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50 Awesome Ways You Can Make Money Doing Nothing

make money doing nothing

Making money doing absolutely nothing is quite impossible and none of the ways of making money listed here is anything like when Aladdin bumped into that cave with all the shiny gold coins and jewels……


This post is about creative ways to make money fast today while putting in minimal efforts that feel like you are actually doing nothing.

how to make money doing nothing

Now that all the ground rules have been set, let us have a little run around of a thing or two before we begin to tick stuff off of our list.

Nothing compares to getting that dream job and being able to splurge on this or that now and then but, that dream job or any job you have isn’t always able to provide you with the kind of money you need to live a comfortable life.

Having multiple income streams and knowing how to make money every day without a job is the way to go to indeed survive in 2021 and beyond.

If you are looking for a few new income streams to add to the current one you have, or if you have nothing to do for money at all (a situation I have been in before, and understand oh too well), and are on the lookout for a few ideas, then you have come to the right place.

List of 50 Awesome Ways to Make Money Doing Nothing

1. Make money from automatically investing your spare change

apps that make money doing nothing

Some apps let you round off all your purchases, and invest the change automatically.

A great example of these spare change investment apps is the acorns app.

What this app does, is to automatically invest your spare change in stock portfolios each time you make an online purchase.

If you pay for your pizza via your credit card and the said purchase is like say $11.67, the app would round off your total to 12 dollars, and invest the 33 cents for you in various stock portfolio options.

You would have to link your debit and credit cards to the app.

The first time I read about this, I was mighty impressed. It is like saving your spare change and forgetting about it, but even better!

Before you know it, you could be cashing out reasonable amounts from those stocks in no time! It literally is a good way to make money online without doing anything.

2. Make money in your sleep

Now, I guess when you read the caption, you thought I was talking about affiliate marketing or some online marketing funnel that makes you thousands of dollars while you sleep (this is a great idea).

But…. I am talking about something else, which is almost unbelievable to be true.

Today, you can get paid to sleep (nope, do not give me the stink eye, I’m serious).

There are research organizations available all over the world that pays you to be part of their studies/program which some of the time requires you to sleep through the process.

Some of these programs have been known to pay up to thousands of dollars.

The only problem here is that this kind of getting paid to do nothing hustle is usually hard to find.

The takeaway here should be that though it might sound like a myth, it is real.

You get paid to sleep, and that’s another good way to make money doing nothing.

 3. Read emails for companies

I once swore that I would never work in corporate because well, ” I shall not be contained!” lol, and once I found out that you could remotely read and reply emails for pay, I still felt like some kind of sell-out.

This is another great way to make money from home, at your other job (don’t let your boss catch you), or anywhere you like.

It’s as easy as signing up with companies like Inboxdollars, Cashcrate, or Fusion cash. Some of these companies pay you a small token for just signing up.

And yeah, this one might sound more like an actual job than a way to make money doing nothing, but……at least you don’t have to leave the house, yeah?

4. Sell your old clothing

Think yard sale, but without all the creepy people coming around your house, touching lots of stuff, asking lots of questions and end up not buying anything.

When you do your spring cleaning or when you are just randomly cleaning out your closet, you can sell off some of your hardly ever worn clothes that are in good condition still, without having to go through the stress of looking for people to buy them.

Platforms like Poshmark and the rest are very helpful in regards to helping you connect with your would-be buyers.

Other than taking pictures of the clothing items, it would be a good way to get paid to do nothing.

 5. Get paid to stay fit

Remember when you were told that working out would keep you healthy, strong, and could ultimately help prolong your life, and you said: “Nah, ‘ll pass”?

Well, what if I told you that you could get paid to do the same thing? Would that change your mind?

Well, if you are interested, platforms like Healthy wage would pay you a certain sum if you commit to getting and staying fit.

What’s also great about this platform is that you don’t have to do a lot. Even casually taking walks can get you paid.

What a time to be alive, don’t you think? If you already enjoy working out, this would an excellent way for you to make money doing nothing.

6. Take surveys and refer your friends and family

Each time I talk to people about surveys as a good way to make some extra cash, they never fail to give me the stink eye.

I don’t blame them honestly, because, on these internet streets, so many survey platforms will waste the heck out of your time.

Though there are a ton of shady survey websites that have you spending hours or even days taking their surveys and giving you nothing in return.

I do know of a few that actually pay you for your efforts.

In my journey to discover more and more ways to make some added cash online, I have come across good survey sites like Survey Junkie, and Swagbucks which I have used myself in the past.

You can sign up today and begin to earn money.

With Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and other free rewards sites, you even get a sign-up bonus. I.e., you earn about $3 for just signing up.

Also, some of these platforms, including those I mentioned, also pay you when you refer your friends, family, or anyone else to use the platform.

This way, you make money both ways.

Taking surveys could be fun, so I think it counts as a good way to get paid to do nothing.

7. Get paid to live in a house for free

Maybe you don’t get paid to live rent-free in a house, but you can make a tidy sum to house sit for people going on both long and short trips within and outside the country.

Why I said you were getting paid to live in a house for free was because, if you do look at it from a perspective of facts, it is true; you are getting paid for just that.

Getting paid to Just stay in a house definitely sounds like making money doing nothing

Sometimes, you may be required to do a little more, like watering plants, feeding their pets, bringing in the mail, and stuff like that, but it varies, and depends on the individual homeowners.

Whatever arrangement you and the homeowners agree on, you get paid accordingly.

This could be a good option for you if you are currently out of a place to stay.

8. Spot sit for a fee

Yep, just like you can house sit for a price, you can also get paid to hold a spot in line for people.

I know, right? It is a crazy world we live in, but it is what it is.

Getting paid to do nothing will not be appealing to some of us.

People need to stand in line for a million things today, and some people because of their work or for other reasons, just aren’t able to spend hours standing in line, so most times, they use a platform called TaskRabbit to get people to do it for them for a fee.

You can sign up to TaskRabbit today and snag yourself a few of such jobs for the week.

The problem is, these jobs aren’t many, and since there are lots of people like you and I looking to make money fast today, the few of these jobs available get taken fast.

So, sign up, and be vigilant, my friends.

9. Get paid to be a friend for a few hours

I know the feeling of wanting to go somewhere and feeling absolutely ridiculous going it alone.

Let’s say all your friends are busy, or maybe you are like some of us that barely have friends, what do you do? Sit by and watch life pass you by, or rent a friend?

You can get paid a fee for just hanging out with a person, and being their friend for a few hours.

Lots of people would not be comfortable just going off and being with a stranger, but if you have no issues with making new friends, spending some free time, and getting paid for it, you might want to check this one out.

Better still, you can get paid to be an online friend or to text and chat with lonely people. This way, you can work remotely from the comfort of your home.

This is one fun way to make money doing nothing.

10. Become a superstar overnight

Listen, I have watched people start out on social platforms and become celebrities overnight, and you know what that comes with? lots of money!

The above being said, it isn’t easy to get to that level, but since we are on the topic of how to make money doing nothing, uploading videos on Tiktok and getting paid for it is a fitting addition.

With TikTok, you can just record your daily social activities, or whatever you feel like, and begin to make money.

You can make money on TikTok from your videos in a number of ways which includes affiliate marketing, brand sponsorship e.t.c.

It doesn’t have to feel like work.

Just turn on your camera and record an event or make animated videos whenever you feel like doing something fun and upload them on Tiktok.

11. Have an online yard sale

I know that we talked about listing your rarely worn clothes on sites like Postmark to make some extra cash, but did you know that you could do the same with your furniture and literally anything you know longer want?

All you need to do is sign up to one of these platforms, take and upload high quality but UN-doctored pictures of the items you want to sell, and literally make money doing nothing.

These sites do most of the work for you, by bringing you the would-be buyers, so all you need to do is wait for them.

This way, you can kill two birds with one stone, keep the clutter out of your spaces, and make some extra cash now and then.

 12. Teach English to foreigners


English is one language that tons of people in the world want or need to learn daily.

This is not because the English language is better than any other language, but because it is one of the few universal languages that people have to communicate and connect with people all over the world.

You do not have to be a certified teacher to earn some money from teaching English, because, on platforms like VIPKID, you only conversationally teach English.

It typically feels like having an everyday conversation with the people you teach and nothing too scary.

Getting Paid to have conversations doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me, since I’m a chatterbox.

So, if you are like me and don’t mind chatting, this would be a good way to make money doing nothing.

13. Get paid for that spare room

okay, so, not everyone has a spare room in their homes, but if you do, and looking to make extra cash, you could rent out said room now and then to people traveling through, or just anyone who needs a place to stay for a bit.

You could easily do this by listing out this spare room or place of yours on Airbnb, and make a good sum from it.

Since you just let them have your spare room, you make money doing nothing.

14. Get paid for some rent time on your car

If you like the idea of uber, but you aren’t so big on having to do the Ubering yourself.

Then renting out your car to someone who has plans of Ubering and the likes of them would be a good deal for you.

Here, you don’t have to do the driving and interact with strangers, but you still get to make some money, which counts as a way to make money doing nothing.

15. Become a tour guide

I would never suggest this to my sister because she is literally glued to her room, but, if you are someone like me who loves to explore the city/where ever I currently reside in, becoming a tour guide could be an exciting and enjoyable way of making money.

Get your walk boots ready, and let the tourist folks know that you know all the fun spots, but for a fee, of course.

Since you will be having fun exploring the city/town, it would count as a way to make money doing nothing.

16. Get paid to listen to music

Music is life, let’s not even argue about that, but did you know that you could make money from listening to music?

Well, now, you know.

Slice the pie is a platform that pays you to listen to music and categorize them into their respective genre.

It’s amazing, right? Make money doing nothing and enjoy yourself as well.

Just listening to and discovering music, and ultimately getting paid to do it.

There are several other platforms like slice the pie which you can sign up for and begin immediately.  You can check out the full lists of websites and ways to make money listening to music here.

Good luck!

17. Get paid to learn new stuff

If you are someone who is big on learning new things, then answering questions would be a great way to earn some extra cash.

Yes, you indeed get paid to answer questions, which is more of a teaching process than a learning one, but the questions asked most times requires you to be more than a little bit knowledgeable on the topics.

So, you would have to do a little research here and there, to answer some of the questions.

If academia is your cup of tea, then you would do well here. Answering interesting questions definitely counts as a way to make money doing nothing.

JustAnswer is a great place to start.

18. Make money from watching videos and movies

how to make money doing nothing

Here is another way you can make money doing nothing that I promise you is no joke. It does sound like a myth, but it is true.

We talked about making money from making videos, but it is also true that you can make some money from watching various movies, shows, and TV in general.

That being said, you won’t be taking any vacancy trips with the money you earn daily, as it isn’t a lot.

Watching movies for pay is something you do on Swagbucks and inboxdollars, e.t.c. Learn more about how to get paid watching videos.

19. T-shirt designs

Listen, there was a time that you had to do a lot to be a part of the fashion industry, but now, thanks to the internet, you can churn out your very own t-shirt line just like that!

If you are great at bringing alive designs that would look great on a T-shirt, or you are great at creating cool T-shirt designs, then you are in luck!

Platforms like Teespring and merch by amazon are at your disposal, where you can upload your designs, and wait for people to buy them.

These platforms do all the heavy lifting for you in regards to the actual T-shirt printing and shipping.

Before you kick-off, you need to know that these platforms would take 40% of whatever your t-shirt makes, and give your 60%.

It might seem like a lot, but it does seem fair, as they also do some of the heavy work, which ultimately feels like a way to make money doing nothing.

20. Get paid for your empty garage

Renting out one of your rooms to strangers for cash doesn’t sit well with lots of people, and for a good reason too (I mean, have you seen the news lately?)

If you are in the category above, then renting out your garage space or even a room for storage might appeal to you.

Some people a lot of times need some storage space for their stuff for one reason or the other, and lots of people take up this opportunity to make some extra cash every month with their empty garages and rooms.

JustPark and craigslist are excellent platforms to use for your listing. Just sit back, wait for people to contact you, and make money doing nothing.

21. Sell your old books

There are a ton of books we have in our homes and offices that we just haven’t looked at in ages, and we know in our hearts that we would never open them again.

Instead of letting them gather dust some more, or getting destroyed by the weather elements, insects, or rats; selling them off could be a good idea, especially if you are looking for one more way to make money doing nothing

Platforms like Sellbackyourbook, TextbookRush, etc., are good options to get a good deal for your old books; just make sure that they are in good condition.

 22. Become a roadie

Let us say you are on a road trip, or just going anywhere; you can make some extra cash on the go, by hand-delivering stuff for the roadie platform.

It does count as a way to make money doing nothing for me, as you don’t work for a delivery company, but just take on these gigs at your convenience.

I’m not too sure about the payment rates, but I’m sure that it can at least cover your gas, which ends up making your trip free, or at least take some gas money off of the overall sum.

23. Sign up for job spotter

With job spotter, all you have to do is to take photos of signs that show that an establishment is hiring, and that’s it.

If you are someone who likes to take strolls or prefer walking to most places, then this would be a good way to make money doing nothing.

You earn points for the photos of these signs you upload. You work the platform by means of an app, and that makes it all the easier to do.

24. Join referral programs

With so many brands and businesses out there, the competition to get and stay in front of the masses just gets tougher and tougher.

These days, a lot of businesses gain notoriety by creating a referral program, where you can earn some money for telling your friends and family about them.

I mean, we do this daily already, telling people around us about some product or service we found helpful, so why not get paid for doing the exact same thing?

Look out the next brand you love that has a referral program, take advantage, and make money doing nothing.

25. Get paid to play video games

video games

Have you ever had your parents or loved ones call you out for playing too many video games?

Is your social life suffering because you are now best friends with the gamepad?

Well, if all the above is true, why not get paid for simply doing what you love, which translates to a way to make money doing nothing in my book?

Platforms like Twitch and many more, pay you for streaming your gameplay, and you make even more money from people watching your replays.

Also, keep in mind that this is just one way to make money with video games, as there are lots more ways, but we would go into the details in some other article.

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a pretty neat deal.

