JCPenny Affiliate Program: All You Need to Know

E-commerce has revolutionized the world of shopping today. Buyers and sellers now have the golden opportunity to make transactions from wherever they are effortlessly.

Of course, the world is in love with this privilege, and for e-commerce providers, it has made them billions of dollars.

To stay on the positive track, e-commerce businesses have employed the system of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows third parties such as blog/website owners to promote the products/services of brands and companies for a commission.

It is a win-win situation for the affiliates as well as the companies.

JCPenny is one of the major beneficiaries of both e-commerce and affiliate marketing. The company made an intriguing $12.019 billion in revenue in 2019 alone. And unsurprisingly, a considerable chunk of its money came from online sales.

In this article, we reveal the nitty-gritty of the JCPenny Affiliate Program to you.

J.C. Penny Corporation Inc. Overview

Established in 1902, JCPenny is one of America’s longest-reigning retail companies. Today, the company is involved in marketing hard and soft goods, as well as fashion accessories.

J.C. Penny currently has about 1000 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico. Also, the company has a standing partnership with the cosmetic chain, Sephora – thereby broadening its scope and making it a top choice for affiliate marketers.

What Is the JCPenny Affiliate Program, and How Does it Work?

Similar to all top affiliate systems, the JCPenny affiliate program operates on the commissioning framework. The company’s marketing partners, such as blog owners, promote the company’s products through their networks and get paid a percentage of the resulting sales made.

However, we’re going to split the entire process for the JCPenny affiliate program into three categories to ensure clarity. Dive in!

1. What do You Need to Become a Beneficiary of the JCPenny Affiliate Program?

As an affiliate, the primary factor that determines if you’re suitable for a brand is your niche. This is because the niche determines if you are in the same line of products and services as the brand.

For the JCPenny affiliate program, affiliates can belong to fashion accessories, home decor, or toy niches. This is due to the company’s wide range of retail products/services that include cosmetics, clothing, furniture, toys, and so on.

To access the full list of products that are available for JCPenny ordering online, you can visit the JCPenny catalog department.

Furthermore, the JCPenny affiliate program is only open to residents of Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  This is pretty impressive as it beats the coverage offered by several competing top retail affiliate programs.

For instance, the Kohl’s affiliate program is open to residents of the US alone.

2. What Is the Structure of the JCPenny Affiliate Program?

J.C. Penny partners with VigLink to run its affiliate program. VigLink is an outbound traffic monetization service provider based in San Francisco.

Its job is to ensure that all J.C. Penny affiliates have their promotions monitored in real-time and convert leads to revenue as and when due. So, if you’re a blogger, J. C. Penny scouts all your promotional content or backlinks using VigLink, and accounts for all commissions.

The JCPenny affiliate program has a base commission rate of 3% on all successful sales. This rate may seem small compared to those of alternative options like the Walmart affiliate program. However, J.C. Penny makes up for its shortcomings through its premium pricing and broad product scope.

On payments, J.C. Penny pays out all available commissions to its affiliate partners’ real accounts every month. The earnings are made through direct deposits or ACH. So, you don’t have to worry about missing out on a paycheck.

3. What Are the Limitations of the JCPenny Affiliate Program?

There are some rules that you need to abide by to avoid penalties such as earnings seizure or a total ban from the JCPenny affiliate program. These regulations are similar to those applied in the general affiliate system and are explained below.

First, you are not allowed to drive your promotions using the company’s coupons. Second, you are only allowed to market J.C. Penny’s products using originally curated content. And lastly, you must maintain a distinct identity from the company.

The last rule is very important, and failure to comply with it often leads to strict penalties. So, if you own a blog and decide to write a promotional guide on popular J.C. Penny brands, you have to ensure it is clear to your readers that you do not represent the company.

How to Do Your Promotions to Earn More With the JCPenny Affiliate Program

1. Leverage on the latest affiliate marketing tools

Marketing service providers like VigLink have a variety of fantastic features that can help you boost your promotional efforts. An example is the product insight tool which gives you key metrics (like purchase regions, age, etc.) on how a product is performing in sales.

Of course, with these kinds of insights, you are better positioned to develop your marketing content to suit your audience better.

2. Take advantage of SEO

SEO entails curating your promotional content in a way that improves its visibility on search engines. SEO is very handy as it’s one of the best ways to drive new leads. Some conventional SEO techniques are keyword optimization and backlinks building.

3. Improve the quality of your marketing content

The quality of your promotional content is the most vital factor in determining your earnings from an affiliate program. This doesn’t exclude that of J.C. Penny as well. Consumers are more likely to purchase products through your links when your promotional content proposes value to them.


JC. Penny has remained one of the top profitable retail companies in the US for over 100 years now. Interestingly, the company doesn’t look like hitting the brakes any time soon.

With the JCPenny affiliate program, you get to be a part of the prosperity, and that’s something you shouldn’t miss out on.

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