The Best Blogging Books on The Market and Why You Need Them

Blogging books are more than just a necessity, we will be touching on some of the reasons why, and also the list of the best blogging books, we all need in our corner. But before we go into the list, let’s take a look at why we need these books.

For most new bloggers and even bloggers who have been on this gig a while, blogging is all about content, and everything else is just, you know, not as important.

best blogging books

While I am of the line of thought that great content is key to a great blogging career, there are a ton of other factors that could also make or break your blogging endeavors.

Why Blogging Books?


We are going with blogging books in this article, but that doesn’t mean that blogging books are the only source of quality information that you require to work that thriving blogging career.

You also can get information from search engines, learn how to set up a successful blog from this blog, and from other sources.

Now that the disclaimer above is out there, let’s get into why you, me, and all of us bloggers and would-be bloggers need blogging books in our lives.

1. How to Work Your Blog Itself

Now that you have that great idea for your blog set up, you have all your well-done content structured and your blog itself is online, what next?.

Being able to work your blog is one very important skill. Blogging isn’t just about uploading content, but also about being able to tweak the structure and layout of your blog.

Let’s say that your blog is for women, and talks about very feminine things, the theme and color of your blog needs to fit your blog’s storyline.

With blogs like word press which is arguably the simplest to work blogging platform, you need basic CSS and HTML knowledge.

When I began to blog, the idea of even touching any of the technical stuff terrified the heck out of me, and would rather not have anything to do with it.

Over time, I realized that I had to learn even the basics to get the most out of my word press blog. It took a while, but I finally overcame my fears and learned the basic bits of CSS and HTML.

I had help learning from free online sources, but with the help of a few blogging books, I was well on my way to becoming truly self-sufficient when it came to my WordPress blog.

2. How to Work Your Social Media

With value-rich, entertaining, or at least engaging content, you would be able to gather quite the reader base in no time with the help of SEO, and the web search engines working in your favor.

While you wait for your content to rank, and for your blog to begin to thrive in the direction you would like it to, social media is one great way you can get your blog in front of the right set of eyes and ultimately, the exposure it needs to become the go-to blog of your niche.

Social media for most people is all fun and games, and a means to ease off or simply something they dabble with now and then, but for business owners and bloggers, it is a powerful tool that has helped their brands and businesses over time.

The problem with social media today is that there are so many users, so many kinds of people, both those who would be interested in your kind of content and those that wouldn’t.

So how exactly are you supposed to find and connect with your target audience?.

Many great blogging books have answered the question of how to work your social media platforms to your advantage, and I can say that I have benefited a great deal from a handful of these blogging books that help you with your social media.

3. Stellar Content

Yes, I know, you are probably an excellent writer, and your content ideas may be uncanny, but you also know something else that I know?.

What I also know in addition to your blogging prowess, is that you are human just like the rest of us, and ultimately, you would need help now and then.

Let’s use my blogging experiences for example. Some days, I woke up pumped and ready to go, creating incredible content and even shocking myself.

Other days, I would wake up with no motivation or fresh ideas. A lot of times, these slow days for me dragged on into slow weeks or even a month, where I really wanted nothing to do with my blog or bring myself to think up ideas.

There are great blogging books that have helped me over the years to overcome these dry spells, and also helped me greatly to recharge my batteries and jump-start my creative juices.

From how to think up new content ideas and content strategy, some of my favorite blogging books have come to my aid time and time again.

Free online sources have also been a great help, but blogging books centered primarily on content creation were my absolute favorite.

You can compromise on a lot of things when it comes to blogging (though it isn’t advised), but don’t ever comprise on continuously developing yourself in regards to your content creation abilities.

4. Quick tips

blogging tips

With blogging as with everything else, there are levels. There is the in-depth stuff when it comes to blogging and how to stay on top of things, but there is also the surface level stuff.

There are situations that I had found myself in when it came to my blogging endeavors, and all I needed were quick tips that could help me overcome this and that.

I would typically hit google or Bing for some easy answers, and I found a ton. But what I found to work even better for me over the years, were the tips I found in some of my favorite blogging books.

Now, whether turning to blogging books for these simple tips is better than just asking google whenever you are in need, isn’t something I can give a direct answer to, but here is what I found with blogging books that handed out quick tips.

