GoHighLevel Snapshots for Sale: 4 Best Marketplaces to Buy

If you need a GoHighLevel snapshot designed for a particular business niche or industry, you have the option to explore online platforms where you can either purchase pre-designed snapshots or request custom ones to be crafted.

While GoHighLevel offers free snapshots, if these don’t match your business requirements, you also have the opportunity to obtain snapshots from different online marketplaces for a fee.

In this article, we will discuss the best marketplaces that offer GoHighlevel snapshots for sale.

What Is a GoHighLevel Snapshot?

A GoHighLevel Snapshot functions as a pre-designed, customizable GoHighLevel account template accessible to other users via a unique link. This tool simplifies the setup of marketing campaigns, funnels, and automation workflows within GoHighLevel.

It’s an efficient time-saver, enabling the swift creation of landing pages, emails, and tailored SMS sequences for specific industries or purposes.

Snapshots offer a foundation for businesses to enhance their marketing strategies with default settings that allow the import of various elements, including custom fields, triggers, surveys, forms, templates, campaigns, pipelines, calendars, tags, folders, and more, streamlining productivity and effectiveness.

4 Best Marketplaces to Find GoHighLevel Snapshots for Sale

1. Extendly

Extendly stands as a specialized agency dedicated to helping individuals achieve success with GoHighLevel. It serves as an excellent hub for accessing premium GoHighLevel snapshots that cater to various industries.

Their website features a user-friendly marketplace where you can browse through a collection of pre-designed snapshots tailored for different niches.

Additionally, Extendly offers the option to create custom snapshots tailored to your specific needs.

For those subscribed to the GoHighLevel SaaS Mode plan, Extendly provides SaaS snapshots for them and white-label support for their clients. They offer both ready-made and personalized snapshots catering to the diverse needs of all HighLevel users.

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2. Fiverr

Fiverr, a renowned platform for freelancers, is an ideal destination for finding budget-friendly GoHighLevel snapshot services. A simple search on the platform reveals a pool of over 300 GoHighLevel service providers, each offering their expertise at prices ranging from $5 to $400+.

The pricing is influenced by factors such as snapshot complexity, whether it’s a pre-designed template or a custom creation tailored to your specific requirements.

Numerous freelancers on Fiverr specialize in crafting and selling GoHighLevel snapshots, in addition to offering other services related to HighLevel. The platform provides the convenience of exploring freelancer profiles, reading reviews, and ensuring secure payments.

3. Facebook Groups

The “HighLevel Snapshots – Buy and Sell” Facebook group boasts a substantial membership of nearly 5,000 individuals who are actively engaged in trading snapshots.

This group fosters a vibrant community where members seek snapshots for various purposes, spanning from dog kennels and grooming businesses to residential plumbing, dental clinics, restaurants, and more.

Should you find yourself in need of a snapshot tailored to your specific requirements, you can easily post your request within the group. It’s highly likely that snapshot creators within the group will respond and offer their assistance.

However, it’s important to exercise caution when acquiring snapshots through Facebook groups, as there is a possibility of encountering scammers. To ensure a secure transaction, it’s advisable to opt for a trusted payment method like PayPal.

4. Upwork

Upwork stands as yet another prominent freelancing platform, offering a diverse pool of freelancers proficient in various tasks, including the creation of tailored GoHighLevel snapshots. By conducting a straightforward search using keywords like “HighLevel snapshots,” you’ll unveil an extensive selection spanning over four pages.

These pages showcase skilled GoHighLevel experts who possess the capability to craft snapshots tailored precisely to your specifications. Freelancers available on Upwork present a spectrum of pricing options, ranging from approximately $8 per hour to $50 per hour, catering to different budget preferences.

One of the notable advantages of Upwork lies in its transparency. It enables you to thoroughly review customer feedback and freelancer profiles before making an informed decision on whom to hire.

Similar to the Fiverr platform, Upwork boasts a secure payment system. This feature not only ensures the protection of your financial transactions but also alleviates concerns related to potentially fraudulent activities.

How to Create A HighLevel Snapshot?

Generating a new Snapshot requires a deliberate selection of import settings.

Follow these steps to create and export a HighLevel snapshot, ready for importing into another account or sharing with fellow GoHighLevel users:

  1. Access the Agency View and click “Settings.”
  2. Opt for “Account Snapshot.”
  3. Click “Create New Snapshot.”
  4. Assign a name to your Snapshot in the provided field.
  5. Choose the account to serve as the basis for your Snapshot from the dropdown list.
  6. Save your adjustments by clicking “Save.”
  7. Copy the Share URL and share it with your intended recipient.

How to Import A HighLevel Snapshot?

The procedure is simple. Commence by obtaining a Snapshot share link. Upon securing the correct link, proceed as follows:

  1. Log into your GoHighLevel account.
  2. Open a new browser tab (while maintaining your login).
  3. Paste the distinct snapshot link into the address bar of the new tab.
  4. Press “Enter” to access a page offering the snapshot import choice.
  5. Click “Yes! Import now.”

Examples of GoHighLevel Snapshots

GoHighLevel offers approximately twenty industry-specific snapshots for users to utilize. To find them, navigate to the Agency View within the GoHighLevel platform (not within a sub-account). Select “Account Snapshots” from the left-hand menu, granting access to all pre-made snapshots.

Within this section, easily switch between GoHighLevel snapshots, imported snapshots, and those created independently.

GoHighLevel Attorney Snapshot

The attorney snapshot features an offer focused on providing a free consultation call. The entire sales funnel is pre-crafted, and you also receive Facebook ad examples to use for campaign promotion.

GoHighLevel CrossFit Snapshot

The GoHighLevel CrossFit snapshot provides a more detailed overview, showcasing two fully developed campaigns with associated landing pages. The first campaign targets new customers with a free week of CrossFit, while the second focuses on rekindling interest among previous customers through a special offer.

GoHighLevel Marketing Agency Snapshot

Designed for those interested in marketing and selling the white-label GoHighLevel SaaS, this snapshot includes various funnels, landing pages, and even a white-label YouTube video. Utilize these resources to generate interest and encourage leads to book a demo.

FAQs On GoHighLevel Snapshot for Sale

Can I Buy Snapshots Directly from GoHighLevel?

It’s not feasible to directly buy snapshots from GoHighLevel. Instead, GoHighLevel provides various free snapshots, and you also have the choice to obtain snapshots from external sources such as Extendly.

Are Free GoHighLevel Snapshots Available?

Upon subscribing and logging in to the GoHighLevel platform, you will be able to access a variety of free snapshots designed for different business niches.