How Real Profits Online Can Make You Suffer Losses

With the advancement of technology, the internet, smartphones, computers, and laptops have become household items. Not only household things, actually they have become children’s play tools.

To couple with these, there are numerous websites for social media, video uploading, dating, etc.

These have allowed fraudsters to go incognito and cheat unsuspecting people, making a huge amount of money from them. They claim to be in affiliate marketing, but in reality, they are just cheating people.

Some of them create fake websites, most of them vanish into thin air within months and lure people to pay for a massive profit they assure. Such a scam has recently come into the light.

They urge people to invest money to build websites and earn a large amount of money within a short period. They promise people online jobs in the name of established brands ‘Amazon’.

However, be rest assured that ‘Amazon’ has nothing to do with this ‘real profits online’ website. So, we need to make you aware of this scam website in the following real profits online review.

How Real Profits Online Lure People?

While you surf through the net, you will come across numerous links that say something like ‘Amazon work from home’ or ‘Amazon home jobs’ or something similar to that.

Most of them claim to be helping you with affiliate marketing, a process of making real money by selling others’ products.

That too from the comfort of your home.

Clicking on one of these links will lead you to their homepage, where you will find a video in which someone called ‘Mark’, will tell you a story of how he was broke and a struggling startup and someone call ‘Tim’ advised him to go for ‘Amazon’ sponsored business and he became rich and famous overnight.

Now that he is rich, he wants to share his experience and wants you to become rich by following the same method.

He also promises that sitting from the cozy corner of your home, you can expect to earn a fabulous amount of $500/- per day, which is about fifteen thousand dollars per month. Now, that sounds stupendous and unbelievable and calls for a real profit online review.

How Real Profits Online Collect Your Private Information?

When you click on the next page link, you will be lead to a page containing a form that gathers your personal information like your name, e-mail id, and phone number. Some call this a squeeze page.

Once they collect your personal information, they will repeatedly contact you to buy their product or idea if you have not bought it as yet.

While calling or emailing you repeatedly they will talk of the benefits of their project and the various niceties they offer unless you are lured into buying their product or idea.

Even by sharing your personal information with them allow them to share the same with other marketing people.

How Real Profit Online Trap You to Pay?

After you pass the squeeze page or the page that collects your private information, you are directed to another page which shows you a longer video, which explains to you the benefits of the ‘Amazon’ work from home jobs and making real profit online.

Although on the first page, the person who calls himself ‘Mark’ promises you to get everything free and he will be giving about 250 people the idea of this free website to make money, soon you will find that nothing comes for free as promised.

This page, commonly called the funnel page, urges you to pay around $47 to gain access to their system. Once you pay, you get an upsell of $197, which they claim will increase twenty folds as you are gaining access to twenty websites for upselling.

Reading this real profits online review to this point, you see that ‘real’ profit is through aggressive upselling of websites, which is next to impossible. The maximum sales and following upsells of websites come to three, which is far below as promised by the site makers.

The sum of the total sales amount to something around $700/-, which is much below the amount promised by them.

Are the Real Profits Online Testimonials Real?

You may suspect that they are talking rubbish. After listening to so many people giving their testimonials in favor of real profits online or similar websites, you may feel that the people are unnecessarily accusing a group of people working for greater benefit.

But trust us, these testimonials are well-scripted stories only. And the characters like ‘Mark’, ‘Tim’, ‘Harry’, ‘Jason’ and others are all fake.

They are all hired actors and most of them are probably from online freelancing platforms, engaged by the site makers against a payment to record their scripted story to win your trust. Why do they need to do so?

Actually, by our real profits online review, we would like to convey to you the fact that the only persons who profit through this sort of website are the site builders themselves.

So, there is no real person who can give a real testimonial or a genuine review regarding the benefits of the website. Therefore, they need to spread these cooked-up stories, which they call real testimonials, with the aid of these actors.

These actors, against a payment, give fake testimonials to lure unsuspecting persons like you to invest their hard-earned money and valuable time only to lose everything in the end.

How Long These Sites Last?

Well, that is a million-dollar question. Not all of them claim to be in the business of affiliate marketing. Some like ‘Fast Cash Club’ claim to help you with their binary options trading software which, as they claim, are 100% foolproof even for the laymen.

They help you with your day to day trading in the stock market and make a huge profit from day one.