When casually reading my blogging books, I always came across some new information, and weeks, months or even years down the line, I never failed to find out that some of the problems I encountered as a blogger were quickly solved with these quick tips I had up my sleeves from reading blogging books beforehand.

Instead of hitting sir google up when I needed these quick get-me-ups, I already had the answers to my questions, as I had previously casually read up on them.

5. How to Stay Motivated

If you can’t stay motivated, then you are going to have your blogging endeavors come to a permanent standstill, before they even kick-off.

Staying motivated can be hard, I mean, what happens when you give it your all and you still can’t break even?

Do you give up or still keep going? If you choose to go with the latter, how do you keep at it?. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, and this can be said for every aspect of our lives.

Like when I had great difficulty with creating content, I have also had a lot of difficulty with staying motivated.

When I was quite new in blogging and even after I had been in the business for a while, I had felt stuck, depressed, and even full-on confused about my blogging endeavors.

And because being a blogger was something, I was very passionate about, these were dark times for me.

During these times, I had come across blogging books that helped me a great deal to stay motivated and to keep going.

From simple exercises I could do to stay on track, to reworking my mindset, blogging books in addition to some free online content came to my rescue a great number of times.

6. How to Transform Your Blog Into a Money-Making Machine

If you are in the blogging scene as a hobby, or something that you do now and then, but never really commit to, then you might care very little for this part of the article.

But, if you are crazy passionate about blogging and looking forward to earning a tangible income from it either through affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, or other means, then please, keep reading.

Before we get into it, I need to put it out there that making money from your blog isn’t easy. It takes more than just reading a few books, you have to give it your all.

After I gained a substantial level of readership on my blog, I began to research ways in which I could make some money from something I loved.

Now, as a newbie in this aspect of blogging, making a ton of mistakes couldn’t be helped by me. I tried a lot of things, had some success with a few, and failed horribly at most.

Then came a time that I began to invest in blogging books and tools that were centered on how to make money with my blogging endeavors, and that’s when I really began to get the kinds of results I had longed for so long.

There are so many levels to making money from your blog, and the right blogging books can help you work the processes easier.

There are so many reasons why blogging books are important, and if we decide to touch on them all, we would be here forever (this is my blog, and even I am terrified at that thought).

That being said, I believe that we have been able to touch on some of the most important bits. We will now get into my very own trusted blogging books recommendations.

These are books that were recommended to me by friends and colleagues, and some of them are books that I found on my own.

Ultimately, all the blogging books listed here worked a great deal for me on my blogging journey, and I am certain that they would work for you too.

My Ultimate Blogging Books Recommendation List

1. How to start a successful blog in one hour by Steve Scott

I know, I know, starting a successful blog in one hour sounds mighty bogus, but when you go at it the Steve Scott way, it really is possible.

This impressive eBook doesn’t tell you how to hit a million bucks with your blog in one hour, but it does tell you everything you need to know as someone who is new to blogging.

Steve Scott is a blogger like you and I, a very successful one like you and I ultimately hope to be, so, you can agree that he is the right person to listen to when you are looking to get first-hand information on how to start a successful blog in no time.

His approach to teaching is very direct, straightforward, and lays the facts on you fast.

This is one of those blogging books that cover things like How to get your domain name and register it, how to get and pay for reliable web hosting, how to set up your blog on the WordPress platform and how to work its themes, plugins and general settings.

If you just had this idea of becoming a blogger, but have no clue on the first step to take, then, this is one of the blogging books you need in your corner.

2. How to write great blog posts that engage readers by Steve Scott

Like you know by now, being able to create great content for your blog is key when it comes to appealing to and holding the attention and interest of your would-be readers long enough for them to become subscribers and regular readers, and also ensure that they do not unsubscribe someday.

Steve Scott once again agrees with this line of thought, hence his excellent book on how to create stellar content.

This book touches on the crucial points when it comes to content creation, and like with his first blogging book we touched on, he uses no filler or fluff, and tells you exactly how it is.

This book touches on how to write review posts, how to get your creative juices in full swing and think up new content ideas, how to create how-to posts and so much more.

This is one of the blogging books you need as a still very wet-behind-the-ears newbie.

