Puma Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing with sports companies can be really rewarding.

This is so because the sports industry today has been a series of successes and profit stories. So much so that the industry is worth several billion dollars today.

Affiliate marketing gives you a chance to be a part of this billion-dollar industry. By promoting products from prominent names, you too can make a reasonable amount of money from them.

One of the names you should be looking at in this regard is Puma. In our guide, we will be telling you about their affiliate marketing program alongside every other vital piece of information you need.

Quick Facts About Puma

If you are going to become an affiliate with the brand, you might as well know a few things about them.

Here are five quick facts about Puma, according to Statista:

  • The company was founded in 1948 and has its headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany.
  • Puma has global sales of up to 5.87bn USD.
  • It is ranked number three on the list of sportswear companies in the world.
  • The company is particularly invested in footwear, accessories, and apparel.

What Is The Puma Affiliate Program?

Judging by the company’s size, this is one of the biggest affiliate marketing programs. Two others that are particularly noteworthy are the Nike affiliate program and the Adidas affiliate program

It essentially provides a way for you to make extra income by promoting its products and earning a commission on every sale. The program is hosted by Pepperjam, a third-party affiliate network.

The program is free for all to join and offers such interesting features as the Puma wholesale account.

What Can You Promote As A Puma Affiliate Marketer?

This is particularly important because if you don’t have quality products to promote, there’s hardly any way you can make conversions.

Luckily, Puma offers an array of high-quality products that already have a wide appeal globally. You can promote virtually everything that their company offers in sports apparel.

However, some of the fastest-moving products are sneakers.

What Are The Commission Rates of The Puma Affiliate Marketing Program?

At this point, things get a little tricky. There isn’t exactly a fixed commission rate that you can use to determine how much you’ll earn. Most people suggest that the numbers lie between 7%-10%.

However, there is no definite number that points in that direction. As such, we can’t say for sure. Regardless, the commission rates are still sufficient for you to want to join.

Additionally, from all indications, commission rates increase with the number of sales you make.

What Is The Cookie Duration?

The cookie duration for Puma is fourteen days. That is, after clicking your affiliate link, your audience needs to purchase within the first fourteen days of clicking the link.

If she/he doesn’t, you won’t be eligible for a commission any longer.

It is worth noting that this is slightly lower than the standard thirty days offered by the likes of the Under Armour affiliate program. 

However, fourteen days is still much better than the 24 hours offered by some companies.

Should You Join The Puma Affiliate Program?

Under normal circumstances, the answer should be a straight yes. This is primarily because Puma is such a huge brand that you shouldn’t have much of an issue convincing buyers of the quality.

However, the major drawback of the affiliate program is the commission rate. Because there is no way to really know what they are offering, it presents a barrier of sorts.

It’s not as though you can earn as much as the Puma brand ambassadors with specified commission rates. However, it would still be useful to know.

Nevertheless, if you are a bit of a risk-taker and you want to put in the effort, you can join. The good news is that if you join, you don’t have to stick to Puma alone.

You can join other affiliate marketing programs and enjoy the best of all worlds.

What Are The Alternatives to The Puma Affiliate Program?

As a blogger in the sports niche, you are lucky because there are plenty of big names.

Excellent alternatives to the Puma affiliate marketing program are the Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and Reebok affiliate programs.

The interesting thing is that some of these brands even have better deals you can leverage. For example, Adidas has a cookie duration of thirty days and offers you up to seven percent on every sale you make.

Under Armour, on the other hand, offers up to 5%.

However, their tracking period of 30 days is still significantly higher than Puma’s, making it a viable alternative.


Becoming a Puma affiliate should prove to be rewarding. With a bit of knowledge on how to drive traffic and some excellently written articles, you should be making a reasonable amount of income.