26. Get on the Bing side of life

Bing is just as great a search engine as any, but somehow, they aren’t as popular as Google. Maybe the Bing rewards program is a strategy to help them get even more popular, I don’t know.

But, what I do know is that you can get paid by Bing to make searches on their search engine.

Their Microsoft rewards program pays you each time you make a search, and I say why not?

We are all on our phones and computers daily searching away for this and that, so why not get paid for something you spend so much time doing already?

It won’t be bad to give it a try, and make money doing nothing.

27. Become a dog walker or dog sitter

If you love dogs and being around them, then being a dog walker would feel less than a job and more like fun.

You can quickly become a dog walker or dog sitter and help out tons of people daily, to walk and watch over their dogs when they are unable to, or are out on the town.

The hourly payment isn’t bad, and if you are someone who can handle yourself around dogs, then you are halfway there.

Let your friends and family know about this service of yours, that should give you a head start, and then sign up to rover to start getting additional gigs.

Since you love dogs, this would feel like a way to make money doing nothing. Kids that love dogs and want to make money as teenagers will find this gig easier.

28. Make money yet again with your phone

We all know that there is a long list of ways to make money with your phone already, but one more won’t hurt, right?

With apps like Fronto and Slidejoy, you get paid for just…wait for it……unlocking your phone!

Yep, I’m not even kidding.

Why would anyone pay me just to unlock my phone? I have no idea, but it is true.

Simply download the app, unlock your phone and make money doing nothing.

 29. Make money being a window shopper

We have all been guilty of this one, window shopping on end, and not buying anything

Wouldn’t it be cool to get paid for carrying out this very fun past time?

Some companies would pay you money to act like their window shopper, and it’s really easy too. All they ask is that you check out the shopping services of various stores by asking questions and stuff like that.

You can also get paid via products or food. You can get started as a window shopper with platforms like perception strategies and best mark.

30. Become an online juror

Being an online juror means taking part in mock trials for law firms and legal departments.

These mock trials are used by attorneys and legal departments to help them prepare better for their upcoming cases.

This kind of gig is always available, as you know, crime never ends.

The can pay between $5 to $10 per day, up until the mock trial ends.

If Binge-watching criminal minds and SVU has ever gotten your heart racing, then this might be a gig you might enjoy, and also earn some extra cash.

Jurytalk is a great place to begin.

31. Start a blog

blogging for money

I know, I know this one does sound like you have to do actual work, but let us think about it for a second.

Are you someone who likes to write in your journal? Are you someone who likes to share your thoughts on a particular subject or a wide range of subjects?

If the answer to the above question is yes, then starting a blog would feel nothing like actual work and it’s a great way to make money from home.

With a blog, you get to do something you love or at least enjoy, and ultimately get paid for it.

A writing job would have you meeting deadlines or answering to a boss, but with a blog, you are your own boss, and you can choose when you write.

Keep in mind, though, you do have to be consistent to earn good money from a blog. And by the time your blog grows in popularity and it’s been properly monetized, you will be making money online without doing anything.

 32. Get paid to eat

I don’t know about you, but not paying to eat stuff, but instead, getting paid to eat stuff with always be a good deal to me.

You can earn some extra cash now and then for testing food.

Lots of food manufacturing companies require the services of food testers often, to give them honest feedback on the taste and quality of their food products before it is released for public consumption.

You might not make millions of dollars from this gig, but you can definitely get some extra money to add to your primary income. The pay is usually between $6-$60

During the food testing/tasting process, you would be given a palette cleaner after each food, to help you get a truer taste of everything you eat.

The process usually takes 1-3 hours, and in regards to focus groups, it might take slightly longer.

The feedback provided usually comes in the form of reviews and questionnaires.

This is one delicious way to make money doing nothing!

33. Get paid to receive deliveries for others

Some companies would pay you to wait around the premises of their clients and receive packages on their behalf.

If you have ever made an order online, you would agree that it can be quite the nightmare waiting for your packages to come, and the hassle you have to go through if you aren’t available to receive them.

You can sign up with a company like direct sitting, and get paid to carry out this short term house sitting.

If you aren’t entirely comfortable with the full-on house-sitting gig, you might prefer this short term option.

Just stand around and make money doing nothing.

34. Investing in real estate

This one is for people who have a large amount of cash and looking to invest in something that ensures that they make money doing nothing.

Investing in real estate is one of those investments you make and literally have nothing to worry about. Land is one very limited commodity, I mean, when was the last land manufactured?

Buying property and holding onto them, can fetch you an excellent return on your investments in the not so long future.

People are always on the lookout to buy homes and property in general, and if you have a few in your name, you can earn even up to double your purchasing amount in no time.

Also, you can make money from your real estate properties without selling. You can keep renting them out for a tidy sum each month, which is an excellent way to make money doing nothing.

35. Become a social media influencer

make money on social media

Today, being on social media isn’t just all fun and games, but an excellent way to make money doing nothing.

Gone are the days where brands pay money to big advertising companies to help them gain notoriety.

I mean, yes, they still do it, but they also prefer employing the services of influential people to help them publicize their brand.

If you are big on social media like Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, e.t.c, and have a decent number of following and engagement, you could monetize that following and your social media presence.

Some of these brands reach out to you, to become their brand ambassador, but sometimes, you can reach out to them to begin.

If you enjoy using social media naturally and taking beautiful pictures, then this would definitely be an excellent example of how to make money online doing nothing for you.

You can also join affiliate programs and promote affiliate links to your audience and earn a sustainable income.

These kinds of gigs are always in abundance, so you have no worries.

36. Get paid for using your credit cards

earn money using credit cards

Lots of credit card companies are known to give you a cashback percentage for making purchases with their credit cards.

Actually, I think all credit card companies do, but the only issue is that these percentages they pay you vary.

Some credit card companies could pay you higher percentages for every purchase you make with their card, while some would pay you way lower.

If you are wondering what cashback rates various credit card companies pay, then you have no worries as the birch platform gives you a good idea of what percentages to expect for multiple credit card companies.

Some of these companies may require you to reach a certain threshold before you can cash out, while some pay you via points you can use to make more online purchases.

You can also earn from credit card companies by promoting them as an affiliate.

Getting paid to shop is a fun way to make money doing nothing.

37. Sharing your knowledge with others

Knowledge and information, in general, is one of those evergreen things you can always trade-in for a substantial income.

Look in within yourself, is there something you know how to do well? Or even if it’s something you enjoy doing?

When you have looked within yourself and identified this something, ask yourself, are there people out there that would benefit from this knowledge I have or even enjoy it?

If the answer to the above question is yes, then we are in business, my friend!

At every corner of the internet today, people are paying good money to learn a wide range of things, and this is one business niche that would never go out of style.

You can earn a reasonable sum from making videos, creating a course, or even writing a book enlightening people around the world on any topic of your choice.

Honestly, you can write a book or create a course based on just about anything, but I would usually advise you to work with a topic or niche that you like, love, enjoy, or at least you are knowledgeable on.

Now that you have knowledge in mind to share with others, you can get paid to do nothing aside from sharing a bit of your pool of knowledge.

Because you are sharing something that you typically enjoy, it would feel nothing like an actual job, hence, it can be considered as one way you can make money doing nothing.

38. Sell your photos

You know how some of us love to fool around with our phones, snapping away whenever we come across beautiful scenery?

It could be the sky at sunset, the sky before it rains, the view from your apartment building, or just about anything.

If you are great at taking good photos on a whim, platforms like Shutterstock will pay you for these photos of yours, all you need to do is upload them.

You also have to follow their guidelines before you begin. This is a great way to earn passive income, and you get paid each time someone downloads and pays for your photos.

39. Get paid to wear makeup

l, oreal makeup

Just like you can get paid to eat and sleep, you can also get paid to wear makeup by some of your favorite brands.

Just like you help food companies test food before they are released for public consumption, you can also get paid by cosmetic companies to try out their makeup.

You serve as a human guinea pig of sorts (I didn’t mean for that to be ominous at all).

What these companies try to determine typically include how moisturizing their products are, if they are of the right consistency and stuff like that.

And nope, they aren’t testing illegal chemicals on you or anything like that.

A good example is the L’Oréal customer testing program. If you sign up and get accepted into the program, you would get sent some products by the L’Oréal company, and also get paid to try them out on behalf of the L’Oréal company.

There are so many of these programs out there, but the L’Oréal program is an excellent place to start.

Trying out free cosmetics for pay lets you make money doing nothing.

40. Earn money as a bed tester

If joining a sleeping program for science is too X-Files for your taste, then getting paid to sleep for retail might be a better option for you.

Mattress companies and hotels would pay you to sleep on, and ultimately test out the quality of their beds, and I don’t think I have ever heard of a better deal.

That’s it; you sleep on their beds and give them honest feedback, and get paid for your time.

The only snag here is that these gigs are few, and professional sleepers like you and I are a lot.

But, if you are diligent being on the lookout for these gigs, you might run into a few openings now and then.

Enjoy your nap, and make money doing nothing.

41. Become a loan shark

Now, let me stop you right there. I am not asking you to start a mini mafia, and hire guys who would help you rough people up. But you can actually make some money loaning out cash to your friends, family, and colleagues.

Most people wouldn’t consider this line of earning some extra cash because people have been known to skip town with people’s money.

If you do have some cash you would like to invest in this endeavor, there are a few ways you can try to ensure that you get your money and interest back when its time.

  • You can go through their lending history, to be sure that the people you lend to would be able to return your money and interest.
  • Only lend to people you trust (though you can’t really trust anyone with money)
  • You can also only lend out a small sum to multiple people, instead of bulk money to fewer people.
  • Go into a legal agreement with the people you lend to, which allows you to take legal action against them if they don’t payback. All the mishaps that could occur aside, this is a good way to make money doing nothing.

 42. Rent out your parking spaces

There are towns that have very few parking spaces, and people passing through such places would typically need to park someplace far off and walk to wherever they are going to.

If you have a parking space in your place of business or even homes, that is close to a central and busy area; you could rent out your free parking space to people, who would readily pay that small sum and park their cars instead of walking far off where cars are parked.

Instead of just letting that space sit there, use it, and make money doing nothing.

43. Get paid to be a website tester

With tons and tons of websites out there, brands, companies, or even just individuals, would pay you to use their websites and give them honest feedback on your user experience, and general quality of their website.

This way, they are able to do better based on the feedback they get.

They are also always open to your suggestions on how to better structure their website and things like that.

These companies do not expect you to provide this service for free, and ultimately pay you for your time and effort.

Companies like Userfeel and Usertesting are good places to start.

44. Get paid to download apps

Just like you get paid to test out websites, you also get paid to download and test out tons of phone apps.

For some app developing companies, all you need do is download and keep this app on your phone, which is a great way to make money doing nothing.

The great thing about earning money this way is that you can download many of these apps as possible. I.e, you can earn multiple amounts from multiple app companies at the same time.

Some apps pay as much as $20 a month when you download their apps, and that isn’t too bad. You can start off with apps like Grabpoints and Appdown

45. Get paid to receive or send out junk mail

I know my friends, the list just keeps getting weirder and Weirder.

You can also get paid to send out your junk mail and also receive junk mail from certain companies

Why would anyone pay you to send them your junk mail? honestly, I have asked myself that question a thousand times and have no answers.

But in regards to why you would get paid to receive junk mail, I can fill you in on that.

Companies would pay you to receive their junk mail to estimate the time it takes for their recipients to receive their emails when they send them out in bulk.

This research is typically called decoy send, and it is beneficial to the companies that carry them out.

You can get started with companies like ReportEZ.

If you don’t mind the extra junk mail in your house, you can try this one out, and make money doing nothing.

46. Get paid for the use of your computer’s resources

Just like you get paid to unlock your phone, you can also get paid to turn on your personal computer, and that’s it.

Some companies would pay you a certain sum to use your computer’s resources.

Some of them would require you to download their application and let it run in your PC’s background while you use it, and some would just require you to turn on your pc and do nothing else.

Just turn on your pc and make money fast.

 47. Get paid for absolute junk

how to make money from nothing

Yes, you have heard of selling your clothes, books, and old stuff for extra cash, but did you know that you could get paid for random junk lying around your house?

Yes, it is true. You can earn money from selling stuff you didn’t think was worth anything, and I will list some examples below.

Have any wine corks lying about? if yes, then you are in luck, as you can sell your wine corks on eBay for some extra cash.

Have any cardboard boxes that are in okay condition? Boxcycle would pay you for your old card box boxes.

I can’t say how much you would be paid for them, but there is a way you can find out.

First, you would have to fill out their online form on the website, and they will get in contact with you on how much they would pay you for the number of cardboard boxes.

Dazz-cycle and Needempty would pay you for all your empty ink cartridges.

I mean, can you believe it? This is the stuff that we would typically throw away, Amazing! You could get as low as $2 or as high as $7 for each.

Dear soda drinkers, our time is now! Gotscrap is all about buying Junk metal. Just get it to them, and you get your money.

They buy all kinds of junk metal, including soda cans. They will also take any quality or size.

If you aren’t able to get your scrap metal to them because they are too bulky, they would charge you a small amount to transport it for you.

Enviro Tek is a company that buys back used cooking oil, and I bet you didn’t know that. It really is easy.

All you need to do to get paid for your used cooking oil, is to meet their requirements and that’s it.

It would typically be a side hustle for restaurants, or small businesses that produce a lot of used cooking oil.

So, if you know where to get your hands on a good quantity of used cooking oil daily, then you are in business.

The list of random junk you can sell for extra cash goes on and on, but you can begin with those listed here.

48. Earn for taking a stroll in your favorites stores

There are apps that would pay you some extra cash for just walking into some stores and scanning some items.

Actually, you don’t earn actual money, but you can earn gift cards and products that could save you some money on groceries and products you would typically use.

You don’t even have to make a special time for this, as you can use the app to scan these products while you do your own shopping, hence you make money doing nothing.

You can get started with Shopkick.

49. Create travel plans for pay

I know tons of people who are obsessed with anything travel, and when it comes to planning the ultimate travel experience.

You can offer to plan travels for friends, family, or anyone having that difficulty for a fee.

