How to Make Money Posting Quotes On Instagram

I’ll explain to you how to make money by posting quotes on Instagram in this article. Posting quotes is one of the best ways to make money on Instagram by writing and it’s a lucrative business.

Posting quotes on Instagram might earn you up to $5000 per month.

In this article, we will go through everything you need to know about making money by writing quotes and posting them on Instagram.

Some of the things you will learn are:

  • How to set up a business page on Instagram
  • How to make visuals for quotes
  • How to write quotes on Instagram
  • How to post quotes on Instagram
  • How to make money posting quotes on Instagram

Let’s get right into it.


Creating an Instagram business page is the first thing to do to start making money by posting quotes on Instagram.

Creating a page is quite an easy task. If you have created an account, follow the steps below to convert it to a business page.

1. Open Instagram on your device.

2. Click on your profile image at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

3. Select the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines in the top-right).

4. Choose “Settings” (gear icon near the bottom).

5. Choose “Account” from the settings options

6. Choose “Switch to Professional Account” at the bottom of the page.

7. Follow the on-screen prompts. Tap Next after deciding whether you’re a Creator or a Business. I suggest you choose “Creator”

8. Enter the details of your business (phone, email, address).

9. Then comes the Facebook section. A Facebook business page may be made right away. I strongly advise you to do this.

10. After that, simply tap Next. Your new business account has been set up.


The next step to take to make money by posting quotes on Instagram is to create high-quality graphics for your quotes.

You need to make quality graphics to stand out from the crowd and Canva is a free software for the creation of quality graphics for quotes.

The best website for making inspirational quote graphics is You can use them for your quotes because there are so many themes and ready-made templates available.


Having sound knowledge of your chosen niche and a bit of creative writing skills can help you write high-quality quotes that your audience and would-be clients will love. But if you don’t have much creative juice, there are apps that can help you come up with interesting quotes.

Some Instagram quote makers that you can look into include:

  • Face Garage
  • InstaQuote
  • QuotesTag
  • Quotes Creator
  • Quote Maker


Tap the + sign at the top, then scroll down to Post:

Choose the quote image you want to share from the gallery on your phone to upload it.

Tap, then enter your quote.

Click Done when you’re finished.


You can make money posting quotes on Instagram if you set up a professional page, grow the page and post high-quality quotes on it consistently. Big brands and businesses will contact you and offer to pay you handsomely to write quotes for them.

Although, you can earn without having a lot of Instagram followers using this method, having a large audience can significantly boost your chances of earning.


1. Instagram

We discussed how to get paid to post quotes on Instagram in this article because Instagram is one of the best websites to make money with quotes.

A person can use their Instagram account to post a significant quote if they have the creative writing ability to do it regularly.

This quote might be produced frequently or daily. The person will start to develop an Instagram following as the quotes start to resonate with people.

The following will gain more followers as it starts to grow quickly.

As a result, having affiliate links inserted in your account or having the chance to find an advertiser to promote your Instagram account may help you make money off of your quotations. The following will gain more followers as it starts to grow quickly.

2. Etsy

A person may visit the website of Etsy and search for a range of goods they might like to buy. Etsy is a worldwide marketplace.

The bulk of these goods are handmade, so people may admire and potentially buy them because of the extra charm and beauty of an individual’s work.

Making handmade things that include a quote in their design is therefore a method for people to get rewarded for their quotes.

Using the wood-burning technique, for instance, a quote might be engraved on a piece of wood.

The handmade wooden object may be exquisitely polished and built to hang from a wall or to be shown in a frame that is propped up on a mantel or a person’s desk.

When a customer visits the Etsy website online, one of the many quotes, perhaps even your own, may strike a chord with them.

Embroidering a quote on a tapestry or a throw pillow is another approach to immortalizing a quote.

3. Pinterest

People may share visual content with prospective followers on the social media site known as Pinterest.

These written quotes by the particular writer can be pinned to their account utilizing the category of inspirational or motivational quotes so that other people can view, read, and be inspired by the writing.

