How to Make Money On Instagram By Writing

You can make money on Instagram by writing even if you are not a professional writer, provided that you have the zeal to improve your writing skills.

There are many opportunities for writers on Instagram as well as thousands of options for its users. Instagram has a place for writers of all genres. If you identify as one, you will find this post on how to Make Money on Instagram by Writing valuable.

Writing is one of the coolest ways to make money on Instagram without selling products. By monetizing your writing in the ways listed below, you can make money from Instagram if you’re interested in creating an Instagram profile with a strong following and interesting content.

In this article, we will discuss the best ways to make money on Instagram by writing and tips to optimize your profile to make money as a writer.


1. Make Money On Instagram By Writing Caption

Making money by writing captions for business owners is one of the coolest ways to make money on Instagram by writing.

Today, businesses and brands of all sizes want to utilize Instagram to advertise their goods or services, and 92% of small businesses want to spend more time and effort on social media marketing.

While large brands often have excellent in-house content generation staff, small businesses look for freelancers to save money on social media marketing. As a result, they regularly seek out low-cost creative writers to create captions for their business.

2. Earn By Writing Affiliate Marketing Content

You can make a ton of passive income on Instagram if you can consistently write quality content to promote affiliate products. Affiliate marketing is a business that allows anyone to promote products created by other people and earn commissions for every sale made through their affiliate link.

You can join affiliate programs for free without owning a website and write content to promote them on Instagram. These programs often pay high commissions per sale and some pay per free sign up.

If you have less than 10,000 Instagram followers, your Instagram bio link is the most logical place to promote your affiliate links. By default, you can only promote one link on Instagram in that area. To promote multiple affiliate links, you will need the service of a bio link tool.

3. Write Book Reviews

Lots of book lovers will visit your profile as soon as it has a rising engagement. Your audience may be a prospective customer or an author, in which case they may ask you for a review and pay you for it. Simply said, I adore earning money from the activities I enjoy.

You would need to read the book, have an opinion on it, and then publish the review from your account. Don’t forget to include a link where readers may purchase the book. Blogging on Instagram is indeed a fantastic way to make money.

4. Sell Your Books

If you haven’t written a book yet, you can write one and sell it on Instagram.

You could already have your books written since you’re a writer. So why not sell them using your account? All humans have a tendency to feel a connection with other humans. If a publishing business is promoting your book, it can not be as engaging for audiences as when you personally present your work to them.

You may advertise your book in a variety of ways. For example, Instagram allows writers to create reels that feature them reading a few passages from their book while soft background music plays.

Alternatively, include a few sentences from your book in the caption. Make sure to share a reader’s article or story if they tag you in it. To sell your book, establish a connection with your audience.

5. Write A Blog and Promote It On Instagram

As a writer, the onus falls upon you to own a blog.

Because creating a book is a time-consuming process and not something that all writers find easy, we all prefer to write blogs.

You can use Instagram to advertise your blog if you’ve kept it up to date and earn money on Instagram by writing. Monetizing your blog with ads is a perfect way to make money with your blog without selling.

The people who are interested in books and blogs are once again your audience.

6. Create Valuable Guides for Other People

This guide creation feature was added to Instagram in 2020, and users have found it to be of great use. The feature has proven useful, particularly for business people. It comprises captions and posts arranged in your preferred order.

For different profiles, you can make many guides. Before anything else, ensure that you create a fantastic one for your profile. Only if they enjoy yours will they be interested in your work. The kind of guide to write depends on the promoted products.

If it’s a gift guide, you’ll be writing Instagram posts on presents, creating a guide from it, and earning money there is a good idea.

7. Create Inspiration Quotes

The majority of us don’t give it much thought, yet the inspiring quotes and sayings you see on social media postings weren’t just made up.

They had to be written, somehow. It may have actually been the publisher whose website or humorous statement you are viewing. Or it might have been written or edited by a third party they hired.

There are many business owners on Instagram that are willing to pay you top dollars to write inspirational quotes for them.

Learn all you need to know about how to make money by posting quotes on Instagram.


1. Know your audience

Instagram has demographics, much like every other social media network.

Therefore, first, make sure it’s acceptable for your business. Despite this, it’s obvious that Instagram holds great potential for a lot of writers.

You may now earn money by writing on Instagram if you’re genuinely at a loss for ideas. Like all of your other writing endeavors, your Instagram content should be influenced by who your target audience is.

The inquiries are:

What do they find interesting?

How do they send and receive data via the internet?

What conditions of theirs can you satisfy?

Remember that needs may sometimes be emotionally charged.

This explains why memes are so well-liked and well-relatable on social media.

2. Write about your personal experiences

People can relate to other people’s experiences rather easily. Your writing exercises should aim to improve your approachability and personability.

Take out your phone or camera sometimes and record more of your encounters. Make sure to transform those photos into content that reveals more about your personality to followers.

If you can do that, you’ll start to draw in devoted followers who will read everything you publish and perhaps even pay for it.

You may win their support by developing a human connection with them.

3. Be consistently relevant on Instagram

Your content will generate greater engagement as its relevancy increases. Increased followership will result from this.

Your writing should have cultural importance and popular themes or interests, to the extent that is practical.

