twelve months: $102 (billed at $8.95 per month)

With a 75% commission, you’ll earn $19.5, $38, and $77 commission on every sale you make on one, three, and twelve months’ subscription plans, respectively.

Platinum Subscription Plans

  • One month: $29.95/month
  • Three months: $60 (billed at $19.95 per month)
  • Twelve months: $120 (billed at $9.95 per month)

These numbers bring your earnings to $22.5, $45, and $90 commission on each sale you make for one, three, and twelve-month subscription plans, respectively.

4. EliteSingles Affiliate Program

dating app affiliate program

EliteSingles is a dating website that is specifically tailored to individuals who are educated. It is a great market for professionals who are looking for long-term partners.

Hence, the name – EliteSingles. By extension, if your audience is largely people who are educated professionals in one field or the other, this program is great for you.

The program is hosted on numerous affiliate networks. However, the primary hosting platform is CJ Affiliates.

Exactly like eHarmony, the EliteSingles affiliate program has a 45-day cookie duration. As we stated earlier, this is pretty standard and should give you just the amount of time you need to earn a commission.

EliteSingles has a membership fee that begins at $31.95 every month. However, their commission rate is independent of this fee.

Unlike some other brands, they have a fixed commission of $7 per lead generated. That is, for you to earn a commission, a member of your blog’s audience must click on their ad through your site.

From there, they’ll go through an EliteSingles personality test. If they complete it and meet the minimum requirements, you’ll get your $7.

Especially when you look at the pricing of other programs, this seems less rewarding. However, you can still make it work. At this point, we’ll have to emphasize the importance of having the right audience.

If your audience consists of educated professionals, as required by the site, you’re more likely to generate and convert leads.

5. People Media Affiliate Program

relationship affiliate program 

People Media runs similarly to Cupid Media. That is, under this platform, you can find several different niche dating sites. This, in itself, opens you up to a large market of people.

Among others, they have dating platforms that cater to Chinese people, Black people, Asians, Latinos, seniors, single parents, etc.

You can check out their full list of communities on their site. Doing so would help you find out if your audience is among their list of communities.

Moving on, the program, like most others on our list, is available on CJ Affiliates. If you do decide to join, you’ll be able to market any one of their available communities. Their cookie duration is a generous 120 days, and their commission rate is capped at 50%.

These numbers are excellent if you are looking to make some passive income. One thing that you should note, however, is that each dating site under People Media has different payment plans.

As such, while the 50% commission rate cuts across all their dating platforms, your earnings will differ depending on which platform you choose.

At the moment, People Media’s largest dating community is OurTime. It caters to individuals who meet a minimum age requirement of 50. If your target audience just happens to fall into that age class, you’ll be able to earn:

  • $12 commission on every one-month subscription referral.
  • $27 commission on every three-month subscription referral
  • $36 commission on every six-month subscription referral.

6. Parship Affiliate Program


Parship is another online dating website with a reasonable amount of value to offer affiliate marketers. This dating site isn’t available globally.

As a dating site, Parship serves people in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany.

As an affiliate marketing program, it serves only those in the United Kingdom. A bit limiting, but absolutely perfect if your audience is predominantly in the UK.

The Parship affiliate program is available on CJ Affiliates, and it comes with specific features.

For starters, the program has a 45-day cookie duration. However, with some other brands offering the same, this isn’t Parship’s most peculiar feature. What stands out is that it pays affiliates per sale and per lead.

If someone clicks an affiliate link on your website and completes a personality test, you’ll get a commission. According to Parship, the commission for that can be up to $1.50.

The only condition is that your lead must complete the personality test in no less than twelve minutes. This is the payment per lead.

Additionally, if the person then chooses to subscribe to a Parship plan, you’ll get a 25% commission. This is the earning per sale generated.

Parship has three distinct subscription plans that can generate affiliate income for you. They are:

  • Three months: $113 (billed at $37.95 per month)
  • Six months: $150 (billed at $24.95 per month)
  • Twelve months: $228 (billed at $18.95 per month)

With an attractive commission rate of 25%, every sale you make will bring you $28, $37.5, and $57 commission on the first, second, and third subscription plan, respectively.

 7. Christian Café Affiliate Program

christian cafe affiliate program

Coming in as the last, but definitely not the least is a religion-based dating website. As is evident from its name, it is a niche dating website that is tailored specifically to Christians.

Admittedly, it is not quite as popular as some of the bigwigs like Tinder. However, its affiliate program is still worth a glance or two.

To begin with, the Christian Café affiliate program is hosted on CJ Affiliate. Upon sign-up, you have the grace of a 120-day referral period. One thing that gives the Christian Café an edge over other dating programs is its free trial.

As an affiliate marketer, this could be a great selling point for you. Combine the free trial hook with their 120-day referral period, and it’s almost impossible to lose with this program.

The commission rate is 40% per sale. This means you can earn between $12 and $33 on every successful sale, depending on the plan your audience subscribes to.

All in all, it is absolutely perfect if your audience is largely Christian. Considering what it’s offering, you’ll definitely want to check this program out.

Which Affiliate Program Should You Choose?

We’ve gone through seven of the best programs in the dating niche. However, that still leaves you with seven different options to choose from.

My advice in that regard is to place their varying qualities side by side and figure out which works best for you. Check to see if their target market aligns with your website’s audience.

Check if their commission rates and cookie duration work for you. The decision is largely yours.

However, you should know that you don’t have to settle for one. In affiliate marketing, you can pick two or even more programs and promote them.

That way, you’ll be able to maximize your profit. If you’re looking for a little outside-the-box thinking, you can go even further to join the White Label Dating Affiliate Program. Your only limit is whatever you think it is.

In conclusion

Getting a good deal with affiliate marketing programs within the online dating industry isn’t hard. For the most part, many of them offer rather generous rates and standard referral periods.

With all that’s been said, by now, you already have enough information to pick one and start making that extra income.