Now, since this something you naturally enjoy doing, it won’t feel like work at all, and still be categorized as one of the ways of how to make money doing nothing.

50. Get paid for sharing your food

I am not even going to lie, I don’t enjoy cooking or care for it too much, but if you are someone who prefers to make their own meals often, then you might just be able to earn some extra cash doing just that.

Apps like Eatwith would pay you for inviting people to share your meals with you.

I know it sounds weird, like why can’t they just go to a restaurant or order take out?

Well, just like you prefer and enjoy home-cooked meals, there are people who do too, but are just aren’t big on the home cooking part like I’m not.

51. Oops

Yep, the title might have said 50 ways to make money doing nothing, but who doesn’t like a bonus?

Okay, maybe if it were a bonus question in an exam, I highly doubt anyone wants that.

You can earn some money when the price of something you recently purchased drops.

This is made possible by price protection policies, which entitles you some of the difference back when there is a price drop.

You can use platforms like Earny to get that money back.

All you need to do is to link the app to the email you receive your online purchase receipts with.

The app’s bot will routinely check to see if there are any price drops, and makes sure that you get your money back.


Listen, some days, you may wish that you bump into 10 million dollars in cash on your way to work, call your boss and tell him to suck it.

I wish so too, but it hasn’t happened yet (I’m still hoping though).

So, until then, you can make money every day doing nothing via some of the options listed here.

Good luck till next time.

How Real Profits Online Can Make You Suffer Losses

With the advancement of technology, the internet, smartphones, computers, and laptops have become household items. Not only household things, actually they have become children’s play tools.

To couple with these, there are numerous websites for social media, video uploading, dating, etc.

These have allowed fraudsters to go incognito and cheat unsuspecting people, making a huge amount of money from them. They claim to be in affiliate marketing, but in reality, they are just cheating people.

Some of them create fake websites, most of them vanish into thin air within months and lure people to pay for a massive profit they assure. Such a scam has recently come into the light.

They urge people to invest money to build websites and earn a large amount of money within a short period. They promise people online jobs in the name of established brands ‘Amazon’.

However, be rest assured that ‘Amazon’ has nothing to do with this ‘real profits online’ website. So, we need to make you aware of this scam website in the following real profits online review.

How Real Profits Online Lure People?

While you surf through the net, you will come across numerous links that say something like ‘Amazon work from home’ or ‘Amazon home jobs’ or something similar to that.

Most of them claim to be helping you with affiliate marketing, a process of making real money by selling others’ products.

That too from the comfort of your home.

Clicking on one of these links will lead you to their homepage, where you will find a video in which someone called ‘Mark’, will tell you a story of how he was broke and a struggling startup and someone call ‘Tim’ advised him to go for ‘Amazon’ sponsored business and he became rich and famous overnight.

Now that he is rich, he wants to share his experience and wants you to become rich by following the same method.

He also promises that sitting from the cozy corner of your home, you can expect to earn a fabulous amount of $500/- per day, which is about fifteen thousand dollars per month. Now, that sounds stupendous and unbelievable and calls for a real profit online review.

How Real Profits Online Collect Your Private Information?

When you click on the next page link, you will be lead to a page containing a form that gathers your personal information like your name, e-mail id, and phone number. Some call this a squeeze page.

Once they collect your personal information, they will repeatedly contact you to buy their product or idea if you have not bought it as yet.

While calling or emailing you repeatedly they will talk of the benefits of their project and the various niceties they offer unless you are lured into buying their product or idea.

Even by sharing your personal information with them allow them to share the same with other marketing people.

How Real Profit Online Trap You to Pay?

After you pass the squeeze page or the page that collects your private information, you are directed to another page which shows you a longer video, which explains to you the benefits of the ‘Amazon’ work from home jobs and making real profit online.

Although on the first page, the person who calls himself ‘Mark’ promises you to get everything free and he will be giving about 250 people the idea of this free website to make money, soon you will find that nothing comes for free as promised.

This page, commonly called the funnel page, urges you to pay around $47 to gain access to their system. Once you pay, you get an upsell of $197, which they claim will increase twenty folds as you are gaining access to twenty websites for upselling.

Reading this real profits online review to this point, you see that ‘real’ profit is through aggressive upselling of websites, which is next to impossible. The maximum sales and following upsells of websites come to three, which is far below as promised by the site makers.

The sum of the total sales amount to something around $700/-, which is much below the amount promised by them.

Are the Real Profits Online Testimonials Real?

You may suspect that they are talking rubbish. After listening to so many people giving their testimonials in favor of real profits online or similar websites, you may feel that the people are unnecessarily accusing a group of people working for greater benefit.

But trust us, these testimonials are well-scripted stories only. And the characters like ‘Mark’, ‘Tim’, ‘Harry’, ‘Jason’ and others are all fake.

They are all hired actors and most of them are probably from online freelancing platforms, engaged by the site makers against a payment to record their scripted story to win your trust. Why do they need to do so?

Actually, by our real profits online review, we would like to convey to you the fact that the only persons who profit through this sort of website are the site builders themselves.

So, there is no real person who can give a real testimonial or a genuine review regarding the benefits of the website. Therefore, they need to spread these cooked-up stories, which they call real testimonials, with the aid of these actors.

These actors, against a payment, give fake testimonials to lure unsuspecting persons like you to invest their hard-earned money and valuable time only to lose everything in the end.

How Long These Sites Last?

Well, that is a million-dollar question. Not all of them claim to be in the business of affiliate marketing. Some like ‘Fast Cash Club’ claim to help you with their binary options trading software which, as they claim, are 100% foolproof even for the laymen.

They help you with your day to day trading in the stock market and make a huge profit from day one.

Some others like the ‘60 Minute Profit Plan’ claim that they provide opportunities for people on various counts such as freelancing, email marketing, taking online surveys, website testing, search engine optimization, and various other work from home options.

If the sites are helping you to make profits, then they must be making a huge amount of money themselves. So, day by day they are supposed to enrich their sites with fabulous pictures and content. Just like one enriches one’s shop or establishment that feeds him or her.

Make a soul searching, this sort of website lasts for maybe only one or a couple of months.

They just disappear to appear in a new avatar. In this real profit online review, we shall reveal a few more such names that appeared as real online money-making sites and vanished into thin air within a month, two or three.

Listed below are such five names of websites that promised unsuspecting persons with a lot of profit and finally vanished, decamping with their money.

  • Fast Cash Club founded by someone called ‘John Harris’
  • Copy Paste Commissions founded by somebody called ‘Chris Harter’
  • Daily Cash Siphon represented by somebody called ‘Lisa’, who is a fake
  • 60 Minute Profit Plan founded by someone called ‘Brittany Francis’ who is a fake
  • My Mobile Money Pages represented by somebody called ‘Jason’, who is a hired actor

Be Cautious about Investing your hard-earned money.

Here from the discussions, you can determine the scam and dubious aspects of sites like Real Profits Online. The discussions state that sites that offers big promises and tall claims often lead to disastrous results.

Before putting in even a cent or a penny, you must go through all the pros and cons of the website in question.

Try to get hold of some review done by some other persons, aside from their paid analyst and try to get hold of real people for real testimonials. Do not be swayed away by fake testimonial given over YouTube videos by hired actors from freelancing platforms.

Try getting hold of persons who have actually benefited from, or on the contrary been cheated by the website and the people behind it. Listen to them carefully.

They will surely be ready to share their experience, be it good or bad. And after listening to a sufficient amount of people, make your decision to invest your money in such affiliate marketing, stock trading and host of other sites offering quick returns.

Make Sure It is Your Cup of Tea

Before venturing into any risk marketing business, you must first make sure if it is your cup of tea. That is if the venture suits you. And if you are feeling at home with the idea of income plan or plans given in the website.

Find out for yourself, if the people behind the website are genuine and experienced enough to help you with your venture. Also, make sure that the website is providing you with sufficient online training before they are introducing you to the business.

Training in the proper manner is a must for all entrepreneurs. That training should come from genuine experienced persons, who are experts in the field in question.

While going through this real profit online review you will find out that fake sites like Real Profits Online do not necessarily have the skills required to train such newcomers and entrepreneurs.

Actually, the people behind such sites themselves do not have the experience they claim to have. Neither are they good enough to do such business as affiliate marketing, stock trading, email marketing or even website testing as claimed by them.

Their only target is to trick people to spend their hard-earned money with great expectations to do a home-based online business and vanish with the booty. So, before associating yourself with any of such site, first find out if the website is a genuine one represented by real people or a fake.

Secondly, make sure that you are the right person to do the online business they are proposing and finally make sure that the people behind the site have sufficient experience and expertise to train you to do the job perfectly as required.

Also, make sure that the type of business they are proposing has not become obsolete in the market.

As you have already come to know reading our real profits online review so far, fake sites like Real Profits Online lure unsuspecting customers to pay a lump sum of money, promising them of high returns and finally decamp with the booty.

They do not exist for long. They change their name and re-appear over the cyber way, from time to time, taking the name of big brands to cheat people.

Even the testimonials they provide are not done by real people. Rather they are fake testimonials provided by hired artists only to promote their websites.

Even the people who claim to be the founders or part of the top management like CEO are fake, often represented by hired artists. Therefore, be cautious before entering into any transaction with such fake websites.

Choose a Genuine Website with Real Business Proposal

Not all that’s named real are truly real. Going through the real profits online review it must be very clear to you that some of the websites you bump into may be fake or scam.

All proposals are also not good enough for business. All of them may not be suitable for you to do business with ease and comfort.

Talking about affiliate marketing, where you advertise the products or services provided by other persons on your website, promote them and get paid for the product or service got sold. Of course, you need proper training to do so successfully.

Wealthy Affiliate, do exactly the same. They train you on affiliate marketing thoroughly.

Be rest assured, they are not fake like many others. They are real people doing genuine business. They are one of the best service providers in the field of affiliate marketing.

If you are really looking to set up an online business with the help and guidance of some genuine people represented by some genuine website, trust Wealthy Affiliate to do the job for you, as they are one of the leading companies in affiliate marketing for many years.


The Smart Dollars Club 2021 Review – Everything You Need to Know

You can earn some cash from home by taking part in paid surveys. Now, you may have the necessity and opportunity to earn money from somewhere aside from your regular nine-to-five job.

There are numerous sites available over the internet that promises you a fabulous amount of money in return for a few hours of engagement, and that too done at your leisure.

However, most of these sites are scam or fake.

They promise you a huge amount of payback against very little effort. Most of the time they promise that joining them is free, but you end up paying a handsome amount and sharing your personal information without any return.

Not all of them are fake, but most of them are. Especially, those that promise you a hefty amount of payback with very little effort.

Smart dollar Club is one of such websites and thus we have come up with this article only to caution you against falling into such a trap.

What Is Smart Dollars Club?

Smart dollar club is a website that promises you a $300 payback per day for taking online paid surveys.

They ask you to leave your e-mail address with them and promise to send you links to online surveys.

smart dollars club

These online surveys promise to pay you more or less $150 per completed survey.

Now, that seems to be too good to be true.

Apart from a few survey companies like Survey Junkie that seldom pays up to $50 per survey.

And also some research companies that sometimes pay up to $100 per survey, most genuine websites that give you true links for taking real surveys do not promise to pay such a huge amount of money.

So, you can infer initially that this site is a fake or scam, making false promises and secretly collecting your personal data like your email id and phone number.

Who Owns the Business?

The website has no or an incognito owner.

The identity of the owner is hidden to all. There is not even a single hint on the website that may give you an insight into the people who own this site.

No credentials at all.

Nothing is said regarding the name, age, or experience of the site owner, who promises you a hefty amount of payback against some paid service questionnaire.

This is a high indication that this website, Smart dollar club, is far from being a legitimate site.

It is obvious that one question any layman will ask is that if the site is not a scam, why should the persons behind the website hide from public sight and won’t take credits for creating such a wonderful website.

Who Can Join the Smart Dollars Club?

Theoretically, anyone and everyone can join the Smart dollar club.

Age, sex, religion, educational qualification, and even geographical location are no barriers to joining the business. But surveys they are proposing are not so.

They surely distinguish people depending on the above factors. And there is no way you can be sure that the links for the survey you will be presented with are pertaining to your domain.

That means, in more simplified terms, you may not be confronting survey questions that are relevant to your background.

For example, asking a male which brand of hairpins he uses or asking a Christian which deity is his venerated God seem the most stupid and ridiculous questions that can be asked.

Also, in no way the site guarantees that questions pertaining to your background will be asked in the survey you are taking.

So, joining such a fake and irresponsible website is extremely risky and ridiculous.

Can the Claims Be Real?

Now, they claim to be paying off $300 per day to complete two or three surveys.

The claim itself seems ridiculous. There are genuine websites that can actually help you to take online paid surveys and earn money.

But the amount they pay, roughly 2 to 3 dollars per survey, is much less than claimed by them.

You can earn some extra bucks by taking online paid surveys, but in no way that can be any supportive amount so that you can sustain solely based on that income.

So, in no means, the income generated by taking online surveys can look after all of your needs.

This means that in no way online paid surveys can be a replacement for a full-time 9 to 5 job, as promised by them.

So, it seems from all angles that the tall claims made by the Smart dollar club are not realistic, and as such, the website in question is totally fake.

What Follows Joining Smart Dollars Club?

After you share your email address with them, as the first step towards Smart Dollar Club signs up, they send you a link where you can actually take a survey and be paid $150 as your joining bonus as they promise.

But alas, that turns out to be too good to be true.

Because clicking on the link will lead you to another similar site that wants your email address and promises you even a larger amount, around $400.

Clicking on this link will probably lead you to another website that makes a bigger promise.

And the chain continues till you are tired and give up at the end with a lot of time being wasted, sharing your personal data and also some of the internet browsing data balance, which you have bought with your hard-earned money.

Now, not all members of the website are treated the same way. It is revealed from the experiences of other people, who have been victims of being lured into joining Smart Dollars Club to make some extra bucks.

Some of the members, after joining the website are actually sent links to take a survey.

But, after successfully taking the survey, where they are supposed to share even some more of their personal data, they are taken back to be greeted with a message which says that they have to pay $100 to answer a few more questions.

