Get Paid to Comment on YouTube Videos: 4 Best Way to Earn

YouTube is a video-sharing platform that provides a variety of money-making opportunities. You can make money on this social media even without making and uploading videos. Today, we will discuss how to get paid to comment on YouTube.

Earning money by commenting on YouTube videos is one of the easiest ways to make money on this platform and there are some effective strategies you can deploy to make the most out of this opportunity.

Helping YouTubers drop comments that are relevant to their videos is your primary objective.

All of the methods I’ll discuss in this post are real and free to join, so you don’t need to spend any money to get started earning. I’ll provide a quick overview of each method so you can choose the one that works best for you.


1. Utilize Picoworkers

Picoworkers is a micro-task website that offers an awesome avenue to get paid to comment on YouTube videos. It’s equally a platform where you can engage in some other money-making activities like getting paid to comment on Instagram, earning by visiting websites, and so on.

You will be paid for every task you perform on this platform provided that you complete it and upload evidence for each completed task.

After earning $5.75, you can request payment in a variety of ways. PayPal and Skrill are two payment methods. You may also trade your profits for cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or LiteCoin.

Although it has no mobile app, the website is accessible from everywhere in the world, so you can join the platform regardless of where you live.

2. Become a YouTube channel growth manager

You can turn making money by commenting on YouTube into a lucrative job if you become a YouTube channel growth manager helping lots of YouTubers grow their accounts.

Commenting on the comment section of a YouTube video is one of many signals that help the YouTube algorithm figure out that a video is receiving much-needed engagement. This engagement can cause videos to be promoted by the algorithm which can help grow the channel.

Helping YouTubers grow their channel has to be your primary goal as a YouTube account manager and commenting on videos can help you achieve this goal.

Your job won’t be simply about posting comments, you will be doing some other tasks like researching keywords, deleting spam comments, responding to relevant comments, scheduling posts, and so on.

You can charge your clients in whichever way you prefer. You can choose to bill them monthly or hourly for your services. Moreso, the amount you charge them is up to you.

3. Work as a freelancer on Fiverr

Fiverr is a global freelancing website. Creating a seller’s profile and working as a freelancer on Fiverr is another awesome way to get paid to comment on YouTube. This method involves being a YouTube growth manager specifically rendering freelancing services on Fiverr.

It’s a platform with many skilled freelancers from different countries, but it’s not necessary to have talent or abilities to earn money on our platform.

I’ve made six figures over the years on this website without rendering services that require special skills. Making money by growing YouTube channels is one of the easiest services to generate money that you can provide on Fiverr.

To be successful on this platform, you must first learn how to create a professional account and how to use your seller’s profile to efficiently offer your services. Writing an appealing profile description and a gig description will do the trick.

4. Use Millionformula

A social media marketing business called Millionformula aids social media users in promoting their accounts and content. However, they also provide you the option to earn money by watching and commenting on videos on YouTube.

Your comments while using this platform will be similar to how you used to comment on videos on YouTube, except now you get paid. You must watch the YouTube videos that have been provided for you and then provide an open and sincere remark about your opinion. The comment’s format is not restricted in any way.

It only has to be truthful and relevant to the video. Because they do not accept comments of less than three words, the comment must also be detailed. Enjoy yourself while watching the videos in the same way as you would on YouTube and leaving comments.


YES, you can make money by commenting on YouTube videos, but YouTube won’t be responsible for making the payment. You will only earn for your efforts by leveraging on platforms that connect you with YouTubers who are willing to pay for comments that can help boost their channel engagement.


The number of YouTube content creators who are continuously looking for ways to expand their channels is in the millions. They are trying to find strategies to get more views, subscriptions, and likes.

Making excellent YouTube videos takes a lot of work and money, so it hurts when no one watches or comments on them. Similar efforts are made by organizations and corporations to market their goods and services.

You can tap into this get paid to comment on YouTube opportunity by joining one or more platforms that can pay you for your efforts.

Another easy way to earn on YouTube is to get paid to watch YouTube videos. You can check my guide on how to make money by watching YouTube videos to discover the ways you can start earning from this opportunity right away!