3. 31 days to finding your blogging mojo by Bryan Allain

Finding your blogging mojo on some days, weeks and months, has been known to be quite the uphill task, trust me, and being able to get yourself in the right state of mind sometimes, does require a lot of help.

This is one of my favorite blogging books when It comes to snapping out of the dark days and taking back your blogging power.

He outlines daily exercises, tips, and tricks that you can employ to get you back on track and stay there.

So, if you’re looking to get some help in this aspect of blogging, in a fun, creative, and humorous way, then, this is one of the blogging books you should arm yourself with.

4. Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker

Armed with his experiences of being an entrepreneur and blogger amongst other things, Chris Ducker has created the ultimate book that helps you as a small business owner, or even a blogger, to manage your online endeavors, without burning yourself out.

I have always been a person with big dreams and a million ideas, but I had always known that I would be crazy if I thought I could pull it all off on my own.

I knew I needed help with running my businesses.

But, how do you even begin building a business with people you don’t even know?

How do you even find these people, and how do you keep it all together? Hey, you know some people are mischievous and always up to no good, so how exactly do you go about it?

This is one of the books that helped me tie my businesses nicely and safely together, and build a team of virtual staff, whom I outsourced most of the heavy lifting to, which made more time for myself, personal and social life.

Whether you plan on just sticking to blogging alone or expanding to other things, this is one of the blogging books you need in your life.

5. Ultimate pro blog planner by Fabrizio van Marciano

Planning is everything, and of all the blogging books and tools that helped me plan out my blogging schedule for months at a time, the ultimate pro blog planner by Fabrizio van Marciano was at the top of my list.

This super little pdf template workbook would shape up your blogging endeavors in no time. I can’t function without it in respect to my blog, and I doubt you can too.

It was created by a fellow blogger, someone whose blog I enjoy reading a lot.

This blog planner comes with over 30 excellently designed printable templates that are full size, and perfect to help you plan, schedule, manage and ultimately grow your blog, and work it into a thriving business.

This took a world of stress off of my shoulders, and I think it would do the same for you.

6. 500 social media marketing tips by Andrew McCarthy

When it comes to working your social media platforms to help take your blog to the next level, you need all the help you can get.

When it comes to the baselines to navigating social media to your blogging business benefit, this is the first of the blogging books I would always recommend, especially for a newbie.

This book is excellent for just about anyone looking to get better at working social media, and bloggers and entrepreneurs cannot do without it.

You get a ton of social media marketing tips you can quickly refer to, to help you out whenever you get in a fix, all in this little eBook. I think you would get a lot of use out of it like I keep doing.

7. Instagram secrets by Jeremy McGilvery

books for blogging

I know that now and then you go on Instagram, and I am certain that you must have wondered how the top brands, influencers, or even the everyday people got to the point of amassing such huge following.

One of the blogging books that truly leads you by hand and shows you how to grow your Instagram account quickly, has got to be this one for me.

It doesn’t tackle likes and engagement, but with the strategies included in this book, you do not only grow an impressive following daily, but you also get an insane level of engagement eventually.

Instagram like any other social media platform is a great place to connect with an audience that is all about the kind of value your blog’s niche has got to offer.

While you are waiting for your blog to begin to bring in an audience organically, your social media platforms can give you a head start.

Also, do not forget that with a decent level of Instagram following, you can begin to earn some level of income.

This book also teaches you how to do the above in no time.

8. How to make money blogging by Bob Lotich

how to make money blogging

One of the greatest aspects of blogging as a full-time career, is the many ways that you can monetize your blog, and earn a sustainable income from it.

This is one of the blogging books I always recommend to people who are new to making money from their blog.

The author Bob Lotich, who is also a blogger, highlights how he decided to leave his full-time job, and go into blogging full time.

Scary, right?

Today, Bob makes more money than he ever thought he could make from blogging.

In this book, he offers tested and trusted tips, strategies, steps, and even the mistakes he made and learned from that shaped his blogging career.

If you are having difficulties with making any money from your blog, and looking to change that, then this is one of the blogging books you can begin with, and can be sure to get great results.


Blogging for me has been such a life-changing experience that has come with incredible highs and lows.

Blogging books have helped to shape my blogging career in more ways than I can count on one hand, and I believe that they’re a worthy investment.

If you are looking to get into harnessing the value from blogging books, then the recommendations in this article is the way to go.