Now, this is very much contrary to what has been claimed earlier.

Some Different Experiences By Other Members

Some other people have some different experiences to share.

They say that after Smart Dollars Cub login they are sent a link to some website which is a part of affiliate marketing.

Now, there is nothing illegal or wrong with affiliate marketing.

It is a completely safe and legitimate process of earning some extra money. Let us explain what affiliate marketing is about for those who are not familiar with the term.

This is a process by which you give links to other persons’ websites and if any of your visitors click on the link and purchase the product you get paid.

So far that is fine. But the question here is who is getting paid?

It is the website owner, Smart dollar club in this case that is getting paid and not you.

They do not promise to share their booty with you against such payoff.

Therefore, ultimately you see that the website does not keep up to the promise they make. And as such Smart dollar club leave you with the feeling of being cheated by a fake website.

Innovative Ways of Cheating

Once you get your membership by putting in your details, including your email address, you will be mailed with a link to a website that not necessarily connects you to any sort of survey.

Rather this website may claim, like your parent site Smart dollars club, that if you take their free membership you are promised to earn a fabulous amount, say $400 or more.

Even if you fill in your data diligently for the second time, the link they send you may be that of an online casino or some marketing site.

These sites most of the time ask for your financial details like your credit card or debit card numbers and other details, even if you are not ready to pay anything.

Once you share your personal financial details, you always run the risk of being duped and your money siphoned out.

So, it is always the best idea not to share such details anywhere, unless you are 100% sure of the authenticity of the website.

So, you see that though they do not initially charge anything for their membership, logging into the Smart dollar club may actually make you lose money if you are not careful enough.

To Summarize – What Does The Smart Dollar Club Stand For?

To bring to a conclusion the Smart dollar club review and to tell in a one-line answer – Smart dollar club is a website that promises high returns for your labor, which is not true.

Instead, it is a scam that takes you for a ride and compels you to click on links, and the website owner himself gets paid.

Not only that, but your clicks may also lead you to such fraud sites which may actually siphon your money out of your bank account if you are not careful enough.

We have summarized certain important points that will make you understand in a more detailed way why Smart dollar club is a total scam.

The following points will help you become aware and stay away from such fake websites with big promises: –

Tall fabulous promises:

Smart dollar club promises to fetch you an income of $300 per day just by taking part in two to three paid online surveys. Now, that sounds ridiculous.

When similar genuine sites cannot promise you something beyond $3 per survey, from where will they fetch this hefty amount of payback?

Therefore, what they promise actually sounds like a blatant lie and makes you suspicious of their website being a scam site.

Incognito or hidden owner:

Generally, any legit website will proudly announce their owner.

The credits and credentials of the persons who take all the pain to develop such business are pompously displayed at the site.

But here you see the picture is just the opposite.

Nobody is claiming to own the site. No credit, no credentials are displayed. This should make you suspicious of their purpose.

Your personal data may be at risk:

Once you share your personal data like your phone number and email address with sites like Smart dollar club, they tend to sell off the same to various marketing companies.

As a result, within a few days of registration, you will be continuously bombarded with phone calls and emails advocating you to avail of such products or services that you may not need throughout your life.

Links You to Similar survey sites:

After you register yourself with the site, the Smart dollar club will send you links to similar websites that also claim to provide you with an opportunity of earning thousands of dollars against a free registration.

Sometimes they might also send you links to promotional websites where they get paid for their affiliate marketing and what you get is a big zero.

You may lose your money:

Sometimes registering on websites like the Smart dollar club may also be dangerous.

They will often send you links to casinos and various marketing portals that ask for your financial information, even if you are not interested in them.

Be cautious.

Later they may use this data to withdraw money from your bank account.

So, it is for your own benefit that you avoid websites like these that are mostly scams.

Where to Find Real Online Income – Smart Dollar Vs Financial Peace!

If you are serious about earning a sustainable income online, then why not go for real affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process by which you host your own website and share links to various commercial sites. With proper training, this job is a cakewalk.

Why not turn to genuine websites like Wealthy Affiliate that promises you an absolutely free trial and training.

Here you need not share your financial details like credit card or debit card number and bank account details.

Their weekly classes will train you in a step by step manner on how to build your own website, launch and host it.

You will also learn how to promote the same through proper SEO.

They also train to paste links to other marketing websites that will actually pay you per click.

Thus, your website will become a truly promotional site and fetch income for you through affiliate marketing.

How to Make Steady Online Income With Recharge and Get Paid

If you have been on the lookout for an online platform that you can earn a tidy sum from each month, then I strongly believe that the Recharge and get paid program would really interest you.

With the insanely high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, everyone is on the hunt for something, anything they can do for sustenance.

With the likes of MMM, and the rest of the scammy means of making money online, that pop up now and then, people are typically skeptical of anything that has to do with making money online, registering with a fee, or bringing in referrals.

Amongst the few online programs that can earn you a steady income of up to 200,000 naira a month, I found the Recharge and get paid program, to be one of the most sustainable platforms out there, that Nigerians like you and I can benefit a lot from.

Getting paid to give advice, earning to search the web, making an ebook, blogging, freelancing, and taking surveys for cash are the other legitimate ways you can make money online.

Recharge and get paid, also known as RAGP, is a registered VTU telecommunication company in Nigeria and their official website is Yep, it is totally legal, and hence a sustainable platform.

What exactly is Recharge and get paid? I bet you are wondering. Well, we will get into its full break down in no time.

Before we really get into it, please note that this is not a referral program, so do not be turned off. Referring people to the platform is just one more way to earn from the program, and not the high point of the program.

Kindly read the whole article to be able to get a genuine appreciation of this fantastic program, and you won’t regret it.

Now that the above disclaimers have been put out there, let us get into the good stuff of what the Recharge and get paid platform is really all about.

Recharge and Get Paid: How It Works

Recharge and get paid is a VTU business, where you earn money by just signing up, when you refer people to the platform, when you or a referral loads recharge cards or buys data, when you or a referral pays bills online like for power, cable (DStv, etc).

Let us take each way of earning on the platform one after the other, so you can get a better understanding of the platform, and how you can get the most out of the program.

Earn by registering

By just registering on the Recharge and get paid platform, you get back 20% of your registration fee. The registration comes in a number of packages, with 5000 naira being the lowest priced package, and 100,000 naira being the highest.

When anyone registers on the platform, everybody already registered gets paid a certain amount (that’s amazing, don’t you think?).

Earn by referring your friends and family

Just like someone introduced you to the platform, you also can register as many people as possible, and also get paid handsomely for it.

Like we stated before, the referral aspect of the program is just an added means of earning more money, and it’s optional.

You can join the program and make money from it without referring people.

The payment model of the Recharge and get paid program, in regards to your referred and referring downlines, is called the 10x.

10x means that you get paid a percentage on all referral transactions, up to the 10th generation.

What the above means also, is that when you register someone, and said someone registers someone also and so forth, you get paid as that referral, and registration chain grows up until the 10th generation.

It is also essential to note that the percentages you get per generation, is dependent on the registration package you are on.

I.e the commissions you receive for referring people when you are on the 5k package, is quite different from the commissions you would receive for referring someone when you are in the 100k package.

The break down goes as follows

When you directly refer someone, and they register, you get a 20% direct bonus 1st referral level.

When this direct referral of yours refers someone also, you get a 10% 2nd referral level bonus

For the 3rd level, you earn 5%.

For the 4th level, you earn 2.5%.

For the 5th level, you earn 1.25%.

For the 6th to the 10th level of referral, you earn 1%.

The above break down is where the 10x earning power tag stems from.

It sounds too good to be true, I know you are thinking, but that’s not all! There is more exciting news!

After your tenth referral generation, you still get paid a percentage!

Even after all ten generations of your referrals have also reached their ten percent referral mark, you still get paid a percentage.

For every single downline you have below you, even if there are 10 trillion of them (lol, are we even that many on earth?), you get paid a percentage.

For every transaction or payment your downlines make, you get a percentage.

For all airtime purchases made, you earn 0.35%.

For all the data purchased, you earn 1%.

For all the bills paid, like cable or light bills, you earn 10 naira.

Please also note that these percentages paid to you are also determined by the package you are on, and the level of the downline, or referral you are earning from.

Earn from using services on the platform

In regards to this aspect of earning on the platform, it is independent of your package and level.

What this means is that, since this is the main aspect in which you earn money from the platform, that everyone earns the same percentages.

Now that the above has been stated, I will highlight the ways you can earn by using the services of the platform, and what percentage you should expect to receive.

When you make an airtime purchase or sell to someone, you earn 2% of the entire sum.

When you make a data purchase or sell, you earn 10% of the entire sum.

When you make any bill payments, you earn 40 naira.

When you make a cable subscription payment, you earn 40 naira.

It has also been said that educational services like making payments for WAEC, JAMB, and NECO registrations, would be the next services to be added to the platform.

For now, all that has been highlighted above are the main ways you can earn from the platform’s services.

How to Register on Recharge and Get paid

Now that we know a thing or two about the different ways in which you can make money from the Recharge and get paid program, let’s get into the bit of how to sign up and immediately begin to earn from the program.

Before we outline the registration steps, it is essential to note that you must be registered under someone to be able to join the program.

Every single person on the platform, both old and new, signed up under someone, and you need to do the same.

What if I can’t find someone to register under? What do I do?

If the above question is the same one in your head, then have no worries, my friend, as you can register under me.

My referral ID is AJIBOLAH

How exactly do you register under someone? I bet you’re wondering. Well, the answer is that you register under a person by including said person’s referral ID, during your registration process.

Also, whatever username you set as your username during your registration, would ultimately become your referral ID, if you are looking to refer people to earn an added commission.

I would typically advise that you make your username, one that is short and easy to remember, for when you try to refer people with it.

I know, I know, the above bits and pieces were quite the mouthful, so let us get into the Recharge and get paid registration process proper.

The personal info section

The first step is to visit the registration page of the Recharge and get paid program and input a referral ID, and mine is  AJIBOLAH.

Recharge and get paid sign up

Next, you would be required to input your personal information like your first name, last name, phone number, and email address.

Login details section

Afterward, you would be required to create a username and password (remember to make both username and password very easy to remember) and your username will be your referral ID.

Next, click on the “NEXT” button.

The payment section

Now that we are at the point of payment, you are required to choose a payment option, of which there are two.

But first, you have to choose the package you prefer to go with.

The packages run from as low as 5000, to as high as 100,000 naira, as stated earlier.

Now, don’t get nervous or skeptical about the prices.

It doesn’t matter if you go with the lowest or highest package, you can still make a ton of money every month easily, with any of the packages.

The first payment option is via a platform called Paystack, which you can make said payment by means of your ATM card.

This payment method requires you to link your card details to the platform to be able to make the payment. Don’t worry, the platform is very safe and secure.

The second payment option is by means of your e-wallet, which you would require someone who is already part of the program to make the payment for you.

You can find this option in the drop-down section listed as e-wallet.

If you have chosen to register under me, I can make the e-wallet payment for you, free of charge.

It would typically take between 3 to 5 minutes, and we are set to proceed.

You can reach out to me at any time, to help work the registration for you on 08032983917. (you can call or send me a message on WhatsApp).

I am also available to answer all of your questions, don’t be a stranger, feel free to reach out.

After the payment is made, simply click on next to continue.

You will get a ‘registration completed you can now login with username and password’ feedback

At this point, your registration is complete, and you can now log in and begin the money-making process.

The Recharge and get paid login section

You will need to login to your account with the username and password you created during the registration process.

After you log in, you will find out that 20% of your registration fee has been returned to you.

Like I highlighted above, this is the first way you earn on the platform.

Something to note about this 20% return, is that the money is for you to use and fully kick off the Recharge and get paid business. I.e. you use it to sell recharge cards, pay bills including cable, and also do it for people as well.

You can also do with the money whatever you want, that is totally up to you.

If you are looking to make the Recharge and get paid program a steady stream of income, i.e., you intend to take it seriously; I would advise that you add some more money to your 20% return (i.e., fund your wallet), and begin your business.

You can add whatever amount you prefer to it; the choice is yours.

How to Top up the Fund in Your Recharge and Get Paid Dashboard

You can top up your account by making payment to the company’s account either through mobile app transfer or online banking platform.

You can’t make payment using USSD code, ATM, quick teller, or POS.

While making payment through the mobile app or online banking transfer, you should enter the phone number (just the phone number alone) you used during your registration as the narration.

E.g, if you used 08033333333 as the phone number while entering your personal details during registration, then that’s the number you should enter as the narration.

Make the transfer and wait, your e-wallet will be credited automatically in a couple of minutes. Please note that the automated funding comes with a 70 naira transaction charge per funding which will be deducted from the fund you transferred.

Below is the company’s bank payment details.

Bank Name: Zenith Bank

Account name: Recharge and Get Paid Ltd

Account number: 1014812771

Making Money With Recharge and Get Paid

If it is mighty difficult getting people to sign up, especially if you are entirely new to marketing, hence, making money from selling the platform’s services is your best bet at making some good amount, while you try to get referrals.

You can contact me at any time with that number via calls, text messages, or WhatsApp, to help you out with any of the steps.

In terms of selling services of the platform, it is way easier than you think.

You don’t have to go into the streets and beg people to buy recharge cards or pay for cable with you.

It can be as easy as buying airtime for yourself via the platform, selling to your friends, family, and even colleagues.

With Recharge and get paid, you have 7 packages that run from 5000 to 100,000 naira.

Any package you choose to go with is good, and can make you cool cash. The only difference is that your percentages and commissions are significantly different.

You can kick off with any package, and easily upgrade to any of the higher packages at a later time.

You can also reach out to me to help throw more light on this aspect of the platform for you.

Benefits of Recharge and get paid

Now that we know all the direct and almost instantaneous ways of making money from the Recharge and get paid platform, let us get into the other ways you can make money via the other benefits of the program.

You know what they say, there is no such thing as too much money. So, if you are looking to make even more money from the Recharge and get paid program, then keep reading.

