9 Best White Label Software for a Reseller Business

In the initial stages of starting up, many small reseller businesses place significant emphasis on cost reduction as a crucial objective.

Their goal is to minimize overhead expenses by avoiding the need to hire specialists for every aspect of their business, all while ensuring the delivery of high-quality services.

To tackle this challenge, turning to white label software has emerged as an ideal solution.

White label software is revolutionizing the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry, enabling small businesses to compete and thrive alongside industry giants without requiring extensive expertise in technology and marketing.

If you’re considering the adoption of white label software, we have compiled a list of the finest white label SaaS platforms that small businesses can resell to generate revenue.

9 Best White Label Software for Small Reseller Businesses

1. GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel stands out as a comprehensive all-in-one white label CRM software designed specifically for agencies and businesses of all sizes, catering to various scales of operations.

GoHighLevel’s white label feature empowers small businesses to customize the platform with their brand identity and even resell the software to their own customers.

The platform’s user-friendly design and intuitive interface make managing sales funnels, lead tracking, and marketing campaign automation a breeze.

Businesses find navigating the platform effortless, enabling them to effectively leverage its features to enhance customer interactions and foster growth. In order to get access to the white-label feature of this platform, you need to sign up for the GoHighLevel White Label pricing plan.

2. Ecwid

The demand for online stores is skyrocketing, with over 26 million eCommerce websites worldwide and the numbers continually increasing.

Now, envision an incredible opportunity where you can provide individuals with the chance to create their own income-generating websites under your brand.

With Ecwid, this becomes a reality. Ecwid offers a robust platform that enables customers to effortlessly set up and manage their own online stores, offering a diverse range of products for sale.

Even more enticing is the fact that Ecwid’s white label solutions empower you to resell their services under your own brand. This grants you the freedom to set your own pricing and capitalize on the thriving market for online stores.

Ecwid’s white label services cater to various businesses, including SaaS platforms, agencies, site builders, hosts, and more.

Whether you intend to expand your existing offerings or embark on a new venture, Ecwid’s white label solutions offer the flexibility and scalability required for your success.

3. BuildFire

BuildFire offers an exceptional white label reseller program for mobile apps, specifically designed for agencies, entrepreneurs, and individuals aiming to expand their service offerings into the realm of mobile app development.

With our user-friendly white label app builder, agencies can effortlessly provide fully-featured mobile apps at a low monthly fee. This not only leads to recurring profits in the long term but also enhances customer lifetime value, while introducing a low-barrier upsell or introductory offer that often requires no sales call.

Many of our white label clients offer mobile apps at an attractive price point of $99/month, which paves the way for generating an additional $5,000 in monthly revenue. This equates to over $60,000 in a year, highlighting a remarkable customer lifetime value.

4. SEOReseller

When businesses decide to utilize white labeling, they often seek out digital marketing agencies as their primary partners. Among the plethora of options available, SEOReseller stands out as a highly organized and efficient solution.

SEOReseller operates as an ecommerce store for marketing services, providing well-structured and productized offerings with seamless processes.

Instead of dealing with account executives and white label support teams to launch services for clients, SEOReseller offers a user-friendly dashboard where you can easily purchase and activate the desired services with simple steps.

Their service offerings encompass a wide range, including standard web design packages, paid advertising, and comprehensive SEO services, as the name suggests.

With SEOReseller, businesses can confidently streamline their white labeling endeavors and provide top-notch marketing solutions to their clients.

The platform’s systematic approach and user-friendly interface make it a standout choice for businesses looking to enhance their marketing offerings through white labeling.

5. White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a rapidly expanding agency in the United States, and its success is attributed to its strategic partnerships with agencies, entrepreneurs, and other businesses. These collaborations enable them to deliver top-notch digital marketing services.

Specializing in search engine marketing and pay-per-click advertising, both of which are white label services, White Shark Media offers a seamless way to expand your service offerings.

They handle everything up to client communication, leaving you with the responsibility of delivering reports and closing sales.

This hands-off approach is advantageous for those seeking to scale their business quickly. Additionally, they provide an option to handle call communication, allowing you to focus solely on sealing deals without worrying about other aspects.