It could appear challenging. But if you use this method of writing promotion, you’ll cultivate a culture that will eventually help your work gain more attention.

4. Publish unique and original content

In a world where countless new articles appear every day, it might be difficult to stand out.

However, you can utilize a special marketing strategy to monetize your writing on Instagram.

The distinctive personality of your brand comes from this.

It’s a good idea to take some time to list 10 things that make you stand out from the crowd. It could have to do with the narrative of your work or the characters you use.

Perhaps it’s your original perspective on an established topic or the fact that you’ve lived a fascinating life and have some fascinating tales to share that have nothing to do with the genre you write in.

5. Tell a story

Look for a subject or series that centers on your favorite activities. Generating content is so much easier when you do this.

Additionally, it demonstrates your consistency and provides your fans with something to anticipate. It’s simply another technique for keeping them interested.

Do a series of character introductions or mind-blowing sentences if you’re writing fiction.

A sequence of recommendations on a single subject makes sense in nonfiction.

6. Put a high value on promotional content

First, think about how to grab and hold your target audience’s attention.

It’s challenging to accomplish this using poor-quality content. Your first idea should be to provide new content every day in light of this.

There is no better way for a writer to do this than to provide promotional content for their writing. Always keep in mind that the content in question ought to be pertinent to your marketing goals.

Remember that creating promotional content is distinct from regular Instagram posts.

Apart from the book cover, there aren’t many more visuals to choose from.

The best course of action, in this case, is to create your own author persona on Instagram and then promote both it and your writing.

7. Host Instagram contests or giveaways

You don’t necessarily have to spend money to make money, as the adage goes.

Despite the effectiveness and assured effects of adverts, there are other, less costly ways to monetize your writing on Instagram.

For instance, one of those other methods is to plan competition or giveaway.

You’ve probably seen those posts asking you to follow a user and tag a friend in order to win something, right? The same principles apply to contests and giveaways.

Your challenge’s conditions can include things like having to snap a straightforward photo with a pet and tag your account.

Then, as part of your offer, you may provide some of your books and articles to a small group of your Instagram followers.

8. Build a marketing strategy that matches your business

It’s crucial that you use a range of marketing strategies to spread the word about your work as rapidly as possible.

You could want to get in touch with a book marketing business to assist you in achieving your objectives of spreading the word about your work.

Additionally, you are able to select from a variety of book marketing services based on your goals and expectations.

9. Include user-generated content

After reading positive customer reviews, people are more likely to trust a particular product.

Use hashtags to encourage readers to share images of your content on social media.

Then, create a highlight with customer testimonials and pictures.

When you’re done, look for related posts to feature in your Instagram story.

You must thank and appreciate your readers if you want their devoted support.

10. Utilize Instagram’s Live Streaming feature

It’s difficult to maintain a distance when you can talk with your favorite author and learn what they’re working on. Using Instagram’s live broadcasting tool has this benefit among others.

Your readers will have the opportunity to ask you questions, which will help you get to know them better.

They will be able to appreciate your skills and your personality more after getting to know you personally.

Additionally, streaming is a fantastic method to introduce yourself to your audience and remove barriers to communication.

Speaking to the audience will undoubtedly increase interest in your article.

11. Improve the bio section of your Instagram profile

Instagram users commonly visit the bio of a profile to find out more information about the account they are seeing.

A key error that will prevent you from connecting with your target audience is leaving the description section empty.

Consider providing the information about yourself in the form of smart bullet points so that readers may get a clearer picture of you as a writer more quickly.

For your followers to peruse, you may also provide a link to the website for your writings/book or other relevant websites.

If you provide a link, users will be able to easily visit the website and make a purchase whenever they want.

12. Value the Importance of Hashtags

Instagram users use hashtags while SEO experts use keywords to reach their intended audience.

Although hashtags may help you promote your work on Instagram, there is one thing you should never forget:

Avoid using hashtags excessively, especially ones that aren’t pertinent.

It would be weird and incorrect to post a booking photo with the hashtags #spring or #friends, for example.

Determine which hashtags are most appropriate, then use them to draw in additional readers.

13. Contact other writers

Follow authors that write in genres that are comparable to your own without hesitation. Take part in the campaigns of other writers and establish connections with them.

This will immediately introduce you to new people and provide you the chance to discover their primary marketing strategies.

If you take advice from authors who are more well-known and knowledgeable than you are, you will learn more about the preferences of the target audience.

The fact that you’ll be able to browse the market is the finest part!

Additionally, you won’t struggle to make decisions on your future promoting strategies.

14. Take pictures in a Well-Lit Environment

This is your time to showcase your photographic skills.

Your Instagram photographs’ surroundings shouldn’t interfere with the vibes of your book.

Dark colors that evoke mystery can be employed with a neutral background, as well as natural and light tones.

You can do whatever suits your preferences.

Poorly taken pictures hardly ever encourage viewers to read the article, do they?

The picture is what grabs people’s attention, so keep that in mind.

Final Words

All of the awesome methods for using writing to monetize Instagram are listed here. After completing all of these, your writing experience will be absolutely fantastic.

Creating affiliate marketing content, writing book reviews and captions, are the best monetization strategies in my opinion. Leave a comment below about your writing experience.