There are many ways in which the Recharge and get paid program reward their members; and I will give a break down below.

You can earn an accumulation of PVs every month, and earn a substantial amount in your account. PVs means point value.

You earn point values each time you or your downline makes a transaction.

Let us say that you are able to accumulate 10k PV every month, from all the transactions you and your downlines have made within the month; you are entitled to 100,000 naira that month.

If you are able to get an accumulation of 25k PV for that month, you are entitled to, and qualify for a trip to Dubai. This trip is worth 500,000 naira.

In the month that your PV hits the 60k mark, you are qualified for a car worth 2 million naira.

100k PV qualifies you for your first house fund, which is worth 3 million naira.

250k PV qualifies you for your second house fund which is worth 4 million naira.

500k PV qualifies you for your third house fund which is worth 6 million naira.

Below is a further break down on how you can earn more PVs (point value) in regard to your respective packages.

Break down of PV points

When you sign up on the platform via the 5,000 package, you are entitled to 20 PV in addition to a 1,000-naira instant bonus. You are also entitled to earning PV and bonuses up until your 5th referral generation.

Going with the 10,000-naira bronze package, you are entitled to a 2,000-naira instant bonus, in addition to 40 PV. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until your 6th generation.

When you sign up on the platform via the 20,000-naira silver package, you’re entitled to a 4,000-naira instant bonus in addition to 80 PV. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until your 7th generation.

For the 30,000-naira gold package, you are entitled to 120 PV in addition to a 6,000-naira instant bonus. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until your 8th generation.

When you sign up to the platform via the 40,000-naira diamond package, you are entitled to 160 PV in addition to an 8,000-naira instant bonus. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until your 9th generation.

Choosing the 50,000-naira platinum package, you are entitled to 200 PV in addition to a 10,000-naira instant bonus. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until your 10th generation.

When you sign up to the platform via the 100,000-executive platinum, you are entitled to 400 PV in addition to a 20,000-naira instant bonus. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until the 10th generation.

As I stated earlier, whichever package you go for is fine, but you can see the significant differences in benefits from the packages.

The Recharge and Get Paid Dashboard

As a newbie, getting the hang of the platform and how it works can get a tad hectic, hence, I will give you a breakdown of the Recharge and get paid dashboard.

The total funds received tab:

This means the funds that are transferred from one e-wallet to the other, or from one partner to the other. The entire amount of money received in your e-wallet would be highlighted in this tab.

The commissions earned tab:

This means the total amount that is made up of your commissions or VTU bonuses you have received since you joined the Recharge and get paid platform. You can easily know how much you have received so far in bonuses, and ultimately track your progress in this tab.

The total account balance tab:

This means the total commissions earned, and haven’t been transferred to your personal bank account. I.e., The balance you have left at any point in time. Also, when you make an e-wallet purchase for a registration, the fund can also be found in this tab.

Withdrawn amount tab:

This means the total amount you have withdrawn from the Recharge and get paid e-wallet to your personal bank account. You can keep track of all the withdrawals you have ever made on the platform here.

The transfer/withdraw tab

Transfer fund:

This is the tab where you transfer your earned funds from your e-wallet to another Recharge and get paid account. This could be for a number of reasons. It could be for the purpose of selling or something like that.

Withdraw fund:

This is the tab where you can withdraw the money you have earned to your personal bank account from your e-wallet.

With the Recharge and get paid program, the possibilities are endless. You can give it a try today and keep smiling to the bank for the rest of your life.

With 5,000 naira only, you are good to go in this life-changing endeavor.

Growing and getting to the top might take some time, but it is ultimately worth it. Slow but steady wins the race, never forget that.

Some Tips, Tricks to Work the Recharge and Get Paid Platform Effectively

1. The Recharge and get paid app

Like with many other websites, the Recharge and get paid website does burn a lot of data.

Using an app for all your Recharge and get paid transactions would be the most ideal go to, but since there isn’t an official app for the platform, a lot of app developers have developed tops of apps to work the platform.

While it is cool that tons of people are out there trying to make using the platform more accessible, most of the apps out in your play stores are absolutely (I’m sorry to say) crap.

Now, we have been able to find an app that works just fine and without any glitches.

If you use an iPhone, you can get it on iOS here.

For other phones, you can download the app here.

This app will make all your registrations and transactions a lot easier and save you a ton of data.

Don’t forget to use the AJIBOLAH referral ID for your registration.

2. Recharge and get paid PDF

Trying to talk a person through the process of signing up to the Recharge and get paid platform, and everything they need to know to work the platform might get a little tiring.

Also, sometimes, the individual you are trying to put through might not be close to you, or in a location far off from you. I have made available for you, this Recharge and get paid pdf to help you out during times like these.

You can quickly and easily send this pdf to all those looking to register under you to put them through. Also, do not just send them the pdf and ignore them.

Remind them to reach out to you for any questions they may have. This is very important because, though the pdf is pretty straight forward and easy to understand and follow, some people might still get confused or miss a step or two.

Also, it’s good to have the pdf handy in case you forget certain things, or miss a step yourself while registration, or need to fall back on a few steps listed here, without coming back to this website.

The Recharge and get paid pdf is also more comprehensive and even better to follow.

You can get your copy of the Recharge and get paid pdf here.

3. The Recharge and get paid registration form

If you couldn’t be bothered with going from section to section of the Recharge and get paid website to look for their registration page, you can find their registration form here.

Just go ahead and fill in your information, and you are good to go!

4. The Recharge and get paid WhatsApp group

Another great way to get people to trust you, and ultimately sign up using your referral ID, is to create a WhatsApp group and guide them from there.

When you try to put a number of people through, you seem to be speaking from a place of enlightenment.

This way, you are looked up to as a teacher, and you can even keep motivating your downlines to refer their own downlines, which is good for you, and your progress.

Remember, you keep earning each time your downline signs up a new downline.

Having an active and inspiring WhatsApp group is an excellent way to climb up to the top.

You can share your WhatsApp link on Facebook on your wall, in Facebook groups, any social media platform you are on, or even tell your friends and family to invite their friends and family.


It might seem like the Recharge and get paid platform is all hype, and nothing significant about it, but believe me when I say that you’re very wrong, my friend.

There is so much money to be made from VTU business, that even the big banks that make millions daily, are fighting daily, for you to buy recharge cards, and pay your bills with them directly from your bank account.

I bet you just thought all the incessant ads from your banks to purchase airtime and pay bills via your bank account was just a formality, but nope, that is far from it.

I also bet that you didn’t know that the banks make as much as 5naira, each time you buy airtime directly from your bank.

Yep, now, calculate 5 naira by the millions of people who buy airtime directly from their banks each day, and you would be mind-blown by the resulting profit they make daily from you and me.

They aren’t fools for partnering up with these telecoms’ companies, they are making big bucks, and it is time you began to get a share of that chunk of money they make from you, I and our friends and family.

Unlike the banks, the Recharge and get paid platform shares the five naira they earn from each transaction made via their platform, with you and your downline.

They keep three naira, and give you two.

Some people I have met and introduced the business to, have asked me if they could get a stand to sell airtime via the Recharge and get paid platform, and believe me when I say that is a genius idea.

Just set it up as your typical VTU dealer stand, you are good to go.

Like I stated earlier, there is so much money out there in the VTU business world, and the fact that even banks are scrambling to make money from it, should tell you just how much is there to be made.

What’s stopping you from joining in?

15 Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

grow youtube channel fast

How to grow a YouTube channel fast, that question must have burned quite the hole in your brain, hence you being here. So, before we even begin, I would like to say welcome, and I hope that you find this article and the tips included in it useful.

Now that you have gotten over your fear of being in front of the camera, now that your video editing skills are mighty impressive and you have so many great ideas for further videos, videos that aren’t just engaging, but also add value to the lives of your subscribers and would-be subscribers, what next?.

grow a youtube channel fast

Being great at creating videos and providing value is the easy part in my opinion when it comes to a successful YouTube career, getting people interested long enough to discover just how amazing your channel is, is a whole other story entirely.

When it comes to learning how to grow a YouTube channel fast, there are both the big and little things to consider.

Some people would say that all great things take time, and I agree, but if there are great and ethical ways to hasten the process by even a little, I would say to take it.

There are a thousand and one tips and tricks that I could let you in on to grow your YouTube channel fast, but I strongly believe that the ones highlighted in this article are enough to help you begin your journey to growing the ultimate YouTube channel in no time.

Easy But Effective Tips on How to Grow a YouTube Channel Fast

1. Is that a thumbnail or an afterthought?

I know that we like to see the best in people, I do too, but I also like to be honest especially when it comes to business.

You, me, and everyone else, we are all vain on some level!

Once you truly understand the above about people, and especially your would-be clients, readers and audience, you are well on your way to growing a thriving business, or in this case, understanding the best ways to grow a YouTube channel fast.

When you are casually scrolling through your YouTube feed, what typically gets you to stop scrolling and click on a video?

It could be that the video in question is one from one of your favorite YouTubers, but when that isn’t the case, what catches your attention long enough to click and hopefully become a regular viewer and ultimately a subscriber?

The thumbnail!

People love to be associated with things that appeal to their eyes, and hence, when deciding on a thumbnail for your next YouTube video, make sure that it is something that is mighty eye-catching.

Just like the making of your actual video takes a lot of thought to it, your thumbnail should also have a considerable amount of thought invested in it to make it great.

2. Make your way into their hearts and minds without them even realizing it

When you see or come across something over and over again, it kind of stays with you.

The use of watermarks in your YouTube videos, is one excellent way to grow a YouTube channel

Now, let’s say your videos are of great quality. They are also entertaining or are value-packed that whoever comes across them immediately, wants to see more of your videos.

Question is, how exactly do they find you on YouTube?.

Let’s say your videos are reuploaded someplace else on any of the social media platforms (not for any malicious reasons in this case) how do these would-be subscribers find you on YouTube?.

Including a well situated and clear watermark in all your videos is something you need to do always. One viral video can change your life, and you have to stay ready.

Also, using watermarks is one way that you can remind people to casually look up your channel, this is basic marketing. Get and stay in their faces long enough, and before you know it, they are looking to become
your new best friends, ask Facebook and Instagram ads.

3. Be difficult to get rid of

I have come across YouTube channels that I found really entertaining and watched for weeks or even months without subscribing to.

Why is that so? I bet you are wondering, honestly, the answer is that I do not know.

With the YouTube algorithm, once you watch one video from a channel, you begin to get suggestions of more videos from that channel, and if I keep seeing videos from a channel I enjoy watching, I really wouldn’t care so much as to subscribe because they keep getting suggested to me anyway.

The best way to get people to subscribe more to your channel, and one of the most tested and trusted ways that you can grow a YouTube channel fast, is to include the subscribe prompt in your videos at well-structured intervals.

Now, I not saying to have them pop up every minute, but make sure that your viewers are reminded enough times to actually get them to take that action.

Please note, that in the vein to make things more attractive on your channel, that you shouldn’t use fancy fonts that are nearly unreadable or not visible enough for your viewers to notice.

4. Invest in your channel

It doesn’t matter how awesome your content ideas are, or even how valuable your content is, if the quality of your videos is terrible, then you can be sure that your viewers would not be returning.

Most people who start a YouTube channel aren’t typically able to afford the best cameras, shooting and editing tools, but if you can afford to invest in at least one of these things, then you can be sure to produce a video quality that your viewers can appreciate enough to subscribe to your channel.

With regards to How to grow a YouTube channel fast, the level of investment you commit to it, goes a long way to achieve that.

Also, investing in or even paying attention to the little things can also make a world of difference. Your background or video scenery can help to make your videos more appealing; an affordable but nice backdrop is a good investment for your channel.

If you can’t afford proper lighting, you can schedule to shoot your videos during the day and in locations that favor great natural lighting.

There are lots of affordable things you can do to up the appeal of your videos, and you shouldn’t hesitate to do them.

5. Remind them that you are still human

I have gone through a lot of YouTube comments sections, and it’s usually shocking when I come across a YouTube channel that’s struggling in terms of followers and views, but has zero interaction. By interaction, I mean even basically replying to a few comments made on your videos.

When comments are left on a video, it helps to tell the YouTube algorithm that the content of your channel is the kind of content more people could connect with.

The above is true for even when the comments are negative (believe it or not) but, this doesn’t mean that you should turn your channel into a den of controversy.

One excellent way of how to grow a YouTube channel fast is to interact with your subscribers or even casual viewers.
By interacting with these viewers, two things happen that ultimately help to grow your YouTube channel fast.

First, you work the algorithm in your favor, and secondly, you remind your viewers that you are human, and also, that you are someone that is relatable or that you are someone they can trust.

Lots of people tend to forget that there is an actual person behind that camera.

6. Add a creative spin to it

Two things are the stuff that makes a great video, first is the video content itself. It could be great quality humor, lifestyle or even teaching people stuff.

The second is your editing. There is nothing wrong with going the textbook route to editing your videos, but what really gets your videos to stand out is how you edit videos.

The choice of music you use, how you use them, and even the transition from one scene to the next, can do with a creative spin on them.

7. Get creative, and watch your channel transform overnight.

It might seem complicated to do right now, but by the time you dedicate some time and effort to learn more and develop your video editing skills, it really does get easier.

8. Put in a little more effort

For most YouTubers, let’s call them the vloggers, their channels are mostly about making videos based on their daily lives.

These kinds of videos are the kind that people really enjoy, including myself, but sometimes with vlogging, things get too comfortable, and the need to be creative flies out the window without you even knowing it.

Regardless of what you want your channel to be centered on, the need to keep your creative juices flowing in terms of content is very important.

Instead of just going with the flow and randomly making videos, you should try putting more thought into it, and even plan them out going weeks.

Adding more than a dash of variety to your videos is another great way to grow your YouTube channel fast.

More people come on YouTube to be entertained than for anything else, hence, you have to ensure that you keep them interested in your content and channel.

9. Stay a while longer

When it comes to ranking on YouTube, there are so many factors to it, and one of said factors is the length of your videos.

Rumor has it that once upon a time long long ago, YouTube videos shorter than 10 minutes had no issues ranking. sadly, it isn’t quite so today. Videos longer than ten minutes do better with the YouTube algorithm than the shorter ones.

