Get Paid to Watch TikTok Videos: 10 Easy Ways to Earn

You need to consider how to get paid to watch TikTok if you’re one of the many people who enjoy watching videos so that you can earn money while doing what you love.

ByteDance Ltd., a technology business located in Beijing that enables users to post virtually any type of short video, is the owner of TikTok.

These might be used to merely share amusement online. However, it is used by certain TikTokers to provide instructional resources. Video lengths range from 15 seconds to three minutes.

While viewing TikTok videos, there are many opportunities to make money. You will undoubtedly discover at least one method to get paid to watch these amusing videos if you have an open mind.

You can even find more than one method that suits you, depending on your lifestyle.

In this article, we will discuss the easy ways to get paid to watch TikTok videos. Some of the strategies that will be discussed can help you make sustainable income on TikTok without showing your face.


1. Utilize TikTok Bonus

TikTok has rolled out a feature called TikTok Bonus in various regions. Getting paid to watch TikTok videos by utilizing the TikTok bonus feature is arguably the easiest way to make money by watching videos on this platform.

Digital currency is the method of payment for TikTok Bonus. You can simply convert the currencies to real money even if you aren’t paid in actual money. Bonus coins are used as a kind of remuneration.

You receive 100 coins for watching a 5-minute video. You have a 25-minute time limit on the number of videos you may watch.

3125 TikTok Bonus coins are equal to 30 dollars or 25 euros when converted to real money.

Another way to earn with this feature is through referrals. The platform provides you with a link, and you receive around €1 for each person who installs the app using your link.

The amount you receive rises according to how frequently the person you referred uses TikTok.

For every recommendation you make, the site pays you some coins that may later be converted into real money. You simply need to visit your TikTok profile and click the coin symbol in the top left corner.

You may check how much money you have made by introducing individuals to the site in a window that appears when you open this icon.

How to Make Money on Tiktok by Watching Videos Using TikTok Bonus Feature

Follow the steps below to earn by watching videos using the TikTok Bonus feature.

Step 1: You may enter it by clicking the TikTok Bonus symbol on your profile.

Step 2: Go to “Watch videos”

Step 3: While the bar is filled up, watch the videos that have TikTok Bonus coins next to them.

You should be aware that you will only be compensated for watching videos that have the TikTok Bonus emblem.

Additionally, to get paid, you must view each movie in its entirety. After completing each video, you will see your coin balance.

Finally, you will obtain virtual currency known as rubies, which you will trade for real money via PayPal, a Bank account, or other means. The costs and perks offered by TikTok differ by country.

2. Apps That Pay to Watch TikTok Videos

Utilizing apps that pay to watch TikTok is another awesome way to earn. You can watch your TikTok videos on one device while setting up another one to use these apps to stream ads.

Receive payment for each commercial that airs. The advertisements may be scheduled and forgotten; you are not required to watch them.

You receive rewards from these applications for performing actions like viewing advertising. This implies that you are paid for the time you spend viewing advertisements on the platform.

Once you reach the minimal need, redeem that money by either asking for a PayPal payout or a gift card to retailers like Amazon.

Check out the list of the best apps that pay you to watch TikTok videos.

3. Offer Critiquing Services

You would be a wonderful resource for TikTokers if you are aware of current trends and what viewers frequently look for while searching for TikTok videos.

To improve their content and assist them in creating content that truly converts, offer your video critiquing skills. Making TikTok videos is all about hoping to reach a large audience and go viral, after all.

Present this as a one-time or ongoing service. You may act as the expert TikTok users turn to when they need to figure out why their videos aren’t being viewed or shared as frequently.

4. Help Others Study Their Competition

Some businesses will compensate you for watching TikTok movies of other businesses and noting the little differences between each.

These tasks may not be simple to come by, but it’s similar to checking other businesses’ Facebook and Twitter profiles and contributing to their growth every day.

5. Become a TikTok Ad Manager

TikTok provides advertising space on its platform so that individuals and/or companies may draw more attention to their accounts and perhaps attract customers.

Similar to other forms of advertising, TikTok adverts help put content from a particular account in front of viewers who might be interested in it.

You may get paid to place advertisements for businesses as a TikTok ad manager.

You would be in charge of managing the ad settings to ensure that the commercials are directed to the appropriate individuals, showing them on TikTok videos, and determining the appropriate audience to share them with.

Advertising may be a hassle for account owners. Many people would be happy to delegate this duty to another person. Find clients to manage and set your pricing.

6. Create a Reaction YouTube Channel

Create a YouTube channel for yourself to watch TikTok videos on. Using this method, you may earn free money for watching TikTok.

Live-stream the videos on your channel while also recording yourself in the process. Your visitors will be able to see how you respond to amusing or unexpected videos because of this.

Simply let adverts appear before your videos to monetize your YouTube channel. The result will be passive income.

Your potential income increases as more people see your videos.

In addition to paying you each time an ad is clicked, ads also pay you based on how many times your videos are seen. To boost your revenue, increase your views.

7. Start a Blog About TikTok Tips

Create a blog and offer advice on how to make TikTok videos, how to run a successful account, and what kinds of content are most popular there.

Your blog may be the guide brand-new TikTokers require for a fruitful social media presence.

Post frequently on your blog to establish yourself as an authority.

Include affiliate links to the best cameras to utilize for the greatest quality, the finest lighting for TikTok videos, and any items you think deserve to be promoted.

By receiving a commission for each transaction made via your affiliate links, you may be paid to watch TikTok.

To enhance your earnings from ad views and ad clicks, you may also include some advertising on your blog pages.

8. Researching Trends

Companies are seeking someone to study current trends, and TikTok can enable you to accomplish just that.

You can get compensated to find trends for these people and present them to them so that they can incorporate them into their business plans.

It also functions as a type of social media marketing approach.

9. Render TikTok Service On Fiverr

If you want to undertake freelance work that involves watching TikTok videos, you may find it on the freelancing and professional services website Fiverr.

There are people there who are paid to create videos based on the short videos they watch, as well as study hashtags and keywords to utilize in your videos.

It’s important to keep in mind that TikTok uses social media marketing. You may advertise your services there and emphasize the fact that you are “doing the job for them” because it can take a lot of time to do all of the necessary research.

10. Become a Star On TikTok

Being a TikTok star is a straightforward process, but it’s not always simple for everyone. But if you spend time on TikTok and want to make it worthwhile, follow these instructions to become well-known on the platform:

Step 1: Choose a niche

List the preferences of the individual you want to impress and convince to follow you on TikTok. Be precise.

Step 2: Research your competitors

Watch a lot of TikTok videos made by other producers in your niche—but do not mimic them—instead, evaluate them to find out what makes them so successful.

Step 3: Come up with video ideas

Make notes when you watch TikTok videos on how you can produce content that is related. What can you do to improve or make it more compelling?

Step 4: Create videos

Start with videos that you may never even upload rather than the ones you anticipate would be the most popular on your account. Practice is necessary! In this manner, you will be certain and prepared to press publish when you begin developing the popular content.

Step 5: Publish your videos

Despite the fact that your new account will be small, you must upload videos. So that TikTok can understand what your videos are about, be careful to keep on topic.

Step 6: Be consistent

Don’t establish objectives that will cause you to give up because it’s difficult to become well-known on TikTok overnight. Maintain consistency and be reasonable. If your material is compelling, viewers will find you!


You may pick from hundreds of videos on the TikTok app, which has gained worldwide popularity.

Following that, here are the nine methods to help you get paid to watch TikTok videos right now.