An individual who placed their quotes on Pinterest might make money in several different ways.

One may first build a following via the use of inspirational quotations, and then one can earn money by selling their words of inspiration.

One might request the motivational website’s sponsor to be a corporation of their choosing.

The concept of “affiliate marketing” allows a person to provide a business the chance to publish links on their website.

When site visitors or followers click on the link, a retail website is visited.

There is a chance that the person may receive a commission if one of the website’s visitors purchases after clicking on that site’s embedded link.

4. YouTube

YouTube is a potent platform that may be used if someone wants to develop an Internet focus on words of encouragement, focusing on positive news, and offering a daily inspirational quote.

Anyone with the motivation and desire to share this uplifting platform can start their own YouTube channel.

If someone is unfamiliar with this visual technology, they may need assistance from a friend or member of their family to set up the channel. There are also YouTube tutorials available to guide people through the process.

The person would only access and perform a search for “making a YouTube channel.” You can make money without actually selling your quotes on YouTube through the YouTube partnership program.

The channel would be seen as an uplifting channel designed to uplift and edify a person.

To assist viewers in relaxing and accentuate the impact of the text being presented, pleasant background music may be played.

Alternatively, a person might speak with the viewer one-on-one and underline certain statements that are significant and useful.

Every episode might be centered around a distinct area of life where viewers might see inspirational quotes.

An interview with a motivational speaker or someone whose story would inspire others might be added to this list, or the person could combine all of these options.

5. Your Quote

This app-based initiative allows and encourages everyone, whether they are seasoned writers or not, to contribute their work.

More than 5,000,000 authors use this app worldwide, which was developed in the country of India in 2016.

People are urged to submit their poetry, tales, quotes, and other works.

They offer helpful advice on how to improve the writing experience in addition to offering words of encouragement to the person.

The platform’s ability to post tales that readers may buy is another added advantage of Your Quote. These readers can follow the author on a personal level. Your bank account will receive any revenues that are produced by your writing.

6. Quotes Donut

For people who need some encouragement or inspiration for their writing activity, Quotes Donut offers quotes.

Aside from that, Quotes Donut pays authors for original quotes.

After registering, the writer who was quoted will be given their own page.

They can begin discussing their work in poems or quotes that are ascribed to them on this page.

Several motivational backdrops are also offered to complement the quote that is being shared.

The quotes will be reviewed by Quotes Donut and after approval, they will be included in the website’s portfolio.

The author only has to distribute their content to others after it has been accepted and posted.

7. Blogs

Blogging is a different approach to earning money by posting quotes.

I’ve written an article where you can learn how to build a successful blog site.

Simply said, blogging is a form of online journaling where anybody may write about anything, from soup to nuts.

It could center on their own lives, lessons they’ve learned, relationships, etc.

The blog site might be devoted to motivational thoughts or lessons that have occurred during the day, week, and month if one is compensated for their quotes.

A person can write specifically about a problem they are having, such as their weight, a relationship, or another struggle in their life.

They may be concentrating on how they are feeling, what they are going through, and whatever lessons they may have learned on that specific day and in that circumstance.

Through an affinity scheme, whereby advertisers post specific links within the blog, there is a chance of compensation.


Can You Post Quotes On Instagram?

Yes, you are permitted to share quotes on Instagram. Doing so will help you build your brand and your network. It can also boost your engagement and brand awareness.

Can You Make Money With Quotes On Instagram?

It is possible to earn money by posting quotes on Instagram. There are lots of individuals online who share motivational quotes on their Instagram and make thousands of dollars every month. A few of them make up to $100,000 a year with this business.


I’ve detailed how you can make money by posting quotes on Instagram.

I’ve equally shown you other websites through which you can monetize your quotes and provided answers to some of the questions you may have regarding monetizing your Instagram with quotes.

It’s time for you to take action. Set up a business page, grow it, and consistently post quotes that are relevant to your niche.