I know, I know, sometimes, filming gets tiring and you just want to get it over with, but instead of making multiple short videos, why not put them all together into one long video?.

There is nothing wrong with filming shorter videos, especially when the topic of the video isn’t a long or detailed one, but having a mix of both long and short videos on your channel, is a great way to grow your YouTube channel fast.

This is where the content planning comes in. If you set up a time to brainstorm and structure your YouTube videos, you have better chances of coming up with topics that could snag you more than ten minutes airtime.

10. Invest some more in your channel

Great quality cameras, lighting and the lot is great when it comes to how to grow a YouTube channel fast, but also investing in tools that have been tested and trusted to help grow a YouTube channel fast is another kind of worthy investment.

A tool like Tubebuddy is excellent if you are looking for ways on how to grow a YouTube channel fast with less stress. Tubebuddy helps you do lots of things for your channel, including the marketing of your channel to more organic viewers.

There are a ton of other tools that would help your channel a lot, and with a little research, you should be able to find one that suits your YouTube channel needs to a T.

11. Get more organized

If your YouTube channel is just for fun, and nothing so serious, please, pay this part no mind. If your channel is something that you are mighty passionate about, and if you are hoping to work it to the point of earning a steady income from it and even become a brand, then, take this part very seriously.

Making your videos seem more professional, organized, and ultimately better put together, is one way to grow a YouTube channel fast.

A lot of people do not care about these things, but some do. Having the half that does care on your side wouldn’t hurt in my opinion.

The first thing to do to make your videos more professional and organized, is to always include an intro and outro.

Adding a creative and well-done intro in all your YouTube videos is one easy way to morph yourself into a thriving brand, and impress your viewers.

You can have your intro professionally done, but I don’t think that an outro needs to be as serious in my opinion.
Some people just end each video anywhere, and never say a proper goodbye or simply close out their videos properly.

This sometimes can come off as rude or even like you don’t have your heart in your videos and channel.

It also takes away from the viewing experience, and a lot of your would-be subscribers and even subscribers might take offense to that.

Both intros and outros are very important when it comes to how to grow a YouTube channel fast.

12. Come around more often

Being consistent is very important in regards to how to grow a YouTube channel fast, trust me, this one cannot be compromised on.

Uploading a new video daily might be too much for most people (though lots of people do it), but uploading very often on your channel especially during the early days is very important.

In the beginning, when very few people are watching your videos, getting depressed, and wanting to give or just casually posting without your heart in it could be your next go to.

When you are trying to grow a YouTube channel fast, nothing makes this faster than consistency. Just keep going, whether people are watching/subscribing or not.

Some people have been known to film their first video, and have it go viral, launching their YouTube channel in grand style, but this rarely happens.

My advice is, as long as you are looking at YouTube as a long-time gig, you can’t afford to reduce your momentum.
Even when you have millions of subscribers, posting as often as possible is the path you should
stay on.

13. People love free stuff, take advantage!

Whether it’s on Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok,  Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, there is always a giveaway going on somewhere. Having giveaways on your YouTube channel is another way to grow a YouTube channel fast.

The beauty of giveaways is that the item you are giving away doesn’t even have to be anything expensive or major.
A giveaway can be focused on anything. A gift card, affordable cosmetics, or even a book.

As long as its free stuff, people will always scramble to get it. And as they scramble, the more the YouTube algorithm works in your favor.

You can ask viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to your YouTube channel/video or do that on both your YouTube channel and your social media platforms.

This way, your channel gets a good level of much-needed activity to thrive. Having regular give ways, can really help you stay on track in regards to how to grow a YouTube channel fast, so give it a shot.

14. Sometimes, going the way of the crowd is the way to go

Some people call it click-baiting, but I call it being creative. Lots of people do this.

In addition to your thumbnail, the other thing that truly helps to reel your would-be viewers in is your title. Now, especially for a newbie, I always suggest two things in regards to working your titles while trying to grow a YouTube channel fast.

First, you have to be creative with it. Let’s say that you got a new job, and would like to make a video based on that for your YouTube channel.

Instead of leaving the title as ‘hey, I got a new job!” Why not make it more creative by making your title say something like “you won’t believe this new place I found that just hands out cash to people like me”.

Please do not cuss me out, the above is just an example, and I can’t think of a better one right now (still only just human, remember?).

From the examples above, I believe you get the point I am trying to make.

People are more likely to click through to your video to find out this incredible new place that people just get handed money, than if you just said you got a job.

Yes, the example I used could be called a lie or clickbait by most people, but I would have definitely worded it better and more creatively if I was about to upload an actual video.

The point here is to find creative or even funny ways to word your titles, to interest people enough to click and watch your videos.

People are going to react in two ways to these tweaks to your videos.

The first group would find it humorous, and even try to guess what the video would actually be about.

The second group would scream blue murder and threaten to no longer like you and would unsubscribe immediately (some eventually do).

Another thing to note when working your titles, would be to include keywords that best describe what people are searching for in the search bar when they are looking for videos like yours.

Using simple keyword tools can give you an idea of the keywords that people are searching for in regards to your YouTube niche, and how many people are searching for these keywords and how often.

15. A little more on the keywords

By now, you understand that the only way that people can find you and videos like the kind you make is through the keywords they search for.

Even when YouTube suggests your videos to people, it is usually because they must have searched for videos that had ties to keywords like the ones you use in your videos and for your channel.

Now that you have used a suitable keyword research tool and have settled on some keywords to use on your channel, what next?.

Next, you have to include these keywords in your titles and in your descriptions. All these falls under metadata.

In addition to using keyword research tools, you can also search for videos like yours which have millions of views, and spy on their titles, descriptions, and metadata.

The above gives you a good idea of how to write your titles, descriptions, and how to properly use keywords in your metadata.

How to grow a YouTube channel fast is largely dependent on this part.


With YouTube, there are so many ways to grow a YouTube channel fast and so many possibilities.

With the tips listed in this article and a little added research, I am convinced that you would be able to grow that thriving YouTube channel in no time!

How To Make An eBook and Ensure It’s A Best-Seller On Amazon

How To Make An eBook and Ensure It's A Best Seller On Amazon

In this article, we are going to discuss fully how to make eBooks and also how to sell eBooks on Amazon.

But before we go deep into the details, let’s touch on the basics.

E-Books have been quite the answer to a handful of prayers. I mean, where do we even begin?

It has answered the prayers of book lovers who now have access to a world of books via their mobile phones.

It has become a tool for people who are looking to grow their email lists without breaking the Bank.

People who have a story to tell or have some advice to give and need to tell it quickly need look no further than the eBook.

how to make an eBook

Those who need to create a digital product, but couldn’t be bothered with going the route of video or audio, also rely on the eBook.

The point is, when it comes to eBooks, there is so much potential.

The problem most people have when it comes to creating an eBook is how to actually go about it.

Steps to take to ensure that it is of great quality, and that they actually sell at the end of the day. (this part is for those who plan on making a profit from said eBook)

So, not only are we going to touch on how to make an eBook, and turn it into a masterpiece, but also how to ensure that it is a bestseller on Amazon.

Before we get into the full-on breakdown on how to make an eBook, lets first off take on a few things you need to think about before you begin your eBook creation endeavors.

Things To Consider Before Writing An eBook.

1. The Love For What You Are Writing About

When it comes to taking on any endeavor whatsoever, I feel that it is usually best to go with something you absolutely love or at least enjoy.

Creating an eBook or anything that would get people begging you to take their money, is no joke.

It would take a lot from you, and we aren’t just talking time, energy, effort, or even money.

We are talking about all that, and a lot more.

To ensure that when the going gets tough, that you don’t stop going, it is usually advised to write about something you love or are passionate about.

The second thing to note here is that it is also best to go with writing about something you have good knowledge of.

You don’t just want to be an eBook author; you are also looking to be seen or perceived as an authority figure in regards to your eBook topic, who knows exactly what he or she is talking about.

So, before you hit that first key to type out that first word, try falling in love first.

2. The Length of Your eBook

When it comes to writing an eBook, the length of the eBook should be pondered on.

In regards to the ideal length of your eBook, there isn’t a one size fits all answer.

The ideal length of your eBook is dependent on what kind of eBook you are looking to create.

If you are creating a free eBook to add some value to the lives of your would-be clients, like say when you are trying to build an email list, or putting together a powerful content to promote affiliate links, 10 to 15 pages of content is usually ideal.

When you are creating a course in eBook format or a high valued information product, you should be looking at between 100 to 130 pages.

Whatever number of pages you decide to go with for your eBook, it is important to be clear on one thing.

Never add fluff or unnecessary content just to up your word or page count.

Ensure that the content of your eBook is always 100% valuable content.

3. The Time Frame To Complete Your eBook.

During the process of creating an eBook, the goal at that moment shouldn’t be how great or perfect the content of your eBook is.

What you should be focused on at this point is actually putting your thoughts to paper, or to your computer.

The hard part, in my opinion, is being able to put your great ideas into an understandable format that your would-be readers would enjoy and ultimately benefit from.

All that being said, I would say that having an actual eBook time frame isn’t very important, just keep writing, and motivating yourself to write as much as possible.

It is okay to have a date in mind to launch your eBook, but focusing on beating a deadline could retard your efforts and dry up your creative juices.

Now that we have touched on the highlights, let us take on all the steps you should take in order to make an eBook.

Steps On How To Make An eBook.

Step 1: Make Sure There’s Enough Amount of Online Traffic

It is great to invest some time and effort into doing research to find a niche worth writing on.

A tool like SEM-rush is great for collecting data on just how many online searches and overall traffic a particular niche gets.

If there isn’t a demand, why even bother with supply?

When it comes to how to make an eBook that sells, you have to ensure that the focus of your eBook is something that people are interested in.

If you decide to write an eBook on a topic like how to build a pyramid like the Egyptians, does that really strike you as something people would be interested in making a purchase?

The answer is most likely no.

When creating an eBook, you have to ensure that your focus is something that people are interested in, or even something that is popular.

It is usually advised to find a popular or very sought-after niche and create your eBook based on that.

The Kind of Keywords You Are Working With.

Also, it is important to research your focus keywords, how often, and what seasons they are searched for.

Keywords are very important in an eBook, as keywords are the only way in which your would-be readers can find your eBook.

Find out if the keywords you decide to go with are trending or seasonal keywords.

A tool like google trends is a great way to go to make these findings.

By comparing keyword search volumes ultimately, lets you decide which keywords to include in your eBook.

Keywords with large search volumes are usually the best to work with.

Step 2: Identify Your Audience, And Give Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse

The point of an eBook is to provide value, regardless of if you are providing it for free or for a fee.

Before you even put your thoughts to paper, you have to identify who you are creating this eBook for, why you are creating it for them, and how they can benefit from your eBook.

Let’s say, for instance, your passion is fitness and weight loss, and armed with your experience in this industry, you are able to help people who are looking to get fit or lose weight.

When it comes to the fitness and weight loss industry, there are so many levels to it.

Instead of simply writing an eBook on how to be fit or lose weight, why not write an eBook on how to be fit and lose weight easily, without going to the gym and being on a crazy diet?

With the outline above, you already know who your fitness and weight loss eBook would be for:

  • People who want to be fit and lose weight
  • People who want to be fit and lose weight without going to the gym
  • People who want to be fit and lose weight without going on a strict diet
  • People who want to be fit and lose weight without going to the gym and/or going on a strict diet.

When you have a break down as I have above, you can niche down your eBook further by using available data to find out the type of people who fall in the categories above.

Let’s say you have a blog that tackles weight loss without going to the gym or going on a crazy diet; you can use your blog or website’s analytics to understand who exactly would be interested in your eBook enough to pay for it.

From your analytics, you can find out if more men or women are interested in the kind of content you put out, people of what age, location, and stuff like that.

Studying your analytical data critically, you can then decide to create your eBook for:

  • Busy men in corporate who want to lose weight, but don’t have the time to go to the gym and hate diets
  • Busy housewives over the age of 40 who are looking to get fit, lose weight, and take ten years off their look without going to the gym or following a strict diet.

The above are just examples.

The possibilities are endless!

Study the data at your disposal religiously, and before you know it, you would be able to identify your ideal target audience.

If you do not have a website or blog, you can also use tools like SEMrush or Ubbersuggest to identify your target market via keyword search volume and search trends.

When you have identified your target audience, create your eBook in a way that appeals to them and their needs.

A very niched-down eBook that is in-depth, sells better than one which covers multiple categories on the surface.

Do not forget to highlight what you hope to help this target audience achieve with your eBook.

That should be your selling point, the value you have to offer that is.

Step 3: Hook and Reel In The Catch

With so many eBooks out there talking about the same things you are, how to make an eBook that is sure to stand out is what should be your goal.

The one way to hook and reel in the people that make up your target market would be to include your promises in your eBook titles, headlines, intro, and synopsis.

Your headlines and titles should make certain things clear.

What you intend to help your reader achieve with your eBook, e.g helping busy corporate workers lose weight.

Let them know how quickly they can achieve this goal or promise you have made them, e.g, how to help busy corporate workers lose weight in 16 days.

Let them know how easy it would be, e.g how a busy corporate worker like you can lose weight in 16 days without going to the gym or following a crazy diet.

Hook them in further by painting a somewhat definite picture of what they can achieve by purchasing your eBook, e.g. how a busy corporate worker like you can lose 10 pounds in 16 days without going to the gym or following a crazy diet.

Now, the examples I have highlighted above, are a little scatterbrain, but it gives you an idea of what people tend to go with.

The Importance of A Definite Goal and Random Numbers are A Winner

Looking at the examples, I gave above; you can see how I included numbers like 10 and 16 to help paint them a rosy picture of what they can achieve, how much of it they can achieve, and how soon.

Numbers are important, as they tend to tell a tale of something that must have worked for you or someone you know before you decided to let the rest of the world in on it.

Have A Heart To Heart With Them.

Your titles and headlines are great for highlighting definite promises, but your synopsis and intros are great for appealing to your would-be reader’s emotions.