For those hesitant about associating their brand name with marketing services, White Shark Media also collaborates with resellers and referral partners, ensuring you can still generate revenue while broadening your service portfolio.

This versatile approach accommodates various business models, making White Shark Media an attractive choice for those looking to thrive in the digital marketing space.

6. 99 Dollar Social

Social media remains an untapped potential for businesses, often overlooked and misunderstood. Unfortunately, some resort to unethical tactics, such as buying likes, which only leads to disappointment and a negative view of social media as a marketing tool.

Yet, when used responsibly and effectively, social media offers an incredible opportunity for engagement and customer retention.

The real challenge lies in finding the time and resources to utilize it properly, especially for smaller businesses that cannot afford a dedicated social media manager.

Enter 99 Dollar Social, the ultimate savior. They specialize in providing highly efficient and affordable white label social media management services tailored specifically for small businesses.

Their expertise covers various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and more, ensuring a consistent flow of high-quality, curated content.

As their name suggests, plans start at just $99/month and can be customized to meet the needs of specific channels that require management. Additionally, they offer a reseller program designed for agencies, entrepreneurs, and individuals with a list of potential clients.

In today’s business landscape, where Facebook has become one of the largest global ad networks, maintaining a curated social media presence is crucial for success. More and more businesses are recognizing this fact.

Therefore, there is no better time to focus on the social market and leverage the services of 99 Dollar Social to thrive in the ever-expanding realm of social media marketing.

7. ClicksGeek

ClicksGeek, similar to White Shark Media, functions as an agency offering white label services in addition to its core offerings. However, what sets ClicksGeek apart is its specialization in Google AdWords management services, rather than being solely a standalone white label software product.

This highly focused approach allows ClicksGeek to provide the advantage of a dedicated and specialized team, often resulting in superior outcomes compared to more generalized agencies.

One of the significant advantages of teaming up with ClicksGeek is that you can initiate collaboration with them even if you don’t have a large number of clients ready to go. They handle the heavy lifting of Google AdWords management, while you can focus on delivering reports to your clients.

By leveraging ClicksGeek’s expertise and resources, you can ensure top-notch Google AdWords management for your clients without the need to handle all the technical aspects yourself.

8. Funnel Profit

Funnel Profit specializes in offering a unique service tailored to businesses selling high-ticket services or products with a year-one value exceeding $5,000.

Their distinct approach revolves around harnessing the immense audience and potential of LinkedIn to secure calls and appointments with key decision-makers in your target market.

This service is primarily designed for IT service providers and consulting firms, aiming to secure appointments that lead to successful deal closures.

With competitive rate pricing for white labelers, Funnel Profit’s LinkedIn Lead Generation service becomes an attractive proposition for approaching larger companies with high ROI services. This allows you to set your prices based on the potential return on investment for your clients, resulting in a remarkable monthly recurring profit margin.

In essence, Funnel Profit presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to tap into LinkedIn’s vast potential, target valuable clients, and establish a lucrative stream of recurring revenue, particularly for those offering high-value services or products.

9. SalesPype

SalesPype stands out as an exceptional CRM software solution, providing businesses with efficient client relationship management.

What’s even more exciting is SalesPype’s white label program, offering a valuable opportunity for marketing agents, consultants, and enterprise clients to resell this remarkable CRM software and generate profits.

Through the white label program, you have the freedom to customize the software with your own branding, allowing you to offer it as a value-added service to your clients.

By leveraging SalesPype’s white label program, you can enhance your business offerings and provide your clients with a reliable CRM solution under your own brand.

This not only helps you establish your expertise but also creates an additional and lucrative revenue stream for your business. Embracing SalesPype’s white label program can lead to increased growth and success for your enterprise.


In summary, there are plenty of white label solutions available for you to utilize. To find the most suitable one for your business, it is essential to thoroughly evaluate your requirements, leads, and customers.

Identify the service or software solutions that you do not currently offer but could significantly benefit your clientele.

By integrating white label apps into your business, you can establish a new revenue and profit stream while simultaneously helping your customers address pressing issues.