GoHighLevel White Label Support: Best Services to Use

If you’re reselling GoHighLevel as a white-label SaaS to your clients, it’s crucial to provide them with adequate support as they navigate the platform.

While GoHighLevel offers support services directly to agencies using their software, they don’t extend white-label support to the end customers of agencies that are reselling GoHighLevel as a SaaS product.

The positive aspect is that you have the option to enlist the assistance of a GoHighLevel expert to deliver this support on your agency’s behalf.

In this article, we will explore the best sources to obtain GoHighLevel White Label support for your agency.

Why Do You Need GoHighLevel White-Label Support?

A crucial aspect of the GoHighLevel platform is its capability to allow you to offer GoHighLevel as a white-label SaaS (Software as a Service) to your clients. This essentially empowers you to brand the entire GoHighLevel interface with your agency logo and market it at your preferred price point.

However, those familiar with GoHighLevel understand that its plethora of features entails a substantial learning curve. Consequently, the need for support often arises.

If you’re directly subscribed to GoHighLevel, you can benefit from live chat and phone support provided by the GoHighLevel team. Yet, if your clients have procured the platform through your agency, they will look to you for assistance.

Offering platform support can consume a significant portion of your time and necessitates you to possess a comprehensive understanding of all the platform’s functionalities.

With numerous clients who have obtained white-label GoHighLevel from your agency, providing support might even evolve into a full-time commitment.

Hence, enlisting an expert to manage white-label support can prove to be a prudent investment. By extending this service, you not only liberate your own time and that of your agency but also enhance the value you deliver to your clients.

Best GoHighLevel White Label Support

1. Extendly

Extendly stands out as a specialized platform offering comprehensive GoHighLevel white label support, specifically tailored for agencies and businesses aiming to deliver exceptional assistance to their clients utilizing GoHighLevel as a white-label SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.

As a robust solution designed for agencies, Extendly recognizes the intricate nature of GoHighLevel and the support necessary to ensure seamless operations. Agencies partnering with Extendly can delegate the responsibility of providing white label support, allowing them to focus on core business activities.

The Extendly team comprises proficient GoHighLevel experts well-versed in the platform’s functionalities. They possess the knowledge to address a diverse range of queries, from technical troubleshooting to assisting with customizations.

The platform offers various tiers of support packages, enabling agencies to choose the level of assistance that best aligns with their clients’ needs. Whether handling inquiries, resolving technical issues, or offering guidance on optimizing the use of GoHighLevel, Extendly’s experts are equipped to provide prompt and effective support.

Additionally, they assist in creating customized GoHighLevel snapshots that agencies can use and offer to their clients.

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2. Fiverr

Fiverr serves as a versatile platform where you can find skilled freelancers offering GoHighLevel white label support services at affordable prices. Whether you’re an agency seeking to provide top-notch assistance to your clients using GoHighLevel or an individual in need of expert guidance, Fiverr provides a range of options to fulfill your white label support needs.

On Fiverr, you can explore profiles of freelancers specializing in GoHighLevel and its functionalities. These experts offer various support services, including technical troubleshooting, customization, platform optimization, and more.

With detailed freelancer profiles and reviews from previous clients, you can make informed decisions about who to hire for your white label support requirements.

The process is straightforward: search for freelancers offering GoHighLevel white label support, review their services, pricing, and expertise, and then choose the one that aligns with your specific needs.

Once hired, these freelancers can assist you in providing impeccable support to your clients using GoHighLevel as a white-label SaaS solution.

3. Facebook

Although Facebook is primarily recognized as a social networking platform, it serves as a valuable resource for seeking GoHighLevel white label customer service.

Various Facebook groups and communities are dedicated to discussions on digital marketing, SaaS platforms, and agency services, offering a potential avenue for finding experts who can assist with GoHighLevel.

Here’s a guide on how to utilize Facebook for GoHighLevel white label support:

  • Search Relevant Groups: Explore Facebook groups focused on digital marketing, agency services, or SaaS platforms. Join groups actively discussing GoHighLevel or white label support for SaaS products.
  • Engage and Inquire: Participate in discussions within these groups and interact with members to assess their expertise. Pose questions related to white label support or share your specific requirements to see if anyone can offer assistance.
  • Post Your Requirements: Some groups allow members to post service requests. Create a post specifying your search for GoHighLevel white label support, detailing the type of assistance needed. Interested individuals or experts may respond with their offerings.
  • Review Profiles: When someone expresses interest, visit their profile to learn about their skills and experience. Check if they have prior experience with GoHighLevel or possess relevant expertise in SaaS platforms.
  • Private Messages: Reach out to potential candidates through private messages to discuss your requirements in more detail. Inquire about their availability, pricing, and the specific white label support services they can provide.
  • Evaluate Expertise: Before finalizing an agreement, consider asking for references or examples of previous work. This step helps assess the freelancer’s expertise and ensures they are a suitable fit for your customers’ needs.
  • Secure Payment: If you choose to collaborate, ensure that any payment transactions are conducted securely. Trusted payment methods like PayPal can be utilized for financial transactions.