Highlight their pain points, and let them know that you understand their pain and are hell-bent in making it all go away.

Paint them a picture of just how amazing their lives would be after they have let you help them by buying your eBook.

Appeal to their emotions without sounding like a snake oil salesman or salesman at all.

Also, to get ideas and suitable headlines, titles, and co, you can research eBooks on places like Amazon, and go through a number of bestseller titles, highlights etc.

By quickly searching eBooks that are similar in niche to yours (search for bestsellers i.e.), you can easily see a pattern of suitable titles, highlights, intros, and then structure yours accordingly.

Step 4: Outlining Your eBook: Take Them on A Journey

Like with any other kind of book, an outline is essential.

Your titles, headlines, and intros might be great for making promises, but a well-done outline tells them how you plan to bring your promises to fruition.

Your eBook is going to have sections that build up to the core of the value of your promise, and you might be tempted to hold out on the good stuff for as long as possible, but that isn’t always advised.

Outline your eBook into sections via a table of content, and try to include juicy bits and bobs as you go on in the eBook instead of waiting to the last bits.

Introduce Your Value

We had highlighted the importance of an excellent eBook intro, and to let you know just how important it is, we will touch on it again.

Touch on the pain points of your would-be readers…. actually, don’t just touch on them, drag them out and blow them up.

As your readers go through your intro, they should be so reminded of their pain, that they would be itching to get to your solution and snatch it up right away.

Not only do you blow up their pain and make them even more aware of it, but you also have to connect with them on those pain points.

Now is your time to shine! jump in and tell them why you deserve their trust and of course, their money.

Don’t go the “I’m a certified doctor, and I have read all about your pain, and also read about its solutions” route.

Go the route of, “Hey, I was once overweight, miserable, and desperate for a solution just like you and, I also found a solution that worked for me.

So, now, I am here to share said solution with you, and help you out because I strongly believe that it can work for you too.”

Ah yes, I know the outline above was a mouthful, but hopefully, you get the point.

In the process of making yourself more credible and very importantly, more relatable, throw in some personal experiences, a genuine sob story here and there, etc.

Let them in on how you came to be this person with this information that could change their life.

Connect with your would-be readers and get them to trust you.

The outline of your eBook should:

i. Highlight and then give a breakdown of the problem you hope to help your readers solve.

Tackle their pain points and blow them up.

ii. Touch on the solutions you wish to introduce them to and give them a clear break down of how these solutions would help them, the process, and all.

Tell them what it would feel like when their problems are finally solved with your solutions.

iii. Ensure that each section of your eBook carries on in the same vein.

iv. Give a concise summary and tie everything together.

Now that you have laid all your cards out on the table before your readers, throw in a call to action.

Let them know what you would like them to do via your call to action.

This part is very important.

Let’s get into the eBook proper

In the eBook writing process, most people tend to go to the official and formal route, to sound more credible and knowledgeable.

The problem is, you are trying to communicate with everyday people, and not professors, academicians, and professionals.

When trying to connect with everyday people, you have to write more conversationally.

Instead of bombarding them with just facts and figures, try to make them feel like you’re talking to just them.

You, I, and personal words like that are great for a more conversational type eBook.

It could be quite nerve-wracking to put your amazing thoughts to paper or your pc, but you need to calm yourself and not worry about things like grammar, errors, and all those extras.

When your creative juices are in full swing, have at it, write to your heart’s content, and not bother about anything else.

It is easy to get distracted when you try to get the actual writing of your eBook done, but you have to find a way to overcome those distractions, you can try:

  • Reading a book, you like or even watching tv, to get yourself in a right headspace
  • Drinking your favorite beverage (no alcohol please, but maybe later)
  • Taking a nap
  • Cutting yourself some slack and not overdoing it. (this part is crucial)

Now that you are set to write, work strictly with your outline for now.

Fill in each section with your initial ideas and don’t try to force your mind to bring up new ideas at the spot.

When you run out of ideas or get stuck in each section of your eBook, try the next section, and just keep going without wearing yourself out.

Something most people don’t understand is that once you have been able to put your first few ideas on paper, the rest would come to you quickly.

Now that you have begun, stand back and look over all you have done up until that point, think about the things you may have missed, and then fill those in also.

You want your readers to be so intrigued by your eBook that they refer it to their friends, family, and look forward to your next Book.

You can’t have your readers falling asleep after a few pages, and there are a few ways in which you can spice things up and keep them interested.

Try adding high-quality media like graphics and pictures to explain further each section of your eBook.

You don’t even have to include so much media, as just one great image at the beginning of each chapter would adequately do the trick.

Adding external links to credible sources that can support your claims, also helps to convince your readers that you know exactly what you are talking about.

Adding relatable quotes, taglines, and even a dash of humor is great.

A little entertainment goes a long way to get through to people.

Asking questions and even including simple exercises within the eBook via a call to action, are also excellent additions.

Step 5: Editing The eBook

Now that you have borne your heart and soul on paper, it is time to take a breather, take another step back and clear your mind.

You can do all the things you would typically do to relax, and after you are refreshed, give your eBook a thorough look over.

When going through your eBook to whip it into shape, there are certain things you have to focus on, and they include:

Be clear and to the point:

Most people, due to the nature of their eBook, typically have a word count in mind and hence, are tempted to rely on fillers and fluff.

Regardless of your desired word count, you must ensure that your eBook is all value and little to no filler and fluff.

Come forward, and with full force, on all the value you have to offer and try not to tire your readers out with inconsequential information.

The editing proper:

When it comes to the actual editing of your eBook, you have to tackle both the grammatical and structural errors hand in hand with the overall direction of the eBook.

Tackle each section one after the other.

Add something, remove something, merge paragraphs, chapters, etc.

Going through your eBook the second time around, gives you better clarity in regards to the overall finish of your eBook.

Just give it time; it would come to you.

In regards to working on both the grammatical and structural errors, going it on your own is highly commendable and could work, but getting help works best.

You could try to do the editing without using any tools and have it all work out fine, but combining your editing prowess and a tool like the Grammarly is superb.

The premium version will be best for this kind of project.

For me, I first go on with my eBook editing with the Grammarly app and then go over that edited version manually, to ensure that the app didn’t miss anything.

An app like Grammarly is also great when it comes to helping to cut down on the fluff, but be careful, these editing apps and software can switch out words in ways that the resulting eBook becomes incoherent on some level.

Another great way to go is having another set of eyes, professional eyes, go through your eBook, and help you work the editing.

Employing the services of a professional proofreader, especially when you intend to sell your eBook for a profit, is an excellent and worthwhile investment.

Why proofreaders tend to do a better job at editing your eBook, is that (and this is strictly my opinion, gathered from my writing experiences) when you have spent hours, days, weeks or even months looking at the same words over and over again, they all tend to blend in and look the same.

At this point, it is very easy to miss certain errors.

If you can afford to, bring in a good proofreader to help you out.

In a nutshell, the editing of your eBook should tackle:

  • Spelling, grammatical and structural errors
  • Length, conciseness and how easily understandable your points are
  • The tone and overall flow of your eBook (boy! I cannot stress just how important this part is)

Step 6: Convert Your Content Into an eBook!

There are a ton of eBook creation software online, and a lot of them are quite affordable and get the job done easily and excellently.

One of these eBook creation software is Sqribble, but the one we would be using for our exercise would be Designrr

With Designrr, you can easily create your eBook in no time as this software is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

With Designrr, you can import the content for your eBook from xx,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxxx,xxxx,xxxx,xxx,xxx,xxx

There are basically 4 steps involved in creating an eBook using Designrr eBook creation software which will be discussed below.

Since most people use google documents for their writing endeavors, let us use google documents for our source of eBook content.

Steps On How To Make An eBook Using Designrr

Step 1: Gather and Import Your Content

With Google documents, you can either manually copy and paste your eBook content in the Designrr software draft editor, or import from your google documents.

If you decide to import, ensure that your google doc link/URL is set to make it accessible to everyone.

Then go ahead to import your content via the google document link into Designrr, by using the import from URL option

Step 2: Which Template Pleases Your Eye?

Next, go choose your preferred template for your eBook, there are a ton of fantastic ones to choose from.

Step 3: Make Sure It All Fits

Check on your layout and when you are satisfied with it, and have ensured that your eBook is free of spelling, grammatical, and structural errors.

Next in the design process is the state of your styles, colors, and fonts used in your eBook.

You don’t have to worry about manually creating a table of content, as it is automatically generated for you.

Ensure that all your headings and subheadings are where they should be within your eBook before you get to this point.

Next, you want to tie the eBook design together by working on the eBook template colors, the header, footers, and your cover image.

In regards to your cover image and the other images you choose to go within your eBook, you can drag and drop from your computer or choose from the stock library of the Designrr software that holds thousands of stock images you can use.

Select your final eBook cover, and ensure you are confident of how everything looks.

Step 4: Publish Your eBook

Designrr lets you publish your eBook directly to epub, as pdf, to your blog or website or even kindle.

To add another fantastic level of spice to your eBook cover, to get even more people interested, you have the option of including a high-quality 3d thumbnail, that acts as the face of your eBook when you share on your website.

This is great to up that download/purchase Count.

How To Sell An eBook on Amazon

Now that you have fought and conquered the battle of how to make an eBook, what next?

Are you looking to give it out for free to help grow your email list or business, or are you looking to make a profit from your creative endeavors?

If your answer is the latter, then you are in luck, because this part of this article, is all about how you can make a profit from your finished eBook by selling it on Amazon.

There are so many platforms on which you can market and sell your eBook, but today, we will be taking on how to sell on Amazon.

When it comes to selling on Amazon, a lot of people do not like to go that route because they have heard a ton of stories about just how difficult it is.

In this part of the article, we will be taking on the breakdown of how you can easily get your eBook to become a best seller on Amazon.’

But before we get into that, lets touch on why Amazon is one of the best places to market and sell an eBook.

Amazon is one platform that brings millions of people around the world daily in contact with so many categories of goods.

If there is one place to find a concentrated pool of your target market, that place is Amazon.

It is true that you can market and sell your eBook on your personal website to an audience you already have some sort of relationship with, or even create an affiliate program for it.

But if you are looking for an added way to reach a wider audience, then adding the Amazon platform would not be a bad idea.

Below are the steps to take in order to achieve that.

1. Understand How To Navigate The Amazon Platform

Both eBooks and paperbacks are sold alike on Amazon, and when it comes to eBooks, most people are usually discouraged from listing theirs on Amazon because of the eBook format requirement of Amazon.

Ebooks can only be listed and sold on Amazon in kindle format.

If your eBook isn’t in kindle format, and you don’t know how to go about the conversion to enable you to list your eBook on Amazon, then have no fear, my friend, as that is automatically done for you by Amazon.

When you upload your eBook on Amazon in whatever format it comes in, the Amazon platform automatically converts your eBook to Kindle format, making it eligible for upload.

The first step to uploading your eBook on Amazon would be to sign up and create a kindle direct publishing account.

If you are already someone with an Amazon account, you can go ahead and use the same log in details for your kindle directing publishing account.

After the initial log in point, you are directly taken to the eBook shelf section of your KDP account.

If you already have eBooks published on Amazon (obviously you haven’t), they should be listed in this bookshelf section.

2. Introduce Yourself

The next step to listing your eBook on Amazon and have it set to become a best seller would be to click on the add new title tab.

At this point, you are given the opportunity to fill in important information about your eBook. Information like title, and the rest of your book details.

You are typically given prompts on what to fill in here, so don’t fret, as it is pretty easy to workaround.

In the sections that read enter your book details, you would be faced with a section that asks you to fill in your ISBN I.e, your international standard book number.

Most people have also been terrified and put off by this aspect of listing their eBooks on Amazon, but not to worry as it is nothing to be afraid of.

When you get to the ISBN section, and you have said ISBN, go right ahead and fill it in. If you do not have an ISBN for your eBook, like most eBook authors and self-publishers don’t, simply ignore the said section and move on to the next.

If you are a self-publisher, meaning that you are publishing said eBook on your behalf, then go ahead, fill in your name here.

You aren’t required to have an ISBN number before you can list your book on amazon.

3. Keywords! Keywords! and More keywords!

We spoke about the importance of including appropriate keywords in your eBook to help you connect faster with your target audience.

It is important to include a good concentration of keywords relevant to your eBook and its category when you fill out the category section. This is one step that can make or break your endeavors.

4. Appeal To The Eyes of Your Audience In Order To Get To Their Minds And Wallets

The cover image of your eBook is one great factor that would determine if your would-be readers spare your eBook a second glance.

We’re all shallow on some level and hence, if you have the option to choose between two books that say the same things, you are more likely to go with the book that looks best appealing to your eyes.

Before you upload your cover photo, you have to ensure that it is of great quality and creative.

If your strong points do not lie in graphic design and eBook cover design, then getting the help of an affordable professional to create one for you is another great investment.

On platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, etc., you can find excellent graphic designers and eBook cover designers that would whip up something that both you and your would-be readers would love, for an amount that’s within your budget.

Please keep in mind that the image size requirement is at least 1000 pixels, with a height and width ratio of 1:6.

The format it is uploaded in must be jpeg or tiff.

Now that you have your ideal eBook cover photo, go ahead and upload it.

5. Upload Your eBook

Before you hit upload, we have to tackle the format issue, and it can be done in two ways.

You can either have your eBook converted to kindle for you before you upload it, or you can simply upload it as it is.

When you upload your eBooks to Amazon in any format, the Amazon platform automatically works the conversion for you.

In the case of having the amazon platform convert your eBook for you, you have to go back and go over the converted version on your eBook.

Why the above is advised is because your eBook could get distorted on some level, especially if you have graphics and general media in it.

Go through it and make any necessary edits before you hit upload.

6. Set The Selling Price for Your eBook.

The Amazon platform is one that is great to skyrocket your eBook sales in a flash, and for that service it does you, it comes at a price.

In regards to royalty options on Amazon, you are given two options.

You either choose between 35% or 70%.

This simply highlights the percentage of the sale amount that is given to you, while the amazon platform takes the rest of the amount as their due fee.

