How to Make Money with the Trivago Affiliate Program

Trivago is among the top hotel search sites in the world today, thanks to its personalized interface. Established in 2005, it gives more than two million businesses access to travelers all around the globe.

Owned by the Expedia Group, it has over 50 localized platforms for hotel chains spread across 190 countries. Through this extensive network, it allows travelers to search for available and affordable hotel accommodations.

Also, while it promotes other businesses, it allows publishers to promote Trivago through an affiliate program. In this article, we’ll take a quick spin around the Trivago affiliate program.

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The Trivago affiliate program

This program allows publishers in the travel niche to partner with Trivago in providing prospective travelers with top-notch service. These Trivago affiliate marketers provide a site through which they publish content that publicizes Trivago and drives traffic to Trivago.

In return, these marketers receive consideration in the form of commission.

How to Join the Trivago Affiliate Program

If you want to become a member of this program, the first requirement is to have a website. In case you don’t have a website, click here to know more about getting one.

Next, your website must pull in considerable traffic, which can drive in a crowd of referrals to Trivago. After you’re sure you got enough traffic, you’ll need to sign up for the program.

Step 1

Sign up through any of Trivago’s partner affiliate networks. They include CJ affiliate, Sovrn (formerly VigLink), and TradeTracker. Sovrn is the easiest to join.

Also, do note that the commission structure may vary depending on the affiliate network you choose.

Step 2

Look for the Trivago affiliate program in the affiliate network of your choice. Then, apply to join.

Step 3

Create personalized links that lead back to Trivago. Then, add them to your blog or website.

What Tools Are Available as an Affiliate Partner?

When you join the Trivago affiliate program, you get access to various tools that make marketing easy. These tools include:

  • Links
  • Banner
  • Deep links.

Trivago Affiliate Commission Structure

Trivago offers payment per click-out – up to $0.43. As such, your site visitors aren’t required to, in fact, complete a booking.

They just need to click on your affiliate link, after which they get redirected to Trivago’s site. And you get paid.

How to Generate Enough Traffic on Your Site

Undoubtedly, you need to create quite an amount of traffic on your website to join the Trivago affiliate program. Even after, you need to maintain good traffic if you’re to make a fair earning.

To do that, here are a few tips that should help.

1. Write attractively

Your posts are the route to your audience’s heart. You need to ensure that they are interested, informed, and impressed by your content. As such, thoroughly research your topic and present it to them in a simple and attractive format.

2. Apply SEO

This is as important as writing attractively. You need to ensure your article is among the top choices on the Search Engine Results page when people search for a topic.

As such, you need to utilize keywords. Also, avoid very competitive keywords regardless of their search volume. Better to go for less competitive keywords with an average-to-high search volume.

3. Email marketing

Although quite older than affiliate marketing, it’s still an effective way to drive traffic to a site. All you need to do is create an email list. Then, you can regularly invite those on your list to check out new posts and deals on the site.

4. Join other programs

It’s a smart choice to pair up with multiple affiliate sites. For example, joining other travel programs allows you to offer your visitors alternatives and make cash from two fronts.

You might also consider joining other affiliate programs that are relevant to travelers. For example, joining an affiliate program that provides travel gear is great for your audience.

Trivago Affiliate Alternatives

Well, the commission offered by the Trivago affiliate program might not satisfy your earning expectations. Not to worry, other alternative programs pay better.

You can also combine Trivago’s program with others to make your earnings more attractive. Here’s a list of top alternatives.

1. affiliate program

This is another excellent option with a nice global reach, thanks to its presence in over 70 countries. It rewards its publisher with a commission between 25% and 45% of’s pay.

However, the rate depends mainly on the number of referrals achieved in a month.

Thanks to the Booking partner center, affiliates also get access to great support and tools to ensure smooth marketing.

2. Expedia affiliate program

Expedia operates this program in partnership with CJ affiliate. It rewards its publishers with a commission between 2% and 6%. This commission is also usually subject to the type of item promoted. It has a 7-day cookie duration.

3. TripAdvisor affiliate program

TripAdvisor is quite similar to Trivago as it’s not a booking site. Instead, it allows travelers to compare prices and get the best deals. It offers at least 50% in return for every customer directed to TripAdvisor.

It also offers a 14-day cookie window.

4. Skyscanner affiliate program

Like most other affiliate programs, it operates by partnering with CJ affiliates. It has a 30-day cookie window, which ensures you get paid for bookings completed within 30 days of your visitor clicking your link.

It offers a whopping commission of 50% for every new customer gotten through you. However, this percentage is calculated from the amount received by Skyscanner and not the hotel.

5. Travelpayouts

This program offers between 50% and 70% to its affiliate partners. However, this is merely a percentage of the 7% to be received by Travelpayouts. It’s a great option and runs its program through the Cost Per Action model.

Also, it has popular brands such as and as components of its program. It offers cool tools, which include a mobile app, maps, widgets, and landings.

Benefits of the Trivago Affiliate Program

If you decide to join this program, you enjoy the following perks:

  • It’s a famous brand among hotel searchers.
  • It offers a progressive payout.
  • It allows you to offer fantastic deals to your site visitors.

Final Note on Trivago Affiliate Program Review

Unlike most travel affiliate programs, this program allows you to earn money without actual bookings. However, you’ll still need to put in as much effort as other programs.

In case you own a popular site or blog in the travel niche that attracts significant traffic, you should try out this program. You’ll be sure to earn some cash.