Some others like the ‘60 Minute Profit Plan’ claim that they provide opportunities for people on various counts such as freelancing, email marketing, taking online surveys, website testing, search engine optimization, and various other work from home options.

If the sites are helping you to make profits, then they must be making a huge amount of money themselves. So, day by day they are supposed to enrich their sites with fabulous pictures and content. Just like one enriches one’s shop or establishment that feeds him or her.

Make a soul searching, this sort of website lasts for maybe only one or a couple of months.

They just disappear to appear in a new avatar. In this real profit online review, we shall reveal a few more such names that appeared as real online money-making sites and vanished into thin air within a month, two or three.

Listed below are such five names of websites that promised unsuspecting persons with a lot of profit and finally vanished, decamping with their money.

  • Fast Cash Club founded by someone called ‘John Harris’
  • Copy Paste Commissions founded by somebody called ‘Chris Harter’
  • Daily Cash Siphon represented by somebody called ‘Lisa’, who is a fake
  • 60 Minute Profit Plan founded by someone called ‘Brittany Francis’ who is a fake
  • My Mobile Money Pages represented by somebody called ‘Jason’, who is a hired actor

Be Cautious about Investing your hard-earned money.

Here from the discussions, you can determine the scam and dubious aspects of sites like Real Profits Online. The discussions state that sites that offers big promises and tall claims often lead to disastrous results.

Before putting in even a cent or a penny, you must go through all the pros and cons of the website in question.

Try to get hold of some review done by some other persons, aside from their paid analyst and try to get hold of real people for real testimonials. Do not be swayed away by fake testimonial given over YouTube videos by hired actors from freelancing platforms.

Try getting hold of persons who have actually benefited from, or on the contrary been cheated by the website and the people behind it. Listen to them carefully.

They will surely be ready to share their experience, be it good or bad. And after listening to a sufficient amount of people, make your decision to invest your money in such affiliate marketing, stock trading and host of other sites offering quick returns.

Make Sure It is Your Cup of Tea

Before venturing into any risk marketing business, you must first make sure if it is your cup of tea. That is if the venture suits you. And if you are feeling at home with the idea of income plan or plans given in the website.

Find out for yourself, if the people behind the website are genuine and experienced enough to help you with your venture. Also, make sure that the website is providing you with sufficient online training before they are introducing you to the business.

Training in the proper manner is a must for all entrepreneurs. That training should come from genuine experienced persons, who are experts in the field in question.

While going through this real profit online review you will find out that fake sites like Real Profits Online do not necessarily have the skills required to train such newcomers and entrepreneurs.

Actually, the people behind such sites themselves do not have the experience they claim to have. Neither are they good enough to do such business as affiliate marketing, stock trading, email marketing or even website testing as claimed by them.

Their only target is to trick people to spend their hard-earned money with great expectations to do a home-based online business and vanish with the booty. So, before associating yourself with any of such site, first find out if the website is a genuine one represented by real people or a fake.

Secondly, make sure that you are the right person to do the online business they are proposing and finally make sure that the people behind the site have sufficient experience and expertise to train you to do the job perfectly as required.

Also, make sure that the type of business they are proposing has not become obsolete in the market.

As you have already come to know reading our real profits online review so far, fake sites like Real Profits Online lure unsuspecting customers to pay a lump sum of money, promising them of high returns and finally decamp with the booty.

They do not exist for long. They change their name and re-appear over the cyber way, from time to time, taking the name of big brands to cheat people.

Even the testimonials they provide are not done by real people. Rather they are fake testimonials provided by hired artists only to promote their websites.

Even the people who claim to be the founders or part of the top management like CEO are fake, often represented by hired artists. Therefore, be cautious before entering into any transaction with such fake websites.

Choose a Genuine Website with Real Business Proposal

Not all that’s named real are truly real. Going through the real profits online review it must be very clear to you that some of the websites you bump into may be fake or scam.

All proposals are also not good enough for business. All of them may not be suitable for you to do business with ease and comfort.

Talking about affiliate marketing, where you advertise the products or services provided by other persons on your website, promote them and get paid for the product or service got sold. Of course, you need proper training to do so successfully.

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Be rest assured, they are not fake like many others. They are real people doing genuine business. They are one of the best service providers in the field of affiliate marketing.

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