For the 70% option, the sale price of the eBooks should lie between $2.99 and $9.99. When the price of your eBook is set below or above the amount highlighted above; the 35% option is that which you would go with.

The choice really lies with you, but you should go with a percentage that ensures that you get a profit that is worth your while in regard to the investment you have made on behalf of your eBook.

Think it over, and make the best choice for you.

7. Wait…

After you have completed all the required processes of your Amazon eBook listing and hit save, all that is left to do is to wait. yep, wait.

The Amazon platform typically takes between 24 to 48 hours to review your eBook and get back to you on if it is fit to be listed on their platform.

Once it is approved, you would be sent an email by amazon, containing a link to your listing.

You can promote/share this link with your friends, family, your blog, and even social media to help boost sales. 


Creating an eBook might just be your ticket to a great career, business, or even sharing your truth with the world.

In whatever way you intend to use the eBook you create, investing your time, effort, and money into bringing one alive is quite a worthy endeavor.

If you were looking for a sign to go the eBook creation route for your information product or business, then this is it.

It might seem very scary and nerve-wracking when it comes to how to make an eBook, but with the steps highlighted here, you are well on your way to creating that first eBook that nudges you closer to your goals.

Creative Ways To Make Money on YouTube In 2020 (With or Without Filming)

how to make money on YouTube

If you have a YouTube channel, then you need to learn how to make money on YouTube. There are about 2 billion active monthly users on YouTube, which is no doubt a big audience.

Also, the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) formed to enable creators to monetize their content on the platform boasts over a million creators meaning lots of users are already cashing out from YouTube.

how to make money on YouTube

That said, if you are interested in making money online via YouTube, then you are in the right place. In this post, we will be discussing some smart ways you can monetize your YouTube channel in 2020 either as a creator or without shooting videos.

How To Make Money On YouTube As A Creator

It’s quite possible to make a killing on YouTube but creating high-quality video content that goes viral can be difficult, hence YouTube is not the easiest way to make money online as a content creator.

Here are some actionable strategies you can use to jump-start your earnings on YouTube.

1. Drive Traffic To Your Website

YouTube can help you drive traffic to your website. Video content is one of the most popular types of content among internet users today as people typically find videos more interesting and engaging than text and image content.

So how can this drive traffic to your blog?. Re-purpose the content on your website into videos and create new videos related to your business or community in general, publish these videos on your YouTube channel and add a link to your website in the video descriptions.

The more views your videos garner, the more the number of people who are likely to check out your website/blog, thus effectively driving traffic to your page.

2. Sign Up To The YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program allows creators on the platform to monetize appropriate content. When you join the program, YouTube will pay you for ads placed on your videos as well as views on your videos.

To be eligible to join the YPP, your channel needs to have at least 1000 subscribers and not less than 4,000 watch hours in the past 1 year.

Once your channel has been approved for monetization, remember to comply with YouTube’s advertiser-friendly policies to monetize your uploads.

3. Start A Web Series

If you have fun and quirky ideas for TV shows, you can use YouTube to kick-start your screenwriting/producer/director career.

Whether it is a talk show where you discuss trending and controversial topics or a TV series, there is really no limitation to the ideas you can turn into videos, provided they are in compliance with YouTube’s video policies.

People like Issa Rae started out on YouTube with her Awkward Black Girl series and today she’s a Hollywood actress and producer.

Now, while there’s no assurance you will make it to the big screen with your TV series, this is a proven way on how to make money on YouTube.

4. Make Reviews/ Tutorial Videos

If you are knowledgeable enough on any subject, then you can share that knowledge with your followers via reviews and tutorials and make money.

As a matter of fact, one of the highest-paid YouTubers, Ryan ToysReview tests and reviews toys on his channel.

Ryan, who by the way is a 7year old boy has millions of views on his videos and has made $22 million so far from his YouTube channel.

So find a topic you love, create content around it and you might just be on your way to becoming a YouTube made millionaire.

5. Sell Merchandise

Selling your own merchandise is another way to make money on YouTube.

You can use your videos to promote your product – create content using the product, feature people who have bought it, and so on.

Remember to add a call to action in your videos to persuade your viewers to buy the products. It is also important that you add your store’s link in the video description to direct users to where they can purchase the product.

If you haven’t set up a website to handle your purchases, you can enable the shelf feature on the YouTube Partners Program to enable you to sell your products.

6. Make Use Of Keywords

On YouTube, every minute, over 300 hours of video are uploaded and on a daily basis, people watch about 5 billion videos on the platform.

Essentially, there is no shortage of videos on YouTube and the competition is fierce.

To stand out in your niche, you must ensure that your videos are optimized for search by making use of keywords in your metadata – video’s description, tags, and title. Find the relevant keywords in your niche and use them well to maximize the presence of your videos.

7. Become An Affiliate Marketer

If you are looking for how to make money on YouTube, then you should consider affiliate marketing.

You can sign up for influencer marketplaces and Youbute affiliate programs.

You can also get in contact with brands in your niche with a proposal about the services you can offer to them. Companies typically partner with creators who have many subscribers and whose content aligns with their target market.

So it is important to build a large and loyal subscriber base that brings a lot of engagement before you try out affiliate marketing.

The best thing about this type of affiliate marketing on YouTube is that you don’t have to share a percentage of your fee with YouTube as the brand negotiates directly with you and pays you directly as well.

Videos are more expensive and difficult to produce, which makes YouTube the highest-paid platform for influencer marketing and brand partnerships. This can be one of your biggest revenue streams on YouTube.

8. Make Your Fans Pay You

If you have built a large fan base on your YouTube channel, then you can make extra income by getting them to pay you directly.

The first way is via Super Chat. Here, fans pay for your live chat stream and whenever you go live, their comments are pinned and highlighted to make them more visible to you.

Your subscribers can also pay to become channel members and in return, YouTube gives them badges, custom emojis, and exclusive access to members only Live Chat sessions.

Your fans can pay to be premium subscribers on YouTube and you get a share of their subscription fee whenever they watch your videos.

However, most subscribers won’t just sign up for these features so it is your part to convince them to put in money and become members.

9. Use Crowdfunding

If you need money, whether for personal reasons or capital for a YouTube-related project, you can solicit for funds from your subscribers.

It’s called crowdfunding and it’s a popular way of how to make money on YouTube. You can set up an account for your crowdfunding cause on platforms like GoFundMe, Patreon, or Kickstarter.

Promote your crowdfunding campaign and try to get your audience excited about your idea or project. You can do this with a video explaining the project in detail as well as the perks of contributing to your campaign.

10. License Your Content To The Media

Another smart way to make money on YouTube is to license your content to the media.

If you have a viral video on your channel, chances are, many news outlets will want to feature it on their channels and before they can use your videos, they have to get your permission.

To give these parties the right to use your videos, you have to license your videos to the media. Basically, you give them permission to play your videos in exchange for money.

Alternatively, instead of waiting for any media outlet to reach out to you, you can list your viral videos on a site like Jukin Media to make it easier for potential buyers to find you and buy the right to use your video.

How To Make Money On YouTube Without Shooting Videos.

YouTube like a ton of online platforms, has changed lives and made dreams come through.

Since you have read this post up to this point, it appears that you wish to learn how to make money on YouTube without filming or going in front of the camera.

Now, just like you, a ton of people do want to earn a living on YouTube, and just like you, they have the same problem.

Being on camera!

Like with acting, only a hand full of people can truly kick it on camera as great, as they do off-camera.

You could be the most eloquent, confident, and self-assured person alive, but when it comes to staring at the blinking light and acting natural? everything goes to hell.

You could have the best ideas, and are able to provide great value daily that could change so many lives, if you could just get in front of the camera. but when you do, it feels like you just had a lobotomy!

Like most people also, you have asked the “is this it for me?” question. Just because I’m terrible in front of the camera, does this really mean that I should erase earning a living on YouTube from my bucket list/dream board?

Well, it isn’t the end my friend. Apart from earning a living on YouTube by means of a James dean/Marylin Monroe act, below highlights one other way you can earn a living on YouTube without having to get in front of the camera!

Step 1. Pick a niche

When it comes to YouTube videos, people love to know that hey, if I go to blah blah blah’s channel, I can find a ton of videos of funny cats.

People who use YouTube like to know that there is a specific channel they can go to at any time to get their fill of something they enjoy.

Armed with this knowledge, you are one step closer to kicking off your YouTube career.

Before you launch your channel, you have to pick a niche.

Let’s say for instance that you help people get fit, instead of saying that you work in fitness, you could say that you are a fitness trainer who helps men perform in Olympic lifting, and helps them with quick paleo diet recipes for strength.

With the example above, you can quickly and easily connect with people who are looking for your exact kind of fitness service in the fitness industry.

Fitness is the industry; helping men perform in Olympic lifting, and helping them with quick paleo diet recipes for strength, is your niche.

So, for your YouTube channel, choose an industry, and a niche within the industry to work with.

It’s usually best to choose something you enjoy because hey, when you enjoy your job, it stops feeling like a chore.

Step 2. Craft a video

Now that you have chosen a niche, the next step would be to craft your first video that would push you one step further in the direction that rakes the $’s in.

Since you would not be getting in front of the camera or shooting your own videos, the only thing left to do, would be to use other people’s videos.

I bet you know that you can’t just lift a person’s video and repost on your own channel to make money off of it. YouTube is very strict in that regard.

Now that YouTube doesn’t just allow you to lift and repost videos, what do you do?

The answer would be to find royalty-free videos on YouTube, and then make them yours.

How do you know which of these videos are royalty-free, and how to make them yours? I bet you are wondering.

The creative commons section on YouTube is where you can find these videos that you can use without getting the stink eye from the YouTube bots.

Let’s say I plan on delving into a dog training niche. I would go to the creative commons section, and download two or three videos on how to manage your more aggressive dog pets.

Next, I would mash them up, by cutting up bits of the videos and putting them together to create a new video. Using free tools like iMovie, and other free video editing software, Is the way to go.

The next thing I would do would be to make my channel and videos more professional.

This way, after growing this channel to become an excellent money-making machine, I can actually sell it off to other brands or individuals that would pay top dollar for it (another great way to rake in the $)

One way would be to get a professionally done intro and outro. Both intro and outro helps to tie all the videos on your channel together nicely with the channel’s theme.

Getting this professional intro and outro done doesn’t have to be mighty expensive, and can be done by employing the services of a professional on Fiverr or Upwork.

To get a better understanding of what an intro looks like, and why it is important, this link has all the answers (add YouTube video link)

Step 3. Optimization

Now, before you go to upload your first YouTube video, think about the tons of channels and videos that talk about exactly the same thing your channel and videos would be entered on.

How do you get visibility/reach your target audience, and not get overshadowed by these already successful channels with a ton of videos with millions of views?

Metadata! that’s your answer!

What is metadata exactly? metadata are keywords/tags that are relevant to your channel and its videos that help you gain visibility.

They help your videos and channel stay afloat and relevant/rank when your prospective audience and viewers search for videos and channels like yours.

It’s one thing to find the relevant keywords/tags, and it’s another to properly use them.

By inserting these keywords/tags into your video titles, descriptions, and video tags, is how to make the most of your metadata.

One easy way to find these keywords and tags to use in your metadata, would be to search for top videos that are like the one you are planning to upload on your channel.

When you find videos that have views in hundreds of thousands and millions, copy out the repeated keywords they use in their titles, descriptions, and in the tag section directly under the video in question.

There are software that can help you copy the tags of a high ranking video, and use it in yours. Tubebuddy and videoIQ are excellent.

With metadata, you keep yourself from sinking to the bottom of the dark, and never to be heard from again side of YouTube.

Step 4. Monetization (my favorite part!)

The whole point of this section is to help you earn a living on YouTube without having to pick up the camera. Earnings that could go from $100 to $1000 a day, and I’m glad that you stuck around to this high point.

There are a ton of ways you can make money on YouTube with your created channel, and the first way is to help someone sell their product.

There are affiliate programs all over the world that are just looking for people like you to help promote their products.

Now, let’s say that your channel is based on dog training, all you need to do is find affiliate programs that carry products that cater to your channel’s niche, and help promote their products to your teeming viewers.

When your viewers buy like say a dog training product like a course or tool, you get a commission. You can find an in-depth explanation on how to grow your YouTube channel here.

The second way would be to create your own product.

Let’s say once again that your channel is centered on dog training. you can create similar dog training products like the ones you promote as an affiliate, to your audience.

You can get on Udemy, get some of their very affordable dog training courses, learn from them, and piece together your very own superior quality dog training course.

The third way to monetize your YouTube channel would be to partner with the YouTube google AdSense program.

When you hit the 1 thousand subscriber mark and get four thousand views on your channel, you can apply and get accepted into the YouTube partnership program.

Here, YouTube places relevant ads in your videos, and each time a person watches an ad/clicks through, you get a commission that then gets paid to you on a set day every month.

With a channel like the one about dog training, you can ultimately up your content range as the channel grows to include funny videos, or whatever is hot in the dog world at the moment.

The possibilities are endless!

How Much Do YouTubers Make?

For sponsored ads, influencers usually charge per subscribers as brands are often more interested in reaching a wider audience.

Moderately successful influencers can charge an average of $20 per 1000 subscribers for sponsored content.

For regular YouTube ads placed in the videos of creators on YouTube’s Partner Program, advertisers on YouTube typically pay an average of $0.10 to $0.30 per view.

However, the amount of money YouTube pays creators is dependent on a variety of factors such as audience size, demographics, quality of your content, engagement, and your relevance in your niche.

Your CPM (cost per 1000 views) rate can also vary based on the type of advertisers who want to work with you and the location of the viewers the content is targeted at.

Generally, no creator had the same CPM rate consistently.


There you have it, I hope this blog has provided you with great insight, and value in regards to the next step to take on your YouTube career journey. It is not recommended that you take your YouTube channel to be your sole source of income, especially when you are just starting out.

It is pertinent to understand that making money on YouTube is not a walk in the park as it can be quite challenging when you are getting started.

Nonetheless, if you are consistent and keep at it, your chances of managing a lucrative YouTube channel are higher.