While Facebook serves as a useful platform to connect with potential GoHighLevel white label support experts, exercising due diligence is crucial. Verify the credentials and expertise of the individuals under consideration, and communicate clearly about your requirements and expectations.

4. Upwork

Upwork stands as another reputable freelancing platform that provides a convenient and reliable avenue for finding freelancers with extensive experience in GoHighLevel.

Boasting a diverse pool of talented professionals, including those well-versed in SaaS platforms and digital marketing, Upwork proves to be an excellent resource for meeting your support needs.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to leverage Upwork for obtaining GoHighLevel support services for your clients:

  • Create a Project: If you don’t have an Upwork account, sign up for one. Upon registration, create a project outlining your search for GoHighLevel white label support. Provide comprehensive details about the tasks requiring assistance and any specific expertise needed.
  • Search for Freelancers: Utilize Upwork’s search function to identify freelancers with expertise in GoHighLevel, SaaS platforms, customer support, and related skills. Apply filters based on relevant keywords and job categories to streamline results.
  • Review Profiles: Explore the profiles of freelancers meeting your criteria. Scrutinize their work history, client reviews, ratings, and portfolios to assess their skills and experience. Look for candidates with a proven track record in providing white label support or services related to SaaS platforms.
  • Invite and Interview: Invite freelancers to submit proposals for your project or directly message them to inquire about availability and suitability. Conduct interviews with potential candidates to delve into your GoHighLevel white label support requirements in more detail.
  • Assess Expertise: During interviews or communications, inquire about freelancers’ experience with GoHighLevel, their familiarity with white label support, and their understanding of your specific needs. This assessment aids in evaluating their expertise and determining suitability.
  • Proposal Evaluation: Review proposals received from freelancers. Assess their proposed approach, timeline, and cost for providing GoHighLevel white label support. Compare multiple proposals to make an informed decision.
  • Agree on Terms: Once a suitable freelancer is identified, discuss project details, scope, timeline, and payment terms. Ensure alignment between both parties before finalizing the agreement.
  • Secure Payment: Upwork offers a secure payment system ensuring protection for both clients and freelancers. All payments are processed through the platform, enhancing security and transparency.
  • Project Management: Utilize Upwork’s platform to manage the project, communicate with the freelancer, and track progress. Regular communication is pivotal to ensuring the project aligns with expectations.
  • Feedback and Ratings: Upon project completion, provide feedback and ratings for the freelancer based on their performance. This contributes to building a reliable freelancing community and aids other clients in selecting the right freelancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where’s the Best Place to Obtain GoHighLevel White Label Support?

Extendly stands as the premier destination for GoHighLevel White Label support. Specifically designed for clients of agencies selling GoHighLevel as a SaaS product, Extendly provides expert assistance, ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

How Long Does Extendly’s GHL White Label Support Onboarding Process Take?

The initial onboarding meeting is divided into two segments. The Tech Call typically spans 20 to 30 minutes, addressing tool connections with domains, calendars, Facebook, and GMB. Depending on the specific aspects you want to emphasize in educating your clients, the training call may extend to an hour.

Is it Possible to Customize the Extendly Onboarding Process to Focus on Specific HighLevel Features?

Certainly! You have the flexibility to customize the onboarding session, concentrating on specific HighLevel features that you wish to cover. This ensures that your clients receive tailored guidance and instruction on those particular aspects.

What Would Be the Cost of Additional Calls if the Client Requires Further Assistance Understanding the System?

The Ultimate HighLevel WhiteLabel Support includes additional assistance. The Ultimate HighLevel Sign Up Offer incorporates a three-month subscription to the Plus Agency Support. Consequently, there are no additional charges for extra calls or assistance during that period.

What Aspects are Not Covered by the Ultimate HighLevel WhiteLabel Support Plan in Extendly’s Support?

Extendly’s Ultimate HighLevel WhiteLabel Support plans do not include services for creating client-specific workflows or funnels. Nevertheless, they do provide done-with-you assistance through Zoom sessions with specialists, including funnel builders, CSS experts, or workflow builders, who can guide and assist with your specific requirements.